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Ring Inc. è una società di sicurezza domestica e smart home di proprietà di Amazon. Ring produce prodotti per la sicurezza domestica che incorporano telecamere di rilevamento del movimento per esterni, tra cui Ring Video Doorbell.

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  • Arresto dell'app 11.67% Arresto dell'app
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  • FromRvaToLA Melissa 💉 (@FromRvaToLA) segnalati

    @AgathaFry @ring I do reserve the right to hate her when she breaks into the trash.

  • JaydeTooLovely jaydiepoo 👸🏽 (@JaydeTooLovely) segnalati

    I need help w my ring camera app 🥴 there’s a 5 min gap I need to see but don’t know how to go further in depth. helpppp @ring

  • ram_navur rama navur (@ram_navur) segnalati

    @ring , I know I said this before but your security is great. If no one can login then your system is 100% secure! Sarcasm intentional.

  • annemariebearr Annemarie (@annemariebearr) segnalati

    Please never buy a @ring product. They are the worst company to get support from. I spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone for my doorbell that goes offline basically everyday suddenly for no reason and they will literally do anything not to replace it. Embarrassing.

  • liz_antonelli liz (@liz_antonelli) segnalati

    Why does @ring make it so GD impossible to sign in on a new device I actually hate you stupid doorbell company

  • shavedap3 ShavedApe (@shavedap3) segnalati

    @ring still not getting my 10% discount on ring products. If your not gonna honor something you class as a perk for being a ring protect + customer then don't offer it in the first place 2nd tweet letting you know of this issue 3 different browsers don't see me logged on shop

  • Mr_H1980 Haz (@Mr_H1980) segnalati

    @ring On 22/5/21 you advised that you would help me as no solution was provided by the support team. 2 weeks on, you have provided NO help & you refer me back to the team that did not provide a solution. I’m sorry, you leave me no option but to change supplier

  • cdros 💿 (@cdros) segnalati

    @shayman @ring @Logitech Circle View doorbell appears to go offline in direct sunlight. :(

  • shayman Steve Hayman 💉 💉 (@shayman) segnalati

    @ring It’s a Ring Pro doorbell, and just like the others in the thread I posted, the lens cover has become cloudy, presumably from UV rays, and I can’t seem to get it clean and it doesn’t seem to be replaceable. is there a fix short of a new doorbell?

  • adanzis Alan Danzis (@adanzis) segnalati

    @ring having an issue with one of my solar floodlights. was low battery last week even though it had plenty of sun. thought it was a fluke. charged both batteries. now a week later, it says they're almost dead. other solar devices (floodlight, cam) are charging correctly

  • Groodles Groodles (@Groodles) segnalati

    @ring Is user login broken?

  • dancastree6346 robert smith (@dancastree6346) segnalati

    @ring still no answer about the live view problem

  • benjibuttonzzz Benji Buttonzzz (@benjibuttonzzz) segnalati

    @ring absolute worst service... sends verification to email, the email says I have to log in to request a new whatever... HELLO, I CAN'T LOG IN.... WORST SERVICE EVER....

  • michele__02 Michele 💝 (@michele__02) segnalati

    @ring I’ve had the doorbell pro for over working perfectly fine for over a year now. And in the last month it’s been going offline on multiple occasions. Nothing has changed on my end. What’s going on?

  • ElvaL9178 kei0000 (@ElvaL9178) segnalati

    @ring Device disconnected from WiFi. It would not reconnect back to the WiFi and keeps telling me that the WiFi password is incorrect. How do I fix this issue?

  • ScallanKevin Kevin Scallan (@ScallanKevin) segnalati

    @MarkWillwerth @ring The worst thing @ring have done is remove the people only mode with automatic sensitivity. My camera’s are nowhere near as good without it

  • CalamityJane85 Jane Reilly (@CalamityJane85) segnalati

    @ring need some help 🙏🏻 device disconnected from WiFi and keeps telling me password incorrect when I try to reconnect but it’s the correct password

  • spence_shari Shari Spence (@spence_shari) segnalati

    @ring can you PLEASE fix the Preview View on the app? Lots of complaints on the boards about it…what’s the deal? Thanks!

  • dancastree6346 robert smith (@dancastree6346) segnalati

    @ring is there a problem with live view on ringdoor bell 2 ? its not been working all day in the uk

  • MarkWillwerth Mark Willwerth (@MarkWillwerth) segnalati

    @ring team? What happened to the people only mode? Sensitively level is not working for me. My plant and my buddy’s flag are asking. Thanks

  • Dan_Welter Dan Welter (@Dan_Welter) segnalati

    @ring I was wondering if I could get some help. I have a ring video doorbell that will go dead after about 2-3 days each time. I've managed power settings so this should never happen

  • hershey_heavens sugggafoot.🍫 (@hershey_heavens) segnalati

    Soo my neighbor came out his apartment shooting & my dumbass ring ain’t catch it ! Wtf I was at another neighbors & heard gunshots & there is definitely shell cases on the ground but hey I guess I bought @ring just to scare folks because this camera not catching **** 😤😤

  • evrimicozphoto Evrim Icoz Photo (@evrimicozphoto) segnalati

    @ring camera website is really slow if you filter by a date esp. if earlier. It takes FOREVER to filter, if at all. So useless.

  • amprivali E 🤘🏿 (@amprivali) segnalati

    @ring currently receiving error notices preventing refresh. Push notifications are still working on motion capture but the dashboard and live view capabilities are down right now.

  • amsnick1970 nick foss (@amsnick1970) segnalati

    @ring I did that yesterday for 2 hours, and today the same problem

  • hot33331 Tobias Hoppenthaler (@hot33331) segnalati

    My @ring doorbell is offline again, for no apparent reason. Looks like I will have to reset it and then it works again for a couple of weeks. This SUCKS!

  • Oldmin7 🌺 🏴 Oldmin Himself 🏴 🌺 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 (@Oldmin7) segnalati

    @dashofanarchy To say nothing of the fact that @ring partnered with more than 400 police agencies across the nation to increase the surveillance abilities of the police state. **** ring and anyone that looks like them.

  • Scott2Loudly Scott (@Scott2Loudly) segnalati

    @ring I will be happy to send you a video of me destroying the Ring piece of ****

  • Scott2Loudly Scott (@Scott2Loudly) segnalati

    @ring No thanks - have already wasted an hour with your utterly worthless “customer support” - I am throwing the thing in the garbage. Will NEVER buy another overpriced Ring piece of ****. Thanks - 100 better products out there for much less and no privacy issues

  • colourwclaire Colour with Claire (@colourwclaire) segnalati

    @ring I have a Ring 2. I've managed to turn down the volume of the doorbell chime, but I can't figure out how to turn down the volume of my voice on the intercom? The whole street can hear me reply to the caller! Help!