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Interactive Brokers LLC è una società di intermediazione con sede negli Stati Uniti. Gestisce la più grande piattaforma di commercio elettronico negli Stati Uniti per numero di scambi di entrate medie giornaliere. La società broker azioni, opzioni, futures, EFP, opzioni su futures, FOREX, obbligazioni e fondi.

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  • dan64wiz d (@dan64wiz) segnalati

    @DMOptions @IBKR Or be reasonable about margin reqs 🙄🙄🙄 85k initial & 77k maintenance on a short put position that has a max loss of 68k. In a portfolio margin acct. Gee thanks guys

  • holyhotmonkey randomized (@holyhotmonkey) segnalati

    why i dont like using IB. bought 200k shs $RLFTF .39-.42 on gap down. man, it's .005/sh or 1% of total amount. that's $800 comm 😝😲 basically position is -2% to start. and their margin to short/buy $MCRB $SRNE 4:1 craxy. put up $100k to short 25k. PLS do something @IBKR $SPY

  • JiazhenChen Jason Chen (@JiazhenChen) segnalati

    @IBKR TY, this is quicker than the IB help desk which is still not responding to my query haha

  • larryalintoff1 @larryalintoff (@larryalintoff1) segnalati

    @ibkr Are you having server issues?

  • aka20p Aka20p (@aka20p) segnalati

    After noticing some wrongdoings with my @IBKR account, and contacting the @financialombuds, I did some research and realised that #InteractiveBrokers have a long history with @TheFCA - including fines. If anyone else experienced issues with them - DM me.

  • MarekSling Marek Šling (@MarekSling) segnalati

    @IBKR @StockBrokers Really? So when are you going to fix my Futures Options permission to trade? Maybe you should spend less time on Twitter and more time to fix your service.

  • Equium2010 Just Dave (@Equium2010) segnalati

    @IBKR Hi is there a network problem today as I’ve tried to log into my account three times but to no avail?

  • European_DGI European Dividend Growth Investor 🇪🇺 💸 (@European_DGI) segnalati

    @dividendlight @IBKR I had it in the past. Not too bad, but I found the trading platform too complicated for what I needed. I don’t know how it is now though.

  • ZayLightning Zay Donner (@ZayLightning) segnalati

    @IBKR $38 million for failing to report suspicion for years, money laundering & manipulating micro floats....f*ckin terrible

  • ZayLightning Zay Donner (@ZayLightning) segnalati

    @IBKR $38 million for failing to report suspicion for yesterday, money laundering & manipulating micro floats....f*ckin terrible

  • NayayDeep Nayay deep Sharma (@NayayDeep) segnalati

    @IBKR does your company train your employees as one your customer service guy ask me to change from professional to non- professional so that i can save money (thanks for that) but he DIDNOT inform that i have to buy subscriptions again as a non professional with costed 180CAD...

  • thefalda Luca 🇪🇺 Falda (@thefalda) segnalati

    @IBKR This is ridiculous. First I find out our account, like many others, is being shut down. We've been trying to withdraw funds as you requested for a week and nothing is happening. Your own customer service has no idea what's happening.

  • MsAnagram MsAnagram Knows Black Lives Matter (@MsAnagram) segnalati

    @lacyrice2 @paulmerrill @IBKR All brokers are male is what I takeaway from the ad. **** that noise.

  • raggedyhobo Hobo (@raggedyhobo) segnalati

    @LuckyTradr @IBKR Glitch

  • RandyAdams55 Randy Adams (@RandyAdams55) segnalati

    @IBKR @StockBrokers Worst service on the planet. IMPOSSIBLE to make a withdrawal. And what's laughable is it less than $1000. Like dealing with Fort Knox. WTF.

  • mohamadaloi سيد محمد (@mohamadaloi) segnalati

    @IBKR @StockBrokers Does the platform support the Arabic language?

  • sagitadin Go Herbal ❣️ (@sagitadin) segnalati

    @IBKR I’m trying to get the chat since yesterday, it’s so busy and I failed to get there till now . I also send messages and the respond is too slow. It seem like my account is filtered

  • BankTheTrade Palmer (@BankTheTrade) segnalati

    Anyone using @IBKR IB TWS charts: did your 1min time frame from the drop down menu just disappear? Mine goes from 30sec to 5min, no 1min. Already restarted and not there.

  • Rrinabeatz F. (@Rrinabeatz) segnalati

    @Xe26A @IBKR Getting in touch with their customer service tomorrow. As soon as i entered the 3325/3320 bull put i noticed they flip the trade in a bear put spread 🤔

  • observer_fin Fin Observer (@observer_fin) segnalati

    Hi @IBKR, I think you guys have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have been having market data issues since May 11, 2020. The data for options has been missing or is just wrong. In the last 3 months, I have called you dozens of times, wasted dozens of...

  • jeremiahtwalker J (@jeremiahtwalker) segnalati

    @rduggs83 @Scotia_iTRADE @IBKR Their service is brutal. What day for them to drop the ball.

  • amitghate amit ghate (@amitghate) segnalati

    @IBKR FYI you have a systemic problem in not having paid out the correct dividend for $KBWY on July 31, 2020. Please correct ASAP on all accounts! (PS contacting you through your ticket process doesn't seem to get any results.)

  • DMike_Day D. Michael Day (@DMike_Day) segnalati

    Fascinating that none of the tweets that tag @Scotia_iTRADE for continuing to fail ever show on their timeline No announcements that their service is down (again) let alone when it will be fixed No response on Twitter after 40+ mins I've started the process of moving to @IBKR

  • Andrew__Selley Andrew Selley (@Andrew__Selley) segnalati

    @IBKR the webpage with your support numbers and hours is down. Please can you advise number and hours for individual customers

  • spxdxb spxdxb (@spxdxb) segnalati

    @IBKR Your mobile app needs alot alot of improvments .. can’t beleive it !! I open other brokers app and then trade in your app which is very very bad !!

  • PennyGangsta Penny gangsta (@PennyGangsta) segnalati

    @IBKR is the worst platform i have ever used in my life.

  • ajnogues Arnau Nogues (@ajnogues) segnalati

    @MCc_Amu @LocodlDividendo @IBKR A mi me lo depositan en la cuenta bancaria asociada. Si no te han llegado prueba a llamar al soporte técnico a ver que te dicen.

  • he_feelz BZ (@he_feelz) segnalati

    @IBKR @DrFarisSaud This is just as bad honestly. It’s a lockout either way

  • JonahLupton Jonah Lupton 🇺🇸 (@JonahLupton) segnalati

    @IBKR it’s ridiculous that you don’t provide any phone support over the weekend

  • erinjay64 Erin Jay (@erinjay64) segnalati

    @IBKR Hawking bonds....must mean the stock market is about to crash.