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Facebook Gaming o fb.gg è la versione di Facebook dei giochi live streaming in cui giocatori e fan interagiscono. Facebook lo ha lanciato come una scheda sull'app di Facebook e un'app autonoma.

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Grafico di interruzione di Facebook Gaming 06/18/2021 13:10

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  • SkyeFrmScotland Skye (@SkyeFrmScotland) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming I don't understand why I can't send starts to my favourite creators....help?

  • jaimescrawford Jaime Crawford (@jaimescrawford) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming Hey there uploading a video and the tags section is no longer there in Creator Studio when it's setup screen is there, did you change something or is it broken?

  • Gruchon Gruchon (@Gruchon) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming Can anyone help me please. I sent my id for verification last year and it still didint finish! Who can I contact?

  • happygamer83 Happygamer83 (@happygamer83) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @Facebook @FacebookIndia its been a while I was not thinking about my partnership status with you guys. Seems like a log history of no communication from your end. Problem still persists.. Thread continues..

  • BrossHunters 𝕭𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖛𝖎𝖗𝖎 ✝ (@BrossHunters) segnalati

    @OddieFT Jajajaja si te la baja, pero si se logró 1 vez se puede otra solo no estaría mal que solucionaran su desmadre siono @FacebookGaming

  • AlanBM91 Alan 🇱🇻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇱🇹 (@AlanBM91) segnalati

    @MalksBev @FacebookGaming Big part of the problem. Facebook giving them the platform to earn money from hacking. Sure the last one actually got Partnered then had it removed

  • ThornHubGaming #GoBZRK | ThornHub (@ThornHubGaming) segnalati

    @ItsGreedyy @FacebookGaming @Twitch Hmmm happening more and more by creators yet FB hasn't addressed the issues whatsoever lol. Big creators that helped create this platform will do the same when the contracts are up.

  • ItsGreedyy Greed (@ItsGreedyy) segnalati

    @SoltekGG @FacebookGaming @Twitch Im done stressing over FBGG constant issues which is not allowing any of my viewers to enjoy the FB stream, such as constant freezing & chat never loading for them. I rather not get mentally destroyed anymore.

  • FB_DarthJelly DarthJelly (@FB_DarthJelly) segnalati

    Hey @FacebookGaming another one of you’re PARTNERED STREAMERS is leaving you PERMANENTLY for twitch. If you don’t see there is a problem that needs fixing maybe it’s just a lack of caring issue at this point? Asking for a a friend?

  • Abijo1988 Abi 🐶✌️ (@Abijo1988) segnalati

    @GlamDaddi @FacebookGaming Ohhhh I am SO sorry! Hopefully they can get you in a med schedule that will help you feel better.... Also hopefully you can get another chance to do that interview, sending you lots of hugs 💙

  • timeghost297 The Wayward Gamer (@timeghost297) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming could you please direct me to a contact about a stars payout issue? I have not received any payout and would like to have direct contact about it.

  • GlamDaddi 💄 Glam Daddy | GGC 💄 (@GlamDaddi) segnalati

    Welp, got some terrible news from the doctor about my weird issues. I have this biggest interview with @FacebookGaming and I can't do it. I'm diagnosis with Ms plus more which is now causing me to have seizures. My mom heard this and she ran out of the room crying 😢 . Why me?

  • DavidComan51 David Coman (@DavidComan51) segnalati

    @0Ryan @Kross @FacebookGaming Contact us we fix disabled accounts

  • DynamicRiftGame Zachary Daniels (@DynamicRiftGame) segnalati

    A lot to say but I’ll keep it short. As a streaming community preferably the retro gaming community, you cannot preach togetherness when you bash the people around you. They don’t want to be harassed and yet harass others. It’s broken and @FacebookGaming isn’t doing anything.

  • Rhyno_001 Rhyno_001 (@Rhyno_001) segnalati

    Does anyone feel like reach on both purple and blue is just **** right now? It may just be me, but I feel like I’m definitely experiencing something wonky. @FacebookGaming @Twitch #help

  • theoldtechie The Old Techie 🇨🇦 (@theoldtechie) segnalati

    Hey @FacebookGaming you bunch of rocket scientists. You removed the ability for creators to select pre-generated video thumbnails. Ummmm... duh... that's kinda important. Could ya fix it?

  • one_tall_boii One tall boii (@one_tall_boii) segnalati

    Yo @FacebookGaming I’m an admin for a gaming page and we’re currently on a call about that you have unpublished the whole page is there anyway you can help????

  • ArdentVision1 Ardent Vision Gaming (@ArdentVision1) segnalati

    Someone a work asked me why I stream. I don't really have a big 'why'. I think it's just a creative outlet. I have zero expectations. #twitchtv @FacebookGaming #SupportSmallStreamers

  • KingMatW Mat Wilkins 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@KingMatW) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming I have not received my first stars payout and I have contacted your support page and no help #helpmeplease #help

  • its_MuffinMan #GoBZRK | its MuffinMan (@its_MuffinMan) segnalati

    @ChalupaGaming23 @FacebookGaming And unable to take that second to look at chat. It’s definitely a hurdle but it’s not impossible. I would also love to have the delay gone though. It would help chat a LOT at being able to hold a conversation. It’s hard to have a good back and forth with them having to wait

  • RastaLaVistah The Baby (@RastaLaVistah) segnalati

    @FluXHound69 @Facebook @FacebookGaming I've seen it work for some, can't hurt to try

  • AngryVetGaming AngryVet (@AngryVetGaming) segnalati

    @simplifiedgamer @FacebookGaming @Twitch Just fyi I stopped multistream due to all the issues where it would randomly drop frames.. I don't know if it's a fb issue

  • HuskyLean Aleina S. (@HuskyLean) segnalati

    @BearskiGaming @FacebookGaming They’re so broken 😒 if I could hand you my offer I would 😭

  • Froobish Froobish (@Froobish) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming It's hard to build a community when you've managed to detach me from my own FB Gaming channel so I can't manage it yet provide no ability to signal for help because you've automated everything (really badly I might add) except live chats for people who give you ad money.

  • nerdyaiyazmw NerdyAiyaz🌟 (@nerdyaiyazmw) segnalati

    @sikhwarriorlive @FacebookGaming Those girls know how to gather simps and lure them into giving money 💰 if someone wants to fix it, we as men should stop watching those streams and support non inappropriate streamers or small streamers

  • Suey_geo Silke Bude (@Suey_geo) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming Hi, you decided to lock my account last night while I was setting up my business page+then never sent the code to unlock my account either. Great service ... not. Please advise/help. Thanks in advance for your speedy reply.

  • GandolfMighty MightyGandolf (@GandolfMighty) segnalati

    There are some major issues with @FacebookGaming that im not to sure how to explain, my chat never updates anymore and something else just feels off lately about the platform...

  • Haley_connerr haley conner (@Haley_connerr) segnalati

    @HGVbreezy @FacebookGaming I had the same issues with my account, so I was recommended to Hackerswip on Instagram, who helped me to get my account back, he can help you recover your account back @CyberAgentfix

  • DucksideGaming DucksideGaming (@DucksideGaming) segnalati

    I wanna know why @FacebookGaming gave me a star challenge but when I go try and accept my old challenge is still there from 2020. I tried finishing it again but it doesn’t show the new one. I left the program thinking that would help.. now I can’t access it. Can someone help??

  • LuckyChappyFB Lucky Chappy (@LuckyChappyFB) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming We keep launching new features instead of working on the fundamentals like video quality, stream delay, notifications etc… 😔