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Arlo Technologies è un'azienda di automazione domestica, che produce telecamere wireless e sistemi di sicurezza domestica. Arlo è di proprietà di Netgear.

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Grafico di interruzione di Arlo 12/03/2022 14:10

dicembre 03: Problemi con Arlo

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  • Funzionalità online 39.49% Funzionalità online
  • Errore del dispositivo 20.29% Errore del dispositivo
  • Log-in 18.84% Log-in
  • Errori 9.06% Errori
  • Arresto dell'app 8.70% Arresto dell'app
  • Website 3.62% Website

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GermanyWieden Funzionalità online
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GermanyMarburg an der Lahn Errore del dispositivo
GermanySeevetal Arresto dell'app
United KingdomWitham Errore del dispositivo
GermanySehnde Log-in

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  • Maart003 Maarten👨‍💻🎮🇺🇦 (@Maart003) segnalati

    @bulldogdev @ArloSmartHome Do you still have this problem? My dad is experiencing the same issue.

  • greg_willson greg_willson (@greg_willson) segnalati

    My @ArloSmartHome system not working today. Flashing amber on base station. Called a friend. His system also not working. Same symptoms. Arlo?

  • TheAlphaSwede TheAlphaSwede 🇸🇪🇺🇦🇺🇸 (@TheAlphaSwede) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome Fix your ****, for this money we want a better service!

  • pwsimerimiaw Buddug~#We need a GE~FBPE~LongCovid~EDS ME ⚫🕷 (@pwsimerimiaw) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome I am desperate to have contact with customer care ar Arlo to return an item sent to me in error. I get through to technical support who cannot help. They sold me the wrong item, now say there are 'policies' to stop me getting a collection return.

  • zephiK0 zephiK (@zephiK0) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome your latest iOS update is bugged. Shows my camera and base is offline but it isn't. Data is still retrievable in the library

  • jeremygaffer jeremygaffer (He / Him) (@jeremygaffer) segnalati dall' Los Angeles, California

    WTF @ArloSmartHome … Literally nothing has changed in my home, doorbell still works, lights still work, but ALL cameras take a ****? What update did you push out? Anybody else?

  • TeslaOptimusAI Optimus (Parody) (@TeslaOptimusAI) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome ai need help connecting my baby arlo, I am expecting my second baby but the camera wont connect to my network

  • MusabbirHKhan Musabbir H. Khan (@MusabbirHKhan) segnalati dall' Paris, Île-de-France

    @ArloSmartHome is there a limit to how many cameras I could see from HomeKit? I am planning to buy 10, but if there is a limit, it wouldn’t serve my purpose. Need some #help answering the question.

  • Vincent7722 Vincent C. (@Vincent7722) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome bonjour j ai reinstalle mes 2 cameras mais sur celle qui n'est pas et je n ai pas d enregistrement d image lors de detection juste la notification: -n⁰ de serie A5D2127JA213C -materiel VMC2030AerH8 -firmeware: Si vous pouviez m aider merci

  • DElliotWoods D. Elliot Woods (ELLIOT) (@DElliotWoods) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome Hi... are you guys having some sort of issue with online purchasing? I've been trying to make a purchase from your website for 45 minutes now and am getting an error message that suggests I contact you. So... I'm contacting you. Thanks.

  • Kaptivate Kaptivate (@Kaptivate) segnalati

    @ramalad @ArloSmartHome I won't give them any more money that's for sure. I spent the extra time to figure out how to fix it all but wow it is just gross tactics.

  • ramalad dal (@ramalad) segnalati

    @Kaptivate @ArloSmartHome What ********...... I would be swapping that **** out for something from a company that cares more about their customers.

  • ArkDev ArkDev 🎮 (@ArkDev) segnalati

    La plus grosse ironie de la situation est que depuis maintenant 1 bonne semaine, j'étais en train de me renseigner sur diverses caméras présentes sur le marchés (@ArloSmartHome , @netatmo, @Somfyfr) et mon historique YT est rempli de divers tests... Un étrange pressentiment ? 🫤

  • JoshuaDijamco Joshua Dijamco (@JoshuaDijamco) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome Is Arlo down at the moment? All of my cameras are suddenly offline and trying to re-add one of them is failing repeatedly.

  • Herrmann8er Herrmann8er (@Herrmann8er) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome why are you changing your logo fom a bird to a house? Do you know how many other apps use a house logo? Why not just leave it alone if it isn't broken? Lol

  • rockitaerials Rockitaerials (@rockitaerials) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome @ArloSmartHome - A year of library footage was taken from us with no warning when we replaced a broken Arlo camera. Our account is in good standing. Can you help us get all the footage we paid for back please?

  • ryansam06 Ryan Sam (@ryansam06) segnalati dall' Stockton, California

    **** you @ArloSmartHome !!!! Can not step **** up!!!! Lame asssss device. **** is annoying as ****. Yes I'm in wifi 2G piece of **** crap.

  • aligrube Alison Grube (@aligrube) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome @Cawths01 Arlo I’ve been trying to get a human to talk to me for three weeks now and you are of no help it’s so absolutely frustrating the worst customer support I’ve ever had

  • aligrube Alison Grube (@aligrube) segnalati

    @Fatima905769962 @ArloSmartHome I’m having similar and terrible problems with Arlo it’s been three weeks now and they haven’t put me in touch with a human to help me. In the end I had to call my credit card company and block them from taking my money and I’m getting a new system.

  • aligrube Alison Grube (@aligrube) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome @Cawths01 Your DM support is terrible and it’s been three weeks now that you’ve been not able to help me. Please put us in touch with humans. I Will not let anybody I care about use your system.

  • aligrube Alison Grube (@aligrube) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome Your customer support is terrible. It’s been three weeks now with no help I keep getting emails telling me to do some thing that I’m not able to do and you’re not able to put me in touch with a human to help me. You’re a terrible technology company with no help to the customer.

  • aligrube Alison Grube (@aligrube) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome It has been three weeks and you still haven’t resolved my case or put me in touch with a human to help me yet I still get email almost every night from you.

  • QIs4Quantum Q (@QIs4Quantum) segnalati

    Security System on Oct 21 2022. As such, I am encountering blank pages when I try to pull up a number of web pages Please fix the damage you’ve allowed them to do to my iPhone within 48 hrs or I’ll switch my browser Thank you @AppleSupport @ArloSmartHome @Xfinity

  • khennessy07 Kathleen Hennessy (@khennessy07) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome so frustrated with these products and don’t recommend. Brought new camera for house that will NOT set up. Tried to contact support but cannot get live help without paying for service. So I need to give you MORE money just to use the device

  • bbreezyfbaby Bre (@bbreezyfbaby) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome is a terrible company. My camera is useless lol do not buy from them.

  • aligrube Alison Grube (@aligrube) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome Arlo! You have the very worst customer service I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription and you have me in a runaround loop of the same questions telling me I don’t have an account with you yet you’re billing me … And you cannot connect me with a human to help stop this

  • aligrube Alison Grube (@aligrube) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome your support team and customer service is the worst I have ever experienced! Not only could you NEVER connect me with a human or solve my problem, you are now sending me unrelated problems to solve. You are NOT a smart technology company... not smart at all.

  • julbeelee julianna (@julbeelee) segnalati

    Worst customer experience with @ArloSmartHome - completely defective product and they won’t even let me talk to customer service unless I pay them more money for a subscription for what has been a defective product

  • BrazenIron Brazen Iron (@BrazenIron) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome cameras are trash.

  • tjroberts04 tjroberts04 (@tjroberts04) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome you’d think when you’re having trouble with cameras that were pretty expensive that I could find somebody to talk to not just a robot.