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Super Mario Run è un videogioco a scorrimento automatico a scorrimento laterale sviluppato e pubblicato da Nintendo per dispositivi iOS e Android. È stato rilasciato per la prima volta su iOS il 15 dicembre 2016 e sarà rilasciato per Android nel 2017.

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  • Learii *Larry Ω (@Learii) segnalati

    @_Anthony_A_G ya but nintendo never get their IP to anyone but theirself as for mario run, pokemon GO and animals crossing pocket camp they on mobiles because nintendo team up with DeNA when they working on the switch

  • PoodleSavage SavagePoodle (@PoodleSavage) segnalati

    @eriktuf @Cakemations1 @Canadianguyehh I'm gonna try to explain this simply. First game. Big sales. 2nd game lower sales. 3rd game even lower sales. Mobile game. Everyone downloaded few paid money. I wouldn't call it a success but mario run 2.0. Now DLC rumors. That's a downhill slope to the third death of Crash.

  • stuffilyagain Stuffily (@stuffilyagain) segnalati

    i meant mario run but im not gonna fix it

  • LandAyZ_Nakano LandAyZ (@LandAyZ_Nakano) segnalati

    @JVCom Non faites pas la même erreur que Nintendo ça marchera pas... Super Mario Run a disparu des mémoires, Pokémon Go a eu son moment de gloire mais il est passé. Le seul truc qui a marché c'est FE Heroes

  • _M_A_K_1 Kazam (@_M_A_K_1) segnalati

    @TweaksSupport @ahmedmakls It does not work for any of my apps. Apps are: Mercedes me, Sparkasse (Banking App), Sky Go, Mario Kart, Mario Run. Nothing is working. Auxi pack is not installed, spark dev repo exist. What is wrong?

  • MatthewB_03 Matt Beardmore (@MatthewB_03) segnalati

    @AlaO_kun @Fredrikspelarsp Sonic Dash only had like one or two different levels and no sense of progression Mario Run offered a full game but only if you paid, which as a mobile game, isn't appealing. Crash on the Run could stay alive for years like Sonic Forces Speed Battle, assuming it gets updates

  • Enes082604 Enes (@Enes082604) segnalati

    @Jadenfire @BillyTheToilet @NinEverything All mods are scam. Super Mario Run doesn't have any working mods! Super Mario Run is running on servers. You're coins are saved on encrypted servers, so there is no way you could modify it!

  • Canadianguyehh Canadian Guy Eh (@Canadianguyehh) segnalati

    @Canada4Canada2 @JELKK11 This so far has beaten mario run, which is HUGE due to Mario being such a figure in the gaming industry. and brushing all crash fans as too childish and toxic to even know what success is is kinda over the top to say.

  • Canada4Canada2 Shawn C (@Canada4Canada2) segnalati

    @JELKK11 @Canadianguyehh Mario Run had alot of downloads as well. Nobody wanted to pay to do the same thing over and over. It wasn't a success. This will be no different. Crash fans are just too toxic and childish to know what defines success

  • Aha07Aha07 Aha07 (@Aha07Aha07) segnalati


  • planpino Planpino (@planpino) segnalati


  • Aranashi1 Aranashi (@Aranashi1) segnalati

    De verdad, es tan difícil hacer un Crash Bandicoot de plataformas para móviles? Es que veo mucho mejor fórmula la usada en Súper Mario Run que la usada en este Crash Bandicoot Run... me decepciona un poco la verdad, casi habría preferido un room del primer Crash Bandicoot.

  • why_balloo Balloo™️ (@why_balloo) segnalati

    Mama Balloo Switch update: I got on the phone with her because she was stuck on Mario Odyssey, had no idea "how to make mario run." I kept telling her: it's just the left joystick. That's it. If the joystick isn't working let me know because I'll need to get an exchange for you.

  • MiHistoriaCol Esta Es Mi Historia (@MiHistoriaCol) segnalati

    @jorgehugomc71 @ProfeJuAntonio A mi hasta ahora tampoco me funciona, tampoco Mario RUN

  • Fire_Voyager ✸ Voyager (@Fire_Voyager) segnalati

    @Hamada_520 Yeah, Not even Mario can save a mediocre game, even Mario Run had a lot of trouble. So in the article I wanted to show examples of games that could had a skin of those franchises and still be fun.

  • MajinSpitfire majin spitfire (@MajinSpitfire) segnalati

    @iCrazeiOS Not working with Mario run

  • Eeve2espeon Sakku Tatsainyo 🐉🐉 (@Eeve2espeon) segnalati

    @Jadenfire @JosephR56698859 @NintendoAmerica Nintendo made that decision with Mario Run BECAUSE people on mobile devices do waaay to much pirating on them :V especially Android it's a big problem, and nintendo did that to ensure people wouldn't pirate it

  • Canada4Canada2 Shawn C (@Canada4Canada2) segnalati

    @Magaska19 Microtransactions will kill this game as quickly as it killed Mario Run. Imagine paying to run the same courses over and over and over and over . Such a terrible game. Crash didn't need this crap

  • CartridgeGames Cart McCloud (@CartridgeGames) segnalati

    Super Mario Run is very good with Tezuka and Miyamoto both seemingly involved and massive mainstream marketing - underperformed Animal crossing had to be rebooted since it wasn’t working out, still didn’t work out. Fire emblem is their only success and it’s awful

  • NicolasNT6 Nicolas NT (@NicolasNT6) segnalati

    @MShadow101 Súper Mario RUN, TODO MAL!

  • JohannesDaJosy Josy (@JohannesDaJosy) segnalati

    @endloszocker06 Hää? Gibt doch MK Tour und Mario Run? Wo liegt das Problem?!!! 🥴

  • Jesse4060 Jesse 🖥️ (@Jesse4060) segnalati

    @Mevans2703 @Kutairo_ Just checked, no where on the Mario wiki, nor the normal wiki, does it say Super Mario Run is a mainline game. Mario Kart Tour’s entry on the Mario wiki does, however the reference for it links to an error page so...

  • Rennygamergirl 🎮°Renny • GamerGirl™°🎨 (@Rennygamergirl) segnalati

    @vjw2005 @SyrupBay But at least Daisy appeared in Super Mario Run and Mario Maker which are her 2nd and 3rd Mainline installment appearances. They should just have her show up whenever Peach does so they can fix this mess.

  • VairaBrian Brian Vaira (@VairaBrian) segnalati

    @gillythekidYT It should have stayed a mobile game. If this was a spinoff title like super Mario run, there'd be no problem, but people have wanted a true sequel for a decade. At least The End is Nigh exists.

  • Escrowns Escrown (@Escrowns) segnalati

    @Melophoric_ @Gnaark C'est un autoscroller ? Mais wtf Go acheter mario run enfaite plutôt

  • philjohnson1209 Phil Johnson 🇺🇸 (@philjohnson1209) segnalati

    Even Nintendo hasn't been able to have a good track record. Pokemon Go was good, but lasted only a month before the hype died. Mario run is good, but most of it is behind a paywall. And lots of people had an issue with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Same for Mario Kart Tour.

  • theoldplayer0 it´s your boy spider jerusalem (@theoldplayer0) segnalati

    y encima super mario run ni siquiera a sido hackeado de nada como desbloqueo o dinero, nada, nadie se intereso en jugarlo termino siendo un rotundo fracaso que debio haber sido lo contrario pero algo fallo y ese algo fue el cobrar por niveles sin justificacion

  • Taco_Night_ Sky... 2! (@Taco_Night_) segnalati

    There was definitely a time when Nintendo just let Mario run rampant. Do ANYTHING. Make WHATEVER you want up, have some Goomba OCs, maybe the Koopalings sing, just have fun with it, that's what Mario's about!! Now it's more like "THERE ARE STRICT RULES WHICH CAN NEVER BE BROKEN"

  • Pikatwig1 Pikatwig (@Pikatwig1) segnalati

    @NJKuecken @thetreyceratops They run ALL of the Nintendo mobile games (bar maybe Super Mario Run). So, they run the two games with a monthly subscription pass, various lootboxes, and other problems.

  • SoloJustus SoloJustus 👑 (@SoloJustus) segnalati

    @Bopepoo1 @nataliepthatsme @MarioBrothBlog Yeah but it kinda sucks tbh. I remember seeing something about New Super Mario Bros. Wii actually planning to have Peach playable but her dress was an issue to animate so they scrapped the idea. And then they did get her to work for Mario Run which I find interesting