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Star Wars Battlefront II è un videogioco sparatutto basato sul franchise di Star Wars del 2017. È la quarta puntata della serie Star Wars: Battlefront e il settimo in assoluto, e il seguito del riavvio del 2015 della serie. Disponibile per PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Windows.

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  • Demiurge_93 Demiurge (@Demiurge_93) segnalati

    @EAStarWars where do you report a problem with the #JediFallenOrder upgrade? Only half of my trophies transferred over and visually the character textures just aren’t as good as the original PS4 version :(

  • DblA_Ron_Wolf DblA-Ron (@DblA_Ron_Wolf) segnalati

    @EAStarWars So youll fix this game but you Wont fix SWBF2?? Pls come out w a better SW game that Youll Actually take care of thru the yrs..

  • legalprocedure Mark (@legalprocedure) segnalati

    @EAStarWars whatever you did, revert it back. The PS5 controller has a responsive issue now compared to before... i'd rather play it on the PS4 mode now. bad EA. bad

  • matt666_wooo matt_wooo (⌐■_■) (@matt666_wooo) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @ea_capitalgames if it aint broke dont fix it ! the new character menu for swgoh looks great but its just mechanic terrible cant slide away the side menu , cant get rid of it at all. at least give the end users the choice. and not the CG choice ......

  • BadnewzTnf TNF BadNewz (@BadnewzTnf) segnalati

    @Respawn @EAStarWars Go fix battlefront 2

  • seanbegins87 Sean Patrick Kay (@seanbegins87) segnalati

    @Respawn @EAStarWars Could not play because of these issues. It was driving me crazy

  • billyrox1111 bill (@billyrox1111) segnalati

    @EAStarWars #84668294 My case number. I tried to upgrade my Jedi Fallen order and I submitted my receipt and photo mf my disc multiple times but I keep getting the same email saying that I need to submit my proof of purchase. I think there is a problem with the submission process.

  • snufkinx31 BigBlack (@snufkinx31) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @EA Your customer service ****** sucks. I sent like more than 12 images showing every possible avenue based on what the email had stated each time denied requesting a new photo. I showed receipt with date, price the game disk. Hand written letter. What ********.

  • Troook890 Turki Eid (@Troook890) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Can you fix the bounty hunters spawn problem Please. I can’t find them anywhere

  • Alyminium Aly Khan (@Alyminium) segnalati

    @EAStarWars I held out on playing this until this next-gen update but here are some of the issues I'm facing on Series X: (Non-Performance Mode) - Abysmal loading times (after death) - Texture pop-in - Frustrating input lag Tried Performance Mode as well, issues are still the same.

  • Nathan53299630 Nathan (@Nathan53299630) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Even in heroes vs villains a 4v4. You guys suck a$$. You're a terrible developer and everyone hates your guts. EA makes half ***ed games. What NEGLIGENCE. Fix your last update you lazy incompetents.

  • Nathan53299630 Nathan (@Nathan53299630) segnalati

    @EAStarWars You guys need to release a fix on battlefront 2. I'm so tired of going in top of the lobby as a hero and my xbox shuts off because your stupid last patch broke the game. It is countless other people this happens to. FIX YOUR GAME THAT SO MANY PEOPLE STILL PLAY

  • Inspired_916 Inspired916 (@Inspired_916) segnalati

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE @EAStarWars Now make battlefront III with the upgraded engine and fix lightsaber combat. Bigger maps and ground to space combat

  • SuperSonicCelt JJ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🍀 (@SuperSonicCelt) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Bd1’s scomp link will not open doors or some chests on PS5 , disappointing as I can’t progress any further ! Please fix this !

  • MentorSkywalker Luke Skywalker (@MentorSkywalker) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Seems to be an issue with my Fallen Order game since the update. When I begin a new games plus. None of my unlocked outfits are there. The inquisitors is. But it almost acts as though I have not selected a new game plus. Please assist ASAP.

  • RyangoFett_24 RyangoFett_24 (@RyangoFett_24) segnalati

    @fallboiz4life @ewan_highground @EAStarWars You also gotta understand there's two DICE studios. DICE LA and DICE Stockholm are working on Battlefield 2042. DICE LA confirmed they'll take over the live service of the game once it launches. That will free up the Stockholm team to work on new games

  • fallboiz4life ur mom (@fallboiz4life) segnalati

    @RyangoFett_24 @ewan_highground @EAStarWars As much as I want them to tease battlefront 3 at e3 it’s not gonna happen, dice barely announced bf 2042, and they still have to wait for the release of battlefield 2042 to be completely polished with the game and fix major bugs with the game,

  • boli34 David (@boli34) segnalati

    @EAStarWars fix SWGOH app. Every time I listen to music or podcasts now and I use your app it shuts whatever I’m listening to off. Never used to be the case. Happened after the last eat update.

  • Retro_Cyrus Mario Ripping (@Retro_Cyrus) segnalati

    @EAStarWars Seems like there is an issue with upgrading the PS4 Deluxe Edition to PS5. The base game downloads just fine but not the Deluxe Edition Upgrade Addon. It was shown as free and "purchased" successfully, but it simply won't download. Error Code: CE-107880-4

  • ttl_nrvn CB (@ttl_nrvn) segnalati

    @Kranitoko @EAStarWars @EAHelp Same issue but they all unlock when I go in the skills tree

  • mrwafu Mr Waffle (@mrwafu) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @Xbox I heard quick resume is broken... 🤢

  • Euryreal Eury (@Euryreal) segnalati

    @EAStarWars I also can’t install deluxe upgrade for PS5 version. Also CE-107880-4 error every time.

  • SainesChris bofa ligma sugma (@SainesChris) segnalati

    @jakecoupas @akey111 @EAStarWars Nah, the biggest issue is gun customization.

  • iSpid3r **** Weasel (@iSpid3r) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @EA Can’t install deluxe upgrade for PS5 version :-( Constantly CE-107880-4 error.

  • nelca_t Miika (@nelca_t) segnalati

    @EAStarWars @EAHelp I keep getting an error (CE-107880-4) when I try to download the deluxe edition content (the deluxe upgrade shows as purchased).

  • IvanP_2 ivan prins (@IvanP_2) segnalati

    @EAStarWars No problem

  • leepstwo lee (@leepstwo) segnalati

    @EAStarWars So why can’t I down load my deluxe edition content? Keeps showing and error

  • mikeyzones Mike Ardizzone (@mikeyzones) segnalati

    @TriComStormm @EAStarWars @EAPlay Upgrades for FIFA and Madden are free. That’s why you pay for the service - to have access to their vault. Fallen Order is a 2 year old game and was in the vault already and was then removed. Boooooooooo

  • avTurner96 Adam Vincent Turner (@avTurner96) segnalati

    @EAStarWars and @PlayStation having issues downloading Jedi fallen order for the PS5 upgrade. The error code CE-107880-4 keeps popping up. Anyone that sees this, send help! #usetheforce #jedifallenorder #PS5

  • mariusfuell Marius Füll (@mariusfuell) segnalati

    @ea_capitalgames @EAStarWars anyone able to fix my @swgohofficial ??? Crashing every single time returning to the cantina..