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La seguente mappa delle interruzioni mostra le località più recenti in tutto il mondo in cui gli utenti di Facebook Gaming hanno segnalato i loro problemi e interruzioni. Se hai un problema con Facebook Gaming e la tua zona non è elencata, inviare una segnalazione di seguito.

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maggio 18: Problemi con Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming sta avendo problemi dalle 05:40 PM CET. Sei interessato? Lascia un messaggio nei commenti.

Facebook Gaming o fb.gg è la versione di Facebook dei giochi live streaming in cui giocatori e fan interagiscono. Facebook lo ha lanciato come una scheda sull'app di Facebook e un'app autonoma.

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Le segnalazioni di disservizio e i problemi degli ultimi 15 giorni sono originati da:
Localizzazione Segnalazioni
Val-d'Or, QC 4
West Valley City, UT 3
Kansas City, KS 2
San Diego, CA 2
Rome, Lazio 2
Milan, Lombardia 2
South Amboy, NJ 2
Mens, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 1
Perth, WA 1
Thomaston, CT 1
Brooklyn, NY 1
Floral Park, NY 1
Honolulu, HI 1
Gouverneur, NY 1
State College, PA 1
Haverfordwest, Wales 1
Parsons, KS 1
Lima, OH 1
Long Beach, CA 1
Plainfield, IN 1
Berlin, NJ 1
Sheffield, England 1
Sicklerville, NJ 1
Charlottetown, PE 1
Dexter, ME 1
Melbourne, VIC 1
Cartago, Departamento del Cauca 1
Montecassiano, Marche 1
Ridgeway, VA 1
Quinte West, ON 1
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  • Kurkthulu (@Kurkthulu) segnalati

    @rejects_2 @FacebookGaming I’m seriously going to reconfigure my setting after work and cut them lose. Not worth at this point.

  • Kurkthulu (@Kurkthulu) segnalati

    *Another* copyright strike/muted vid from FB for a stream last night that only had copyright free tunes. Same vid is still up on YouTube & Twitch w/o any issues. Hey @FacebookGaming, why should I keep streaming to your platform? Might cut ya from my Restream & save a few bucks.

  • UnitedGamingFB aka stuart (@fb_utd) segnalati

    @GeorgeMxrtin1 @FacebookGaming Seen a few streamers creator dashboard is broken eg. stars earnings etc

  • PurrAnna (@PurrAnna_) segnalati

    Can someone help me out with Facebook Reels? What format should they be in ( ex. Like tik tok format?) should I include hashtags? Anyone got any tips to make them really pop off? @FacebookGaming 🔥

  • Jessica Martinez (@Jdmtz38) segnalati

    @sizzle_dragon @FacebookGaming They really need to focus on fixing the existing issues before promoting to become a streamer. That’s why I haven’t even considered streaming on fb anymore. You’d think after them losing so many streamers they would do something.

  • Wepaaa (@_wepaaa) segnalati

    Sooo I just woke up to see my bonus challenges got reset? I had the first one reset and was working on the next one... Is there anyone that can help? @Meta @FacebookGaming @facebookapp

  • CallMeMcRib (@meadowhopper03) segnalati

    @mediakits @FacebookGaming I tried a week or so ago but for some reason it wouldn't work. So once I figure it out then I will be.

  • SenpaiJesus 🇵🇷🇩🇴 (@SenpaiJesusGG) segnalati

    Got an email Next week my @FacebookGaming page is getting active. Thats the same **** they said 4 months ago. This is crazy how bad this is. Of course if i get my page back ima say nice things. But overall their support is the worst of the worst. FEEDBACK!!

  • Hazmat6135 (@hazmat6135) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming why is there no appeals for this ****? The only sounds on my stream are my voice, my game and @PlayStreamBeats. your AI or whatever that scrubs videos is broken AF HELP

  • N0M4D (@N0M4DTV) segnalati

    Anyone having problems connecting to @FacebookGaming ? I can't get past the select live video. When I click that, it keeps looping. I have cleared my cache and have tried it on 2 different computers. And 2 different internet providers.

  • HGVbreezy (@HGVbreezy) segnalati

    @MugsTV @FacebookGaming I've gotten those, had the new sub one once. I got ads on reels a week or so ago but doesn't look like it's active. Wish they would explain how these work better


    @FacebookGaming @bavamedia @StackUpDotOrg Having trouble with my Facebook account..can someone please contact me

  • just liv🤍 (@LivieMcNutt) segnalati

    @facebookapp @FacebookGaming @FacebookWatch help me y’all

  • WW CHIBBS (@chibbsstream) segnalati

    @BeanBolt @FacebookGaming Unpopular opinion but they need to fix a lot of the features they already have…

  • ShamShieldGaming (@ShamShieldGami) segnalati

    @FacebookGaming @its_dwolf Fix you algorithm my page is been 90 percent the last three days.

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