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E-Trade Financial Corporation offre una piattaforma di commercio elettronico per negoziare attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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  • steven_0825 Steven W (@steven_0825) segnalati

    @etrade worst customer service ever! Didn’t honor the promotion you promised, such a liar firm! Never deal with your firm again!

  • EdgarGlienke Edg🇦🇷 (@EdgarGlienke) segnalati

    @etrade hola no puedo crear una cuenta cual es el problema

  • keenra Keenra (@keenra) segnalati

    @StJunt @etrade I’ve never had any issues with customer service at E*TRADE personally...

  • JasonJSinHsin Jason Hsin (@JasonJSinHsin) segnalati

    Is the @etrade mobile app slow right now or just me?

  • ThreePointBomb Javier (@ThreePointBomb) segnalati

    @etrade Let's hope you don't have to deal w/ their customer service people

  • TxLxS LabCat 📡🐈‍⬛ (@TxLxS) segnalati

    Please lord give me patience... The idiots at @etrade first spam me with 4 emails per account under the same login, that they will enable sms 2FA. I make sure the mobile number is correct and guess what: Account restricted due to suspicious activity...

  • SheepUnheard UnheardSheep (@SheepUnheard) segnalati

    @etrade @MorganStanley Does anyone work on the social media, can someone assist the wait times on your website are horrendous to be handling people money. Please reach out to me to set up a call to resolve my issue.

  • joecrivelli Joe (@joecrivelli) segnalati

    @wooglinite @etrade I think they are matching huge outflows by attracting inflows with the highest rates. A brokered CD customer is a "customer" in a very very limited sense.

  • noonespecialno noone special (@noonespecialno) segnalati

    @etrade I canceled account after two days because you customer service is non existent

  • mohitsingh6596 Mohit Singh (@mohitsingh6596) segnalati

    @etrade dear E trade team i am facing issues to using my account. Please contact me via phone call My number is +91 7020216339

  • DanielMakeMake 🔮 (@DanielMakeMake) segnalati

    @BillGates they took me into the hospital and when I got discharged I lost %40 of my account value, @etrade over secured my account shortly after trying to transfer money and I couldn’t sign in at the hospital 🏥, they made me do a super password I had to note down after IDing me

  • YouVoted4it Time to get Serious (@YouVoted4it) segnalati

    I also miss the @etrade baby “That milkaholic Lindsey”… “Milka-what?” I miss funny commercials. Now, they’re just all “Dear White Parents” or “Climate Change!!” Even the crying Native American was better than all the stupid virtue signaling that goes on now. #ImissThe70’s

  • JBoogski JBoogie (@JBoogski) segnalati

    @ParentiSoundSys @Benshooter @etrade That’s my issue currently. I have open contracts with an average strike of 82.5 but I don’t have the funds to post margin at those prices. Luckily, my options are April/May expiry so hoping there is more guidance to come out regarding cash settlement or something before then

  • careerman70 Adam Craig (@careerman70) segnalati

    @etrade Little concerned. Anyone with an E*trade account having problems logging on? It keeps saying I have the wrong pw, even after just changing it...

  • UnemployedSpark UnemployedSparky (@UnemployedSpark) segnalati

    @etrade Why doesn't your company have a customer service department?

  • MubinChoudhury8 Mubin Choudhury (@MubinChoudhury8) segnalati

    @InvestmentsNvj @etrade It was always a longer hold for me so no issues here from what Frank has said it look like the lawyer messed it up? Who know need some clarity from managment.

  • danmichelucci _Michelucci (@danmichelucci) segnalati

    @etrade @JediJosh83 I still cannot import from ETRADE.. error 103.. and my credentials are NOT wrong.

  • vaenergy 1607Project (@vaenergy) segnalati

    @etrade “Diversity, equity, inclusion” Company run by idiots! How about “Profits, customer service, merit.” I’m moving my 2 accounts before they become a Silicon Valley.

  • Sue2BlueSky Getoutside (@Sue2BlueSky) segnalati

    @TSDR_Trading @etrade Well someone accidently sold all their appl via options on etrade. For half price. Did it online at etrade. Wtf. Feel so bad!!!

  • TrumanCooper Truman🧨 (@TrumanCooper) segnalati

    @bullish_anon I also encourage you to get off $hood and look into @etrade or @TDAmeritrade etc. (if your using hood as primary broker) $hood is broken and their customer is considered last.

  • Stock_Hunter89 Levi (@Stock_Hunter89) segnalati

    @TSDR_Trading @etrade Oh damn! Yep been there makes the butt pucker

  • TSDR_Trading TSDR Trading (@TSDR_Trading) segnalati

    Anyone else’s E*trade having issue with quotes? @etrade

  • carla68 Carla Mononym (@carla68) segnalati

    @etrade Site is down or is it just me?

  • Billthetruth1 Billthetruth (@Billthetruth1) segnalati

    @EvanPaulMorris1 @etrade @SECGov I got a response back from the SEC...they gave my complaint to Etrades compliance department...f ing joke!

  • Velcro108 Friendly Neighborhood Joe (@Velcro108) segnalati

    Anyone with E-Trade @etrade not get their DRIPed dividends that were supposed to hit yesterday? Nothing but problems ever since @MorganStanley took over.

  • BaliYaaah Bali Yaaah (@BaliYaaah) segnalati

    @stockspotify I have @etrade as well and spoke to a rep who told me the 999% is incorrect and that it should be adjusted down to 100%. Unfortunately they did not know when so my entire funds are locked up in a false margin call for $12,000, total bs.

  • BoomSmacked BOOM (@BoomSmacked) segnalati

    @etrade Emailed ceo and entire board of directors of etrade and still....crickets??? WTF ETRADE !!!

  • LucaBra66424748 🇺🇸Captain John Birch was a hero🇺🇸 (@LucaBra66424748) segnalati

    @etrade Not thinking much of your customer service right now.

  • stockspotify Stockspotify (@stockspotify) segnalati

    @eparedez are they doing a 990% requirement? I mean they are derisked now was point i was just making w @etrade The worst broker platform out there imo...

  • WorldNewsCoin World News Crypto (@WorldNewsCoin) segnalati dall' Brookford, North Carolina

    @etrade remit payment to @TMobileLatino I am thinking the two customer service never seen a minority being a business owner @MikeBloomberg