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E-Trade Financial Corporation offre una piattaforma di commercio elettronico per negoziare attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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  1. Login (36%)

    Login (36%)

  2. Website (33%)

    Website (33%)

  3. Piattaforma di trading (29%)

    Piattaforma di trading (29%)

  4. Ritiri (2%)

    Ritiri (2%)

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United KingdomRamsgate Login
United StatesSan Jose Website
United StatesEugene Login
United StatesLehigh Acres Login
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  • theraceforever Blake Phlegmatic (@theraceforever) segnalati

    @Etrade for all intents and purposes, no longer offers customer support

  • noneother noneother (@noneother) segnalati

    @jonathannotjon @etrade How is the acceptable to their leaders. Take some pride in your work. Total awful. @jimcramer maybe you can call them out? Or recommend the competition??

  • MichaelScottPa2 Michael Scott Paper Company (@MichaelScottPa2) segnalati

    @etrade WHY ******** DOESN'T UOUR APP WORK

  • _mceravolo_ Michael Ceravolo (@_mceravolo_) segnalati

    I think @etrade Power app is down more often than it works

  • trader_tropical The Tropical Trader (@trader_tropical) segnalati

    @etrade Power E*Trade not working this morning

  • scselig Sam (@scselig) segnalati

    @etrade is down @zerohedge

  • KowalczykRyan Ryan Kowalczyk (@KowalczykRyan) segnalati

    E*TRADE PRO seems to be going down, no longer providing any charting or updates...some quotes still coming across but barely @etrade

  • kellycateross kellycateross (@kellycateross) segnalati

    @etrade Can you explain why E*TRADE is keeping my money and won’t let me transfer ? Your help line has a 3 hour hold time.

  • ALPacaUrfudge Tomas Gardner (@ALPacaUrfudge) segnalati

    @etrade Why is the site so slow right now its like AOL dial-up?

  • 0001_Trader 🚀🚀 0001 TRADER 🚀🚀 (@0001_Trader) segnalati

    Hey @etrade your L2 on your #ETrade PRO platform is screwing up bad!

  • ShaneWillis10 Shane Willis (@ShaneWillis10) segnalati

    Wow never had to wait 35+ minutes for @etrade customer support, they were always so quick to help #dissapointed #stillonhold

  • strammis Strammis (@strammis) segnalati

    @etrade @CitiesOfHeroes I am having the same issue. If you have some systemic issue going on, atleast just post it on your website so we can check back when it is resolved.

  • DJJohnjohn Vic Damone Jr. (@DJJohnjohn) segnalati

    Did so much trading today E*TRADE out a hold on my account! @etrade wtf.

  • YeMustBeReBorn lucky (@YeMustBeReBorn) segnalati

    @etrade Traders are closing their accounts with you. High net worth accounts moving to @IBKR and @TDAmeritrade ... your poor service is costing people too much money

  • MoMoneyAM Mo Money 💸 (@MoMoneyAM) segnalati

    @etrade You going to fix your platform or should I find a new broker?

  • hughhmoore Hugh Moore (@hughhmoore) segnalati

    @etrade No customer support! Phone lines never answer, online chat wait 231 minutes right now. I have an expiring right and it requires me to call, but can't get through.

  • StockHollywood Stock Hollywood (@StockHollywood) segnalati

    @etrade your platform is seriously ****** up lately. damn

  • MichaelScottPa2 Michael Scott Paper Company (@MichaelScottPa2) segnalati

    @etrade @CitiesOfHeroes FIX YOUR ******* **** ETRADE

  • StockRanger_ StockRanger (@StockRanger_) segnalati

    @etrade at it again with the worst fills for any otc stock. I repeat do not use them for otc trading. $SNPW $OZSC $BMIX to name a few.

  • MoneyLobster 💲 Money Lobster 🦞 #Maine (@MoneyLobster) segnalati

    @etrade This is a problem you need to figure out how to solve for your customers

  • lreyes13 Luis Reyes (@lreyes13) segnalati

    @etrade can’t login into my account? App isn’t working!! #help

  • Traced_Inc Traced, Inc. (@Traced_Inc) segnalati

    @etrade down again

  • djfiorani Doug Fiorani (@djfiorani) segnalati

    @etrade, I am trying to do a transfer and get an error. Message says to call. Well, I have been on hold for hours now and I would like to be able to access my assets. #Frustrated

  • a1core1 Alcore (@a1core1) segnalati

    Lots of tough days lately. Taking the rest of the day off so I can start fresh tomorrow. Should be ok if I can at least trade the open. No more @etrade issues getting between me and my profits.

  • ChrisRamon7 Bud Fox (@ChrisRamon7) segnalati

    @0001_Trader @etrade Man E*TRADE is terrible. I want to get out but don't want to miss a week of trading to transfer funds

  • up2gointl Up2Go (@up2gointl) segnalati

    @etrade I am trying to do a transfer and I get an error and to contact customer service. However, I may die while on hold (hours and hours)!! How can I talk to a human?

  • chefstefanko Jason Stefanko (@chefstefanko) segnalati

    @etrade one hour hold and counting.......... @RobinhoodApp how’s your customer service?

  • nostealmyname NoNameAvailable (@nostealmyname) segnalati

    Yep, @etrade down again. Time to switch

  • _ceoced COLOSSAL 🦁 (@_ceoced) segnalati

    @etrade y’all customers service slow

  • jaykanor JayKanor_byDay (@jaykanor) segnalati

    @etrade you really need to get your power etrade connectivity speed issues fixed, especially in the mornings or im moving all my **** to @WebullGlobal . Im missing trades while your circles spin.