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IG è il più grande broker Forex e rivenditore di CFD al mondo. La società offre accesso a livello globale a una linea di prodotti completa che include forex, indici azionari, singole azioni, settori azionari, materie prime, criptovalute, obbligazioni e tassi di interesse su una varietà di piattaforme di trading mobile e basate su Web di livello professionale.

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  • asaph_choo Asaph Choo (@asaph_choo) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp It was working again after my fifth attempt to re-launch the app. The browser version was also not working during that time. Think your technical team managed to resolved it.

  • dougtmurphy Doug M (@dougtmurphy) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp currently unable to buy $O Realty Income Corp. I get a message saying something about it being a complex equity. Help please?

  • asaph_choo Asaph Choo (@asaph_choo) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp The alert function on mobile app is not working. Pls fix it quickly

  • KhooWeiLin KhooWeiLin (@KhooWeiLin) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp The help desk said there’s nothing wrong with this position?

  • maurillac Guy Weston #FBPE #FBPPR #XR🇪🇺🇬🇩 (@maurillac) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp Do you know why I suddenly get error messages when setting price level alerts (I spoke to someone on your helpline and they asked that a screenshot be sent to the email address, sent 14/9, no reply yet) but have no problem setting indicator alerts?

  • anandhinagaraj AnnRaj (@anandhinagaraj) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp emailed corpactions regarding take up of ezj rights issue but haven’t got the confirmation yet. Can you pl help

  • TradingLounge TRADINGLOUNGE (@TradingLounge) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp No, I don't have time. But you should really look into the NYSE: BHP price as its horribly wrong on your ProRealTime platform and I don't mean a 'Making Market' error like your have on your Gold charts.

  • JoelGSamuel Joel Samuel (@JoelGSamuel) segnalati

    @IGcom you have one of the worst multi-factor authentication systems I have seen. I don't understand why I have to put the 2FA code in the same box as my password.

  • _SteveRyan Steve Ryan (@_SteveRyan) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp it's 7am Sunday. Your site says your cust service is open. I've been on hold for 40 mins. Looks like you're not open to me!

  • Chartist1 JB Smith (@Chartist1) segnalati

    @DaveHcontrarian @IGcom Well, I think the melt down trigger will be 2500$ gold. I just don't think the Fed can stomach it.

  • Chartist1 JB Smith (@Chartist1) segnalati

    @IGcom @DaveHcontrarian You sound like your expecting a repeat of the 1989 Nikkei 225 meltup and melt down.

  • XIGMAR XIG (@XIGMAR) segnalati

    @IGcom @DaveHcontrarian PM's and miners will be destroyed!!!! DAMN ME that I have not sell everything in august of last year!!!!

  • jonsommerhauser Jon a. Sommerhauser (@jonsommerhauser) segnalati

    @IGcom @DaveHcontrarian Well done David- your tendency is o be quick on the call - I think the top will come In As you stated this fall but more reasonable would be 5,000 in December - I went through all my stops on 6 stocks this week still holding 5 other that have not triggered. Bad weak FAANG

  • kburdman5 Dudemantoo (@kburdman5) segnalati

    @IGcom @DaveHcontrarian How does the debt ceiling issue factor into your forecast. After watching DeMartino Booth interview, seems possible monkey wrench gets thrown into fed ability to print. Game of chicken brewing and GOP prob not eager to help Biden economy w/ midterms in 2022. TIA

  • hometraderross Ross 🇬🇧 (@hometraderross) segnalati

    I'm done with Schwab, way too slow.Back to @igcom now Not that im in $GME or $AMC right now, but they are available again on IG and that was the only reason I left..

  • IGSquawk IGSquawk (@IGSquawk) segnalati

    @Andrea334506911 Sorry to hear that. No wider reports of issues and accessible our end. Please try restarting your browser and clearing cache etc to see if that helps. If it persists then please get in touch with @IGClientHelp or call our Helpdesk.

  • Qamar12Hussain Qamar Hussain (@Qamar12Hussain) segnalati

    @IGcom Appreciate your feedback but, there can be no excuse for a 2/3 day delay when other market providers can ensure more or less instant payment into your bank account. Please do look into this because it lets you down as a market leader in #forextrading

  • solskjaer_army solskjaer’s red army (@solskjaer_army) segnalati

    @englandcricket @HaseebHameed97 @IGcom Things were so different at this stage. I was so happy. WTF happened after

  • KTvveet KAKA_TVVEET (@KTvveet) segnalati

    @englandcricket @HaseebHameed97 @IGcom These SOFTIES also find ways to dump the team down the drains.. kick such negatives out of National Teams

  • qxy77733 汪七七 (@qxy77733) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp I'm from Malaysia. I need help. which email address should I contact?

  • tillureddy2 jitender (@tillureddy2) segnalati

    @englandcricket @OPope32 @IGcom He got some serious talent. He just need a backup to settle down in the team.

  • suagrius Suagrius (@suagrius) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp hiya is the site down?

  • urrshak Urrshak (@urrshak) segnalati

    @lake_resources How can I access SRN/HIN with @IGcom …seems they do not issue HIN

  • TraderTed4 TraderTed (@TraderTed4) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp your AUSTRALIA 200 Cash Did a massive drop that wasn’t replicated on the futures. Might be an error.

  • HaraldHadrada2 Harald Hadrada (@HaraldHadrada2) segnalati

    @Blowster85 It will trade 3s maybe 4s next week if Arcadia sling shots KING but this access is a joke roll on OTC as @IGcom are being a huge let down.

  • TradeHunter8 TradeHunter (@TradeHunter8) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp you having a server issue in the US?

  • EddLegg xi•viii (@EddLegg) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp I have done this but unfortunately they haven’t been any help, I have chased them for an update several times and had no response.

  • omot777 Memorial Heights Quant$ (@omot777) segnalati

    @IGcom what's wrong with your platform? I can't login

  • BucklerFern El Fern (Taking the P*ss) (@BucklerFern) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp Seems to be a problem accessing the web SB/CFD platform at the moment. Not an issue on a Saturday but could someone check/confirm if this is weekend maintenance and/or ensure it is resolved before Sunday evening.

  • eddy_tedster Eddy edster (@eddy_tedster) segnalati

    @IGClientHelp Thanks Anda The problem seems more widespread today with other incorrect movements being provided e.g. C&C Group PLC. It is extremely misleading to be seeing a fall in price for the day that is not real and makes it hard to see what is going on in different watchlists