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TD Ameritrade è un broker che offre una piattaforma di trading elettronica per lo scambio di attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, criptovaluta, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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Grafico di interruzione di TD Ameritrade 05/13/2021 05:25

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  • Website 29.23% Website
  • Piattaforma di trading 18.46% Piattaforma di trading
  • Ritiri 1.54% Ritiri

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  • 24HourEllen Ellen 👉📨📫 (@24HourEllen) segnalati

    @MeepMeepMeCreep We moved everything to @TDAmeritrade and that issue vanished. So weird, right?

  • bkoplos Bill Koplos (@bkoplos) segnalati

    @SatoshiAlien About as bad as @TDAmeritrade has been on some of those limit down mornings

  • kicksfan01 kicksfan01 (@kicksfan01) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade fix ur ******* app fuckkkk can’t add any shares and I have funds available this is beyond ridiculous

  • ucarelol ταγιοrr ☧ (@ucarelol) segnalati

    Fix your bullshit login screen please my god @TDAmeritrade

  • max92998817 max (@max92998817) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade The worst *** td they suk they got morons working for them they will rob you and play games 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👈

  • JoshuaLeeT JoshuaLeeTenny (@JoshuaLeeT) segnalati

    How do i get TDA to let me set my sell limit order of $AMC to 10k? keeps getting rejected saying limit is to high... pfft that's low for kenny boi. How do we fix this? @TDAmeritrade @TDANetwork #AMC

  • BillyBadBirrd #WallStreetPirate (@BillyBadBirrd) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade It’s also important to note: you sell our info to the hedge funds and shut the website down on heavy trading days so the hedge funds can dump their stocks -

  • jedimarkus77 Jedimarkus77 (@jedimarkus77) segnalati

    My alerts going off 37 minutes after the cash open does not help anyone. You have known about this issue for MONTHS. @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim

  • divebarjoint fred jones (@divebarjoint) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade 🚨🚨🚨🚨BEWARE 🚨🚨🚨🚨NeverTrade with their App. It changes the price on you when you change options and it loses data connectivity at critical times. Their customer support will never help u !!!!

  • StonksBatman Batman Stonks (@StonksBatman) segnalati

    @BillSpalding7 @Adam74394814 @TDAmeritrade hopefully you get it all resolved or transfer with no issues.

  • William60731902 William Thrasher (@William60731902) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade you should make a think or swim feature where people who are heavily down on stocks can just hide them from sight.

  • truthinsports58 lee (@truthinsports58) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade twerps make comments and then sign off before someone can tell them the proper response "My history/cashe is cleared when i log on every day" not a problem, ill make a call and it wont be to that number you gave me. smh

  • LxrySportandCo Rob (@LxrySportandCo) segnalati

    Terrible customer service @TDAmeritrade

  • val_trifonov ValTrifonov (@val_trifonov) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade P.p. i have called your support on this issue at least 3-4 times before..remote assist, etc. None was able to explain or fix the lag issues i was getting. I was just too stubborn to quit earlier. Lose enough $ you realize you cant win modern warfare armed with a musket.

  • essabenfahad Essa (@essabenfahad) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade @SLewicky_TDA Hello team TD, kindly support i have application to create account trading request from 3 months not reply yet

  • Kstrongcards Kenneth Strong (@Kstrongcards) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Yeah I’ve been trying to login for a month and haven’t been able to also deleted and re downloaded it so I’m not sure I’ll give a call later. Last time I tried I was on hold for what seemed like ever with no answer

  • kface555 🍄 kface 🍄 (@kface555) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade We’re aware. That’s the problem. For what reason?

  • 1Abirah Abirah (@1Abirah) segnalati

    To All #Robinhood Users, When will u realize u are on wrong platform, How many times u need to trust this manipulated App, How many times u will lose your money, how many times u will complain on Twitter? In the end u will all go back using same app again. #dogecoin @TDAmeritrade

  • BrandonHaroutu1 [L2F] Papi Bess💨 (@BrandonHaroutu1) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp **** you. You deserve a class action lawsuit for misinformation to your brokerage accounts and fraudulent activity where your app deliberately stops people from making money. I use it for a joke currency because your app is a joke. @TDAmeritrade is and has been good

  • luckas_queiroz Lucas Queiroz (@luckas_queiroz) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade I am from Brazil and I am trying to open an account. I received a confirmation of account information (mailing address), but I didn't receive my number account and password. BTW, I tryed to call you (3x times), but the problem persist or the time waiting is so long.

  • kface555 🍄 kface 🍄 (@kface555) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade @MamboTrading There cannot be a good reason anymore. It is pink current now. Fidelity and eTrade both let their customers buy it. Fix your error! You are doing your customers a disservice. Shame on you, @TDAmeritrade! $PVSP

  • GoLongOrGoShort Don’t BS Me (@GoLongOrGoShort) segnalati

    @OfficialShawn @TDAmeritrade @hockeyjunkey Must be isolated in nature as I had no issues with any of my orders this week

  • DouglasRoberts DouglasRoberts (@DouglasRoberts) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade For the record.. called and got the issue fixed. Technical issue synced with another change I had recently made with my account. All is well. Shoutout to support for helping me timely

  • CredoAnalog Credo Analog (@CredoAnalog) segnalati

    @SoftwareEUG @etrade Checking with my brother who uses @tdameritrade. The #Etrade site has been crappier since #morganstanley acquired it. I think it's time to move. And I have been an #etrade customer from the very beginning.

  • itch1182 J.T. (@itch1182) segnalati

    @StockRetail No issues with @TDAmeritrade or @thinkorswim that I’ve noticed $AMC

  • seahorseaf White Boy Summer (@seahorseaf) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim @CharlesSchwab Worst bank ever

  • priestfrag Richard Bleiberg (@priestfrag) segnalati

    Hey @TDAmeritrade, how cool would it be to automate trades with @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them? #Code_Free_Trading_Automation

  • gmegang1 GME Gang (@gmegang1) segnalati

    @EuanMcC_Coyg @Fidelity @TDAmeritrade Any firms that own greater than 5% of the stocks total issue are required to report their position; based on the last reports we’ve seen between, it’s a rather significant amount!

  • JamesOliverPBF James Oliver (@JamesOliverPBF) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade With Biden in office my 401k is down 20% in 3 months!

  • Heathbarz Heath (@Heathbarz) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade hi, your app doesn’t work on my Apple Watch. I’ve tried reinstalling but still doesn’t work. Can you please help?