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Facebook Gaming o fb.gg è la versione di Facebook dei giochi live streaming in cui giocatori e fan interagiscono. Facebook lo ha lanciato come una scheda sull'app di Facebook e un'app autonoma.

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Il grafico seguente mostra il numero di segnalazioni che abbiamo ricevuto su Facebook Gaming in base all'ora del giorno nelle ultime 24 ore. Un'interruzione viene determinata quando il numero di segnalazioni è superiore alla linea di base, rappresentata dalla linea rossa.

Grafico di interruzione di Facebook Gaming 10/18/2021 15:20

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I problemi più segnalati:

  • Log-in 27.27% Log-in
  • Buffering 26.62% Buffering
  • Crash 24.68% Crash
  • Problemi di riproduzione 15.58% Problemi di riproduzione
  • Qualità video 5.84% Qualità video

Facebook Gaming mappa interruzioni

Le segnalazioni e i problemi di interruzione più recenti sono originati da:

FranceLa Balme-les-Grottes Crash
FranceNarbonne Buffering
FranceAvignon Buffering
LuxembourgAlzingen Problemi di riproduzione
United StatesClermont Log-in
United KingdomBolton Problemi di riproduzione

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Segnalazioni sui problemi di Facebook Gaming

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  • llama_galaxy Llama's Galaxy (@llama_galaxy) segnalati

    @Timcasso99 @FacebookGaming Yeah,,, I was having issues with Twitch

  • DanielBogard6 Daniel Bogard (@DanielBogard6) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming Your system is broken or you wrongfully banned me and restricted my channel. It wont let me go live and Ive done nothing. FREE BOGIE! AKA DrbogiesGaming

  • sandrascott007 sandra😊 (@sandrascott007) segnalati

    @Haddzy_ @FacebookGaming Contact @hacker_marcus01 on Instagram, he’ll help you out on any ad related issues, he’s fast and reliable, 100% reliable

  • BigskygamingC BigSkyGaming (@BigskygamingC) segnalati

    @natchats93 @FacebookGaming @Twitch You have every right to try twitch even if they fix the issue.

  • natchats93 NATCHATS (@natchats93) segnalati

    Hi just an update. If the issues I've reported for the last 3 months don't change and get fixed on my page by the end of the month @FacebookGaming I think I have every right to try @Twitch after all hard work I've put into these 2 years I'm not letting it go down the drain 👍🏽

  • SkiddlySkip SkiddlySkip (@SkiddlySkip) segnalati

    @BlazedTaco_ @FacebookGaming Every automatic, copy & pasted response I’ve gotten has said ‘we are aware thumbnails are disabled for some users. They will return.’ When, I ask? Also, this is one the least pressing issues with my page. If you have some magical way of receiving assistance, please share lol

  • SkiddlySkip SkiddlySkip (@SkiddlySkip) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming please help me here. My thumbnail feature has been broken for over 4 months. I’ve submitted multiple tickets and received no help. Now, even the “report an issue” feature is broken. Disclaimer: These are not the only bugs with my page currently.

  • Machelwalker Machel Walker (@Machelwalker) segnalati

    @MSumant07678013 @FacebookGaming @facebookapp My Facebook account also got hacked and help center wasn’t helpful until I was referred to slim_hackk on Instagram I was scared of being scammed at first but was surprised when he finally got my hacked account recovered successfully you can try him out too

  • jnr_offivial brainboxx (@jnr_offivial) segnalati

    @MSumant07678013 @FacebookGaming @facebookapp I got hacked I contact help center they couldn't help me all thanks to frank_hack01 on Instagram he helped me to recover back my hacked account he is fast and reliable contract him he got the best service

  • choiichanheee brunno (@choiichanheee) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @Minecraft coloca de volta a opção de selecionar a qualidade das lives, capeta

  • Gentle_Bahd_Guy Powell rhony (@Gentle_Bahd_Guy) segnalati

    @KingTitan72 @FacebookGaming @timthetatman CYBER_TEKH on Instagram got my account unbanned in less than 30 minutes , just DM him to solve your problem

  • Drewd0g_ Drewd0g (@Drewd0g_) segnalati

    @Tripledwn1 @RawMontanaFB @FacebookGaming Using obs to record. If you struggle recording at higher bitrate you can record the same quality as stream.. but I don't recommend.

  • KingTitan72 👑Titan👑 (@KingTitan72) segnalati

    Round of applause for @FacebookGaming for allowing cheater like DixieRagez to hack in #warzone. @timthetatman we need your help to get this guy banned. Dixieragez#4992296

  • vvpaton vVPaton (@vvpaton) segnalati

    @Drewd0g_ @FacebookGaming Hopefully they will be huge for growth, I’m finally starting to see my returning viewers go up and up since I started making videos, my editing still needs some work, any preference to editing software?

  • ToxerisVALO Toxeris (@ToxerisVALO) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming Please let phone users change the quality of streams🙏

  • AirAssaultRando Brandon (@AirAssaultRando) segnalati

    @Mikky_Jayy @FacebookGaming Oh I know exactly what my problem is. I only stream on Friday and Saturday. On top of that I start my streams at midnight. I think from there I’m not doing TERRIBLE, but I am limited to when I can stream due to my work and family life. I don’t complain though.

  • Godformxx GForm (@Godformxx) segnalati

    @BlazedTaco_ @FacebookGaming I wonder if it could be affecting me reach/discoverability too, a lot of the problems recently has had me thinking about if it’s a good idea to continue over there

  • SoltekGG SOLTEK 🐐 Dreams come true (@SoltekGG) segnalati

    @Mae @FacebookGaming Sure, not a problem! Just trying to help

  • PitLanes PitlanesSimRacing (@PitLanes) segnalati

    @DanTurn24982555 @FacebookGaming Doesn't even launch since the update mate. Totally broken sadly.

  • Fb_PlainFace Lootfest 🔜PlainFace (@Fb_PlainFace) segnalati

    @BlazedTaco_ @FacebookGaming I saw someone talk about possible causes yesterday. I think it was @Mikky_Jayy. Maybe she can help?

  • christian_oost Christian Oost (@christian_oost) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming I hoped to play this weekend, however my account got blocked and no response from #facebook yet.. #help

  • tubbs7575 Tubbs7575 (@tubbs7575) segnalati

    Anyone else on @FacebookGaming have major issues yesterday with live notis going out? I've had one follower let me know they seen me go live last night, everyone else got nothing. Just curious if anyone else had this issue

  • AoM1s3ry rT. Ao m1s3rY (@AoM1s3ry) segnalati

    @MelvinTheOG @FacebookGaming I have a strike as well and never heard from support. I’m sure it’ll effect me getting my supporter button. I wish @FacebookGaming would get back to features that have this issue

  • _trifinite Mr. TriHard (@_trifinite) segnalati

    @Mikky_Jayy @FacebookGaming Shid help me cuz this is a travesty!!!

  • lim1708 kyunghee lm (@lim1708) segnalati

    @watty4rmye @FacebookGaming I was recommended to @AntiTrafico_DF they were able to successfully regain access back to my suspended account. They even work on banned, locked accounts. I recommend them✅

  • RKDGamesfb RKD Games (@RKDGamesfb) segnalati

    Day 3 of asking the @FacebookGaming gods to put me in the algo so I can get my supporter stickers finally. (I know it don't work like that but it don't hurt to ask)

  • kcac2222 SoulK (@kcac2222) segnalati

    @watty4rmye @FacebookGaming I was recommended to @AntiTrafico_DF they were able to successfully regain access back to my suspended account. They even work on banned, locked accounts. I recommend them✅

  • watty4rmye watty4rmye (@watty4rmye) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming I’ve been locked out of my Facebook account please help me

  • TheEngineer___ TheEngineer (@TheEngineer___) segnalati

    @Mikky_Jayy @FacebookGaming Mine says i dont have original content when i only stream to facebook so im assuming thats my issue.

  • JoshRoseberry5 Rosebudgaming369 (@JoshRoseberry5) segnalati

    I hate trying to watch a streamer on @FacebookGaming cause the video quality is dog ****.. #IsaidWhatisaid #FacebookGaming