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Il trading 212 è un broker online fondato nel 2006 che offre trading di azioni, forex trading, trading di materie prime, trading di indici e altro ancora.

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Grafico di interruzione di Trading 212 12/03/2020 03:20

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  • nickyjimmys nickyjimmys (@nickyjimmys) segnalati

    @Trading212 thanks for not helping me after several requests to do so, awful customer service 😞

  • briderman bryan rees (@briderman) segnalati

    @Trading212 absolute joke 10 or so emails and still haven't got back to me . Customer service is boloocks. Dont bother!!

  • Iasonasfilip Iasonas Filippidis (@Iasonasfilip) segnalati

    @Trading212 I have tried to verify my account but for some reason it seems that my ID isn't enough for the verification. So, now I have to verify with a passport but I don't own one and my ID in many other sites is acceptable. FYI it's a Greek one and that's how it is. Some help?

  • THEFeelingFelix Feeling Felix (@THEFeelingFelix) segnalati

    @MoshMoney_ @Trading212 I've done exactly the same mate! Fuming... I've sent a complaint in and if its not satisfactory I will be going to the @financialombuds and then the FCA... jokers

  • prettypennyuk David Stewart 📈 🇬🇧 🇮🇪 💷 (@prettypennyuk) segnalati

    @BrummieInvestor @Trading212 No issue for me, but I don't look too often. There are a few more issues with t212 being reported these days 🤔

  • GetOffended_TTV GetOffendedTwitch (@GetOffended_TTV) segnalati

    @Trading212 i have placed a buy order on "pure harvest ********" and after 1hr it still hasnt completed the order, it then jumped up in price and cancelled my order losing me 100's. Why does your app never work and what will you do to fix this

  • BrummieInvestor TheBrummieInvestor 🇬🇧 (@BrummieInvestor) segnalati

    Anyone else experiencing problems with the @Trading212 app today?

  • Ziantking Zian (@Ziantking) segnalati

    @lambert_vs I'm gonna go with MT5, seems like that's the platform for a full Tesla Stock. I just hope I don't bump into the same Issue I had with Trading212 platform where I had to send my whole lifes details, ID, Address, bank statements and a real time pictures and they still didn't verify

  • NickCohen6 Nick Cohen (@NickCohen6) segnalati

    @MrArifPatel @Trading212 Definitely a bug

  • RyanWheatcroft Ryan wheatcroft (@RyanWheatcroft) segnalati

    @Trading212 4 days and still no response from your Helpdesk, can you help?


    @Trading212 @idividendinvest We habe the same issue

  • Hardeep_5ingh Hardeep Singh (@Hardeep_5ingh) segnalati

    @Trading212 is something going in with your app - my app has been so slow the last 2 weeks - I have deleted and reinstalled but still the same issue?

  • _MrProductions 👉🏽A.J👈🏽 (@_MrProductions) segnalati

    @Trading212 it’s getting ridiculous how everyday I’m trading orders get stuck in pending for hours and I end up losing money?! What is the issue?

  • jdaniels57811 James Daniels (@jdaniels57811) segnalati

    @lkigai01 @Trading212 Just go to a different broker, no other company is having these problems

  • roshanvsn Roshan Sharma (@roshanvsn) segnalati

    @Trading212 Your app don’t seem to be working. Keep saying can’t connect to server

  • finscott6 Fin (@finscott6) segnalati

    @Kavban @Trading212 i’m having the same issue @Trading212

  • AshHallettTech Ash Hallett (@AshHallettTech) segnalati

    @Trading212 Still waiting @trading212 I want answers. It has never taken this long via the exact same payment method before. Please actually provide me with support, not just replies via twitter. This isn't great customer service.

  • beaman_ bea🙂 (@beaman_) segnalati

    @Trading212 i signed up to an account just, I used a link from a friend to get 1 free stock but it ain’t come through Can you help

  • NickCohen6 Nick Cohen (@NickCohen6) segnalati

    @Trading212 I think it’s your app that has the bug, the pricing greys out and stops refreshing, I think hard close the app and re-open and it’s fine, happening on iOS, fine on my PC or web browser

  • Jack91865982 Jack (@Jack91865982) segnalati

    @Rana17848397 @Trading212 They block opening positions with good stocks. Last week they stopped people buying XRP and rolls Royce. They even CLOSED everyone's position in XRP because they failed at their risk management. Terrible company they force YOU to take the L for their own mistakes. Go elsewhere m8

  • Jack91865982 Jack (@Jack91865982) segnalati

    @sonja_begley @Trading212 They have 0 customer care mate. Pretty sure it's a scam company with their fake charts, fake volatility and changing margins with immediate effect all the time. Take your money to another broker my friend! Use tradingview for charts!!

  • alistairritchie alistairritchie (@alistairritchie) segnalati

    @Trading212 please help, I’ve requested a withdrawal but it was rejected. I have plenty of funds in my account with you, not sure why this has happened.

  • Jack91865982 Jack (@Jack91865982) segnalati

    @Danbryannnn @Trading212 I have no idea why they have done this, but they're charts show false volatility and prices. Use trading view for your charts. I closed my account with 212 because they are a scummy company with 0 customer care. They will do crazy antics to take your money and it isnt right!

  • sonja_begley Sonja Begley (@sonja_begley) segnalati

    @Trading212 It has been over a month and fraudulent transactions still not refunded back into my bank account. Very poor customer service! Where is my money?😡

  • LythamTrader ANDY (@LythamTrader) segnalati

    @danidotx Are you using Trading212 or more standard broker? I using FreeTrade (in addition to standard broker) but a couple of shares I wanted only been on the 'Premium' service, which was bit annoying.

  • RyanPieper7 Ryan Pieper (@RyanPieper7) segnalati

    @HoutAaron @ali_b86 @Trading212 What you going to move to? I'm looking about and commissions and leverage elsewhere are all awful :(

  • Jay96700497 Jay (@Jay96700497) segnalati

    @Trading212 Hi, can’t execute my pending order. Can you help? Slowly going down and I have nearly £1,000 on it. Please help!!

  • Addy20202 Addy2020 (@Addy20202) segnalati

    @Trading212 I can't believe that, poor customer service, I closed 2 positions, but as always powerless to do anything the corporate conglomerate always wins. Hope I bump in to the ceo one day, I would kick him up the arse

  • CaptainJoburg Captain Johannesburg (@CaptainJoburg) segnalati

    @Trading212 I’ve only just logged in and I can’t see any of my portfolio! It’s showing I have £0 and no stocks. Is anyone else having this issue or have I just lost everything? What the hell is going on!!

  • aicatalia Rxshin (@aicatalia) segnalati

    @Trading212 I already talked to your support team. They said they can’t do anything bout it.