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Venerdì 13: The Game è un videogioco survival horror sviluppato da Gun Media e IllFonic e pubblicato da Gun Media. Si basa sul franchising omonimo di proprietà di New Line Cinema.

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  • Matchmaking 17.95% Matchmaking
  • Glitch 12.82% Glitch
  • Log-in 10.26% Log-in
  • Incidente 10.26% Incidente

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  • Bacon_DAX Bacon (@Bacon_DAX) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame idk if you guys will see this but please fix the perk issue! i play on xbox and anytime i roll for perks it wont let me anymore and i have to restart my game and i have 1,000,000 points to do nothing with

  • swasfii .𝕾𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖋𝖋 𝖜𝖆𝖘𝖋𝖎𝖎.✪ (@swasfii) segnalati

    @DreamKillla @Friday13thGame Oh i though they stopped it because of legal issues

  • fortnite_flipp Fortnite (@fortnite_flipp) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame @LolaHepp8 Can y’all plz just fix y’all’s game I missed when there wasn’t any bugs or crashes plz just fix everything I know the games dead but y’all can save it and make it popular again

  • putmeinagrave ✧˖*°࿐🖤kate🦇₊˚.༄ (@putmeinagrave) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame the game on pc isn’t working for a lot of players, every time I join a lobby It kicks me as soon as the game starts and gives me different errors every time. People in the lobbies I joined are saying it’s happening to them too, is there gonna be a fix?

  • amburss amber (@amburss) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame are u guys gonna fix the pc servers with the multiple Jason’s and stuff ? Genuinely wondering

  • craigneil123 Craig Neil (@craigneil123) segnalati

    @Vandel_Buster @AmongUsGame @Friday13thGame First class trouble on the other hand, who in their right mind thought the whole concept would work and thought all players would follow the rules when literally any 2 player in a match could kill any player.

  • overlivin Sami (@overlivin) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame fix the game on pc, naked peds and hackers

  • TheMemester7 The Memester (@TheMemester7) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame There is a exploit in the map Higgins haven where if your swimming near the dock at the main building you cant be drowned and only way to be killed is butchering or throwing knives could you please fix that

  • LeohNoob Léo (@LeohNoob) segnalati

    @Natethegr812Tck @AurelionSolo @Friday13thGame They could do! The couldn't launch new content but they could solve bugs and problems.

  • ECCK23 🔴 (@ECCK23) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame fix your ******* game

  • chief_aim ChiefAim (@chief_aim) segnalati

    @GunMediaSupport @Friday13thGame can you guys fix the servers for pc? like i can't play private match with friends and it won't connect us. our ping is bad as well

  • IcyDeathspike IcyDeathspike (@IcyDeathspike) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Please give us dedicated servers back and fix the perk roll system that's all we ask

  • WhyYouMad94 boo boo shoester (@WhyYouMad94) segnalati

    @acecivic @Friday13thGame They can’t because of copyright issues

  • TAZWRLD 𝟦𝟤𝟢 𝓉𝒶𝓏 (@TAZWRLD) segnalati

    @LolaHepp8 @Friday13thGame can y'all plz fix ur servers it keeps crashing

  • EVlLWlTHIN 🔪 (@EVlLWlTHIN) segnalati

    | fix your game @Friday13thGame

  • HidenFromBide ✫ #MAL | Kermit 🇨🇺🇺🇸 ✫ (@HidenFromBide) segnalati

    They should sell @Friday13thGame to a company that cares to make more content and fix the servers

  • IzJuice James (@IzJuice) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame on PC I’m having a problem I’m only able to join one lobby with a large amount of people on a hacked server and I can’t ply any other game. Is there any way you could look into this?

  • LuvDemJamaicans ♊️ (@LuvDemJamaicans) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame are the trophies 🏆 on ps4 still glitch ?? I have played damn near 1000 matches as a counselor & i have not got the trophy yet

  • Brandon81625112 Probably Triggered (@Brandon81625112) segnalati

    @KOBE28870593 @GunMediaSupport @Friday13thGame They're aware of the problem and they don't care. Still an issue as of 10/1/21. On the forums they stated that this problem will persist and there won't be any patches for it nor for the bugs and glitches that have been around since launch. They just gave up after stealing our 💰

  • BastienPrv Séraphine présidente. (@BastienPrv) segnalati

    So @Friday13thGame / @fearthegun will update friday the 13th ? Like the license issues seems to be fixed now

  • Vanny24951113 Vanny (@Vanny24951113) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame can you please fix the glitches on the switch

  • xxlace12xx xxlace12xx (@xxlace12xx) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame is there a way you guys can fix the matchmaking/host I haven’t been able to complete more than two games in the past week I’ve been trying to play it due to the host leaving mid game or never finding a game.

  • Drewbellz1 JustyRx (@Drewbellz1) segnalati

    @GunMediaSupport @Caveira250 @Friday13thGame Can you guys please fix the game chat not working on Xbox it haven’t worked in months

  • Drewbellz1 JustyRx (@Drewbellz1) segnalati

    @GunMediaSupport @Caveira250 @Friday13thGame Can you guys please fix the game chat not working on Xbox

  • SweetishFreak Lau (@SweetishFreak) segnalati

    @IllFonic @Friday13thGame Selfish request… however. I got a lot of enjoyment out of this game. It was so much fun to play with friends and I’m pretty broken-hearted that it’s not coming back. Any chance you could make a Friday the 14th? 🥺🙏 Please and thank you.

  • Matthewfordak41 Matthewfordak47 (@Matthewfordak41) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame is you all need to fix this game honestly it keeps kicking people and not letting them play for the hell of it I mean I got the new console and it runs good but the game its self is *** like you all need to grow up on this court and baby crap and get your game

  • _xnyahx_ Baddina🧚🏻‍♀️ (@_xnyahx_) segnalati

    @DanielE02285066 @Friday13thGame I came on here to see if they were doing more for that exact reason🥺ADD MORE STUFF PLZ fix the characters PLZ a good update is so needed

  • TheRealCDT1 THEOfficialCDT (@TheRealCDT1) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame what's with rolling perks now? When u do 1 or 2 it says error: too many requests? Lost 2 legendary because of it. Never did this before

  • gabrieledamico7 Gabriele (@gabrieledamico7) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame It not work error server it freezes and says connection time out

  • Anthony79175622 Anthony Garcia (@Anthony79175622) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Recently the servers have been glitching for the last few days on ps4 and now I’m not able to join a game with my Friendsgiving either says connection error or it just freezes while waiting can you fix this fast IT IS STRESSFUL AND ANNOYING

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