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Star Wars Battlefront II è un videogioco sparatutto basato sul franchise di Star Wars del 2017. È la quarta puntata della serie Star Wars: Battlefront e il settimo in assoluto, e il seguito del riavvio del 2015 della serie. Disponibile per PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Windows.

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  • Gokuui781 Gokuui78 (@Gokuui781) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @Respawn ERROR 4295 (Star Wars Battlefront 2)

  • TyIerEh Ty (@TyIerEh) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Just a reminder that Boba Fett's jetpack is the most broken thing I've seen besides Anakin.

  • tim_lee_creech TLC (@tim_lee_creech) segnalati dall' Swainsboro, Georgia

    @Tom_Jurassic @Respawn @starwars @EAStarWars @VinceZampella @Hendrickson_Art @MannyHagopian Well that's the problem it doesn't really work with in the cannon of those shows. It makes call backs but it brake's the lore to do so. The males would never go to the female side of the planet, not to mention they would have Also been targeted in the purge...

  • CouncilLogic Council of Logic (@CouncilLogic) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Unless your on q sub account because eas to fuggin lazy to fix it

  • Dudebruh93 i_left_this_world_bye (@Dudebruh93) segnalati

    @EAStarWars yo guys wtf my celebration edition is not ******* working like its saying I have to pay for my skins even tho I have the celebration edition fix this I'm pissed off

  • Thom_HGH Thom (@Thom_HGH) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @EA @Respawn Can you fix your match making on battle front 2 I'm seriously tired of going into an assault game that I'm already losing or going into heros vs villains with an afk teammate. This is something that consistently happens and I'm sick and tired of it.

  • shadowednshred Saito (@shadowednshred) segnalati

    @bruhmom37973950 @EAStarWars I'm having the same issue, was working fine last night. Then this morning it's not

  • funnygreenman Yado (@funnygreenman) segnalati

    Dice fix your game I didn’t pay 25 dollars to have my skins and stuff ripped from my inventory @EAStarWars @EA_DICE @BenWalke

  • GSentiff Gabriel Sentiff (@GSentiff) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Having an issue with matchmaking on battlefront 2. I can't find any matches or get people to join ones.

  • RepublicHoldout Clone Trooper Boss (@RepublicHoldout) segnalati

    @SwanyPlaysGames @EAStarWars @BenWalke @guillaume_mroz @phatseejay fix this already

  • CodyLG3 Cody .L.G (@CodyLG3) segnalati

    @EAStarWars fix your ******* game, first, refused to let me play my character. Literally blacked it out with no one ******* on it, than it keeps me in the respawn screen, refusing to let me back into the game untill I get kicked for inactivity. Very next game, same thing.

  • Sephirothtx Joshua Winters 🏳️‍🌈 (@Sephirothtx) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @EA @Respawn This crap is stupid me and my son want to play together "Sub-accounts that share Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus won’t be able to connect to EA Accounts to play online." FIX IT NOW i bought 2 copies to play together

  • MansOstrand AzureHazz (@MansOstrand) segnalati

    @EAStarWars fun playing star wars bf2 and meeting 3 anakin skywalkers... fix it

  • aroningi16 aron ingi (@aroningi16) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @Respawn For the lovw of god nerf palpatine... the guy is next level broken... it’s also impossible to catch ip to him because his dash thing is so fast.. and his lightning can cross map you... make his lightning deflectable

  • JonnORyan Lord Vader (@JonnORyan) segnalati

    @EAStarWars fix your servers

  • JeanBignosaure CheapMayonnaiseBaby and the 5:00 AM PMU Kids #GLYG (@JeanBignosaure) segnalati

    2019 in a testinutshell de wookie 🎮 'Faut vivre ça une fois. Je l'ai très bien pris, c'est le problème chez un adulte. 😂 (toutefois j'n'ai plus jamais rejoué en Capital Supremacy, cauchemar pour quiconque aime les sessions raisonnables) @EAFrance @EAStarWars @guillaume_mroz

  • _ilhamfirdaus_ ilham™️ (@_ilhamfirdaus_) segnalati dall' Dengkil, Selangor

    @EAStarWars fix your servers

  • foreverbraz Braz (@foreverbraz) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Rey has to have a yellow lightsaber for her "Jedi" appearance. Please fix. #StarWarsBattlefrontII

  • ronaldturner85 Ronald Turner (@ronaldturner85) segnalati

    @EAStarWars ever gonna fix the matchmaking for SW bf2. Horrible

  • Glendonthegreat Cobbs (@Glendonthegreat) segnalati

    @EAStarWars After you guys do a fun update like making spawns 1 second long and then switch it back... PLEASE make sure you fix the connection issues because #Battlefront2 on pc has been an absolute pile of laggy mess since you put the spawns back to regular

  • james_amey James Amey (@james_amey) segnalati

    @EAStarWars just a thing I've noticed with Finn: his Deadeye will sometimes glitch where the red square reticule will stay on screen after the ability has gone into cool down but the actual ability doesn't stay activated

  • ISand69 i_hate_sand69 (@ISand69) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Yo fix your Hero’s and villains in this game my god, I’m tired of getting killed by a lightsaber that’s as long as the titanic

  • Earthlyfaune 👑🐾Earthlyfaune🎮🌿 (@Earthlyfaune) segnalati

    @_CMwalsh @EAStarWars @Respawn @Captured_Collec @GamerGram_GG @SocietyOfVP @Visual_Moods @Urban_Tentacles @TheFramedShare @ArtistSociet I only encountered one glitch in which I got stuck in a rock but otherwise the game ran fine for me but I hear there were a lot of bugs and game crashes🤔

  • thebossblogs The Boss Blogger (@thebossblogs) segnalati

    @Demigorn @EAStarWars I’m really addicted tbh 😅 lots of people play this too, so not had an issue with wait times yet x

  • FanboyFaceOff DankWWE (@FanboyFaceOff) segnalati

    @EAStarWars hi, uhhhh, please fix your ******* game

  • CliffJenks Clifford Jenks (@CliffJenks) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Xbox Fallen Order has a major glitch on the mudslide on Dathomir. There’s some barrier preventing the final jump. I’ve done the slides perfectly so it’s not a difficulty issue.

  • ChopDaSesh ChopDaSesh RickFPS (@ChopDaSesh) segnalati

    @EAStarWars why is it when i have a great connection to a game server i very often crash or lose connection mid CS match but when i have a shit connection to some laggy US server or EU it holds in there jusssssst fine... 🤔🤔🤔 frustrating as ffffffff

  • allanviana_ Allan (@allanviana_) segnalati

    @EAHelp FIX THIS SHIT ERROR 216 in @EAStarWars !!!!!

  • PaladinsImani OSD-Phantom (@PaladinsImani) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Nerf YOUR ******* HEROS AND VILLAINS Captain Phasma is so broker her cards need a Nerf her kit needs to be overhauled and don't get me started that crappy broken villain you call emperor palpatine

  • Hawkeye20921 Hawkeye2092 (@Hawkeye20921) segnalati

    @EAStarWars please look at your servers. They’re getting overpopulated with new players and causing in game lag

  • SithLord29 Starkiller25 (@SithLord29) segnalati

    @FilipMa07079652 @BazaarStar @EAStarWars @EA @EA_DICE Mine slows my internet down and I have speeds from 200mbps download, to 50mbps upload, it even will say in party chat that NAT type can not communicate BS. I love the game but they have awful, AWFUL servers and bugs they need to fix.

  • Alleycat4444 Collector of Unwatched Blurays (@Alleycat4444) segnalati dall' Brisbane, State of Queensland

    I’m really enjoying @EAStarWars #JediFallenOrder, but My God this game needs a patch! Pop in textures and elements, sometimes buggy cutscenes and complete audio dropouts. @Respawn, can you get around to patching these problems sooner rather than later in please.

  • JPlanas98 Jordan Planas (@JPlanas98) segnalati

    @EAStarWars nerf Anakin it's ******* retarded how broken he is. His attacks have the largest ******* range out of all the abilities in the game. The heroes are already cancer to fiht because theyre unbalanced as ****, but anakin moreso.

  • ItsSev_ Sev (@ItsSev_) segnalati

    No stream tonight. I’m gonna figure out how to fix my @EAStarWars Battlefront 2. It’s literally unplayable after the latest patch. It lags really bad and says slow internet connection (I have 100 down and 30 up when it says this).

  • SylvainSynave Bane (@SylvainSynave) segnalati

    @Ivanhe_Martin @EAStarWars Y a du très bon et du moins bon ... mais ne mérite pas le seau de merde qu’il a reçu même si y avait mieux à faire ça reste une bonne campagne simple mais efficace

  • ArchTheFox Arch 🔜 ANE/FWA (@ArchTheFox) segnalati

    @pcgamer The fact there is not an Empire At War 2. Fix this @EAStarWars

  • Hawkeye20921 Hawkeye2092 (@Hawkeye20921) segnalati

    @EAStarWars fix your servers

  • EJtcbGRAY EJtcbGRAY (@EJtcbGRAY) segnalati

    @SmugglerPhelon @EAStarWars Yes, and no. I would like it when the team is spamming push attacks, but at the same time, I feel like people would gripe, they try to fix him, and just further break him. I'd still like it, yes. It worked with Maul, but games like the one I posted prove he can hold his own.

  • theRecluse11 Chris (@theRecluse11) segnalati

    @EAStarWars fix your shit. All the stutters I'm about to return this game

  • IRGRL 🎮[REBL] IrGrl🎮 (@IRGRL) segnalati dall' Middletown, New Jersey

    @EAStarWars @EAHelp why does battlefront 2 keep crashing :/. We all got booted. Fifa people having issues too. Not my x1 or internet connection

  • HankYager Hank Yager (@HankYager) segnalati

    Why are the battlefront 2 servers down @EA_DICE @DICE_FireWall @EA @EAStarWars @

  • Schabilionaire Talos (@Schabilionaire) segnalati

    @EAStarWars please fix your Galactic Assault lobby matching algorithm. Counted 8 games in a row where the lobbies are so uneven that people are averaging almost double the equivalent position’s score on the other team. Seems teams are averaging about 6-8 lvl50s vs 1-3 each game

  • Schabilionaire Talos (@Schabilionaire) segnalati

    @EAStarWars please fix your Galactic Assault lobby matching algorithm. Counted 8 games in a row where the lobbies are so uneven that people are averaging almost double the equivalent position’s score on the other team. Seems teams aren’t averaging about 6-8 lvl50s vs 1-3 on avg

  • Blake_Skywalker Blake Turner (@Blake_Skywalker) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Please fix Crait

  • kristiantervo Kristian Tervo 🇪🇺 (@kristiantervo) segnalati

    @EAStarWars I’m getting a lot of error codes in #StarWarsBattlefrontII and boost cards for heroes are not working. This all came after the update (which I didn’t buy).

  • dmorgan045 No Thank You (@dmorgan045) segnalati

    What the you now get removed from the game for being "idle' while you are playing! @DICE_FireWall @EAStarWars #StarWarsBattlefrontII Error code: 217 is a joke please sort it out.

  • Vulsker Vulsker (@Vulsker) segnalati

    @DSquare72 @Microsoft @EAStarWars Its been a common issue on and off with updates but no matter what, my system won't play it. I got into a match yesterday, the fans were going nuts...started as Kylo...swung his saber and baam. Shut down due to overheating protection. It's been like this since last year for me.

  • Vulsker Vulsker (@Vulsker) segnalati

    @DSquare72 @Microsoft @EAStarWars Its been a common issue on and off with updates but no matter what, my system won't play it. I got into a match yesterday, fans were going nuts...started at Kylo and swing his saber and baam. Shut down due to overheating protection. It's been like this since last year for me.

  • UkgArmy UK Gamer (@UkgArmy) segnalati

    @EAStarWars hey can you sort the glitch out cos I can get any credits on it the game is star wars battlefront 2

  • kellen16669574 kellen (@kellen16669574) segnalati

    @EA_DICE @EAStarWars fix your shit and get it together.

  • G_da_Gamer G_da_Gaymer (@G_da_Gamer) segnalati

    @Respawn @EAStarWars please fix the PS4 glitches and popping it’s really bad!

  • KyleRusso17 Kyle (@KyleRusso17) segnalati

    @EAStarWars error code: 2,741

  • CodyGage1 Cody Gage (@CodyGage1) segnalati

    @NapsAndSarcasm @Joshua_Tasker47 @TheClapperton @EASPORTSNHL Just look at @EAStarWars did with BF2. Of course @EA will try to slide it into another smaller market less popular game. Probably why @EASPORTSNHL has a marketing budget compared to other issues. Us hockey fans are loyal, so they know they got us lol.

  • Eetas7 Elias Gargar (@Eetas7) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Hey. After 10+ hours playing my game (star wars jedi fallen order) freeze when i go to the planet bogano to open the vault. Everything i do, the game freeze after 2minutes and i cant progress the game. Please fix it , or tell me some hints to do..

  • smurf241175 Paul Murphy (@smurf241175) segnalati

    @KrystalZorEl @EAStarWars @BenWalke I did and I think the error is due to you earning a reward you already been granted due to that

  • cysify CYSIFY ✍️ (@cysify) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Hey um theres a problem with rewards. It says i cant collect my crates error: (some nr i cant remember)

  • Redxgaming96 Redx96 (@Redxgaming96) segnalati

    @EAStarWars y'all really need to fix this game 100% because there is no way that I was at the empire and the republic enemies kill me when they have 3% and they kill me and I have full health

  • spectre_grimm grimm spectre (@spectre_grimm) segnalati

    Every single match in this game is just 1 team completely dominating the other team... fix your game by limiting the amount of people that can play in a party @EAStarWars

  • RedFandom23 Luka (@RedFandom23) segnalati

    @EAStarWars can you please fix your hit boxes, the amount of times I’ve died in battlefront 2 is substantial, I honestly can’t take being boba fett and trying to retreat on my jet pack and then getting mowed down by obi won, it’s a game braking issue that needs to be fixed.

  • BPuit Brandan Puit (@BPuit) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @Respawn Going to begin my lucky 13th playthrough on Jedi: Fallen Order. I will say that I have a problem when I reach maybe my 20th.