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Ring Inc. è una società di sicurezza domestica e smart home di proprietà di Amazon. Ring produce prodotti per la sicurezza domestica che incorporano telecamere di rilevamento del movimento per esterni, tra cui Ring Video Doorbell.

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  • TonyCrisostomo Tesla Tony @CrewTesla (@TonyCrisostomo) segnalati dall' Maricopa, Arizona

    @ring @Mohmq7 Will you be having beta testers for this. I have been a beta tester for ring for a long time and I own a Tesla also. Hope to be of help.

  • chiefthotpatrol Thot Patrol (@chiefthotpatrol) segnalati

    @ring all these ******* in the comments saying that this will be useless. Are you kidding? Slap a gun on that **** and any 15 year that knocks on your door to sell you girl scout cookies will be Swiss cheese

  • ZafryImthisam Zafry Imthisam (@ZafryImthisam) segnalati

    @SuperSaf @ring This tech is not really intended for home security. But it could help in that case.

  • henrik_tech Henrik Techguy (@henrik_tech) segnalati

    @ijustine @ring Ring is terrible on so many levels. This adds another. Please don't but this.

  • char_fish Charlie Fish (@char_fish) segnalati

    @YenolamYaj I’m curious what product manager thought this was a good idea with all of the bad PR surrounding @ring

  • andyh_73 Andy (@andyh_73) segnalati

    @pbase @ring I was being facetious......I’ve already had 3 cameras replaced and about to contact Ring as one the replacements is now on the fritz. I’ve had really bad luck with Ring and the prospect of a Ring branded autonomous drone flying round my house is quite frankly laughable :)

  • dennis_heaton Dennis Heaton (@dennis_heaton) segnalati

    @ring I need some help with my services with you guys please.

  • Dazz285 Dazz285 (@Dazz285) segnalati

    @ring Wouldn't work with poor WiFi just like the existing camera setups.. Advertising is very misleading.

  • storm120371 ႽႠტRო1203 (@storm120371) segnalati

    @briantong @ring Not bad for $250 so your dog can jump up to try to catch it

  • Lulzaf101 Fazlul (@Lulzaf101) segnalati

    @ring Bois be like smash that ****.

  • HiOffCB5c3Zr8ZL p (@HiOffCB5c3Zr8ZL) segnalati

    What ******** is up with all these VC’s shitting on Facebook one day, and going crazy for that new @ring drone the next?

  • olimortimer Oli Mortimer (@olimortimer) segnalati

    @ring How does it know you are at home or not at home? You don't know when I'm home or not at home at the moment, and constantly tell me there's motion in X place when the person moving is ME! Please fix that, it's pretty infuriating.

  • andyh_73 Andy (@andyh_73) segnalati

    @ring No thanks. I’m having trouble enough getting your static indoor cams to work reliably, yet alone have one of your mini drones flying round the house! Just my luck it would smash a window or two.....

  • tesla_raj Tesla Raj (@tesla_raj) segnalati

    @snitkovskiy @ring Sentry does not detect motion so broken glass doesn’t set it off. From what I understand this device will have an internal/external camera which could detect sound/motion. It will also have the ability to tap into Tesla’s cameras for more visibility. Also the ability to tap

  • eepstr Justin (@eepstr) segnalati

    @ring No way this **** is real lmao the intruder could easily slap that **** out of the air

  • Nephanor Nephanor PhD PROvert is INVINCIBLE (@Nephanor) segnalati

    @LinusTech @ring Leave the kitties alone Linus, or so help me I'm coming out there and gonna shave that beard off.

  • ICE2JET 𝘢𝘣𝘩𝘪. (@ICE2JET) segnalati

    @LinusTech @ring wtf bait??

  • uscpsycho USC Psycho 😷 (@uscpsycho) segnalati

    I won't be buying this or any other @ring devices because their app push notifications are unreliable. They know it's an issue (Which is crazy after all these years!) but don't have a timeline for fixing it.

  • zweinnashe ⋆ᴀʏᴀ⋆ (@zweinnashe) segnalati

    @jennaezarik @ring You and @ijustine are bad for my wallet 😭

  • DMPicone Derek (@DMPicone) segnalati

    @ijustine @ring That’s crazy. I feel like that could be great during a break in if it goes towards sound or where sensors detect something. I’m sure criminals will have no problem smashing it though either

  • pb609plus1 Paul Brown (@pb609plus1) segnalati

    @ijustine @ring ...and this is where Skynet goes online. Technically its only a month late. Not bad!

  • NicMeyer2 Nic (@NicMeyer2) segnalati

    @ijustine @ring Wtf this is so cool

  • sheldonbk Sheldon Kerzner (@sheldonbk) segnalati

    @afl2277 @ring When it was too late, I found my most frustrating issue (connectivity) in tons of the negative Amazon reviews. It's not just the app that needs to be re-written. The device is technologically not up to current standards, even their newest version doesn't support AC WiFI.

  • afl2277 ☀Ange☀ (@afl2277) segnalati

    @sheldonbk @ring Sorry for the outburst Sheldon. We know what we were capable of fixing a few years ago, and I tried everything possible and more with that doorbell. The problem is with the app. 👍

  • Edinburghgirl4 Edinburghgirl (@Edinburghgirl4) segnalati

    @ring - when your browser throws a wobbly and sends multiple login tries to your account, I don't expect to have to wait 24 hours before I can get into it again. Why don't you provide an automated reset if you're not willing to make your chat service available????

  • HairyChris Chris The Hairy Festive Edition (@HairyChris) segnalati

    @AsherLangton @HaygoodLaw @ring Nest is Google so it's down to who you trust, I suppose.

  • afl2277 ☀Ange☀ (@afl2277) segnalati

    @sheldonbk @ring @HikvisionHQ I had 4hrs on mine this morning. It's working ok on the ipad. The problem is, I can't get it near my iPhone or my watch loses battery and that's just not right. 3% each alert and it's not even connected to get notifications.

  • sheldonbk Sheldon Kerzner (@sheldonbk) segnalati

    @afl2277 @ring @HikvisionHQ Just don't stand on principal too long that you can't return it if it's not working. That was my mistake. I believed in the Ring brand and they were working really hard to try to get it to work but if I charged them for my troubleshooting time, they'd go bankrupt. LMAO

  • sheldonbk Sheldon Kerzner (@sheldonbk) segnalati

    @afl2277 @ring @HikvisionHQ Try the Rapid Ring app... It wasn't a total solution for me but there must be issues with their main app for them to have a simpler version of their own app that has to run together. I don't know if they have the app for iOS but if they do, maybe it will resolve your issue

  • CauseImLinda Baelinda🦋 (@CauseImLinda) segnalati

    @ring my app doesn’t show motion zones. How do i fix it?