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Robinhood è un'app di trading gratuito che consente agli investitori di scambiare azioni, opzioni, fondi negoziati in borsa e criptovaluta senza pagare commissioni o commissioni.

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Grafico di interruzione di Robinhood 01/20/2021 10:40

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Robinhood sta avendo problemi dalle 02:20 PM CET. Sei interessato? Lascia un messaggio nei commenti.

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  • Richardlaplan18 Richard laplante (@Richardlaplan18) segnalati

    @kaydenpurdy24 @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Kayden, I am going through hell with Robinhood. Run before it gets worst. I have funds available and they put a restriction on my account. Gold or not, you don’t want to have an issue with them because it will be a nightmare. Run and read reviews before going too far with them.

  • bakajohnny bakajohnny - BLM (@bakajohnny) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp Hello, I am having problems logging in. I reset my password and it says request throttled for 260 days?

  • CaktusDan The Machine (@CaktusDan) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp **** you, I put my sell at 6.6 and you filled it at 5.7 I hate yo dumb ***

  • Seriously_KT KT ♥️ (@Seriously_KT) segnalati

    @T_Greezy904 @RobinhoodApp Soon as my account unlock and I pull my funds I’ll do that. I been having too many issues

  • T_Greezy904 🌹 T Greezy (@T_Greezy904) segnalati

    @Seriously_KT @RobinhoodApp Gotta Ditch Them And Get TD Ameritrade. That’s Why I Left Cuz They Ain’t Got No Contact Support Team Smh

  • Seriously_KT KT ♥️ (@Seriously_KT) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp 😭 can y’all please get a support number because y’all do not answer emails fast enough

  • Richardlaplan18 Richard laplante (@Richardlaplan18) segnalati

    @pummer @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp They are holding 240k for me for a week. I cannot trade and I cannot transfer funds. This is by far the worst customer service experience. I hope more people notice how unreliable they are and move their business elsewhere. I am part of a group and I want people to run from them

  • RickyAnalog RickyAnalog🐢 (@RickyAnalog) segnalati

    @JustinFichtner @RobinhoodApp yes, correct. it WOULD be a MASSIVE error to sell a position you're up 1300% on when the company starts showing their true colors thru repeated secondaries. What was I thinking?! Best of luck to you "dude"

  • JustinFichtner Justin Fichtner (@JustinFichtner) segnalati

    @RickyAnalog @RobinhoodApp Lol I’m in since 50c dude. This stocks only going up. Would be a massive financial error to sell unless buying back in at a lower price

  • BWalshAdvisor Brian Walsh Jr., MBA (@BWalshAdvisor) segnalati

    Hey @RobinhoodApp - What security measure do you have in place to prevent people who have no idea what they are doing from trading on margin? In first meetings, two new clients showed me their statements and had no idea what they held. Please fix this.

  • Kory47500808 Kory (@Kory47500808) segnalati

    Day 21 being locked out of my @RobinhoodApp account. How is it that I am getting messages from them, but they don’t seem to like to respond to me?? How can I respond to their inquiries if they don’t have a customer service base? @RobinhoodApp This is ridiculous.

  • Eddie58427017 Eddie (@Eddie58427017) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @kaydenpurdy24 @RobinhoodApp I just had the same problem when I decided to try the free trial to be a gold member. Any insight on how to fix this?

  • Harry_Norris_ Harry Norris (@Harry_Norris_) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp should make a color gradient based on how good or bad you're doing. Green/Red got me having anxiety over .70 cents then accidentally panic selling everything.

  • allenbctrading Allen B.C. Trading (@allenbctrading) segnalati

    Has anyone ever had the issue with @RobinhoodApp where your account balance is way too high/low or your buying power is higher than it should be (margin is turned off)? Getting worried about app security and think of making the jump to Ameritrade.

  • peacenprana LTInvestor (@peacenprana) segnalati

    @vladtenev Hi ,I’ve sent 5 emails to @RobinhoodApp stating 100 shares of $TTCF are gone from my portfolio. No response yet for over 10 days. Emails were sent via help center. Can you tell me how to resolve this ?

  • busyboi24 Tido (@busyboi24) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp my money is ******* in your app with no help from your customer service, and no phone number to call. I want my money back now!

  • hanobolic HΛN (@hanobolic) segnalati

    @bitcoinzay @souljaboy @RobinhoodApp has to release a wallet service in 2021

  • N_law92 Nlaw92 (@N_law92) segnalati

    @grishmp @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Good luck! Been almost a month here. I just contacted Finra today, they seem like they can help investors like us get a fair shake from bad brokerages like Robinhood

  • grishmp Grishm Parmar (@grishmp) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp I have again received the standard response that shows me the steps to submit my identity for verification. Mind you I've already submitted the document and am waiting for it to get verified since January 08, 2021. Are you guys seriously interested in supporting a customer?

  • GroovyFats MFD VL DEE (@GroovyFats) segnalati

    @grishmp @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Dude the let me buy crypto. Thousands of dollars worth when I got my account. Then restricted me doing anything with my money out of no where with still no explanation. Terrible. Idk wtf is wrong with this company. But I fully trusted them.

  • grishmp Grishm Parmar (@grishmp) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp i am still waiting for a response from your customer support. How much longer do i need to wait to get a simple issue of verification resolved?

  • cozzini907ak Caleb Cozzini (@cozzini907ak) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp needs to get better at customer service.

  • BitcoinCurious Veteran Noob (@BitcoinCurious) segnalati

    @BitcoinBF Yes. And please please please, do not use @RobinhoodApp bc they don’t support wallet addresses and you essentially don’t own the coin!

  • PeterVanpatten Peter Vanpatten (@PeterVanpatten) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Still waiting for customer support. I’m dismayed with the slow response

  • PeterVanpatten Peter Vanpatten (@PeterVanpatten) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp it would help to offer phone support! Invest in customer service

  • PeterVanpatten Peter Vanpatten (@PeterVanpatten) segnalati

    @MrBermuOfficial @Twitter @RobinhoodApp They need phone support ASAP. Emailing doesn’t help

  • Njacknis Noam Jacknis (@Njacknis) segnalati

    @CMoshinskieFF @RobinhoodApp ✋ i’m up 344%... To bad I invested peanuts

  • freqn freqn (@freqn) segnalati

    @souljaboy @RobinhoodApp Anyway, I skip @coinbase (terrible UX & frequent downtimes) & use Gemini, but I already have a verified account. I'm not sure what their verification times are like these days.

  • ya251j yaya (@ya251j) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp - you all stupid. I deleted the app & your stupid account. You getting sued by the way

  • Bavilla2187 + Bavilla (@Bavilla2187) segnalati

    **** YOU @RobinhoodApp, i had pre-ordered $BB shares at 10$ on the 16th and now its at 12.5, 20% ******* GONE BC YOU WASTE SOO MUCH TIME THAT YOU CANCELED IT