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H1Z1 è una sandbox di sopravvivenza massiccia multiplayer online MMO apocalittico gamepost in cui devi combattere per la tua vita contro un mondo invaso dagli zombi. Sviluppato da Daybreak Game Company e disponibile per Xbox, Playstation e Windows.

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  • dNstreeeet dN Street (@dNstreeeet) segnalati

    @enadglobal7 H1z1 was the best battle royale to ever be made. But it was the most unoptimized garbage battle royale performance wise it was broken it was buggy and had the most terrible implemented anticheat I have ever seen in a game.

  • NE0_CODION Xanax (@NE0_CODION) segnalati

    @True_Schu @H1Z1 waiting one hour should solve the problem anyways, its just a temp ban, idk

  • WatchGamesTV WatchGamesTV (@WatchGamesTV) segnalati

    @RuggedShoulder @H1Z1 yeah, other people seem to not have an issue with it.. i pick up a gun, and it wont even switch to it.. after 50 tries it does, but then takes another 50 tries to reload it.. just unplayable..

  • StarshiipeR StarshiipeR (@StarshiipeR) segnalati

    Annonce le revert PS3 H1Z1 maintenant

  • DatDepth Omen Depth (@DatDepth) segnalati

    H1Z1 is the perfect game and there is nothing wrong, also the game is not broken.

  • cgletras CG'n Stein (@cgletras) segnalati

    @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames You guys don't care about your customers. I have opened an issue because I have not received the seal on the current event and It is being closed without a solution. the 3rd day is gone and no seal so far...

  • JaayOnPC ジ BattyFlaps ジ (@JaayOnPC) segnalati

    The problem with a game that has a report cheaters function is you get so many cheaters in, you get banned from reporting because they think your spamming it too many times.. so tons of legitimate reports get avoided.. This is the problem with high amounts of cheaters #h1z1

  • Harezy22 | (@Harezy22) segnalati

    Tell me h1z1 is back? Please let it be I will fix my pc right now

  • Sup3rm4nX Sup3rm4nX (@Sup3rm4nX) segnalati

    Sooooo #H1Z1 apparently the last 3 games i have been in some cheaters have been in the games then they randomly disconnect, is this them being banned and if so HOLY CRAP CHEATERS ARE BEING BANNED

  • NiTrOuSXtr3m David Dionne-Lévesqu (@NiTrOuSXtr3m) segnalati

    @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames Hello, I do have a problem. I hope you are reading those comments... I NEED HELP. I CAN'T LOGIN FOR THE SUPPORT ... CAN YOU HELP ME... I need to login to remove my membership and then it dont let me...

  • RealKris1X Kris1X (@RealKris1X) segnalati

    I have played 4 games today and i already dont want to play the game @FortniteGame fix your **** game you will die out like H1Z1

  • KydeFromSoupex kyky🇵🇹 (@KydeFromSoupex) segnalati

    @_Pwcca wtf pas de h1z1 planifié ? je comprends pas O_O

  • nazebtw naze (@nazebtw) segnalati

    @enadglobal7 Thanks for responding to us, but please, do something about the problem with the cheaters in h1z1, ping lock it to like 100 until you decide what you will continue on doing with the games under Daybreak. Or think of something comfortable for you. :)

  • OTFLGaming OnTheFrontLine (@OTFLGaming) segnalati

    @BringBackH1Z1 @enadglobal7 I know initially there were talks of bringing back H1Z1 in its before-preseason 3 state or whatever. Not sure where that stands. For Just Survive what are the odds of just getting what we had when they shut the servers down on Oct 24th, 2018?

  • bukorl_ bukeec (@bukorl_) segnalati

    @enadglobal7 fix h1z1 please servers are ******* ****

  • dylancoutt dylex (@dylancoutt) segnalati

    @EikoH95 @antzzoinvest Yes sure. you are right, but they could keep the players informed about each update, many think they are not working on h1z1, due to their lack of information.

  • jfb924 Jarrett Behler (@jfb924) segnalati

    @WatchGamesTV @H1Z1 That’s weird I play on EU with 128ish ping with no problems must be that 50K internet

  • CallofDutyHope . (@CallofDutyHope) segnalati

    Warzone is following the exact same trajectory of H1Z1 in that the developers do not fix **** nor give quality of life updates. Only reason a huge chunk of players haven’t left is that there is no competition from potentially successful BRs like Halo and Battlefield.

  • sukhanknown 𝐼𝑎𝑛ᗢ (@sukhanknown) segnalati

    @FortniteGame please fix your game, your game is worst than @H1Z1 , please ******* fix the select game mode please and BLOODY FIX PERFORMANCE MODE!

  • dNstreeeet dN Street (@dNstreeeet) segnalati

    @enadglobal7 I look at these feedback posts in this tweet you made. Ppl talking about H1z1 and cheaters being a issue. This is old news and is nothing new. It is one of the main issues that truly destroyed our game. If somehow you bring back H1z1 do a favor and please bring a anticheat

  • RELIIIH Ripdave🇫🇮 (@RELIIIH) segnalati

    @enadglobal7 Is there gonna be a solution for the H1Z1 cheater problem anytime soon?


    @enadglobal7 So if you don't have a team that knows what to do, the job is not very difficult. Return to preseason 3 (main focus) Also bring all content from Z1BR to KOTK (H1Z1) Fix the bugs (This can be left for later, PS3 had some bugs that would be even funny) We just need it

  • ImLMA0_ ImLMA0 🐥🐣 (@ImLMA0_) segnalati

    Je hais la Chine. Sérieusement sur H1Z1 y'a pas une seule fois où un chinois ne ruine pas ma game à cause de sa latence de *****.

  • JaayOnPC ジ BattyFlaps ジ (@JaayOnPC) segnalati

    Anybody else having some insane bugs with #h1z1 on pc right now? I got flung up back into the air after parachuting, not being able to throw grenades after getting out of vehicle like stuck in a cool down timer.. Shooting bugs etc.. my connections fine but the game just broken

  • marsdalliy1 Marcelino (@marsdalliy1) segnalati

    @StableRonaldo Every time u get on the game the streams vibe is killed I swear the war zone streams have been so fun H1Z1 also they need to fix fort this is getting ridiculous

  • louis0nfire Lou (@louis0nfire) segnalati

    @StableRonaldo Fortnite has issues but the two are not even comparable. H1Z1 never received a single major update.

  • JaayOnPC ジ BattyFlaps ジ (@JaayOnPC) segnalati

    Servers lagging to **** now can't even land without waiting for the game to do something #h1z1

  • CallofDutyHope . (@CallofDutyHope) segnalati

    @LegendOfAK The shotgun in H1Z1 was broken for months straight. The cheaters were out of control. That game took a nosedive from the launching competition. Warzone is getting away with no real competition.

  • lolJustiinxd lolJustiin (@lolJustiinxd) segnalati

    @WatchGamesTV @H1Z1 They really need to fix their servers if they ever expect them to be popular again

  • LemonSquezyyy LemonSquezyyy (@LemonSquezyyy) segnalati

    @enadglobal7 @H1Z1 @Z1BattleRoyale fix this game it's full asian cheater and 200ping players can't play this game anymore please open server for asian or lock high ping and fix anticheat