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Arlo Technologies è un'azienda di automazione domestica, che produce telecamere wireless e sistemi di sicurezza domestica. Arlo è di proprietà di Netgear.

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  • barbiesway Barbie D H (@barbiesway) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome It'd be nice to talk to a human when you chat says "it's new and has no answer" TERRIBLE customer service. I have to pay Xtra for cameras that originally came as a pack With Arlo secure IF I join the multiple & pay that monthly fee will you stop the other fees?

  • tuler Tyler Smith (@tuler) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome the last place I want to see an ad is when I login to my Arlo app to find out if someone is trying to break into my home.

  • royj11 roy squillario (@royj11) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome No customer service how safe can it be? I have a billing problem and your rep by email tells me I don’t have an account - so where is my monthly payment going ?

  • hate_nj Jenn (@hate_nj) segnalati

    My Mother in law has @ArloSmartHome cameras. They aren’t working and on line help is hard for a 77 year old woman. No phone number to call for support in the US but they want to keep people safe. Yea right. #epicfail

  • hate_nj Jenn (@hate_nj) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome My Mother in law is trying to have a safe environment but ur product isn’t working & on line help is hard for a 77 year old woman so how are u going to assist? Do not buy a product that has no number to call for support in the US folks!

  • hate_nj Jenn (@hate_nj) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome My Mother in law is trying to have a safe environment but ur product isn’t working and she on line help is hard for a 77 year old woman so…. how are u going to assist? Do not recommend a product that has no number to call for support in the US!!!

  • royj11 roy squillario (@royj11) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome @treasuretruck Why don’t you have a telephone number people can call you on. I have a billing issue and there is no way to resolve it - your app dies not provide the support it should if you have no phone numbers that work. Perhaps your going out of business?

  • darrlin sh’darrlin (@darrlin) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome SUPPORT, plz contact me: MONTHS of paid subscription to record cam vids, but not record’g. My acct doesn’t show I have a subscr, but am still being charged. It worked for a while. Last supprt email was 1/26/22. Not fixed yet. Would appreciate refund & fix subscr.

  • c_boyle Chris Boyle (@c_boyle) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome Hi, I'm trying to create an account and the verification email never arrives (not in spam, tried multiple accounts). Chrome dev tools show the response "Salesforce API sfsendemail is not working please check". Could you look into that?

  • greglynn Greg Lynn (@greglynn) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome website is down and app unable to connect!

  • AJoshiReal Anirudha Joshi (AJ) (@AJoshiReal) segnalati

    Dear @ArloSmartHome, use of delicate microUSB for charging your cameras is a bad design. Already, two of the cameras I installed are having charging troubles within 18 months.

  • sabinaxo Sabina ♛ (@sabinaxo) segnalati

    I swear the worst customer service goes to @ArloSmartHome hands down.. this is my mistake for choosing them over @ring

  • Boston_Shanks PPH (@Boston_Shanks) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome purchased 4 Pro 4 cameras. 1/2 are offline constantly. The useless suggestions don’t work. Return on the way.

  • WilsonMarga Marga Wilson (@WilsonMarga) segnalati

    @pokhrel_bishrut @ArloSmartHome I have the same issue. It was working during the free trail. Now i am paying for the subscription, it won't connect. My Wi-Fi is on 2.4 ghz, but Arlo keeps blaming my internet

  • SFCSly SLY VILLELA (@SFCSly) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome You either fix or replace base station or cancel my subscription.

  • delphiswimslate DelphiSwimsLate (@delphiswimslate) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome I’m having issues logging into the app. The journey does not work with saved passwords on iOS. Please follow me so I can send you a video of the problem.

  • theJJBANJO JJ (@theJJBANJO) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome Don't buy this stuff. I have front and rear flood light cameras installed. Was fine until I took them down for a recharge and front camera doesn't work anymore. When checking for an update it says 'may take several minutes' I switched it off after 3hours!


    @ArloSmartHome How can I actually get some help from your garbage support? I am a paying customer and all I want to do is throw all my cameras away because of how terrible your service is! You guys are the worst company! #Arlo #ArloSmartHome #ArloSecurity

  • alimacvt cv•🍄 (@alimacvt) segnalati

    Worst costumer service goes to: @ArloSmartHome 👎🏽

  • kinging100 whatiicanink (@kinging100) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome your cameras are trash! The work one week….then second week you gotta reset the home base station!

  • Henry95389547 Henry (@Henry95389547) segnalati

    @joeytaylorvt @ArloSmartHome They just after profit, they in no hurry to help you out. My camera stopped working and out of 220 or so dollars

  • VulcanLogic2 VulcanLogic (@VulcanLogic2) segnalati

    @rightytoo @ArloSmartHome This has been my experience as well. Have had the cameras for 5 days now and still can’t get them to turn on. The app doesn’t work, and the customer service line is the worst I’ve experienced with any company. Thinking about trying Ring.

  • VulcanLogic2 VulcanLogic (@VulcanLogic2) segnalati

    @Patrici54187851 This is not true, the customer service at @ArloSmartHome is not professional. My experience with them so far has been very poor. I am ready to take all of the products back and try a different company.

  • VulcanLogic2 VulcanLogic (@VulcanLogic2) segnalati

    @GuySie This says $3 a month, the guy at @ArloSmartHome I spoke to was pushing packages for hundreds of $. When I asked about monthly, he only offered $15/month with $160 down. That didn’t seem right!… and still haven’t helped me set up my cameras. About to return them to @BestBuy

  • 29happy29 Eddie Crider (@29happy29) segnalati dall' Hagerstown, Maryland

    @ArloSmartHome Been trying for weeks to get in touch with you about a spotlight problem with my camera to no avail...will not recommend your service to anyone if this is the way you handle customer service!!!!

  • VulcanLogic2 VulcanLogic (@VulcanLogic2) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome just bought Ultra 2 and the doorbell cam. Only setup instructions were to download the app and follow instructions. App just giving error messages. Customer service hung up on me 5 times. Worst customer service! Returning all to @BestBuy. #arlo #scuritycameras

  • RnBlaire McelroyBlaireRN (@RnBlaire) segnalati

    Pretty sure I'm done with @ArloSmartHome . Every time I have an issue they avoid responding or delay until the item is no longer under warranty. Time to look for a company who cares

  • Lavion Lavion (@Lavion) segnalati

    @ArloSmartHome Worst Customer Service Ever! Arlo is a company that takes your money and doesn't care about its customers. Customer Service is outsourced to India, where agents read from scripts and speaks broken English.

  • TheTopherToph1 TheTopherToph (@TheTopherToph1) segnalati

    Hey @NETGEAR can you do me a favor, and the rest of the world a favor, and just remove the broken *** geofencing feature from your useless stupid broken *** @ArloSmartHome app? Stupid useless ******* thing just sets it to arm no matter where ******** I am. Your developers suck

  • EMsafe Daniel Crook (@EMsafe) segnalati

    @thomasj Build this into an app for @ArloSmartHome please!!!! Ridiculous speeds down our (30mph) road. Sounds like a racetrack most days.