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GDAX è uno scambio di criptocurreny che offre alle istituzioni e ai professionisti la possibilità di scambiare una varietà di valute digitali come Bitcoin, Ethereum e altro su uno scambio basato su U.S. regolato. GDAX è di proprietà e gestito da Coinbase.

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  • FesxFader
    TickScalp 期货 (@FesxFader) segnalati

    @IamNomad @GDAX My APIs work flawless with @bookmap_pro , what's the problem?

  • outfitbundle
    OutfitBundle (@outfitbundle) segnalati

    @jderoc @GDAX @coinbase You mean when volume dies down? Shame on them.

  • FesxFader
    TickScalp 期货 (@FesxFader) segnalati

    @GDAX I Like ur new platform, but i see a lack of security as i stay logged in even after i turned off my PC. Everyone who have access to my computer can place trades in my name. Pls fix it with a 2FA or just a password authentication when i log in. Can be very dangerous...

  • Terrik_76
    Michael Wilterdink (@Terrik_76) segnalati

    @GDAX @coinbase tried it today with firefox, can only see sell orderbook, can't see buy orderbook, won't scroll up.. please fix.. only able to see half the order book.. not cool..

  • YangVentures
    Yang Ventures (@YangVentures) segnalati

    @CMShigeta @loomdart What's his birthday again? DMs open. Having problems with GDAX so they're asking me personal questions to prove I'm him.

  • ChaseCrypto_
    ChaseCrypto (@ChaseCrypto_) segnalati

    @GDAX @coinbase Y’all can do this but can’t fix my coinbase account?

  • CrypFreak
    DCFreak (@CrypFreak) segnalati

    @galaxybtc @galaxybtc lol idk if you have been watching, but the daily volume for the past two weeks in gdax was 3-4k BTC! There isn't volume for the price to go up. Volume for the price to go down will come slowly and every broken support will cause more sell offs.

  • OZdahitman
    O.Z. #MrSlowMotion (@OZdahitman) segnalati

    @BOBBYFISHA @GeminiDotCom I do. Look at my other tweets. Im just trying to save people the headache. Been on Bittrex,Binance, Kraken and GDAX with no issues. Wanted to use Gemini as an alternative but I probably don't fit into their inner circle criteria.

  • DaCryptographer
    Cryptographer (@DaCryptographer) segnalati

    @CoinbaseSupport Hi I sent a dm in regards to my issue. I essentially have my gdax account and Coinbase account blocked for 5 months now and no resolution or reason given. I really don’t know what else to do to get the tech team to look into it and unlock my account

  • FesxFader
    TickScalp 期货 (@FesxFader) segnalati

    @CasPiancey @Tr0llyTr0llFace @coinbase @GDAX @binance And in just 1 day they can wire from their SEPA bank my old good euros. Really, there's no need for a so called "stable-coin" in the crypto world. Tether is fkin shady and only money launderers really need it. The SEC will soon or later shut Bitfinex mafia down...

  • LitecoinEazyE
    Evan {LTC} (@LitecoinEazyE) segnalati

    @RedKatLife @LTC_Pirate @coinbase @AbraGlobal @CashApp No problem here on bank transfers US, and BTC price is same as GDAX

  • cointribune
    The Coin Tribune (@cointribune) segnalati

    @BigCheds Seeing a lot of possible manipulation for $BTC last night. Gdax order books stalling. Fake buy/sell walls, massive wicks, TA patterns and indicators not working so well, bart Simpson here and there...

  • DanielA42786929
    Daniel A (@DanielA42786929) segnalati

    @GDAX is your mobile web version down? Can’t load in safari iPhone.

  • MiloGoes2BitMEX
    Milo goes to BitMEX (@MiloGoes2BitMEX) segnalati

    I haven’t logged into @GDAX since January. I forgot how painfully slow $BTC deposits & withdraws are compared to other exchanges..

  • KennethKephart
    Kenneth Kephart (@KennethKephart) segnalati

    11 days to transfer USD Fiat to Gdax does anyone else think that’s crazy slow.

  • MackanRules
    Marcus Gustafsson (@MackanRules) segnalati

    GDAX 24h volume down to 4k BTC Overall BTC volume down to $4.8B That's low... We are also chilling at the downward trendline, next 4 hours should be fun

  • CornerStoreCon
    Crypto Cameron Poe (@CornerStoreCon) segnalati

    Make sure you never send a transaction using @coinbase or @gdax on your mobile. Too slow

  • jonlookin
    jonlookin (@jonlookin) segnalati

    @coin_domains @BitMEXdotcom give them a break, bitmex still has had less downtime than cbot, cme & eurex from what i've seen this year. gdax, gemini goes down regularly, kraken recently shut down for days!

  • Crypto_Macro
    Alex Krüger 🇦🇷 (@Crypto_Macro) segnalati

    @Broccolex @cz_binance @BitMEXdotcom @GDAX @bitfinex @krakenfx @Poloniex @Bitstamp @BittrexExchange @Cryptopia_NZ @GeminiDotCom @OKEx_ Why would that be a problem?

  • BearishWhale
    BW (@BearishWhale) segnalati

    $eth.x medium and slow algo SELLS on #gdax . And #Consensus2018 does NOT have any direct impact on crypto prices. Its just an excuse to shake the weak hands or sell the news events. We still need impressive Summery pump to exit positions in hefty profit. Deadline July22.

  • Crypto_Correct
    Crypto Correct (@Crypto_Correct) segnalati

    Did @jack talk about how he's going to fix the Bot and spam problem? I didn't waste my time on listening to him talk at #Consenus #crypto #blockchain #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #meme #neo #BCH #ETH #BTC #ICO #LTC #litecoin #crash #gdax #coinbase #HODL #Ethereum #Consenus2018

  • KryptoOptimus
    Optimus (@KryptoOptimus) segnalati

    @JustinEttaputz @GDAX @GDAX_Support @coinbase @brian_armstrong I too have the same issue after clicking on the update!

  • Yeshuaschildren
    Followers of Yeshua (@Yeshuaschildren) segnalati

    @SmashingCoin @GDAX @coinbase Another reason things are likely on hold at least for ZRX. I believe they have some ICO issues with the SEC that are yet to be resolved. As a one time principle of a public entity I can from experience say resolving this could take years. It might not. In my own experience it did

  • MoarCryptoz
    FlipTheCrypt (@MoarCryptoz) segnalati

    @VerthagOG Also Gemini's trading interface is terrible. No charting, no stop losses. But I'm very pissed about them quadrupling their trading fees when GDAX has zero fees.

  • AltchemistThay
    The ALTchemist (@AltchemistThay) segnalati

    @crazy_crypto So I've given you my gdax login now... when will I receive the ETH?

  • jgreco
    Jim Greco (@jgreco) segnalati dall' New York, New York

    @daveweisberger @GDAX [email protected] is using these exchange brands to add legitimacy to their index so there's a bunch of issues there

  • mediaKonnect
    LeonLargie (@mediaKonnect) segnalati

    @CoinbaseSupport is GDAX still down? I am receiving the following Error ID: e36d0742

  • deberhardt97
    Daniel (@deberhardt97) segnalati

    @miraclebet @harda_anas @SatoshiLite He said it was a "small percentage" of daily volume on the cryptocurrency exchange GDAX and "did not crash the market." It just goes down to whether you believe him or not I guess

  • BearishWhale
    BW (@BearishWhale) segnalati

    $LTCUSD algo sells on GDAX. Somebody pushing it down

  • roygoveia
    Royston Goveia (@roygoveia) segnalati

    @GDAX please fix your charts ASAP

  • illmog
    Quell 🔆 (@illmog) segnalati

    I found a lowly 40% error rate with a trading strategy of trend_ema on #zenbot & @GDAX, made 12% in 10 days in the sim :D

  • Bitcoinlanding
    Bitcoinman (@Bitcoinlanding) segnalati

    People that are using #ethereum every day instead of holding it hoping it will go up understand why it is selling off with #bitcoin instead of climbing. The same problem bitcoin had, the fees make it unusable for a lot of applications. Need scaling quick. #coinbase #gdax #bch

  • JohnHighNote
    John (@JohnHighNote) segnalati

    @RealistNews @YouTube “On GDAX...A bot has been selling 60 LTC every 23 seconds. They really want to push price down.”

  • angel_D112
    Angel D (@angel_D112) segnalati

    @GDAX Still down

  • KingPrice217
    William Price (@KingPrice217) segnalati

    @justinsuntron $Trx Justin says something about coinbase. GDAX goes down for maintenence 1 hour later. COINcidence? Probably. But, deff makes you think. WE. SHALL. SEE.

  • joeysings4u
    Joey Vitale (@joeysings4u) segnalati

    $GBTC GDAX is down....the sky is falling chicken little!

  • CryptoRager
    Crypto_Rager (@CryptoRager) segnalati


  • DaltonGoldman
    Dalton Goldman (@DaltonGoldman) segnalati

    If a #BTC falls through the floor and @GDAX is down for maintenance, does it really happen?

  • MinedAssets
    Mined Assets [Erich] (@MinedAssets) segnalati

    Consensus 2018 and is next week. It’s also “Blockchain Week” next week. Coinbase hired a bunch of employees. It and GDAX are down for maintenance this evening which happens when they add coins. Are we looking at a possible setup for Coinbase to add new coins next week?

  • cryptosidekick
    Robin’ Crypto🔫 (@cryptosidekick) segnalati

    My girl asked me for dinner with candles so I sat her down infront of a laptop, put up GDAX, and served that bitch some ramen. #crypto #btc

  • EthereumWest
    Ethereum West (@EthereumWest) segnalati

    fyi: gdax exchange is doing scheduled maintenance tonight for a few case you see FUD about it being hacked or down etc...not true.

  • CryptowDennis
    Cryptow Dennis (@CryptowDennis) segnalati

    @LisaNEdwards I feel the sideways trading below 9k was just accumulation to short the heck out of from 10k. The GDAX orderbook showed bot traffic the whole way down and it was easy to spot. And now when the price went up a little bit to 9050 there was someone dumping 200 btc in the orderbook

  • marco_peereboom
    Marco Peereboom (@marco_peereboom) segnalati

    @CryptoGambleh But gdax is down, please sir ma famali

  • marco_peereboom
    Marco Peereboom (@marco_peereboom) segnalati

    Am I crazy or is @GDAX down? @GDAX_Support

  • vlalonca
    vladimir (@vlalonca) segnalati

    @GDAX Case #4212359 Connor from gdax contact me 15 days ago and I provide even more info than he ask. Can anyone explain me what is going on with gdax and coinbase? Blocked for nothing for 30 days and still wait? How can i solve my issue

  • WesleySecrest
    Wesley Secrest [LTC] (@WesleySecrest) segnalati

    @stunad620 @joe77marshall @coinbase GDAX/Coinbase going down for maintenance May 9th at 11:30pm est for about 1.5 hours also I believe.

  • CryptoGxy
    CryptoGalaxy (@CryptoGxy) segnalati

    @GDAX data feed now available in Crypto Galaxy down to 1second with 80 built-in indicators and cross exchange charting #bitcoincharts #gdax

  • RealTalkCrypto
    Collin Walther (@RealTalkCrypto) segnalati

    Bitfinex, GDAX, Kraken and Bittrex are frequently down and tend to lock up coins and keep the price from dropping too much.

    Tommy Corona Jr. (@OFFICIAL_TSCJR) segnalati

    @cryptostratton @CryptOwenWilson Bitstamp or Gemini. Anyone voting GDAx has not had the pleasure of getting their infamous non-warranted acct suspensions. They admit it is made in error but still take 6+ weeks to lift the suspension. @ZeusZissou

  • alph43oss
    Alpha Boss (@alph43oss) segnalati

    @Nouriel Gdax was a choice, you chose a slow option, don't complain.

  • BearishWhale
    BW (@BearishWhale) segnalati

    small and slow $LTC.x algo buys at gdax GMT: 14.23

    YoutubeCOMMENTER (@YTubeCOMMENTER) segnalati

    @antiprosynth @CarpeNoctom It’s falling like a rock on GDAX right now. Down $20 in 20 minutes.

  • CryptoDypto
    CryptoDypto (@CryptoDypto) segnalati

    @parabolictrav @CarpeNoctom I found a new version of coinbase called "gdax" but something's broken ... it keeps showing all these big red rectangles. Hopefully that's normal.

  • R1Entrepreneur
    Benjamin Davis (@R1Entrepreneur) segnalati

    @noBScrypto @thecryptofc @myetherwallet How do I update the address I originally provided? I put my ETH address for gdax down...dont think that's going to work lol

  • Patrick_LTC
    Patrick M. (@Patrick_LTC) segnalati

    @tradingroomapp I have found that the existence of HUGE buy or sell walls on GDAX, when there's a significant move up/down on BTC or LTC, have absolutely no bearing on the direction of future price movement. E.g, there could be a huge sell wall, and teh price continues going up.

  • Bitcoinlanding
    Bitcoinman (@Bitcoinlanding) segnalati

    Noticing a lot of #blockchain #games I use have all come down to a stand still. Nobody willing to pay the gas prices for #ethereum right now. Not good. #gdax #coinbase #litecoin #bitcoin

  • X001Chad
    Chad (@X001Chad) segnalati

    Who else wishes their brokerage offered market maker fees on crypto like gdax?? Five days to transfer $$ is crazy slow

  • CryptoBeardio
    Mohammad Banibaker (@CryptoBeardio) segnalati

    Bro my sell order was in the thousands not millions. Officially going to stop using Gdax, this is a continuous issue Especially with stop losses.

  • DividendRaptor
    {[email protected]}ᵀ🆁🅰🅿🆃🅾🆁 (@DividendRaptor) segnalati

    Depending on exchanges, you should have your own personal bias lists. IMO bittrex is kind of slow. Coinbase/GDAX is now faster. If locking in profits for hard digital cash (fiat) > Going to Gemini is best. 1 day ACH times (guaranteed money from Gemini's end)

  • hodlalts
    AltSeasonOpen (@hodlalts) segnalati

    @CarpeNoctom @GDAX yeah slow ..forcing out the plastic ffs