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TD Ameritrade è un broker che offre una piattaforma di trading elettronica per lo scambio di attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, criptovaluta, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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Grafico di interruzione di TD Ameritrade 01/23/2022 10:20

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  • wedoug William (@wedoug) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade OK, I'll give them a call Monday, but I would suggest you forward this to tech support directly since this is likely a problem on your end. I cleared cache, cookies, etc. UI is broken.

  • wedoug William (@wedoug) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade In fact, lots of stuff is broken or unresponsive. Activity doesn't pull up and of the activity, I often have to refresh, the UI gets messed up. It seems exclusive to Chrome. I cleared cookies etc.

  • wedoug William (@wedoug) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade It's actually the UI that's broken. I can't even get to the withdraw page from latest version of Chrome, but it works fine in Firefox and through the app. I believe the recent update has broken parts of the website for Chrome.

  • yemster0015 Stonk_ster 0015 (@yemster0015) segnalati

    @thatsassytrader @TDAmeritrade My TDA barely updates. Not sure why it is so slow 😣

  • DustinB51350913 Dustin Byrd (@DustinB51350913) segnalati

    @ShinobiSignals @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim let’s not blanket a company by 1 bad person. Report it and then see how they handle it first. there’s clearly a labor issue and good employees are hard to find everywhere, so keep that in mind. Hate to see bad experiences happening but it’s what we all face

  • 1ns8able 1ns8able (@1ns8able) segnalati

    @ShinobiSignals @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim Yeah, TD has sucked hard-core the past year. IBKR is good. Customer service-wise I have liked Fidelity.

  • cg2k_ ChrisG (@cg2k_) segnalati

    @ShinobiSignals @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim Damn no way! I like ToS… what you recommend? Always hear good things about WeBull.

  • CiceroCasti Casti 🌐 (@CiceroCasti) segnalati

    @ShinobiSignals @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim This pretty much happened to me on webull today. I clicked to buy but somehow it bought the call at ask instead of bid. I never buy the ask and now I'm down

  • ShinobiSignals Shinobi Signals 🥷🏽 (@ShinobiSignals) segnalati

    Switching off @TDAmeritrade @thinkorswim today. Super unprofessional customer service, told me I would be accredited a contract I bought but then it was “a mistake” and they rudely cut the phone on me mid sentence. I recommended everyone hop off this trash broker.

  • Wallststackem Wallstkirk (@Wallststackem) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade now here I am on damn Twitter trying to get someone’s help

  • Wallststackem Wallstkirk (@Wallststackem) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade to I’ve been messaging you guys all morning trying to file a formal complaint and not one of you has answered any email or direct message….

  • IrinaP878 Irina P (@IrinaP878) segnalati

    @darjohn25 @TDAmeritrade is always sending the reminder about open options positions close to expire, with the warning about possible ex. if ITM. With the phone number in case of any questions. That would help perhaps in this case.

  • Chitown_spoos Contango Unchained (@Chitown_spoos) segnalati

    @BdaTrader @StrizziJ I only trade RTH. I trade high volume so I get a good deal . The fact that I can only trade RTH with @TDAmeritrade does bug me .

  • AntipantsOG Antipants (@AntipantsOG) segnalati

    .@TDAmeritrade won't let me set my $AMC sell orders above $130ish, 6-7x, some BS excuse about why and says it's too far away from the current price. Meanwhile, $METXW is currently at $0.085 and I can set my sell price for $10, 117X TIMES THE CURRENT PRICE! Filing SEC complaint.

  • JohnHask John H (@JohnHask) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade your internal customer deposit links are not working. please advise asap.

  • jjbb49 Julie (@jjbb49) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Hi need help you. Today I sold with the LIFO method one of my three lots as stated in the order, but the first one was sold , not the last one as i asked for. I need an explanation.

  • BTroch Bryan Trochessett (@BTroch) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Sadly, this is not a one-off situation. We are being told incomplete information only to be NIGO'd later. This is a systemic issue with your business.

  • BTroch Bryan Trochessett (@BTroch) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade If you knew how many conversations I and my clients have had with the institutional team, it would be embarrassing. The reps are trying hard to help, but TD is failing miserably. Your clients are fed up.

  • BTroch Bryan Trochessett (@BTroch) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade INSTITUTIONAL I need help getting a TD administrative issue resolved that has been going round and round for months. The reps are doing their jobs, but someone behind the curtain is failing miserably. (I don't like using Twitter for such purposes.)

  • DrKareemTannous Dr. Kareem Tannous د. كريم طنوس (@DrKareemTannous) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Nothing to replicate. The erroneous data point is from an internal @TDAmeritrade tech issue. Look at the pic again. It shows the $DXY was 782.22 on 1.11.2022. Pass this on to tech.

  • geh168 g (@geh168) segnalati

    @siavashoptions @KobeissiLetter @TDAmeritrade Talk about kicking one when one's down.

  • DrKareemTannous Dr. Kareem Tannous د. كريم طنوس (@DrKareemTannous) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade This is an internal tech issue on your end

  • KevinMa04852547 William Asquith Farnaby (@KevinMa04852547) segnalati

    how bad is $MNMD getting ****** today? I deleted @TDAmeritrade from my phone

  • APE8FUNGUS 🦍 (@APE8FUNGUS) segnalati

    @cheeto_shane It felt like it took me forever I’m still getting used to @tradingview trying to get ******** off @TDAmeritrade for anything at all it’s a transition

  • US_Jr_Jr Jr Jr (@US_Jr_Jr) segnalati

    Anyone else having issues with #TDameritrade app? #TDAmeritrade @TDAmeritrade

  • Gerard_eth G (@Gerard_eth) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade I can’t login in my account your phone doesn’t work I’m from outside the us and still that number doesn’t work cant login cause I never receive my pin nor my password

  • AmRIOT Amrit Pal Singh 🐍🦁🐊🌙 (@AmRIOT) segnalati

    @thinkorswim @TDAmeritrade I don’t understand how after an update, tos on demand stops working? It’s been stuck on prebuffing and this is not the first time it’s happened. Same issues few weeks ago and before that. Wouldve liked to use the long weekend to back test and practice.

  • TelicoFarms TelicoFarms (@TelicoFarms) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Already been there they said yup its down again and are sorry ... week 8 of OnDemand down just all weekend. This is when traders backtest and try new strategies. Can appreciate upgrades etc. But the product has to work.. plain and simple

  • TelicoFarms TelicoFarms (@TelicoFarms) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade any reason that OnDemand is down EVERY weekend? Don't want your customers testing?? Asking for a friend

  • TheyCallMeTimB Timothy B. (@TheyCallMeTimB) segnalati

    @algohack @TDAmeritrade Lol, when did I make a claim that it was the actual short interest? Just find it humorous that TD has a decimal error after all they went through last month.