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Il trading 212 è un broker online fondato nel 2006 che offre trading di azioni, forex trading, trading di materie prime, trading di indici e altro ancora.

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  • taiwo_xyz Tαιωo (@taiwo_xyz) segnalati

    Has anyone used trading212 mobile app or the service in general? How is the trading like? Do you have better alternatives?

  • AzzaBotTV Reece Haslam SPAC Investing (@AzzaBotTV) segnalati

    @ClarkFantasyBB @Trading212 Looks like this problem needs addressing for the sake of all spacs

  • AzzaBotTV Reece Haslam SPAC Investing (@AzzaBotTV) segnalati

    @ClarkFantasyBB @Trading212 Looks like this problem needs addressing for the sake of all spacs

  • AzzaBotTV Reece Haslam SPAC Investing (@AzzaBotTV) segnalati

    @ClarkFantasyBB @Trading212 Looks like this problem needs addressing for the sake of all spacs

  • diegovillacis10 Diego Villacís (@diegovillacis10) segnalati

    There are a lot of companies with horrendous client support. But @Trading212 definitely takes the gold.

  • Rs6ix retired (@Rs6ix) segnalati

    @Trading212 and could I buy more even though its gone to OTC to average down?

  • Rs6ix retired (@Rs6ix) segnalati

    @Trading212 do you support otc too

  • sabrina_chen99 Sabrina Chen (@sabrina_chen99) segnalati

    @Trading212 How long does does it take for a member of your customer service team to reply to emails. Why is the call line unavailable

  • ForzaUnited68 Ben (@ForzaUnited68) segnalati

    @Trading212 Hi, what is going on with the IAG share issue? Should we not have had them by now?

  • WhitingBarnabas Barnabas Whiting (@WhitingBarnabas) segnalati

    @Trading212 Hi, could you please help me regarding my account set up? Been trying for a month now and it isn't working. I have been with XTB (xstation5) for the last few weeks and its a terrible service with ridiculous commission and spread fees,

  • WhitingBarnabas Barnabas Whiting (@WhitingBarnabas) segnalati

    @Trading212 Hi, could you help me verify my account? I have now been trying for over a month. thanks

  • Bakerloo4 Pork Exports (@Bakerloo4) segnalati

    @Trading212 do you know when the $saga rights issue buys will hit my account?

  • chrisdev80 christian phillips (@chrisdev80) segnalati

    @Trading212 when should we expect the rights issue for IAG SA to appear on the portfolio position ?

  • loveisaduel I am David (@loveisaduel) segnalati

    @Trading212 I had a feeling you wouldn’t be able to help (just got email response). Since April I’ve made hundreds of pounds but lost more. And of course lost a lot of time and got a lot of stress. Defo time to quit.

  • elfackingpablax pablaxSDP (@elfackingpablax) segnalati

    Que no quiero fracciones de acciones Ostia puta ya @Trading212

  • tinkujuicy Tinx (@tinkujuicy) segnalati

    @rc2016gg @Trading212 Not bad at all as i made money on it when it got close to 240

  • daniroyo17 Daniel Royo (@daniroyo17) segnalati

    @DesastreGestion @TlendersT Yo la tengo,Trading212..cuidado porque este broker está regulado por la legislación Búlgara. Tienen una sucursal en UK,regulada por la FCA,y es por eso que la abrí aquí ligada a una cuenta ISA, al ser residente. Mirarlo bien porfa. Aparte de eso,el broker funciona bastante bien

  • TristanMacgreg3 Tristan Macgregor (@TristanMacgreg3) segnalati

    @Trading212 joined using a friends free share code and have been waiting days but still no free share. Have contacted customer services with no response. Please help!

  • ramirovaldesr Ramiro Valdes (@ramirovaldesr) segnalati

    @Trading212 hello, could you help me verify my account???

  • ShkNazeeruddin Shaik Nazeeruddin (@ShkNazeeruddin) segnalati

    @KINGCFD1 @Trading212 The IPO may be tomorrow..Please validate and help!

  • MiahShamim9 Shamim (@MiahShamim9) segnalati

    I am not a customer of @Trading212 . Sent email to inquire about the verification process, if I decided to join. They have not responded for nearly one week now. Is this considered normal for most trading 212 customers? #trading212 #investment #trade

  • roastdinnersldn Roast Dinners In London (@roastdinnersldn) segnalati

    @LargoJd @Trading212 @freetrade Freetrade deposits not working today. Why?! Great buying opportunity.

  • Adil_Chow Adil Taz Chowdhury (@Adil_Chow) segnalati

    @Trading212 for 2 days I've not been able to purchase my IAG rights issue as I'm getting 404 error code! Filed a 'ticket' with agent 'Mihail. M', but I'm officially stating; I do not give you permission to sell my IAG rights issue as I want to purchase them! Get it sorted asap!

  • CharlieBarton_ Charlie Barton (@CharlieBarton_) segnalati

    @Trading212 my referral link doesn’t seem to be working. Have referred two people and none of us have received a free share. Can you help?

  • BrummieInvestor TheBrummieInvestor 🇬🇧 (@BrummieInvestor) segnalati

    @itradestockss @jonp201Invst @PandaBossAnna I do, I started using Freetrade before Trading212 as it was the first commission free platform I discovered. The app is user friendly and the company has great customer service, but it doesn’t offer the same functionality as Trading212.

  • miguel_garart97 maga (@miguel_garart97) segnalati

    Escúchame trading212 no pienso invertir en fracciones de acciones con vosotros en mi puta vida callaos mil años ya q pesaos dios mio

  • B_Colem Becky (@B_Colem) segnalati

    Anyone used @Trading212 ISA? Any fees for US or UK or Swiss stocks? How easy to use is the interface? Customer service?

  • JackAlexanderHQ Jack Alexander (@JackAlexanderHQ) segnalati

    @Trading212 Hi, this is to your developers: Your web platform has an error when switching to dark mode. The line in trader.js that tries to locate the CSS link element in the document and replace it with "eclipse" fails.

  • CezarEduards Cezar Eduard (@CezarEduards) segnalati

    @Trading212 any chance on changing SETSqx platform for AIM stocks? Find RSPs happy to execute rather than placing the order on-book. Or other solution is for your broker to pick up these pending orders and voice trade them. Find something better and instant please, others did.

  • williamfpitt William Pitt (@williamfpitt) segnalati

    @Trading212 is the website down?! #trading212