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Super Mario Run è un videogioco a scorrimento automatico a scorrimento laterale sviluppato e pubblicato da Nintendo per dispositivi iOS e Android. È stato rilasciato per la prima volta su iOS il 15 dicembre 2016 e sarà rilasciato per Android nel 2017.

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  • baekoxo_ 🐈‍⬛ (@baekoxo_) segnalati

    je dois dormir je joue encore à mario run svp aidez moi

  • dkaszor Daniel Kaszor (@dkaszor) segnalati

    @Patrick_ORourke I think the problem that Mario Run had was that it was designed for an era of mobile games that had already passed by 2016. Think it could have been huge if it had come out, say, three years earlier.

  • klkjr Kevin Kess (@klkjr) segnalati

    If Nintendo were to port games like Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, and yes, Dragalia Lost over to the Switch (or their next home console) rather than shutting any of the mobile servers down, would you buy or download them? Would you want them to do this?

  • poondonkus Treeborn Donkus (@poondonkus) segnalati

    Both of these games are just inferior incarnations of their console versions, and everyone knows it. Meanwhile, nobody liked Super Mario Run, and nobody noticed Dr. Mario World. The issue is that, yes, casuals play mobile games. But casuals don't spend money, either.

  • jasontbattle Jason Battle 🦥 (@jasontbattle) segnalati

    @RichardPrince_ Yea I have two builds a pg that has 99 perimeter defense and 99 steal and all the badges and people still dribble into me and no penalty…sometimes I get steals but it needs to happen more or they should bobble the ball not Mario run into me Game is just broken

  • CptNintNdo El Capitan (@CptNintNdo) segnalati

    It’s funny to me how people still complain about micro transactions in free mobile games! If the game was $10 with no micro transactions know one would buy it, look at Mario Run! The consumer has created the problem. The dev’s need to make money if they can’t get any up front 🤷🏽

  • manofdays39 Julian A. Silva (@manofdays39) segnalati

    I can only imagine someone in Nintendo going, “We put her in Smash! And Super Mario Run! We even gave her a Crash Bandicoot double jump! We’re only human, you fanatics!”

  • tudsworthington - ̗̀ Tuddy ̖́- (@tudsworthington) segnalati

    @ZFighterAmuro @HatokTalk Love how at least when I last used iOS, most of the top reviews of Mario Run had words to the effect of "scam" in them. On an app store that has a serious and ever-present problem with actual scam apps.

  • LemmytasticoPro Lemmytástico Pro #CoMPaS (@LemmytasticoPro) segnalati

    Ayuda, me volví a enviciar con el Super Mario Run

  • Animals2Miami 305RUMORS (@Animals2Miami) segnalati

    Miami hurricanes offense slow as fuh! Always my concerned with the Michigan OC and Mario run run run run philosophy I’ve always said it.

  • akiiame idk i'm just here (@akiiame) segnalati

    @rmgraphics_ true, I've never had an issue with that render. but the mario run render just slapped an anime mouth on him and called it a day.

  • AstralDreams8 J 🧣 (@AstralDreams8) segnalati

    @mockeryofortuna I already had 300, then adding my Mario run account to my Nintendo added 100, then I just did daily challenges plus the sign in bonus and got 500 :) it didn’t take much time at all!

  • MintyIndustrial Minty (@MintyIndustrial) segnalati

    Phew thank god I’m not the only one who appears to be having problems with the App Store. I wonder what ******** happened. I thought a lot of the things I was searching for was deleted. The only stuff that popped up was Super Mario Run

  • RefreshingStars 𝙎𝙏𝘼𝙍𝘿𝙐𝙎𝙏 ✨ — Sonic Refresh (@RefreshingStars) segnalati

    @Zhane_Star To be fair, Daisy appeared in Super Mario Run, the last new mainline 2D Mario, as a playable character. Waluigi is a problem because of his existence as a joke character and his (seemingly) lacking popularity in Japan. His existence is a franchise-wide null-factor.

  • alleycat_127 路地猫 🦋✨ (@alleycat_127) segnalati

    This douche really thinks that mario run by Nintendo, a company that took money away from a Etika funraiser, refused to fix their joy-con functionality even after thousands of compliants and still continues to DMCA content creators, is more better than sonic games run by SEGA??

  • tudsworthington - ̗̀ Tuddy ̖́- (@tudsworthington) segnalati

    @HatokTalk A realisation I just had that’s arguably worse : the lesson Nintendo took from Mario Run wasn’t “the mobile market is broken stop paying it attention”, the lesson they took was to become just as bad as everybody else, if not worse because you know they can do better.

  • GenePark Gene Park (@GenePark) segnalati

    @JeffGrubb It’s funny to see that crash freak out post imagining playing Mario on other platforms. I played super Mario run on iPhone just fine mentally I was just more mad it wasn’t a better game lol

  • nebuloved ☔🌈 (@nebuloved) segnalati

    I'm trying out Mario Kart Tour and Mario Run to distract myself from how I'm feeling... I'm not sure if it's working.

  • Slade4Lucas Slade Lucas (@Slade4Lucas) segnalati

    @ENemtsas @DynamoSuperX The issue is that Tour seems much more akin to a spin off, just as Pokemon Go, Mario Run and AC Pocket Camp are. It would be like if they released another Arcade game and people said "look, we got a new Mario Kart game!" Or the same with Home Circuit.

  • mttjj Matthew Janssen (@mttjj) segnalati

    @gruber @twadds This is 100% the issue! I have Mario Run installed and it’s labeled as MARIO RUN. So every time I type the word “Mario” it tries to replace it with all caps. I talk video games with my friends all the time. It’s incredibly annoying.

  • SakyceWasTaken Sakyce (never took an L) (@SakyceWasTaken) segnalati

    @brand0uille @DemonKoma m'en fout on ne dis pas du mal de roblox pour justifier la dégueulassitude de mario run

  • jemmabrown jemmabrown (@jemmabrown) segnalati dall' Southampton, England

    Hey @NintendoUK I uninstalled super Mario run from my iPhone and just re installed it for some nostalgia! It’s weirdly now created a new ‘user’ and won’t let me connect to my Nintendo account. My tickets, buildings etc are also gone! Error 804-3985

  • LDexter1314 Laila (@LDexter1314) segnalati

    @mariokarttourEN having an issue signing back onto my @NintendoAmerica account with google Authenticator. I launch it and it says codes are invalid. Mario Kart and Mario Run

  • ThousandYrGames Thousand Year 🚪 (@ThousandYrGames) segnalati

    @Photonerd96 @El_Texicano Now do a Danger Mario run, complete the Trouble Center, fight Atomic Boo, and clear the Pit of 100 Trials.

  • HiccupJul Hiccup (@HiccupJul) segnalati

    really stupid that they won't enable offline usage. this is why i never bought (and therefore cannot play) super mario run - eventually, the game is going to stop working if someone doesn't develop an unofficial server emulator. and that's not been done for SMR yet.

  • Tsukento Chris @ Crown Tundra (@Tsukento) segnalati

    @KeikakuKat The problem is how they go about monetizing it. They tried the buy a game method and it didn't work well for Super Mario Run.

  • tyler_cfb91 Tyler (@tyler_cfb91) segnalati

    I think the projector is working fine, mom just needs to wait for the sun to go down in order for it to work. My mom has always been so dimwitted. One time she thought that the AV Cords for the Wii would work for the Xbox 360 & assumed that Super Mario Run would work on my Wii U.

  • HylianEmo24 Rufus (@HylianEmo24) segnalati

    Welp, Super Mario Run is broken and keeps getting an error occurred I don't wanna uninstall in case the game will not be compatible with my phone The WHOLE REASON I got a new phone was to play games like Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Mario Kart Tour again 🥲 This is rude!!

  • JulsJuliankim Julian Kim (@JulsJuliankim) segnalati

    @YannickRobin5 Inzwischen läuft Mario Kart Tour wieder. Super Mario Run ist von der Problem ebenfalls betroffen

  • C4rlit0x_04 C4rlit0x (@C4rlit0x_04) segnalati

    @baulvideojuegos Yo estoy teniendo igual ese problema. También estoy teniendo problemas con el Super Mario Run.