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H1Z1 è una sandbox di sopravvivenza massiccia multiplayer online MMO apocalittico gamepost in cui devi combattere per la tua vita contro un mondo invaso dagli zombi. Sviluppato da Daybreak Game Company e disponibile per Xbox, Playstation e Windows.

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Lee, MA 1
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Segnalazioni sui problemi di H1Z1

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  • El Ron De Cuba (@ElRonDeCubaYay) segnalati

    ca revient quand les serveur h1z1 EU les frère ?

  • Alexandra (@alexsonier_) segnalati

    @JakeSucky Symfuhny has been a flicker since the H1Z1 days and it’s never been an issue until now, everyone thinks that everyone is cheating nowadays it’s actually pathetic

  • KO (@Lilsaboxo) segnalati

    @H1Z1 fix and bring the game back!!!!

  • Hugo (@Ugo_tc) segnalati

    @AvironAlex @SharpeNyo_ @LowAn Perso je m'amuse pas en jouant le top 1, je m'amuse en faisant des kills, et j'en fais plus sous VPN je l'assume. Quand j'étais sur h1z1 à l'époque y'avait pas de sbmm et j'ai appris avec des gars plus forts que moi. C'est pas leur rendre service que de les mettre entre eux

  • Eleanor Jean (@LadyHardcore) segnalati

    @Ravers @StepBroCy I see that issues with Obey continue years after H1Z1/H1PL. This will not age well.

  • Michael Absher (@MAbshernwca) segnalati

    @Danucd1 I'll have to watch you play. After H1Z1 and then PUBG I swore I'd never do another "early access" game again. Why? Once they make their $ their less inclined to fix certain things, like, the movement mechanics.

  • Wyll (@Wyll2K) segnalati

    H1z1 me manque a mort … 😪 J’ai beau passer des centaines d’heures sur d’autre games… j’ai tjrs cette nostalgie de ***** …

  • LegendsNeveerrDie (@LegendsNevrrDie) segnalati

    @SteveHamaker @DrDisrespect I keep tagging him to get ready for some H1Z1 from KOTK Preseason 3 (Golden days of BR) we have some of it working and will fix some bugs. :)

  • Shawn M. Smith (@ShawnMSmith) segnalati

    So, in my time away from Warzone, I downloaded H1Z1 for free and I want to know how a game that came out in 2018 can have so many server issues? They've had tons of time to iron that out, right?

  • Shyflex (@Shyflex_) segnalati

    @TwitchDE H1Z1 aber passt auf seid dem das kaputt gepatched wurde hab ich nie wieder ein würdiges game gefunden

  • TheSage210 (@TSage210) segnalati

    @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames Get your **** together @Dcuo and get on those suspended players who y’all suspended because of yalls market place error , Paid memberships are running out and at this point y’all look even more greedy than ever. #KillingYourOwnGame

  • Will 🐇 (@Pezcore64) segnalati

    @nmploltwo play @H1Z1 again p.s. fix your game daybreak

  • human house centipede (@theJaypocalypse) segnalati

    Then playing H1Z1 at launch. broken game. I hope you have an hour to bat a zombie in the head because that's how long it'll take for the AI to recognize a hit.

  • Alper Güçlü (@alperguclu) segnalati

    @DaybreakHelp I have tried to login my old mtgo account and I couldn't remember my account details. So I tried the forgot password option. I can't remember the security questions answer so I tried to get help from Daybreakgames support. ++

  • SilverGlasses (@Silverglasses) segnalati

    @DaybreakHelp was trying to contact you guys but got this error " IP address not permitted " " IP restrictions are enabled " contact zendesk ? Need to get in touch with support asap

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