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E-Trade Financial Corporation offre una piattaforma di commercio elettronico per negoziare attività finanziarie tra cui azioni ordinarie, azioni privilegiate, contratti a termine, fondi negoziati in borsa, opzioni, fondi comuni di investimento e investimenti a reddito fisso.

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  • scotsailor2778 scotsailor (@scotsailor2778) segnalati

    @etrade @littleho_song No, there is a bigger problem. Futures quotes are frozen.

  • JeffreyBPhoto JeffreyB (@JeffreyBPhoto) segnalati

    @etrade 30+ minute wait time and chat support is even worse with projected wait time of north 45 mins. You need more support to assist your customers. This is pitiful.

  • yeeerblake θ Surgeon (@yeeerblake) segnalati

    just tried using @etrade for futures for the first time, by far the worst platform ever created. I would rather snail mail limit orders

  • Joejeffers13 Joe jeffers (@Joejeffers13) segnalati

    @etrade can you please fix the power E*TRADE app? Showing incorrect SP in my portfolio causing me to lose money on potential trades! Also incorrect balance. It’s really bad and I am contemplating another broker

  • davecleary3256 David Cleary (@davecleary3256) segnalati

    @BrandedByStyle @cafeconvwap @etrade Same. I called my broker yesterday and they knew nothing. Bad job by proxy service.

  • BrandedByStyle Kimberly Marney (@BrandedByStyle) segnalati

    @cafeconvwap I never received any notice of a vote from their firm and @etrade had no knowledge @fmci and tattooed chef need to fix this

  • paulkroell2 @yosarian (@paulkroell2) segnalati


  • Shawn01600661 Shawn (@Shawn01600661) segnalati

    @etrade had a great first 5 months of day trading with you and since the last 3 months I saw a lot of bugs in your system and I reported a lot of them but every time no rep wanted to dig into the issue to understand the issue (1)

  • hoydie17 Sean R. Hoyden (@hoydie17) segnalati

    @etrade established, and your phone support people are as frustrated as I am. You're definitely not putting a good foot forward if you're hoping to entice future customers. I'd rather take my business to @CharlesSchwab or anyone that is NOT @etrade (2/2)

  • hoydie17 Sean R. Hoyden (@hoydie17) segnalati

    @etrade folks, lets just be honest... if you guys want to earn more customers... giving beneficiaries the runaround unnecessarily isn't going to help. I was considering opening an IRA with you guys, but it's been such an impossible process to get my beneficiary accounts (1/2)

  • cbrogers2017 cbrogers (@cbrogers2017) segnalati

    @etrade You Guys are Terrible. Riding into the Week 4 trying to recover funds. Twice on the Hold for over 45 Minutes.

  • runako runako (@runako) segnalati

    Seriously, how has the gains tracking at @etrade been broken for 10+ years? There are deferred Jira tickets, but this is on a whole different level. Just reporting the wrong gains %ages since the Bush administration...

  • loan_gunman Total EXONERATION! (@loan_gunman) segnalati

    @etrade incredibly frustrated with the slow speed that your account re-activation team operates at. You can be sure that when I move my $1M portfolio to Ameritrade I will be citing your re-activation team as the reason why

  • ljj58 Len Jardine (@ljj58) segnalati

    @etrade customer service is a complete joke! Have been trying to transfer funds from my children"s UGMA accounts since May. Can't be handled online - so my children and I have spent literally hours on hold - terrible music with no hints and no resolution in sight! #etradestinks

  • Zen_Options Gregory Scott ✨ (@Zen_Options) segnalati

    @BAlexrod @etrade It was a computer issue, not on their end. Tech support helped me figure it out though. They do have good customer service, and have issued me substantial refunds in the past as well. That’s one reason why I keep using them.

  • BearWaveTech BearWave One (@BearWaveTech) segnalati

    @etrade been on hold with the premium support line for over 30 minutes after being told the estimated wait time was only 4 min. I've now waited over an hour with no progress.

  • BearWaveTech BearWave One (@BearWaveTech) segnalati

    @etrade after waiting 40 minutes to get live support, they asked "are you able to log in?" even though my support issue said "unable to log in." now i'm being told to call in and wait even longer... help...?

  • DerekMGrubbs Derek Grubbs (@DerekMGrubbs) segnalati

    @etrade wtf is wrong with your app. I hit refresh and it will bounce from huge negatives, to huge positives. I’m arguing with my gf about where Amazon is today because she’s using @RobinhoodApp which gives her valid information. Smh. This happens alllll the time

  • daveyboywhite Daveyboywhite (@daveyboywhite) segnalati

    @Quality_cQntrol @JuniorMintal @etrade We will be when the sleeper wake up not laugh and mock them but to help them get through there embarrassment, they will be in a bad place mentally because they think they know everything, we will be here for them.

  • CasacoProducer Casaco (@CasacoProducer) segnalati

    1. Tries to move money around in E*TRADE. Must log in to web browser, and then your account is locked, so must call agent. 30 mins later, agent does nothing Or 1. Robinhood, cash out please. 2. I got you fam, money is there by Wednesday. @etrade your interface is purposely bad?

  • king_reversal ReversalKing (@king_reversal) segnalati

    @EliteDayTraders @etrade I had an issue entering a short at the open in IB once this year - about a week ago shorting morning spike on $ORCL. Last time that happened was 2 years ago. But IB platform sucks compared to eTrade. Locating shorts is not glamorous either.

  • EliteDayTraders Luke Murray (@EliteDayTraders) segnalati

    @king_reversal @etrade yeah not sure what is up with etrade and why there have been so many issues with shorts, cant get a straight answer

  • littleho_song James Sun (@littleho_song) segnalati

    @etrade as a broker, your job is to make sure your service is fine, not participating trading! This has nothing to do with you

  • dnanyc412 dofnyc (@dnanyc412) segnalati

    @etrade This house of cards will come crashing down soon

  • EliteDayTraders Luke Murray (@EliteDayTraders) segnalati

    @etrade who at the company knows what is going on, major major trading delays for short orders and no one seems to have a valid reason for what's causing the issues, does anyone at etrade know what is going on?

  • sengel625 Sengel (@sengel625) segnalati

    @EliteDayTraders @etrade Did you notice any lag on Thursday or Friday? I had issues and they said none were reported

  • stockspotify Stockspotify (@stockspotify) segnalati

    @iamkingmcqueen @etrade @etrade futures products down last night,, today no premarket trades,, these people are the herpes of brokers

  • zeddknite ZeddKnite (@zeddknite) segnalati

    @etrade You guys need to learn how to under promise and over deliver. You've clearly cut down on your service capabilities, so don't tell people "give it a couple more days" each time I call back after a couple of days. #thirdtimesacharm

  • MLNardone Mat (@MLNardone) segnalati

    @etrade power etrade not updating this evening, app or desktop. No internet issues. Any ETA?

  • Alex__Salomon Temporarily Sinking Tanker Twiterer (@Alex__Salomon) segnalati

    @stockspotify @etrade Looks like it is a @CMEGroup issue ...