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E-Trade Financial Corporation offre una piattaforma di commercio elettronico per negoziare attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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  • persian_yeti Matt (@persian_yeti) segnalati

    @CalCoastCU @etrade It looks like Venmo has the same issue when trying to link an account.

  • squalo TeamAnts (@squalo) segnalati

    @etrade support is non-existent. They purchased optionshouse a while back where I had an account. I have been unable to login since then and their customer service hold times are always over 90 minutes. I'm not sure anyone actually works there anymore. #theySuck

  • SamLeAir Sam LeAir (@SamLeAir) segnalati

    @etrade What is an email that I can use to contact customer service? Your call center is unworkable with wait times exceeding 90 minutes.

  • joshcarcione josh carcione (@joshcarcione) segnalati

    @etrade @etrade kind of insane. No one can help over the phone, and the person I was communicating with just stopped responding. Why can’t you have someone answer the emails?

  • logexlyf amy (@logexlyf) segnalati

    @etrade hi. I want to close a brokerage acct;unable online coz of open position; phone support->2hrs wait. Email pls? Thanks

  • bogmanmaster Bogmanmaster (@bogmanmaster) segnalati

    @etrade I have been trying to contact customer service forever, have not used E*TRADE for a while and just transferred some money into my account, I do not remember customer service being this SLOW.

  • tkdlj Lisa Jack (@tkdlj) segnalati

    @etrade customer service it horrendous just the worst ever

  • tkdlj Lisa Jack (@tkdlj) segnalati

    @etrade I am very disappointed in etrade customer service on hold 2 hours to discuss my check deposit, going back to Ameritrade. unbelievable TERRIBLE CUTOMER service rep then accidently hung up on me when putting me back on hold.

  • mwerner97 Matt Werner (@mwerner97) segnalati

    @etrade is the worst company to do business with. Their practices border on fraudulent.

  • Antonio64278277 Antonio (@Antonio64278277) segnalati

    @etrade I need help! The trading day is almost over, your system set me up to buy for today. Who in their right mind would buy a contract for today when there is 30 minutes left in the market! This is terrible. I’m about to just throw cash into your hands what is this

  • YouPlumDumb Tim Yeoman (@YouPlumDumb) segnalati

    @etrade 3hr wait, No live chat customer service at its finest. #worserecommendationever

  • MCubed1111 matt (@MCubed1111) segnalati

    Etrade ******* up again. Showing 0$ balance off and on on some holdings plus cutting my overall balance by a 1/3. Wtf is wrong with your system?! @etrade

  • Thoughts_NJ Katie (@Thoughts_NJ) segnalati

    For anyone having issues buying $zicx with @etrade you can call and place your order over the phone (they waived the fee for me) Since it just recently became pink current the change is still being processed. No problems buying online via @TDAmeritrade

  • InvestorZha Zhanae (@InvestorZha) segnalati

    Ok. I’m over E*Trade. @etrade keep on messing up my deposits and I’m trying to stack more $TGGI while it’s on sale. Customer Service SUCK, and no option to live chat. I’m moving everything to @TDAmeritrade 👻🤝

  • StockHollywood Stock Hollywood (@StockHollywood) segnalati

    @etrade been getting the worst fills today and y'all are holding orders longer than normal. just fyi

  • ystrdys Ystrdys (@ystrdys) segnalati

    @etrade train your customer service reps better. Spent 2 hours talking in circles today, exiting your app as soon as I’m done with my positions. Incredibly disappointed with you guys,lack of clear information and understanding of your own system. Unbelievable

  • Mark_Blondin Mark Blondin (@Mark_Blondin) segnalati

    @etrade @RedFyv3 Your kidding. The Chat service doesn't work. The wait time on the 800 # is 20 minutes. The E*Trade online interface seems to be cludgy. Asking someone to call the 800 # is cruel

  • JACIE11163265 JACIE (@JACIE11163265) segnalati

    @cheezedawgb @DeviantImmortal @etrade A friend said the same about E-Trade so he’s leaving-so many problems. Made me decide to stay with T.D.

  • framerate Justin Reynard (@framerate) segnalati

    @etrade I eventually got through. Please consider hiring more dedicated security people. If you lock my financial account, there needs to be someone answering phones quickly to rectify otherwise you're not a financial service, you're blackmail.

  • DeviantImmortal Jodye Flacko (@DeviantImmortal) segnalati

    Red day for me. @etrade platform went down and wasn't able to execute 2 buys that would of kept me green. no excuses though, tomorrow we BANK. How did you do today?

  • DeviantImmortal Jodye Flacko (@DeviantImmortal) segnalati

    @cheezedawgb @JACIE11163265 @etrade yeah. It's bad.

  • cheezedawgb cheezedawg (@cheezedawgb) segnalati

    @njkmohan @etrade I don’t know why I’m still expecting E*TRADE to acknowledge that they have a problem a d that they are trying to fix it. Without that it’s easy to conclude that they don’t care that their platform is unstable which is why it keeps going down.

  • cheezedawgb cheezedawg (@cheezedawgb) segnalati

    @JACIE11163265 @DeviantImmortal @etrade It’s been a rough couple of weeks for etrade. Most disappointing part is their silence. I’d prefer for them to acknowledge the problem and try to reassure that they are working on it. Absent that it’s easy to conclude that they don’t care which is why it keeps happening.

  • isonno J. Peterson (@isonno) segnalati

    @etrade Found Stock Plan > My Account > Orders goes to a page where the disclosure ">" works. It doesn't load broken p_site_chat.js. Trading > Orders Is still broken. Please tell Support to take bug reports seriously, and not just dismiss with "clear cache / change browser"

  • JACIE11163265 JACIE (@JACIE11163265) segnalati

    @DeviantImmortal @etrade I will say TD doesn’t usually go down. Not perfect though.

  • therealtomhomas Tom (@therealtomhomas) segnalati

    @etrade down again @cnbc @markets

  • nobullshytrader nobullshytrading (@nobullshytrader) segnalati

    nice @etrade down mid day nice goin idiots! good thing i placed all my tradez already

  • DeviantImmortal Jodye Flacko (@DeviantImmortal) segnalati

    .@etrade down again. twice this week... sigh.😔

  • njkmohan Krishna Mohan Nerella (@njkmohan) segnalati

    I can't believe it! Power eTrade went down again. It has been just a couple of days since the last episode. They did not fix anything? 😖#etradedown #trading @etrade @MorganStanley

  • UncleToughStuff 🎃 Steven Champagne 🍾 (@UncleToughStuff) segnalati

    Come on @etrade I can’t log into my damn account again this week on mobile. Wtf!?