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Viber è un software proprietario che offre un'applicazione VoIP di messaggistica istantanea. È una delle più diffuse piattaforme software che permette, a titolo del tutto gratuito, di effettuare telefonate e inviare messaggi di testo e con immagini ad alta definizione, tramite WiFi o reti che siano almeno 3G.

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  • Arresto dell'app 13.11% Arresto dell'app
  • Multimedia 11.99% Multimedia
  • Bugs 8.24% Bugs
  • Log-in 2.25% Log-in

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Segnalazioni sui problemi di Viber

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  • purpledmjgj D D M (@purpledmjgj) segnalati

    @ViberHelp activation keeps failing for my number. No idea why because I've never used Viber before. Please help.

  • Iptv_premium_4k Iptv Premium (@Iptv_premium_4k) segnalati

    @Viber My Viber shows up online every 15 minutes even if I don't open the app. I have friends who have the same problem!

  • phety81 Kevin Phetlamphane (@phety81) segnalati

    @ViberHelp Hello, my phone number was mistakenly placed in the spam list, I would like to have it unblocked so that I can stay in touch with my girlfriend. I have contacted Suport's address but an automatic email is sent in response, I really need my account, help me

  • Iamkoikee A-Double K-I-K-O Bernardo (@Iamkoikee) segnalati

    @Viber are you having issues lately? Calls gettin dropped. Im using an iphone the person i am talking to is using an android

  • MomsJusticeUS MomsJustice (@MomsJusticeUS) segnalati

    @Viber @TechCrunch Can you work on Spam someone keeps adding me to groups of scams it’s very annoying, should fix the issue asap.

  • user128937 👑 (@user128937) segnalati

    I paid for @Viber's Viber Out service and all my calls keep dropping though I still have call credits left. My bank transactions still haven't gone through because it drops just before the agent could finalize everything. What a waste of money.

  • Zorrotwenty Zorro (@Zorrotwenty) segnalati

    @rockowl4 @ViberHelp Message 👉 @LordHelp07 For Help ASAP

  • rockowl4 Mimosa (@rockowl4) segnalati

    @ViberHelp I have already sent a support ticket and I'm hoping for the best, i apologize for bothering you I'm just in a panic and I'm just looking to fix this issue right away

  • rockowl4 Mimosa (@rockowl4) segnalati

    @ViberHelp I'm currently having a horrible issue, my old phone with my viber account will not work anymore, and i am in desperate for help since i need my chat logs restored, my family lost 1.5k euros to a scammer, and we need screenshots of the chat to be able to progress

  • JonYuldashev Jon Shev (@JonYuldashev) segnalati

    @Viber and @ViberHelp my father uses your service to call his family and friend and has been blocked for no reason. There has to be a way to unlock him

  • Jannyjuddy Janny (@Jannyjuddy) segnalati

    @ttrlerka @ViberHelp My account was also suspended too it was so painful but I was recommended to a professional here who help me unlock my account he can help you too if you text him for help (@fricohack) on twitter

  • Jannyjuddy Janny (@Jannyjuddy) segnalati

    @ttrlerka @Viber My account was also suspended too it was so painful but I was recommended to a professional here who help me unlock my account he can help you too if you text him for help (@fricohack) on twitter

  • baekcitracin Nicole 🍬🍭 (@baekcitracin) segnalati

    @ViberHelp hello someone from customer service said that I can no longer be unblocked. Please help me I need to use viber again.

  • ttrlerka ttrlerka (@ttrlerka) segnalati

    @ViberHelp Excuse me please, could you tell me exactly where to go so that you can check the problem?

  • mortgagecarl Carl McGovern (@mortgagecarl) segnalati

    @ViberHelp @Skype It was. @Viber help seemed to blame everyone but themselves. Been with them for 10 years too.

  • lajcomsystem Lajcomsystem (@lajcomsystem) segnalati

    @Viber hello, I can't send messages on my account, I can only receive, what's the problem?

  • IbrahimNayif ابراهيم نايف خالد🇲🇻🇵🇸 (@IbrahimNayif) segnalati

    Is anyone having problem with @Viber?

  • xymustaeen iMustaeen #FreePalestine🇵🇸 (@xymustaeen) segnalati

    Viber down?? @Viber

  • Sulejmanovic_D Dino Sulejmanovic (@Sulejmanovic_D) segnalati

    @Viber My points from yesterday didn't get added to my score. It says I have 7, but I should have 11. Can you fix that?

  • Fatima_Anton Fatima Zvizdic (@Fatima_Anton) segnalati

    @viber please help. My 80 year old moms account was suspended. She received a lot of spam prior to being suspended and isn’t sure why her account was disabled. She doesn’t speak English and uses @viber to talk to her family in Bosnia. Please help! @ViberHelp

  • other_me4 Mary4 (@other_me4) segnalati

    @odycsd @Viber @ViberHelp Same problem , no support. 15days passed and Viber customers service reply on my ticket was more or less We know you are blocked don’t send us any further ticket. You are blocked.

  • other_me4 Mary4 (@other_me4) segnalati

    @ViberHelp My account has been blocked and Viber customer service replied they‘ll contact me as soon as possible. But 15days have passed. How long to wait?

  • Recover89751925 Recovery_Team (@Recover89751925) segnalati

    @vmitakos @ViberHelp I will help you fixed your account

  • Recover89751925 Recovery_Team (@Recover89751925) segnalati

    @vmitakos @ViberHelp It’s a free service we don’t charge

  • vmitakos Vangelis Mitakos (@vmitakos) segnalati

    @ViberHelp please help to unblock my account, have been blocked and don't know why... only a general description of spam reported or unusual activity, thank you

  • jlsreyes José Luis Reyes (@jlsreyes) segnalati

    @ViberHelp So @ViberHelp when am I going to get a reply about this issue? This is extremely frustrating as I use this to communicate with my family.

  • jlsreyes José Luis Reyes (@jlsreyes) segnalati

    @BlackGlassesGuy @Viber My number is also blocked and I’m trying to connect with @ViberHelp! They keep telling me to reopen a new ticket and so far no help. Such a shoddy service.

  • fangirlishie fan_girl 💜 (@fangirlishie) segnalati

    @Viber @ViberHelp having issues too.. Activation Failed, after 12 hours waiting, still I cannot login.. please fix, thanks

  • fangirlishie fan_girl 💜 (@fangirlishie) segnalati

    @Viber @TechCrunch @ViberHelp having issues logging in again, after 12 hours waiting and trying to login again.. still getting the error message.. "Activation Failed". Kindly check my email and please help, need to access the Viber... ASAP, thanks

  • fangirlishie fan_girl 💜 (@fangirlishie) segnalati

    @ViberHelp hello having issues with the "Activation Failed"