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Ring Inc. è una società di sicurezza domestica e smart home di proprietà di Amazon. Ring produce prodotti per la sicurezza domestica che incorporano telecamere di rilevamento del movimento per esterni, tra cui Ring Video Doorbell.

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  • abigkahuna Big Kahuna (@abigkahuna) segnalati

    @ring won’t let me cancel an order for a part they haven’t shipped out in 5 days! Terrible service

  • gbaierle Gail Baierle (@gbaierle) segnalati dall' Maricopa, Arizona

    @ring Omg!!!!! Time to burn the house down.

  • KimHawley61 Kim Hawley (@KimHawley61) segnalati

    @ring Hey Ring! How about fixing the issue with the lights not turning off on wired devices. It’s a long known issue that’s being ignored.

  • sammmijayyy Samantha Elizabeth (@sammmijayyy) segnalati

    It has also been fine for the past month & now randomly doesn’t work when nothing changed. Same router, password, & location. I even put it RIGHT NEXT to the router and it still wouldn’t connect. Restarted it, thought I fixed it and now streaming error @ring

  • sammmijayyy Samantha Elizabeth (@sammmijayyy) segnalati

    I have had nothing but problems with my wireless @Ring doorbell. It has disconnected from the internet even when it is right next to the router. Now there is a streaming error. This is rediculous for the amount you pay for one.

  • I_Green_555 I_Green_555 (@I_Green_555) segnalati

    @ring it would be so cool if we had the option to have a “someone is at your door” notification with a really large screenshot or even better a really large direct video feed of the front door live, so we don’t have to go through the trouble of opening the app.

  • SD12495936 S D (@SD12495936) segnalati

    @ring I cannot gain access to my account, from and of my devices and the number your website gave me cost me £15. WTF

  • avfc_mijas_es Mijas AVFC (@avfc_mijas_es) segnalati

    @ring hi, clumsy kids have just whacked my chime. Can I get a new UK 3pin adapter part. Chimes OK, the adapter is broken. Cheers

  • Bobby_Boheme Bobby Boheme (@Bobby_Boheme) segnalati

    @ring This is the kind of story we need now and I hope the driver got a raise; HOWEVER, he should have called Adult Protective Services, first. She could have been escaping caregiver abuse or this could be a sign of larger care issues. It's okay to help, but call APS first.

  • gogo_powers Ashlee Powers (@gogo_powers) segnalati

    @OlderGamers @ring When I say broke our internet, I mean literally we cannot get our other systems to connect now, our watering system, our pool system. The original internet was put back to how it was, but nothing works. We had a flight this morning and my fiancé missed it to try and fix it

  • gogo_powers Ashlee Powers (@gogo_powers) segnalati

    @ring Then dm back. I don’t have time for this ****. You’ve wasted enough of my time. I am on 48 hours without sleep. I wish I were exaggerating

  • gogo_powers Ashlee Powers (@gogo_powers) segnalati

    @ring My fiancé missed his flight and is now back at the house trying to get it all connected. It is not working, we can’t even put the original back because every sensor and keypad has to manually be reconnected and they are not being picked up by system

  • gogo_powers Ashlee Powers (@gogo_powers) segnalati

    @ring Wtf your system ruined our internet. Our entire home is NOT secured and the Ring Pro took down our I yet et with it. I got NO SLEEP last night troubleshooting it and it is still down

  • okaddme Ok Addme (@okaddme) segnalati

    @ring Unable to contact @ring for any assistance as there form will not work with large text size. The submit button will not scroll up and I am being told it is my issue not theirs. Can you help please ? @AbilityNet

  • AntCraw Anthony Crawford (@AntCraw) segnalati

    @ring How does not replacing a faulty product that doesn’t work for four month help protect my home?

  • AntCraw Anthony Crawford (@AntCraw) segnalati

    @ring you guys are a complete scam! You don’t care about your customers - sold me a faulty floodlight pro whilst you say you will replace it, it’s been 4 months and all you do is say “oh it’s out of stock” “ no idea when it will be back” not our problem

  • trish_flo patricia florimonte (@trish_flo) segnalati

    @ring Oh ****!!

  • GrammerRhona1 Rhona Grammer (@GrammerRhona1) segnalati

    @m_crouton @ring My son had a pet raccoon for a couple of years. His dad saved it after hunters killed the mom. He was SO intelligent and loving but, eventually took off down the creek to find a date

  • McTow_Erik Erik (@McTow_Erik) segnalati

    @ring I have and none are an issue to my post! How about maybe looking into the issue and not just giving a click and paste reply! What has happened to your customer service since it was found your employees were spying on us customers? Maybe help a customer in-between spying on us!

  • la_fresita85 Señora G 🇪🇸🇮🇹🇫🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺 (@la_fresita85) segnalati

    @ring I’ve forgotten how to turn off the motion detector in the app and I’m getting notifications every time a car (or a squirrel or a bird) passes the front door. It’s a teeny tiny bit annoying. Can you #help?

  • PhillyTalk PhillyTalk ™ © ® ⓘ 🇺🇸 (@PhillyTalk) segnalati

    @insatiable718 @ring Sure thing. Plenty of vids on YouTube doing comparisons. (Lifehackster) Ring isn't *terrible* but definately geared towards monthly fees for all features whereas Eufy offers both local storage or online for a fee.

  • MMOrpgPrincess Lori (forced militant) 🦺 (@MMOrpgPrincess) segnalati

    @ring @iCam2020 I don't know. I mean I know U all raking it in, but wow, all these folks getting outed w/o permission. Seems shady af. People love the idea till they the ones showing up on Twitter or Facebook being embarrased. I mean, how we gonna deal w/bad hair days man?

  • thek9harperlee Miss Harper Lee (@thek9harperlee) segnalati dall' New Orleans, Louisiana

    @CoxHelp No, Colleen, apparently the problem with @CoxHelp ended when your service went down. Internet service is back, but @ring won't recognize it. So frustrating. It's when the things that should be so easy are so hard that I just want to give up. Maybe I just don't wake up tomorrow.🤞

  • trichbrown Tom Brown (@trichbrown) segnalati

    @ring Why does the ‘Ring app has a temporary connection issue’. ‘We hope to resolve this issue soon’ show up so often? Have you grown too big to be dependable?

  • footedhorse 🍊Footedhorse🍊 (@footedhorse) segnalati

    @ring @iCam2020 Fix you app!! my ring camera Motion sensor settings use to cove my whole driveway now it only cover half my driveway 😡 all my ring camera doing same thing

  • JoeBrow48340110 88fingersElDiablo1973 (@JoeBrow48340110) segnalati

    @ring So they can record a person that passes out and not provide them with video of it? Do you think this privacy policy works? Ridiculous! So you find it ok for your cameras to actually not help the community? That's assinine and not making a safer community like you claim.

  • moodiblue Sandy Dryman (@moodiblue) segnalati

    Idk what the problem ix with @ring but the quality of our camera’s is always messed up.We have 200meg service so I know it’s not that even though it always says weak signaL. Very frustrating! You need to upgrade your service!

  • tedjones18 Dominic Jones 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@tedjones18) segnalati

    Fantastic customer service from @ring reported a problem with my floodlight camera and within 3 days I’ve received a brand new replacement. Thanks very much

  • BruthMaaan Roc (@BruthMaaan) segnalati

    @RalphParis5 @ring Thanks for that review/recommendation Bruh! I'm in the market for a cam right now, and been leaning hard towards Ring. I'm just coming off a "Cheap AF" cam.... Blink! That **** is even way worse than Ring! But I will keep this review in mind 👍🏾

  • chuckwolber Chuck Wolber (@chuckwolber) segnalati

    I am going to get rich by solving the @ring spider web problem.