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Robinhood è un'app di trading gratuito che consente agli investitori di scambiare azioni, opzioni, fondi negoziati in borsa e criptovaluta senza pagare commissioni o commissioni.

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Grafico di interruzione di Robinhood 06/03/2020 17:20

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  • UnendingViewer Unending (@UnendingViewer) segnalati

    @bprafulkumar @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood @vladtenev you’ll be hearing from my lawyer for stock manipulation on GNUS, saying it’s down to $5. Caused a massive sell off.

  • MrVisionary91 DJ (@MrVisionary91) segnalati

    @Ebony_TNT @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood Im down because they haven’t even responded to my DM at all and I’ve had tickets open since last week

  • eltrade Javier Paz (@eltrade) segnalati

    In what is now a groundhog's day problem for @robinhoodapp with it freezing trade executions, its up until now loyal Millennial clients are arguably exploring alternatives and its Silicon Valley backers are bringing down the heat to get these downtime problems addressed.

  • adam47139094 adam (@adam47139094) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp absolutely disgusted by your guys costumer service. Been reaching out to you for 3 days now because my account won’t let me sell but no response. I WILL BE SWITCHING TO WEBULL $MARK $GNUS $DLPN $CIDM $KTOV $SRNE

  • gl0kween BAMBAM (@gl0kween) segnalati

    I’ll be byke at it tomorrow. I been water under y’all asses but now I’m coming with some fya. I WANT TO TRADE , y’all supposed to be helping me. What in de hail. PLEASE HELP @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood

  • gl0kween BAMBAM (@gl0kween) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp I appreciate you all decided to show me a drop of love by responding robotically to my messages today. HOWEVER, I STILL cannot access my account. Again — MONTHS — I’m just trying to be great. Please HELP

  • jjbcattleco Jon Blin (@jjbcattleco) segnalati

    Only down 4.47% lifetime on my @RobinhoodApp account. Was down 31.11% at one time. Fractional shares changed the game for me. Getting to buy @Disney and @Boeing stock and not having to shell out big bucks has been great. #dontfollowmystocktips #justtryingtofigureitout

  • DegenerateThink Degenerate Gamblers Think.. (@DegenerateThink) segnalati


  • visualsiam Visuals I AM (@visualsiam) segnalati

    I sent two @RobinhoodApp support emails more than 3 days ago. Still no response. Not liking the responsiveness of their service. @AskRobinhood

  • nikigeoghegan Novagiant (@nikigeoghegan) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp hey guys I don't have a account but I need someone from your customer service department to reach out to me directly about fraud.

  • medicimasters Elijah Cohen (@medicimasters) segnalati

    @RobinhoodAnti @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood Damn

  • mobious189 Jesse Valle (@mobious189) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp Can I please get assistance from your Customer service regarding a sell of shares that did not execute under the agreed limit. $1 diff between Limit and market price. 1K+ loss and counting. #SEC #RobinHood

  • tumtonks thomas the divorced trader (@tumtonks) segnalati

    In addition, “margin” keeps calling me. @RobinhoodApp FIX THIS

  • immortalb4 Meghan Finley (@immortalb4) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp IS THE WORST

  • adam47139094 adam (@adam47139094) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood absolutely ridiculous. You guys tell me to dm you almost 3 hours ago about a problem I had and no response. Definitely switching brokers . Costumer service is absolutely terrible smh.

  • corywyoung85 Cory (@corywyoung85) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp My account has a block on it. I’ve sent all information requested to have this block removed. It’s been 2 months and the only few responses I can get back are from someone new who reguests the same information I have sent already over and over! I need help!

  • Jdilla189 Jesse Valle (@Jdilla189) segnalati

    @Zay_trader @RobinhoodApp @RobinhoodApp Customer service is horrible no one will reach out to you or they will send you an auto reply that does not answer any questions. Move your positions to a diff Broker now!!!!

  • shingolavine Shingo Lavine (@shingolavine) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp instability, @coinbase goes down... Seems like it's time to make the change to @investvoyager

  • Jdilla189 Jesse Valle (@Jdilla189) segnalati

    @Zay_trader @RobinhoodApp Major profit loss due to error on Robinhood. Market Stop Loss was triggered and executed at 4.95 when market price was well above 5.40 and climbing up with no fluctuation down. 350 shares sold without meeting agreed upon price. Sketchy behavior from Robinhood.

  • Michigandolf Horselover Fat (@Michigandolf) segnalati

    Oooh I thought $dkng was down because it's grossly overvalued...nope, it's because @RobinhoodApp is down 😆 #robinhood

  • Jeffrey10340229 Jeffrey (@Jeffrey10340229) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp I'm having an issue on my account . Decimal point moved$380 to $3. 80 can you please look into my account

  • sahandf Sahand Fotovat (@sahandf) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp please fix your app

  • ChalupuhBatman Gone learning computer beep-boop (@ChalupuhBatman) segnalati


  • chadha_mayur Mayur (@chadha_mayur) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp your app is hosed again, options prices not updating, stuck in same price range since last 30 minutes. Just compared with other trading apps. Please look into it asap. Other trading friends facing same issue. #robinhoodnotworking

  • BayAreaHouzz BayAreaRealtorLydia (@BayAreaHouzz) segnalati

    @TradesterJ @RobinhoodApp Same here! I never get my money back from Last time down . I m going to move my money out and close the account

  • DSingh95 Black Mamba (@DSingh95) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp fix your app bruh

  • Jdilla189 Jesse Valle (@Jdilla189) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp Major profit loss due to error on Robinhood. Market Stop Loss was triggered and executed at 4.95 when market price was well above 5.40 and climbing up with no fluctuation down. 350 shares sold without meeting agreed upon price. Sketchy behavior from Robinhood.

  • TradesterJ TradesterJoe (@TradesterJ) segnalati

    Pretty unreal stuff that @RobinhoodApp is down and I cant access my option contracts. Thousands at stake here and im sure I wont be getting any money back. Enough to make me never use the app again.

  • jbizness206 Jbizness206 (@jbizness206) segnalati

    @truth_be_told03 @RobinhoodApp Robinhood did me bad last outage lol. Think or swim and Webull for me

  • SeongHLee1 Seong H Lee (@SeongHLee1) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood your platform itself is a scam. 0 customer support and restricting withdrawal for 2 month. Many people in hostage situations just like me. They love your money so much that they will just restrict withdrawal and never let it go.