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TD Ameritrade è un broker che offre una piattaforma di trading elettronica per lo scambio di attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, criptovaluta, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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  • marketheda marketheda (@marketheda) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade cash settlements is not working properly this morning.

  • Nixor_QQ Nick (@Nixor_QQ) segnalati

    @AdamUpMusic @zipcharlie @TDAmeritrade They were great up until today. I called them and they said it was their fault but they wouldn’t do anything to fix. Going to responsibly close my positions and move elsewhere.

  • AdamUpMusic Adam Joseph Martin (@AdamUpMusic) segnalati

    @Nixor_QQ @zipcharlie @TDAmeritrade TD is slow right? Is thinkorswim (I know the same) but do their orders initiate quicker?

  • AlexanderStross Alexander Bayonne Stross (@AlexanderStross) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade How dare you try to keep my money went I was sent defective equipment by the your scumbag clients @nordictrack I didn't agree to anything regarding delivery charge for the broken garbage I was sent. Clearly you are participating in a criminal enterprise?

  • alphavis alphavis (@alphavis) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade I have been told by one your staff that is the no further business thing. How can that be sent without discussing with the customer. This is straight up discrimination.

  • alphavis alphavis (@alphavis) segnalati

    Hey @tdameritrade . You guys suck. I am out of state and you close my account by simply sending a mail to my home address. I learn about it from your desk which also does want to speak to me on phone. This is straight up @FTC complain.

  • CoachTorresso 𝒞ℴ𝒶𝒸𝒽 𝒯 ✊🏾 (@CoachTorresso) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade should be ashamed of the way their trading desk “support” interacts with clients. Get your people skills up and own your tech issues. #TradeOrCatchTheFade

  • kadola_n N. Kadola (@kadola_n) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade #Thinkorswim is crashing again..... past month of service from TOS has been piss poor, to say the least...... ToS has crashed 10 times this morning alone.....rebooted the computer twice..... it's not my computer, anything else on the tower loads/runs just fine

  • MonarchofMayhem Monarch of Mayhem (@MonarchofMayhem) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade My portfolio is all red. Please help !

  • TimberwolvesV Andy (@TimberwolvesV) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Fix think or swim.

  • neoshippuuden Lincoln Robinson (@neoshippuuden) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade I've already reached out to your team and they said that they weren't going to fix the mistake.

  • 1JENSABA jennifer saba ✨ (@1JENSABA) segnalati

    Terrible service @TDAmeritrade this morning!

  • nickgeiger112 nick geiger (@nickgeiger112) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade why hasnt my TSLA buy price updated. didnt buy it at $472 like its saying. please fix.

  • NatarajKali NatarajKali (@NatarajKali) segnalati

    @OptionsHawk @TDAmeritrade is the worst in almost every way

  • NickGiordana Nick Giordana (@NickGiordana) segnalati

    @thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade can you let us know when the issues with alerts and nothing saving on the charts are resolved

  • 10sma5 5/10SMA (@10sma5) segnalati

    $amzn $spy @TDAmeritrade TOS will struggle by open. Few issues. Switching between charts was not working and now seems working. Alerts cannot be created ( doesn’t appear under market watch) so careful if you plan to play tomorrow. Tos might go down

  • boahmedany Boahmedany (@boahmedany) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Will the alerts appear automatically or reset it so when I try to reset it it disappears I hope that the problem will be solved tomorrow before trading In order not to happen like the previous problem, the system crashes at the time of trading

  • boahmedany Boahmedany (@boahmedany) segnalati

    All the price alert orders you placed have disappeared. Is there a problem? @TDANetwork @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim

  • JackChord JackChord (@JackChord) segnalati

    @asguardascione @TDAmeritrade is this the place to find out when service will be restored or is there another place to do that?

  • SimpleTrader7 Simple Trader (@SimpleTrader7) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Have tried calling your support multiple times today and your line says there’s an issue and drops the call, also emailed yesterday and got a response saying it’ll take a while to respond. Any other way to talk to a customer rep? Thanks.

  • stockNroll BackinBlack (@stockNroll) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade @holeinthedonut The problems with your platforms are becoming more frequent this year. Why is that? Transparency please. I'd like to know exactly what the issues have been this year. Many missed opportunities and losses as a result of your incompetence.

  • itzFerniii Fernando (@itzFerniii) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade can you recommend me a better broker? Honestly you guys ain't cutting it for me. Lagging, problems logging in, frozen quotes, Etc etc.

  • asguardascione anthony guardascione (@asguardascione) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade are there system problems again today??

  • everlearnwilam Prof Willy Everlearn (@everlearnwilam) segnalati

    @JustSoYaKnow20 @TDAmeritrade @TDAmeritradePR Same issue here . I think it was a hack

  • IamFed2 IamFed (@IamFed2) segnalati

    @ParikPatelCFA @TDAmeritrade Accessible through Paypal... Didn't had any problem though

  • basilunwash aSZAwin Bhusal (@basilunwash) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Thanks man, but I got Youtube! I'm not a boomer! We don't call customer service in this generation!

  • renadgharz Renad Gharzeddine (@renadgharz) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade @ParikPatelCFA This was like the most wholesome Twitter thread ever lmao TDA customer service 99999/10👏🏽

  • mohamadkayali20 mohamad kayali (@mohamadkayali20) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade hey I have created an account but can’t log in and when I try to reset my password it asks for zip code and when I try to put the zip code it doesn’t work is this a common issue I have open two accounts till now and it’s not working

  • KaydenFather The Consigliere (@KaydenFather) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade @TDANetwork how can I link my two accts into one in the app instead of having to logout only to login in the other??

  • trivi143 TrivikramGajulapalli (@trivi143) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Im trying to DM you my issue and thr automatic responses from bot arent helping as it says it cant understand my question. My orders tab even for 60days is literally blank(td ameritrade app). Any help?