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Ring Inc. è una società di sicurezza domestica e smart home di proprietà di Amazon. Ring produce prodotti per la sicurezza domestica che incorporano telecamere di rilevamento del movimento per esterni, tra cui Ring Video Doorbell.

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  • Errore del dispositivo 22.77% Errore del dispositivo
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  • Errori 11.18% Errori
  • Arresto dell'app 9.52% Arresto dell'app
  • Website 4.55% Website

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  • Woozzie2011 Susan Casalotti (@Woozzie2011) segnalati

    @ring I dm’d you as you requested and all you did was take me through the runaround that I got on the phone with customer service and at the end of the day you referred me back to the 800 number. No help at all

  • smileyjooreilly Jo Winnall (@smileyjooreilly) segnalati

    @ring Spoke too soon! Offline again!

  • smileyjooreilly Jo Winnall (@smileyjooreilly) segnalati

    @ring hey, my doorbell has gone offline 3 times in the last week. I've reconnected it but today it won't let me reconnect. I press the orange button and the light does not spin! I've tried everything else, but to no avail!

  • CondieBex bex condie (@CondieBex) segnalati

    @ring I’ve had my doorbell for 6 months and have had nothing but trouble getting a WiFi connection. I’ve changed my router and now paid to get my broadband updated but still it only works when ot feels like it. It’s under warranty and must be faulty. Can’t get to speak 2 anyone

  • Olguin502 JAVIER MX (@Olguin502) segnalati

    @ring why you last update on Android and ios won't go live on data cellular service unless you are connected to wifi !!! Fix the apps ASAP!!!

  • byers_halie halie paige (@byers_halie) segnalati

    @The_Jeremy @ring Dm Dellycrack22 on Instagram he can help you fix your account right now within minutes mine was fixed massive appreciation can't believe i could access into my account again

  • hollywood7455 Halie Byers (@hollywood7455) segnalati

    @The_Jeremy @ring Recently the support service are very annoying,the same issue happened to me and I was recommended to a hacker called Dellycrack22 on Instagram who helped me out

  • The_Jeremy Jeremy Holloway (@The_Jeremy) segnalati

    @Ring b4 requiring people to reset their passwords, how 'bout u fix your contact website so it doesn't generate trust certificate errors n Safari & Chrome? That'd b greaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt.

  • tigerstangs77 tigerstangs77 (@tigerstangs77) segnalati

    @ring what ******** does “sometimes the device doesn’t want to connect to Wifi”. How about you ******* make a product that does. Like what ********

  • leanneclark leanne clark (@leanneclark) segnalati

    @FileTrekker @Skoolboyerror87 @ring I still have the issue despite multiple DM exchanges and a 50 minute call with ring earlier today. I had a firmware update Friday and it appears to be stuck in that cycle as it’s not restored. So frustrating. Oh…they did offer me a 30% discount to buy a new one #laughable

  • biggmax81 max hollen (@biggmax81) segnalati

    @ring cameras are absolutely ******* pure trash. Do not buy one. All @JeffBezos does is take your money and build **** ships to ride in. **** @ring

  • leanneclark leanne clark (@leanneclark) segnalati

    @Skoolboyerror87 @ring Did you manage to get this fixed as my pro is not working after yesterdays update and manual set up isn’t working

  • obliviatedoddit Jerome Hunt (@obliviatedoddit) segnalati

    @ring You have THE worst website I've had the displeasure of using. It's so buggy and ill-conceived as to be almost completely useless. If you paid money to have it developed, I'd ask for a refund. The first chance I get I'm changing brands or going self-hosted. Try harder.

  • enginutkan Andy Engin Utkan (@enginutkan) segnalati

    Ring @ring support is the worst. Stay away!

  • win_dough WinC (@win_dough) segnalati

    Hey @ring you should really make it easier for someone to add devices to a subscription. Also your help/chat feature is archaic - maybe a little improvement there might be worth it.

  • biggmax81 max hollen (@biggmax81) segnalati

    @ring cameras are pieces of ****. **** you @ring

  • tomcsmith Tom Smith (@tomcsmith) segnalati

    I have a @ring doorbell and it's extremely poor. You get a notification every time a car goes past, but someone can walk up and dance in front of your door and nothing. On the rare occasions it does work, notifications are about 15 seconds late.

  • Creatureofhabi9 Creature_of_habit (@Creatureofhabi9) segnalati

    protection. Ive never experienced such profound failure of a product line. Only being able to disarm security with a phone sucks. @ring makes trash products and don't stand by what they make. I am highly disappointed and expect no response

  • fraser_matty matty fraser (@fraser_matty) segnalati

    @ring I have timeline turned on in settings but it doesn’t switch it on anymore when I view my camera , using iOS 15 and latest app any help ? Used work perfectly

  • BULLY_DNB Charly Foulkes (@BULLY_DNB) segnalati

    @ring my doorbell is starting to piss me off, will notify me when someone walks past and the camera works instantly, even shows a picture in my notification, but as soon as someone rings it, the app stops working. Fix this. And yes I’ve tried rapid ring app and it’s also trash

  • nahthenmardy rachel (@nahthenmardy) segnalati

    @ring I have a issue with subscription. Tried live chat but after 10 mins of awaiting a representative…..nothing!

  • HelloPalendrome Hannah Jones Design (@HelloPalendrome) segnalati

    @forgoine_r @ring As long as you give notice that you are filming outside your property, with the main reason as home security, there shouldn't be any issue. We have subtle stickers in our windows saying we have WiFi controlled CCTV.

  • mrvrants Chris (@mrvrants) segnalati

    @ring Bought a flood light cam 2.5 years ago, just stops working & im all out of luck cos out of warranty! not the first device i’ve had from you that just stops working just after warranty! pretty poor don’t you think!!

  • HaligonianXP HaligonianCanuck (@HaligonianXP) segnalati

    Searching the market to replace my @Ring Alarm system. Devices fail causing false alarms, poor customer service x3 yesterday. #HomeSecurity #DIYAlarm

  • rampaadh Prasanna (@rampaadh) segnalati

    @ring Hey Ring, My Ring Pro replacement device stopped working and Ring support is not acknowledging and refuse to solve it. Please let me know if you can help.

  • Lillsbg Lils (@Lillsbg) segnalati

    @ring hi my camera is not picking up all movement particularly at night. We have a nuisance intruder we suspect it's a cat but need proof and the camera isn't catching it. Can you help please

  • MaZaGe ناصر النعيمي (@MaZaGe) segnalati

    @ring i I bought your products from #etisalat unfortunately I have very bad customer service

  • NSAalarms NSAalarms (@NSAalarms) segnalati

    @GhostbustersLDS @ring Might be a ghost, or might be an Amazon employee or hacker accessing your ring spy camera! 😱 Don't settle for mediocre security, contact us to get an end-to-end encrypted security system. The difference is as clear as a broken vacuum vs an actual proton pack! 👻🎒

  • nvchad2 Some Average Guy (@nvchad2) segnalati

    @ring I believe it was just a momentary internet speed issue, most likely on my cell service side. It normally works very well.

  • OnlyViralTweets Viral Tweets (@OnlyViralTweets) segnalati

    @ring customer support is so terrible! I have 7 ring cams. When they work they’re great. But recently they’ve been failing and the customer support is zero stars. Like if you agree!