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Ring Inc. è una società di sicurezza domestica e smart home di proprietà di Amazon. Ring produce prodotti per la sicurezza domestica che incorporano telecamere di rilevamento del movimento per esterni, tra cui Ring Video Doorbell.

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  • John_P007 John A. Procopio (@John_P007) segnalati

    @ring I want 2 say this is twice now your customer service let me down! I’ve been good customer & recommend your products 2 many people! This last agent was awful & U don’t stand by your products! Your customer service use 2 b stellar don’t know what happened, time 2 check Nest

  • MikeHorn_Curls Mike Horn (@MikeHorn_Curls) segnalati

    @ring Everything is buggy, alarm isn't working, live view isn't working everything is down.

  • wearysole4 Chris DH (@wearysole4) segnalati

    Getting fed up constantly having to charge my @ring doorbell! It's settings are on bare minimum levels yet we only get a few days before having to charge it up... We're at the 2 year old stage. Friends have had the same issue...

  • humantorch scott kosman™ (@humantorch) segnalati

    @ring I'm setting up my new alarm system and really disappointed that SMS is the only 2FA option. Any security system is only as strong as its weakest component and SMS is inherently less secure than TOTP. Any future plans to fix this

  • PalmerJpalmer16 Jessica Palmer (@PalmerJpalmer16) segnalati

    @ring My security camera is not recording half the time. I’ve had about 3 package delivered in the last couple of weeks. The camera didn’t record or alert me when the person was right in front of my Ring! It didn’t record one of the 3 deliveries! Please help! #Security #Ring

  • coi_leray TREND SETTER ⭐️ (@coi_leray) segnalati

    @ring I’m so annoyed with your service . I need a new camera system because ring isn’t NO HELP

  • dave_crilley Dave Crilley (@dave_crilley) segnalati

    @ring my 2nd gen doorbell has stopped responding. No notifications through the app or through my connected alexa devices. Any help appreciated

  • encrypt128bit Cryptography (@encrypt128bit) segnalati

    @ring looks like your E2EE is broken on iOS 14.3, the app is telling me that my iPhone 12 pro isn't compatible.

  • Shane_BSer DonkWhisperer (@Shane_BSer) segnalati

    @ring @JmzMoe Ring sent me a replacement union. Exact. Same. Problem.

  • dani_johanna Dani Webster (@dani_johanna) segnalati

    Why did your delivery driver decide to enter my house to drop off my parcel @AmazonHelp? Who gave him the right to open the door?! It'd be bad enough if I was home alone, but I have a two month old baby! I've got his reg number and his face captured on @ring 🤬 @AmazonUK

  • LoveDinnington LoveDinnington (@LoveDinnington) segnalati

    @Graham21 @ring Not really, if it doesn't work it's broke. How is it not working? The chime is just so you can hear alerts independent of phone or tablet.

  • cicekeda73 Eda Gumush (@cicekeda73) segnalati

    @ring my second generation doorbell has stopped live view and isn’t working is there a problem

  • Bobbysims Bobby Virgen-Sims (@Bobbysims) segnalati

    As a @ring customer and have everything from cams to alarm @WyzeCam has my attention. At a fraction of the cost. What the heck. Now I want to get rid of @ring and switch to Wyze. Only problem is all the money spent on ring. Decisions decisions

  • TheRomit Romit Mehta (@TheRomit) segnalati

    I am surprised @ring stick up cam works outdoors, advertises "ceiling" mount mode (planning to install on the garage door frame) but does not rotate video. Help article states go to device settings > video settings > rotate toggle but I don't see that toggle. :-(

  • DBee66 Debb Bee66 (@DBee66) segnalati

    @ring can someone help me. I just bought the ring video doorbell and I do not have the security screws.... I'm on hold right now with Ring 25 min still for representive

  • aleck1 Allison (@aleck1) segnalati

    @ring Thank you. My brand new ring doorbell battery drains completely in couple weeks even when hardwired. I’ve called customer service. They agree something seems wrong, say I need to connect with advanced support. Can’t seem to get through to them for the help I apparently need.

  • Ewephucinsuc Jason (@Ewephucinsuc) segnalati

    @alex_pegg @ring Can’t login to their site either.

  • Ewephucinsuc Jason (@Ewephucinsuc) segnalati

    @ring @ApurvaModessa Actually, just now having this same problem...

  • buttercup143 ButtercupBC (@buttercup143) segnalati

    . @ring seems like a regular thing to have the doorbell stop working. The customer service rep told us our doorbell was out of warranty but it seemed to be a hardware issue so we needed to buy a new doorbell. We bought it 1+ year ago in Sept 2019. How is 1 year working ok?

  • VegasMonkey Gemma (@VegasMonkey) segnalati

    @ring had our cars broken in & our ring is missing 5 minutes of recording. There was motion obviously but our ring decided it wasn’t the right motion to record. Great job👎🏻 thanks for nothing! Looking for another security system🤬😡

  • jscutts James Scutts (@jscutts) segnalati

    @sirnicksullivan @RoyalMail @ring Found this out this morning and came to Twitter to check if anyone else had the same issue - it’s actually Royal Mail policy not to push Ring doorbells. Madness.

  • aleck1 Allison (@aleck1) segnalati

    @ring 24/7 support sounds great but if you can’t ever get ahold of them and then when you finally do they can’t connect with some advanced support team then what’s the point? 3 tries, several very long holds and I still haven’t talked with anyone who can help. Very frustrated

  • bsrust Ben Rust (@bsrust) segnalati

    .. @ring need some #help once again I have a #spotlightcam that won’t restart after the battery was depleted .. the new batteries show fully recharged .. guidance needed please .. not stoked it happened on a second camera ..

  • LukeWilliamsCX Luke Williams (@LukeWilliamsCX) segnalati

    @ring customer care queue longer than 45m wait. Select call-back option. They call back 2 hours later, I pick up and then they hang up immediately. Clear example of poor #CustomerService metric management driving an even worse #customerexperience.

  • AbbyDogruoz Abby (@AbbyDogruoz) segnalati

    @ring The lights on our Ring security camera have stopped working and they don’t look replaceable. Can you help?

  • gracrackers Graham Ruse (@gracrackers) segnalati

    @ring starred history have all disappeared. Pls don't say again operator error. This is the third time. Questioning membership

  • drchuck Charles Severance (@drchuck) segnalati

    So I installed my first @Ring camera and a day later a police car stopped in front of my house and the officer got out, walked up and down the sidewalk for a while and then left. Has anyone else had this happen?

  • FrTedCrilly SlippingHalo 💙 (@FrTedCrilly) segnalati dall' Old Windsor, England

    @ring I am the account holder and have people only set on camera and doorbell but my wife cannot see this option in settings; why not? Shd they login as me?

  • CausticMartian Bunga (@CausticMartian) segnalati

    Whenever you feel you're not good enough, just remember the Sharks turned down the @ring doorbell.. #GlowUp #WhosLaughingNow

  • samcollins98 Sam Collins (@samcollins98) segnalati

    @SPOTNEWSonIG @ring He must of pissed off someone real bad.