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Facebook Gaming o fb.gg è la versione di Facebook dei giochi live streaming in cui giocatori e fan interagiscono. Facebook lo ha lanciato come una scheda sull'app di Facebook e un'app autonoma.

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  • Log-in 26.57% Log-in
  • Problemi di riproduzione 20.98% Problemi di riproduzione
  • Crash 19.58% Crash
  • Qualità video 3.50% Qualità video

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  • SOHELKHAN8530 SOHEL KHAN (@SOHELKHAN8530) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming help me to recover my personal bgmi game data backup

  • lgomez1213 luis gomez (@lgomez1213) segnalati

    @rereTHEEbeast @FacebookGaming Good work. Out there grinding. If you ever need anyone for apex let me know. I grind to diamond in ranked and trying to get to masters. Down to play any mode.

  • deathbycraft DeathByCRAFT Gaming (@deathbycraft) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming guess who got another copyright issue again over the glitch in your system

  • ReallyAdriel Adriel (@ReallyAdriel) segnalati

    @Meta @FacebookGaming Can you fix your Gaming side? The livestreams keep buffering on both Low Latancy and Normal. #FacebookGaming

  • MixIsLive Mix (@MixIsLive) segnalati

    Looking to get the @FacebookGaming feature for Black History Month. Lets see if they really work with creators of all sizes

  • LuckyChappyFB Lucky Chappy (@LuckyChappyFB) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming Alerts not working on Facebook? Even my alert tab on the live producer isn't recognising likes or shares or anything.

  • deathbycraft DeathByCRAFT Gaming (@deathbycraft) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming fix your Warner bro copyright issue

  • _JamesEv James (@_JamesEv) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming I am trying to integrate a webhook to link my gaming profile with my discord but am struggling to find where to do this? Any help would be appreciated :)

  • deathbycraft DeathByCRAFT Gaming (@deathbycraft) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming how about we fix these copyright issues for streamers so we can actually keep our streams going

  • RealKingSpGamin RealKingSp (@RealKingSpGamin) segnalati

    Its a Month Today Since my facebook gaming page got wrongfully deleted over false copyright claim yet @FacebookGaming still no help .. Charley I'm letting go but this is so wrong... Tomorrow we hit Level Up n probably Fan Subs on New Page 💪🏿🙏🏿

  • fluxo_ntj FLUXO_NTJ (@fluxo_ntj) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming LUQUET4 @fluxo_LuquEt4 ELE É GAGO AJUDA ELE AI POR FAVOR

  • bruno_bresoline Bruno Bresoline (@bruno_bresoline) segnalati

    @neymarjr @FacebookGaming Componho música e o meu sonho é ser cantor, me ajuda

  • JregTV Jreg Gaming (@JregTV) segnalati

    @RealJohnessy @FacebookGaming It may be boring and annoying for you but you doing this will help change everyone’s potential careers for the better! Massive respect

  • johnwalls29 john walls (@johnwalls29) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @F1 @Formula1game Instagram have been mistakenly disabling millions of accounts and they are not checking they emails to reactivate the accounts they deactivated and there is no customer support so we can tell them the issue so everyone is just stuck

  • RufflezGaming Rufflez (@RufflezGaming) segnalati

    It’s been over a month since I started contacting @FacebookGaming @MetaforBusiness @Meta for payout support and still no help. They admitted my information was correct and are still refusing to pay me. 🙄

  • RealJohnessy Johnessy (@RealJohnessy) segnalati

    @PhatWoody @FacebookGaming Check my tweets bud back like 12 days ago i posted a big doc with the problem.

  • astrocat7777 FBGG_AstroCat (@astrocat7777) segnalati

    Is anyone else having an issue not getting any live notifications on @FacebookGaming?! I haven’t gotten them for a couple days now!

  • robrt_rob Rob (@robrt_rob) segnalati

    @RealJohnessy @FacebookGaming @FacebookGaming help this man!

  • RealJohnessy Johnessy (@RealJohnessy) segnalati

    Been trying for 12 days to get @FacebookGaming to look at a fundamental problem on the platform for streamers. Reported the bug, posted in partner group, talked with live chat concierge, what else can i do? Just gonna keep posting about it until its looked at

  • EpicDaveGaming Epic Dave (@EpicDaveGaming) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @Meta @MetaforCreators I even joined your "Level Up Creator" group & the admins/mods block my posts requesting anyone's help or guidance.

  • EpicDaveGaming Epic Dave (@EpicDaveGaming) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @Meta @MetaforCreators Cant the Twitter Verse please help, retweet this to these accounts. Maybe with Volume they might respond/do something to fix this problem. If they let it happen to one of us, it can happen to any/all of us.

  • EpicDaveGaming Epic Dave (@EpicDaveGaming) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @Meta @MetaforCreators Careful Review? I got this response 1 1/2 minutes after I sent a request for help.

  • EpicDaveGaming Epic Dave (@EpicDaveGaming) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @Meta @MetaforCreators What a Joke "Thanks for your reply. We appreciate your patience. After careful review, we regret to inform you that we’re unable to take further action regarding this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue."

  • wavytheluvbug meme (@wavytheluvbug) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming yo can I get some help getting my Facebook account back??? It’s getting mad annoying been about a year or more since I been able to log into it it’s actually really ******* frustrating bro ong

  • nayfmeister nayfmeister (@nayfmeister) segnalati

    @Haddzy_ @FacebookGaming When I first found your stream I didn’t think in a million years that I’d enjoy slots content. How wrong was I?! Keep up the good work x

  • technogamerwasi MD. Wasim (@technogamerwasi) segnalati

    You have limited Page functionality for three days but now its 5 day but still showing this please help.. @Meta @FacebookGaming @facebookapp

  • Carlos55YB Ferrari Youngboy Degree in Ratiology (@Carlos55YB) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @Formula1game @F1 Fix the game

  • DpickleG War Pickle Gaming (@DpickleG) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @F1 @Formula1game How bout you fix people getting streams blocked for copyright WHEN THEYRE MUTED

  • DpickleG War Pickle Gaming (@DpickleG) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @Meta why are we getting copyright blocked on COMPLETELY MUTED STREAMS?! FIX YOUR CRAP!!

  • RealJohnessy Johnessy (@RealJohnessy) segnalati

    @IMr_Rebel @FacebookGaming Nothing mate sucks :( if this was fixed it fixes loads of issues.