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Ring Inc. è una società di sicurezza domestica e smart home di proprietà di Amazon. Ring produce prodotti per la sicurezza domestica che incorporano telecamere di rilevamento del movimento per esterni, tra cui Ring Video Doorbell.

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  • Errore del dispositivo 33.64% Errore del dispositivo
  • Arresto dell'app 20.56% Arresto dell'app
  • Funzionalità online 19.63% Funzionalità online
  • Errori 12.15% Errori
  • Website 8.41% Website
  • Log-in 5.61% Log-in

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GermanyAhlen Errori
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United StatesCulpeper Errore del dispositivo
ItalyMonza Errore del dispositivo
GermanyFrankfurt am Main Funzionalità online

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  • Gerhard_JF Gerhard (@Gerhard_JF) segnalati

    Hi @ring, so after contacting you and was told to phone customer services (for the 4th time) there is still no solution... Please help...

  • Calichicahh Calichica 🟥 🌴🦋 (@Calichicahh) segnalati

    @YNB @ring There's a white woman on my Nextdoor app who has been caught by MULTIPLE ring cameras stealing packages from porches. She drives a yellow car and just pulls up to people's houses and casually steals their **** in broad daylight, no fear whatsoever.

  • ohiowegs Lisa Wegley (@ohiowegs) segnalati

    @ring @WBARRETT LOL! Sounds like my mindset when I "file" junkmail in the trash can... Not buying Ring anytime soon with this kind of customer service.

  • k975Terra Terra Foye (@k975Terra) segnalati

    I will never use @ADT again. They have poor customer service. I’m so glad I made the switch to @Ring

  • ConeyFerg Beth (@ConeyFerg) segnalati

    @YNB @SuckaFreeZone3 @ring Yes!! People who steal necessities, like kid's medicine, are way more stealthy. I'll find empty packaging on the shelf. The only people I've seen ACTIVELY stealing are white women slowly going up & down each aisle, taking random items.

  • davidma77507034 d madsen (@davidma77507034) segnalati

    @YNB @ring Further, I don’t care who it is. Do not generalize about other ethnic groups. It usually turns out bad unless you’re a comedian.

  • davidma77507034 d madsen (@davidma77507034) segnalati

    @YNB @ring Let me help people out, —-that white folks steal so casually. They're brazen in how chill they are about committing crime. Is it because they can do it so often and easily in life with little or no consequence? This does not help, IN ANY WAY, the FIGHT against hatred and bigotry

  • YNB yvette nicole brown (@YNB) segnalati

    @SuckaFreeZone3 @ConeyFerg @ring By the look of the “getaway cars” on ring, NONE of them are poor or actually in need. Stealing appears to be a fun little hobby for them because they’re bored.

  • SuckaFreeZone3 Sade (@SuckaFreeZone3) segnalati

    @ConeyFerg @YNB @ring And many aren't poor.

  • ajcollins00 American Narratives (@ajcollins00) segnalati

    @davidma77507034 @YNB @ring I don't think you would have said the same thing if a white person said "black folk" regarding the same issue Yvette is talking about. Are you that fragile to actually think saying "white folk" automatically implies all white people. It's not that serious, dude.

  • Melanie07192305 Melanie (@Melanie07192305) segnalati

    @davidma77507034 @YNB @ring Yvette is not saying all white people, cut her a break. It seems that some people just have issue with anything that comes out of her mouth. I happen to love the fact that Yvette keeps it 100, if certain people take issue with that then keep scrolling or just unfollow her.

  • davidma77507034 d madsen (@davidma77507034) segnalati

    @tesleen2025 @YNB @ring That response is total BS YVETTE. Listen, do not generalize about any ethnic group. It’s wrong. Hey Tracie, I like Yvette that’s why I was following her but anymore in this country I don’t take garbage that’s obvious garbage from ANYONE. Even if I follow them.

  • YNB yvette nicole brown (@YNB) segnalati

    @tesleen2025 @davidma77507034 @ring White folk is not a slur or used in a pejorative way. Folks or folk is the same as people. I use it interchangeably depending on my mood. Adding the qualifier “white” is no different then saying “Black” before the word. It isn’t code for bad behavior or bad people.

  • da_RULAS_son FatBoy SLIM (@da_RULAS_son) segnalati

    @davidma77507034 @YNB @ring So that’s what you have a problem with after reading her thread? Not the fact that said “white” folk are casually admitting to and commiting crimes?

  • DMCF70 DANA Camp-Farber (@DMCF70) segnalati

    @roslynholcomb @YNB @ring It is so crazy! People feel free to steal. My sister’s landlord feels that it is okay to go into her apartment anytime that she wishes when my sister is NOT THERE and TAKE ****. People are nuts!

  • Grackalack Scarlett Grace (@Grackalack) segnalati

    @YNB @florenceRN78 @ring These nice car mother ******* are the worst. They look down on your for not getting an electric car to save the environment but, as they drive down the roads, (after I can now assume stealing peoples ****) they are also littering all of the trash inside their cars.

  • peggy0242 Peggy Spoutible.com/peggy0242 (@peggy0242) segnalati

    @davidma77507034 @YNB @ring Why are you such an overly sensitive PAB? If someone posts something you don't like, just keep scrolling...nobody owes you any kind of 'help' so stop trying to police a Black Woman's timeline.

  • YNB yvette nicole brown (@YNB) segnalati

    A few years ago there was a # where white folks were honest about how easily they can get away with stuff in life. Stuff = criminal activity that would get other folks long prison sentences or on a very bad day quickly shot & killed by police. I think of that watching @ring.

  • dennusb Dennis (@dennusb) segnalati

    @ring Hi there. I lost the USB cable to charge my Ring Alarm Keypad. Is this something you can help with?

  • brendagaylern brenda (@brendagaylern) segnalati

    @ring I have 7 ring cameras-for whatever reason they stopped connecting to wifi-i've followed all instructions, read all faqs, to no avail-HELP

  • jjflys JJ (@jjflys) segnalati

    My @ring Floodlight Camera Pro that is less than six months old went dead on 3/8, and after two contacts with your customer service I still do not know when the replacement will come. Terrible service so far

  • ShukkiieCookiie Shukkz (@ShukkiieCookiie) segnalati

    @ring can someone please help me reconnect my grandpas devices. They randomly went out and now how connect

  • davezatz Dave Zatz (@davezatz) segnalati

    @ring My Ring devices are just fine! I’m saying Homebridge, and associated plugins, are a hack. You COULD help there with some Apple HomeKit integration… :)

  • 1wesbell Wes (@1wesbell) segnalati

    @ring Hello, the doorbell button is no longer working on my device. Can you help?

  • astoriarunner NYC Walker (@astoriarunner) segnalati

    Is @ring customer service the worst? Yes. Especially on chat. I ask for an URL and then sends it to me and then exits the chat. Thanks so much for your care. And then have me buy an entire kit to replace 1 screw. And who knows how much for the shipping. Not ideal at all.

  • Liaxox Lia (@Liaxox) segnalati

    @ring Can't log into my dashboard as your verification Codes are taking too long! FIX IT!

  • DJChrisBerrow Chris Berrow (@DJChrisBerrow) segnalati

    So @ring have had an issue for a couple of months with their doorbell/chimes not working together… no info online or on their website. If you ask them what the issue is they just say “we’re working on a fix” Might be worth an investigation from one of my techy BBC friends?

  • allac00 Kevin (@allac00) segnalati

    Hey @ring i have already called twice about my chime not working when my doorbell is pushed. Havent heard from you at all! Why is this taking so long? I aleeady called for the first time in the beginning of february! Is this customer service?

  • kathygeiss_ff Kathy Geiss (@kathygeiss_ff) segnalati

    Cannot believe how bad the @ring customer support is. I have a defective camera and they refuse to replace it with a similar version and will only replace it with the version that costs $90 less. I wish I had purchased @googlenest cameras for my home.

  • Michelle_523 Michelle (@Michelle_523) segnalati

    I really wish I could understand how my @ring works. Why do I get full videos of my across the hall neighbors going in and out and down the hall, but if someone approaches my door, the video doesn't start until they're walking away?? It happens every time.