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Venerdì 13: The Game è un videogioco survival horror sviluppato da Gun Media e IllFonic e pubblicato da Gun Media. Si basa sul franchising omonimo di proprietà di New Line Cinema.

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  • Gioco online 58.33% Gioco online
  • Glitch 16.67% Glitch
  • Matchmaking 8.33% Matchmaking
  • Hacking / Cheating 8.33% Hacking / Cheating
  • Incidente 8.33% Incidente

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United StatesAkron Gioco online
TurkeyDiyarbakır Incidente
United StatesHazleton Gioco online
ItalyReggio Calabria Hacking / Cheating
GermanyMannheim Glitch
ItalyNaples Matchmaking

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  • SignorFM Yowie Wowie (@SignorFM) segnalati

    Can you fix the servers on Xbox? @Friday13thGame I can't play a full match without problems and it's frustrating

  • Scottiliciouss Mister McFab (@Scottiliciouss) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Yeah your game is unplayable. Fix it.

  • DumyBoy2 DumyBoy (@DumyBoy2) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame will you fix the low fps on xbox?

  • blakewilkerson6 blake_wilkerson (@blakewilkerson6) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame You broke the game even more with the latest update. We now dive through windows even when we press the prompt while standing still amongst other things. FIX THE GAME

  • Body13ag__ Edwin Johnson (@Body13ag__) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame i hope before they remove the servers from the switch they fix it so u can be the character u pick at lest some times this is BS



  • FarterFanning 🌸FarterTheCreator➐ (@FarterFanning) segnalati

    @BumbleB15877864 @Friday13thGame Now when he’s raged, but it can tend to glitch out. I’ve had that problem recently.

  • MasterDracer MasterDate (@MasterDracer) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame can u guys fix the server pings? I have always about 300ms ping. And fix please the host thing, when a host leaves the game it shouldn't kick all players the next player who came after host should be the next host. If u guys could fix both, it would be reallygreat

  • 2ndGoat KOBES_GOAT_24 (@2ndGoat) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame fix ur ******* game or I’m sueing ur asses and filing a lawsuit.....

  • HolyTerroriser HolyTerroriserYT (@HolyTerroriser) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame every game I join!!!. Me and my friends lag and our ping is so high and everyone else in the lobby. And I’m trying to stream your game and I can’t!!! Helllllp

  • howlett1978 Logan Howlett (@howlett1978) segnalati

    @AngelsKill @Friday13thGame I got my money's worth the first two months the game was out. And unlike you, I don't blame a company trying to make money from their products, just like that hat you're wearing in your profile pic. If you have a problem with them for making money, give up everything you own

  • pachekitopr PACHE | CO™ (@pachekitopr) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Maybe fix all the glitches before you try to sale it

  • garcia_addrian Addrian Garcia (@garcia_addrian) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame I mean they put savinu jason on the market once, it was by mistake and I dont think there was necessarily an issue with the lawsuit when that happened, the whole thing is a glitch crashing mess and each time it was reported all I was told was that it was my ps4-

  • Elerdin_Arroyo ElerdinArroyoRivera (@Elerdin_Arroyo) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame This game is (was) ****** awesome A perfect game even with every bug in there But now I'm afraid that it doesn't worth it The problem, no more dedicated servers :/

  • DastardlyDude98 Benzona | Link's Awakening DX Propoganda (@DastardlyDude98) segnalati

    @Capo9901 @Friday13thGame They wanted to make more content, the friday the 13th license itself is caught up in legal trouble rn so nobody can work on anything f13 related officially lol

  • JoeSmellsStinky JasonTakesCapeFear (@JoeSmellsStinky) segnalati

    @AngelsKill @Friday13thGame I never said they handled this perfectly. They have made big mistakes, broken promises (paranoia) made dumb decisions before and after the lawsuit. I’m not saying they are perfect, I’m saying people are giving them **** for not making the game free,

  • AngelsKill B (@AngelsKill) segnalati

    @JoeSmellsStinky @Friday13thGame So you want people to support a game thats technically dead? Ah makes a lot of sense now. Also I dont care about the dedicated servers. We did fine without them. My issue is with the squeezing every dime they can out of a game thats dead in the water.

  • MANONDRUMS79 W. Spence (@MANONDRUMS79) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame I know this is gonna sound weird, but I wish the packanack roof glitch was still a thing. It was so fun watching people try to cheat while being Jason, then Bam, Jason joins the roof party.

  • Trill_AlphaxX Mani Money😈💸 (@Trill_AlphaxX) segnalati

    @CatLord48 @Friday13thGame good thing ian the only one with this problem

  • psychoautmn PsychoAutumn (@psychoautmn) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Please fix combat stance, this new patch is making this game more unplayable than it already was. I’ve stuck with this game for a very long time and it’s getting hard to play it as much as I used to.

  • ValleyMadeBih 𝑢𝑛𝑠𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑜𝑛𝑠 (@ValleyMadeBih) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame Fix ur servers im tired of having to join lobbies with everyone on high ping @Friday13thGame

  • Body13ag__ Edwin Johnson (@Body13ag__) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame @Jamieca35095276 Fix it so on the switch you can play as the character you select, it's way worst then any other platform it's on.

  • dankwolf115 Dankwolf115 (@dankwolf115) segnalati

    @Yobo1987 @Friday13thGame Did you not read what they said lol they will continue to update and fix the game as long it has players plus another update is on it's way

  • Rannic64 proletarian pizza (@Rannic64) segnalati

    @bmgrubbs13 @SwitchbladeScot @Friday13thGame Idk man, I'm not a lawyer but the fact that they're a small potatoes gaming company running a game on kickstarter and couldn't financially hire legal to fight this...$ to🍩 if this was major AAA company the lawsuit wouldn't have been an issue.

  • HaikuUnsung 俳句 (@HaikuUnsung) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame I played recently, granted it was Halloween, but had no trouble finding matches and almost everyone was mic'd up. It was a good 3-4 hours. Sad I forgot to jump on this past Fri 13th.

  • Rayvn_Madd 🌛 Rav 🌜 (@Rayvn_Madd) segnalati

    @xxFT13xx @Str33tJustus @Friday13thGame But there won't be dedicated servers anymore. Only peer-to-peer servers. So if the host decides to rage quit, gets disconnected due to internet issues, etc., then everyone else in the server gets disconnected.

  • southamptonking Southamptonking (@southamptonking) segnalati

    @cookieboy120 @Friday13thGame They just rolled out a bug fix patch like last week.

  • SteveLFC666 steve (@SteveLFC666) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame I wish you guys could fix the bots, I played it on hard difficulty and it was so easy because they don't fix anything and they deliberately climb through the window right where you're standing and let themselves get killed.

  • HaiderR53045141 Jason voorhees (@HaiderR53045141) segnalati

    @RiverHouli2k @Friday13thGame Is the problem in Europe or only in the Middle East?

  • AdamBonney3 Adam Bonney (@AdamBonney3) segnalati

    @Friday13thGame @rozevlaah Kind of like releasing a final patch that kills stability, FPS for host and Constant connectivity issues. Totally reasonable. Makes sense the game is more unstable on final patch than it was day 1. Well done!

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