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TD Ameritrade è un broker che offre una piattaforma di trading elettronica per lo scambio di attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, criptovaluta, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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  • zoemakv zoemakv (@zoemakv) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Why exactly can’t TD get an EXACT ETA on WNTF’s forward split shares? Agents are telling customers they Will REFLECT TODAY! Fidelity doesn’t have this ISSUE! WOW!

  • zoemakv zoemakv (@zoemakv) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade c’mon TD—Fidelity reflects *3 split for WNFT days ago…what’s the problem? Is Fidelity SPECIAL? UNBELIEVABLE!!

  • zoemakv zoemakv (@zoemakv) segnalati

    @WhataletdownG @TDAmeritrade WTF TD…I thought the *3 split would of been reflected by this Morning? Fidelity already did! Geez!

  • Docstrnge Steve Guiliotis (@Docstrnge) segnalati

    $WNFT my @TDAmeritrade horror story. I had a Scottrade account which got consumed by them. No problems until one day, without contacting me, they froze my account because they didn't have the "suitability questions" on file - their bad. I was denied a trade that +20% next day

  • KennyK_NY Kenny K (@KennyK_NY) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade can you fix the short interest on $BRQS. You currently have it as over 1000%

  • ChairmanDice Dayisi🇳🇬 (@ChairmanDice) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp has stolen money from me, withheld my profits, blocked my account .. worst brokerage. Now @TDAmeritrade you are doing well 👍🏽

  • KoreanCapital Gangnam Style (@KoreanCapital) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade you allow 24/5 all night long trading in spy iwm and qqq but you don't allow to short what the *** doooodes fix it

  • Vince_G1 Vince (@Vince_G1) segnalati

    My stocks going down somebody make this **** stop @robinhood @TDAmeritrade 🫡🕺🏽

  • KarenCommunity Karen (@KarenCommunity) segnalati

    @GovRicketts Ship up skin head. Keep being a POS so you’re family doesnt feel as bad about cutting you out of @TDAmeritrade

  • KGSProperties Ken Smith 🌇🏡🏢 (@KGSProperties) segnalati

    @Umbraloquitur @TDAmeritrade Stupid stupid comment.

  • louwithoutaclue Louie (@louwithoutaclue) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade you might want to let the meme stock holders use their liquidity to buy on margin. We’re the only ones not getting killed last in this market. Bad for future business #AMC #GME

  • _PinkTwink_ Pink ***** (@_PinkTwink_) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade That's the issue. Any time I reach out someone else tells me something different. Now I have to do even more paperwork because your people do not know how to do their jobs correctly.

  • EdiePageRocks EdiePage (@EdiePageRocks) segnalati

    @daonjade @Luisdel64190417 @TDAmeritrade I can't even get to the page to login.

  • StacyGoodwin22 Stacy Goodwin (@StacyGoodwin22) segnalati

    Why has TD Ameritrade been down for the last 20 minutes? Both retail and institutional sites 🤔🤔🤔🤔#GMESQUEEZE @ryancohen @TDAmeritrade

  • daonjade Jaden Dao (@daonjade) segnalati

    @Luisdel64190417 @EdiePageRocks @TDAmeritrade Same cant login

  • buddumz Hugh_Jamieson_ (@buddumz) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade are you guys getting reports of trouble logging in. I have not been able to log in for 10 mins now.

  • Luisdel64190417 Ös0_MAfioso (@Luisdel64190417) segnalati

    @EdiePageRocks @TDAmeritrade Doesn’t let me login

  • akaSqueezer Robert Palfrey (@akaSqueezer) segnalati

    @K_Wilkes @TDAmeritrade Same - can’t login

  • EdiePageRocks EdiePage (@EdiePageRocks) segnalati

    Is @TDAmeritrade down?

  • yellowkicks YellowKicks (@yellowkicks) segnalati

    More green numbers in my account today. I called @TDAmeritrade to report the issue, but they told me it could happen occasionally, but to not expect it very often. They did say that others were reporting similar issues. #StockMarket #stocks

  • rossteich RGT (@rossteich) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade HORRIBLE customer service, nobody knows ANYTHING they are not a full service brokerage and DESPERATE for money fill thieves do NOT put your money here!!!!!!!!!!

  • rossteich RGT (@rossteich) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade WORST NON FULL SERVICE brokerage DO NOT PUT your money here these folks are thieves!!!!!

  • EminiXX MemeMeister (@EminiXX) segnalati

    Hey @TDAmeritrade, how cool would it be to automate trades with @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them? #Code_Free_Trading_Automation

  • Kal_Musleh Khaleel musleh (@Kal_Musleh) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp is byfar the worst company I dealt with, so many things go wrong than right with them, @TDAmeritrade Here we come

  • psychlyst1 psychlyst (@psychlyst1) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Pretty soon this question won’t matter at all. Because the next huge thing to go down will be Social Security. Hyperbole? Oh yeah you just sit there with your denial.

  • forgetregret82 Brah (@forgetregret82) segnalati

    Did anyone else see their $ZM calls go up thousands of percent at market open then instantly drop down? I was up $5k for about 30 seconds then it disappeared on @TDAmeritrade

  • Michael50081694 Michael (@Michael50081694) segnalati

    Hey @TDAmeritrade, how cool would it be to automate trades with @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them? #Code_Free_Trading_Automation

  • UnreformedAnd__ Timothy Broome (@UnreformedAnd__) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade Can the NSA adjust your custody and accounting books for individual retail customer accounts for the stock, Definitive Healthcare Corp?

  • ScottDungan1 Dungan (@ScottDungan1) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade I’m also having trouble using the site on my laptop. Is there an problem today?

  • Ndoo9988 𝕊𝕖𝕟𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕒🕊 (@Ndoo9988) segnalati

    @TDAmeritrade can you help me? I have a problem with my account I'm from Saudi Arabia