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Star Wars Battlefront II è un videogioco sparatutto basato sul franchise di Star Wars del 2017. È la quarta puntata della serie Star Wars: Battlefront e il settimo in assoluto, e il seguito del riavvio del 2015 della serie. Disponibile per PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Windows.

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  • Gioco online 53.81% Gioco online
  • Log-in 27.62% Log-in
  • Matchmaking 10.95% Matchmaking
  • Incidente 4.29% Incidente
  • Glitch 2.86% Glitch
  • Hacking / Cheating .48% Hacking / Cheating

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  • Gwyn_1881 Gwyneth (@Gwyn_1881) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @EA When is your broken app going to be fixed? Sincerely a sad Sims 3 player.

  • xxiyl_ Fåłłėṅ🥀 (@xxiyl_) segnalati

    @EAStarWars servers down or something so no BF2 ig 😒

  • deviljoe8311 deviljoe (@deviljoe8311) segnalati


  • DostoSezai Dosto Sezai (@DostoSezai) segnalati

    @YDumbz @EAStarWars @EA I was trying to play NFS Heat but having the same issue. I didn't get any launcher problems until now though. It's down for like 3-4 hours here. Still waiting for servers to go live...

  • mcmurtree_13 Mike Mcmurtree (@mcmurtree_13) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @EA Please fix your dogshit pc launcher that you cant launch a goddam game from

  • Neumians نيوم (@Neumians) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @Respawn Fix the game plz freezing screen at start in lose points plz the best game fix it

  • lukepar21 Luke p (@lukepar21) segnalati

    @EAStarWars starwars fallen order on Xbox One All ground textures are constantly flickering on all planets please fix this

  • rustonZzz ruston (@rustonZzz) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @Respawn My APEX account was stolen. I need your help, but the customer service did not help me

  • bruhklynn brooklynn (@bruhklynn) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @Respawn fix your damn ready up bug

  • gauranga1st Gauranga [email protected] (@gauranga1st) segnalati


  • kitty0ntheflo0r kittyonthefloor (@kitty0ntheflo0r) segnalati

    @lonewolf360yt @EAStarWars @Xbox I dont consider my decision “dumb”. Youre judging that! I feel players need to stop supporting game manufacturers if they continue to have sooooo many issues in games, or lacking content, etc. i expect some issues, thats normal but lately many games have really sucked overall!

  • kitty0ntheflo0r kittyonthefloor (@kitty0ntheflo0r) segnalati

    @lonewolf360yt @EAStarWars @Xbox Been burned by other games by EA as well. It doesnt matter whether single player or multiplayer. They have far tooo many issues in games that i feel dont warrant my business.

  • TheKiddNova A-A-Ron Jedi Knight (@TheKiddNova) segnalati

    @VinceZampella Please please I’m begging you DO NOT DO NOT make the stances 2 at a time!!!!! It should be like ghost of Tsushima where you can freely flow from one stance to another @EAStarWars @Respawn you still have time to fix that PLEASE!!!!

  • isaacbeeby8 Isaac Beeby (@isaacbeeby8) segnalati

    The decision made by @EAStarWars and @EA_DICE to cancel the live service development for Battlefront II and move their development efforts over to Battlefield was one of the worst decisions that they ever made. They cancelled support for the game right when it was a popular as it

  • will5023 will5023 (@will5023) segnalati

    @EAStarWars I can’t legally fly a plane so I don’t think traffic laws are my issue

  • Dylanfredp Jazy Padilla (@Dylanfredp) segnalati

    @Cr1tixInnit @EAStarWars @EA Prefer you explore the service of EBEN_CYBER on INSTAGRAM to help you fix this issue cus you won't get any response from customer service

  • DastardlyDeano Dean Matthews (@DastardlyDeano) segnalati

    @EA @EAStarWars Please help and support your loyal fans of #Battlefront. Some of the game is now unplayable but you can easily fix that! Please get someone to change the need for Bespin to have 16 players, down to just 2 (1v1) or max 4 (2v2). Then we can play it again. Begging 🙏

  • imtedB tedB (@imtedB) segnalati

    @IGN @EAStarWars Please please FIX THAT AWFUL RUNNING

  • LYL2325 OVC125 (@LYL2325) segnalati

    @EAStarWars the animation has some problem

  • BradeyHarrelson Bradey Harrelson (@BradeyHarrelson) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @Respawn Please for the love of all things fix the ridiculous and distracting walking/running animation to Jedi Survivor. The game will be great otherwise I’m sure!

  • Stormie1126 B Sal (@Stormie1126) segnalati

    @EAStarWars EA: Our SP SW game will fail Also EA: Holy **** people are loving our SP SW game! Also also EA: Lets get on this hype train to maximize revenue! We remember, EA. Dont act like you actually wanna promote this. You'd happily kill it in favor of some new bullshit live service thing

  • ukt2QGnzPvYfxO4 ******* (@ukt2QGnzPvYfxO4) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @EA My EA platform won't log in and keep showing incorrect passwords or technical issues, tormenting me for hours

  • BigCyberBear BIG CYBER BEAR (@BigCyberBear) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Cannot play Star Wars Battlefront II - get error code every time trying to connect

  • SimpDeRem_ eeee (@SimpDeRem_) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Fix apex legends retards

  • Sajirou08 Sajirou (@Sajirou08) segnalati

    @EAStarWars There's a glitch where you can't change outfits in NG+ unless you leave one in its case first time around. Respawn, while polishing up Survivor how about you fix Order before abandoning it with these glitches. Don't forget where you started on your way to where you're going.

  • Stephen51413 Stephen Solomonson (@Stephen51413) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Directx 12 does not work with your games: Battlefront II, or Jedi: Fallen Order. Neither is there a warning. Everybody has been turning it off once they finally figure out from forums what the problem is.

  • loode5551 Fifa (@loode5551) segnalati

    @Cr1tixInnit @EAStarWars @EA It's so unfair that there can't give us help on time, I'm pissed about their activities and response delay. Thanks to Cyber_punck on Instagram, they are always there to help fix issues.

  • broncos74life Alex (@broncos74life) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Awesome 👏 finally a studio that doesn’t push out a unfinished product and tries to fix it after with patches. Take all the time you need just make a great game please!

  • Q8BigDaddy89 Ali Alsuhail (@Q8BigDaddy89) segnalati

    @mrbeans0305 @franklin_the1 @EAStarWars Do not pay attention to what they say. They speak as if you asked them for money. It is your money your fon and your Internet service , you are free to use it even if you burn it

  • italia_antihero adam sarduci (@italia_antihero) segnalati

    @EAStarWars I have trouble trusting EA with anything but sports games, especially after mass effect Andromeda. Your slogan should be It's not in the Game, we left it out to save money 🤑