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IG è il più grande broker Forex e rivenditore di CFD al mondo. La società offre accesso a livello globale a una linea di prodotti completa che include forex, indici azionari, singole azioni, settori azionari, materie prime, criptovalute, obbligazioni e tassi di interesse su una varietà di piattaforme di trading mobile e basate su Web di livello professionale.

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Grafico di interruzione di IG 12/08/2022 21:30

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  • AntCrespi Acrespi77 (@AntCrespi) segnalati

    @IGcom How can I DM you.. its not possible on twitter... and your not responding to emails anyway..? That's the problem.

  • AntCrespi Acrespi77 (@AntCrespi) segnalati

    @IGcom Still no response from @IGcom about the technical issue's with the daily % not updating. Have emailed last week as instructed. Anyone else having issues... please retweet.

  • IGSquawk IGSquawk (@IGSquawk) segnalati

    @John34182444 @IGcom Can't really see what the issue from that screenshot? (bits cut off). Feel free to shoot me a DM and I'll take a look / get someone to contact you if not obvious.

  • the_crypto_crip The Crypto Crip (@the_crypto_crip) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp I seem to have a problem with my trade sizes. All of a sudden my minimum lotsize is 0.31 on most trades whereas previously it was 0.08. Why?

  • AntCrespi Acrespi77 (@AntCrespi) segnalati

    @IGcom Is it best to email?. As the problems are still there and worse this morning. You might want to check again.

  • oudeis11 oudeis 🇺🇦 🇹🇼🇲🇲 Freedom (political/financial) (@oudeis11) segnalati

    Just had a pretty poor fill on a stop limit buy in @IGcom acct. Even tho price moved through my much lower stop, & several prices in between, the buy eventually triggered with a much bigger slippage than I'm used to at @IBKR. Anyone else had similar problems with IG's fills?

  • EquityInvestme2 Equity Investments (@EquityInvestme2) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp @IGcom @ig Please fix download trade history - worksheets showing empty data.

  • AntCrespi Acrespi77 (@AntCrespi) segnalati

    @IGcom please can you fix you platform. Numerous stocks reading incorrectly.. not resetting from the previous day. Incredibly frustrating...last few tweets ignored. Please fix.

  • JMahony_IG Joshua Mahony (@JMahony_IG) segnalati

    @MiguelB63826142 @IGcom Can't tell you to buy or sell, but the recent intraday uptrend does raise the possibility of a short term bounce unless swing low support breaks. As mentioned in the piece 👍

  • AntCrespi Acrespi77 (@AntCrespi) segnalati

    @IGcom @IGcom Are you getting any further with the technical issue's...? Still several stocks that are displaying incorrectly gain / loss today. Not reset from close of market yesterday.

  • SuperInvestor11 Super Investor 1 (@SuperInvestor11) segnalati

    @AntCrespi @IGcom yes i have got the same problem

  • AntCrespi Acrespi77 (@AntCrespi) segnalati

    @IGcom Are you having issues with stocks not resetting each day..? Many people experiencing this for a few days now. Example.. #BIDS at 14% on IG which is not today's gain. #ACSO at 19% .. incorrect for today. All my watchlist is affected. Thanks.

  • profitlocker001 ProfitLocker (@profitlocker001) segnalati

    @IGcom Platform not updating from yesterday... technical issue's @IGcom ?

  • GungomusPrime Mycroft (@GungomusPrime) segnalati

    @IGcom iG your ads are beyond terrible. Really embarrassing

  • PeaEye_UK Pea Eye (@PeaEye_UK) segnalati

    @IGcom Wow - I am a customer - this is the worst ad ever. An ad I will never forget.

  • nadiamariahill nadiahill (@nadiamariahill) segnalati

    @englandcricket @IGcom what is going on england was on topof the game and James Vincent and Sam was batting nicely and untill that Hazel Wood came back to bowl then it started going wrong and less Australia are cheating and tampering with the ball again because at one stage just 3 down

  • nadiamariahill nadiahill (@nadiamariahill) segnalati

    @englandcricket @IGcom don't think this series should not have gone ahead to soon after the t20 world Cup special against Australia but england should of got up to 300 or more in the first game or should not have allowed Australia to chase down the score england did get

  • fiveyearwaruk fiveyearwar (@fiveyearwaruk) segnalati

    @TheSuperpositi1 @IGcom I realise they're obligated to, but at that point just find a better medium to promote your service where it isn't haunted by a message that should deter anyone who reads it. Like selling soup that says 77% of people will die after consuming this.

  • Stugloverlives Stuart Glover (@Stugloverlives) segnalati

    @IGcom This needs to **** ******** off

  • 0xSahand 0xSahand (@0xSahand) segnalati

    @IGcom on chat trying to reactivate an old account and I’m being told to open a new one with a new email address… This is utterly pointless and stupid. Please help.

  • muhasintm Muhasin T (@muhasintm) segnalati

    @IGcom their aim is only fulfill monthly target at any cost. No problem to even cheat customers. I'm with them since May 22. But now I lost trust and its time to move on.

  • muhasintm Muhasin T (@muhasintm) segnalati

    @IGcom Is autotradeautorobot operating in Dubai is subsidiary of IG ? I have to raise a complain about their operation. Their sales executive is looting money from customers by sharing wrong information as well as telling wrong service. There is no work ethics.

  • LSDinmycoffee krillin ॐ 🍄 (@LSDinmycoffee) segnalati

    @IrnCrypt im at @IGcom not bad, UI maybe not on par with binance but fees are low, spreads good, customer service excellent

  • Richalaad Richa (@Richalaad) segnalati

    @IGcom I am a day trader, and I cannot access my account. I have been in waiting queue for 11 min no one is answering on your telephonic customer services. 08001953100. My IG Cust Rel Manager MrA also not picking up. I just missed the huge earning opportunity in breakout in FR40

  • ChiozziAle Ale Chiozzi (@ChiozziAle) segnalati

    @IGcom This advert is BAD.

  • Farran_Rockey Farran_Rockey (@Farran_Rockey) segnalati

    @IGcom Good the thieving buggers deserve it. Lobbied government to artificially inflate market with [email protected] buy schemes

  • Ahsan_Irshad Ahsan Irshad (@Ahsan_Irshad) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp customer service needs significant upgrade, two weeks and I am waiting for resolution of incident#0673923

  • MarkAngelv2 Mark Angel (@MarkAngelv2) segnalati

    @IGcom That won’t be anyone’s worst trade. Profit is a profit. 77% of your users will never know it!

  • AllBarRockall All Bar Rockall (@AllBarRockall) segnalati

    @IGcom Gamblers Anonymous may be able to help.

  • japers_1984 Japers (@japers_1984) segnalati

    @IGcom Such a bad thing for the consumer, can not be allowed to go through.