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Venerdì 13: The Game è un videogioco survival horror sviluppato da Gun Media e IllFonic e pubblicato da Gun Media. Si basa sul franchising omonimo di proprietà di New Line Cinema.

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  • Glitch 10.00% Glitch
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  • MichaelBarcomb5 Michael Barcomb (@MichaelBarcomb5) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame I play on xbox it doesn't do that just on my ps4 everything is updated I hope there's a way to fix it or someone please help me.

  • MichaelBarcomb5 Michael Barcomb (@MichaelBarcomb5) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame hi can u please respond back I hope u can help me I'm playing on ps4 Friday the 13th the game I try to get in a game and it just initialzing after one minute 20 it finds a match and search cool down and it will repeat that is there a way to fix it I hope.

  • emilysunflowerx emily🐝 (@emilysunflowerx) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Is anyone else struggling to get into a full match on Nintendo switch? Is it a server problem or are people just not playing anymore?:(

  • 9inese7en BK97 (@9inese7en) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame For some reason i never got the update and was wondering if anyone else hasn't received it yet. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it stops as soon as i try to install it. It is telling me the game is corrupted. I never had this issue before and i am looking for help

  • mslisamichelee lisa 💫 (@mslisamichelee) segnalati

    @Daniel_Ceresia @Friday13thGame Same I really hope they fix it, it’s the only game I play I buy other games for my switch play them for a short while but then end up playing Friday the 13th again I love that game

  • Daniel_Ceresia Ask Uncle Dan (@Daniel_Ceresia) segnalati

    @mslisamichelee @Friday13thGame I hope they can fix it or the game is going to be a bust! @Friday13thGame Please fix this!

  • bloorayneOG bloorayne ! (@bloorayneOG) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame I wish you guys would fix Friday for pc players 😔

  • mslisamichelee lisa 💫 (@mslisamichelee) segnalati dall' Leicestershire, England

    @Pyro_Andrew77 @Friday13thGame Yeah I’ve been having problems with online play too

  • Pyro_Andrew77 Andrew Metz (@Pyro_Andrew77) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Anyone else having issues with online play?

  • mslisamichelee lisa 💫 (@mslisamichelee) segnalati dall' Thurmaston, England

    @_JeremyNichols @Friday13thGame I’m having the same problem on the switch too I got in a couple of games yesterday both full lobby’s one game lasted the other game was over after a few mins as the host decided to leave game so it ended 🤔

  • mslisamichelee lisa 💫 (@mslisamichelee) segnalati dall' Leicestershire, England

    @SethStation @Friday13thGame Im@having this same problem but on the Nintendo switch

  • inordinarylucas lucas (@inordinarylucas) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Did you fix the bug to get 100 kills in one game? I hope no 😭

  • RyleeSonger ❤Rylee (The Cardinal) Songer❤ (@RyleeSonger) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Congrats you guys Ruined the Game even more than it was. By trying to fix the Combat Stance you might as well had Retired the Whole Competitive Community. Please fix what you have done before your Professionals Leave the Game behind Thank You Gun Media

  • jonnyv8games JonnyV8Games (@jonnyv8games) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame hello gun media hor that is the day of the patch update you can not play the game because there is a fatal error

  • KennyMcQueen88 Kenny McQueen (@KennyMcQueen88) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame There is a glitch on the virtual cabin in the cemetery. If you keep clicking on the bucket by Jason’s grave it gets bigger and bigger until it’s tall as the sky.

  • AdamMafi Adam Mafi (@AdamMafi) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport Can ya’ll fix the proxy chat on Xbox please

  • acecivic acecivic (@acecivic) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame What you ignorant *** retards needs to fix is the host leaving and ending the game instead of all these big weapon things bwhich really don't matter cuz the big weapons don't really do ****

  • Nobucks010 Nobucks (@Nobucks010) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame does anyone else have any problems with listening to the Pamela and Tommy tapes..No option to select a tape or listen to it at this time on my game (Xbox)

  • quotetheraven79 Jake Godbold (@quotetheraven79) segnalati

    @Firebomb80 @Friday13thGame @fearthegun $140 for me. It was one glitch after another . . . They couldn’t even figure out how to alphabetize the names of the backers for the credits, or be transparent for us

  • R0M307 R0M30 (@R0M307) segnalati

    @starboyorbit @Friday13thGame get a ps4 or xbox we have no problems

  • FadiCarter Al-عazzawi 🇮🇶 (@FadiCarter) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Can you fix that when host leaves it should be changed to another one cause many people leave after they die or some other reasons..?

  • JacksOnlyFansz Jack 🙃💙 (@JacksOnlyFansz) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun If anything I'm upset about the fact gun is banning people for playing new game fans made for pc players. This game is just broken for pc players because of all the hacked lobby's and now that these fans was going to fix that you guys wanted to take it a way. Thanks a lot 💔

  • levi_ackermanSG iplaycod.forfun (@levi_ackermanSG) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame how do I fix the game chat on xbox one

  • faggdad 𝑜𝗹𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿 (@faggdad) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame @Blissful_Gh0st @TheMistaJ_ just tell everyone YOU were allowed to finish content already being worked on and that YOU decided not to because YOU wanted to, what, abandon the ******* game? f13: killer puzzle was in the same lawsuit issue and they kept making content. same with NECA. there is no excuse here.

  • Aliu44033572 Aliu (@Aliu44033572) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame You can fix the hacked lobbies please?

  • Spoodles90 Spoodles (@Spoodles90) segnalati

    @Th3L1zardK1ng @LeohNoob @Friday13thGame Because there's a BIG difference in operating costs, development costs, maintenance costs, and revenue streams when negotiating licensing for selling one-off products vs. an active service like an online video game. It's an apples-to-oranges comparison.

  • brandengaming12 Branden (@brandengaming12) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame The big weapon glitch was dumb

  • 127_vicente Vicente (@127_vicente) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame But I dont understand why are you dropping the game. Ok, you cant release new content, but you can fix bugs and exploits by hackers, so why are you stopping now?

  • andykimberly Andy Kimberly (@andykimberly) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame There is a major glitch which would be good to fix when jason sets a trap in front of the fuse box or car battery or gas and a counselor steps in it when they go to fix the fuse box, battery or gas they can’t..the placement of where the trap went off won’t let you repair

  • hooligantuan Gooey Vuitton (@hooligantuan) segnalati

    @R0seQuinzel @Friday13thGame @LeohNoob Demonstrate that they didn't fix anything.

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