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E-Trade Financial Corporation offre una piattaforma di commercio elettronico per negoziare attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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  • tobybatch77 Toby Batchelder (@tobybatch77) segnalati

    If anyone is thinking of using @etrade don’t. Absolutely the worst brokerage company in the business. They have my money and I can’t get it out. Hold times are hours long. Website is set up to make it almost impossible to close account or send me my check. No email option.

  • seanbonnolly Sean Connolly (@seanbonnolly) segnalati

    @etrade stop changing your damn margin requirement against $OPEN

  • StephenSeiden Stephen Seiden (@StephenSeiden) segnalati

    Whoever made the @etrade commercial where he hits a golf ball on the moon and it falls back down at his feet must've missed science class

  • blucosh blucosh (@blucosh) segnalati

    Sooo @etrade what happened??? Technical issues?? And then “We couldn’t find the symbol AMC” ?? Two hour phone wait times?? As an investor I expected better from you. #friday21amc #AMCNOTLEAVING

  • JDToMD JDToMD (@JDToMD) segnalati

    @etrade OMG. What the heck! The Power Etrade platform is not working just before the close and I can't make the transaction I want!!!!

  • RedFyv3 RedFyve (@RedFyv3) segnalati

    @etrade Your platform is down at the close?

  • DGonsch David N. Gonsch (@DGonsch) segnalati

    @etrade Down 10 minutes before the first monthly options expiration of the year

  • officialreview Arie @ OfficialReview (@officialreview) segnalati

    Both @etrade and @CharlesSchwab gotta be the worst web & mobile apps in the world, from a technical standpoint. Who developed this garbage?

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) segnalati

    @etrade oil crash 0000000

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) segnalati

    @etrade oil falling knife crash 000000

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) segnalati

    @etrade oil crash 0000””

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) segnalati

    @etrade oil crash 000”0”

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) segnalati

    @etrade oil falling knife crash 00000”””

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) segnalati

    @etrade oil crash 00”000

  • AnnMarieCoan Ann Marie R. Coan (@AnnMarieCoan) segnalati

    @etrade WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!?!? It now has wait time of over 2 hours each time I have called since December (4 times). Your chat function has been discontinued as has your message center. There is literally no way to reach you. Time for me to move on!

  • BuhMule Jennifer S Jackson-Hooks (@BuhMule) segnalati

    @etrade So. Tried to log in. Didn't accept me. Downloaded app and tried to bring in my existing paper account. Can't do it. Tried to call. 2 hour wait. What the actual, y'all? Fix the app so I can say "merge my account from this account"; or make the web login better.

  • KhloeSilverado Khloe Silverado (@KhloeSilverado) segnalati

    @etrade ever thought of hiring addl customer service phone staff? 2 hrs on hold to place a stop payment on a ck. Still holding

  • SeLfMaDeTrAd3r _Maur1 (@SeLfMaDeTrAd3r) segnalati

    @ETRADE fix your etrade pro plz, otherwise im gonna have to switch to @IBKR

  • otc_shooter TheOTCShooter (@otc_shooter) segnalati

    @etrade Terrible platform wasted 2 years of trading with this company’s terrible customer service and resources. Please don’t waste time, money, or effort with this platform as all will lose value. Stop losses are ignored on a daily basis.

  • mdwngw MDBW 🗽😷 (@mdwngw) segnalati

    @etrade Trying to gain access to my account and apparently need to speak to Customer Service but every time I call the wait times are greater than 2 hours with no call back option. Who doesn’t have a call back option?

  • TheBadRepo Bad Repo (@TheBadRepo) segnalati

    @WdesRosiers @etrade its the new stuff with morgan stanley. didnt used to be like this, even in the worst of covid smh

  • sue_ferrara Sue Ferrara, PhD (@sue_ferrara) segnalati

    @etrade Since May 2021 I have needed assitance from E*Trade; my issue has yet to be resolved. Today, I call beneficary services and wait 90 minutes, no response. Now on the regular 800 line I am told I have in excess of a two-hour wait. Absolute insanity.

  • WdesRosiers William F desRosiers (@WdesRosiers) segnalati

    @etrade me estimated wait time with customer service is greater than 2 hours. It was this way last week and the week before. Is there a way to schedule a call or even just send an email about my issue? I don't think anyone has 2 hours to wait and listen to your hold music?

  • megeagie Megan Davie (@megeagie) segnalati

    Hey @etrade. I've been on hold with customer/beneficiary services for 3 hours and 31 minutes. You guys okay over there?

  • scottjf8 Scott Friedman (@scottjf8) segnalati

    90 minutes on hold to speak with a customer representative? C’mon @etrade that’s beyond f’ing ridiculous.

  • AbdulazizQasim د. عـ ـبـ ـد الـ عـ زيـ ز الـ قـ ـاسـ ـم 🇸🇦 (@AbdulazizQasim) segnalati

    @etrade I called 4 times and I've been on hold for about 30 min each and the line drops at each time. This has gotten much worse after Morgan’s acquisition….please fix this ASAP!

  • prosperousguy We Trade Setups 📈 (@prosperousguy) segnalati

    @etrade $BMBL is the worst dating app, I tweeted this a few months ago and said the same, they will go belly up unless they change that when someone "likes" you that it doesn't disappear in mere days.

  • CharlesWarnock Charles Warnock (@CharlesWarnock) segnalati

    @etrade - 2:23 hours on hold to talk to customer service for etrade bank. You guys using the old @MorganStanley steam-powered switchboard to manage calls? #csutomerservicefail

  • CharlesWarnock Charles Warnock (@CharlesWarnock) segnalati

    @etrade - 1 hour hold time *again* and and chat support not available on the app? What's up here?

  • Stocktilo LaughingStock (@Stocktilo) segnalati

    @etrade Hey, I am signed up for paperless statements and you guys are sending me *paper* mail for every single trade. Seems like kind of a waste, no? I tried to call, but the wait times are forever. There is no apparent way for me to email you directly to fix this. What gives?