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Robinhood è un'app di trading gratuito che consente agli investitori di scambiare azioni, opzioni, fondi negoziati in borsa e criptovaluta senza pagare commissioni o commissioni.

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Grafico di interruzione di Robinhood 09/26/2020 16:30

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  • P1aycrackthesk1 P1aycrackthesky (@P1aycrackthesk1) segnalati

    @DrGMerchant @vc @RobinhoodApp What issue? A young trader grew his account value to $1 million USD, and then gambled it all away. He had nobody to blame but himself. As a grown adult, you accept the risks of trading willingly.

  • JMA_Trades JMA (@JMA_Trades) segnalati

    @sp3cul8r @IBKR @RobinhoodApp Robinhood would be the worst choice you could make

  • FloorTrader0 Floor Trader (@FloorTrader0) segnalati

    @sp3cul8r @IBKR @RobinhoodApp I’m racking up commissions on TOS also but I also use robinhood for swings. They still have trouble with app performance right off the open because of high traffic. Sometimes orders won’t go through, or canceling orders. They’re still relatively new...

  • Zeeshan47574928 Zeeshan Majeed (@Zeeshan47574928) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Hi, Can you please help me I’ve been trying to withdraw my money from robinhood account and keeps getting the message “Account Withdraw Disabled” I’ve sent few emails to support team over the last few days and still the issue is not resolved. My cas number is 08539791. Thanks.

  • BrockBuik Brock Buik (@BrockBuik) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp Don’t use robinhood. They have almost no customer service, you want your money with someone you can’t speak to? And they’re so ***** they now use covid as the excuse, but really, it was never any different. Don’t trust this platform, there are better platforms.

  • HungerHappens KEE 🇳🇬 (@HungerHappens) segnalati

    @RyMacc @RobinhoodApp Damn my boy you might have to up to gold

  • kon_stantine kon (@kon_stantine) segnalati

    @FaithfulSteve @RobinhoodApp Wtf why lol

  • FaithfulSteve Steve Cohenidis (@FaithfulSteve) segnalati

    I’ve made a ton of money on options and showed I know what ******** I’m doing and I get an email from @RobinhoodApp saying they are taking away my options trading lmao y’all are a joke thank god I switched to Charles schwab

  • yourasianquant Harry Sachz (@yourasianquant) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp i'm falsely flagged as PDT. Only have 1 trade and it's shown only 1 in the app too. Can you please help?

  • BellexBeauty I s a b e ll e (@BellexBeauty) segnalati

    @RyMacc @RobinhoodApp Yeah they are the worst with that!! Made me miss out on a great trade.. apparently they need to authenticate your account so they only give you half to start with.

  • iGotWhatSheNeed Dat Foolio Stef (@iGotWhatSheNeed) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp so i cant access my account the support team hasn’t helped can you guys send my email a link to reset my password or what?

  • Nba2kcardwishl1 Nba2k Wish List (@Nba2kcardwishl1) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp Can’t login to my account :/

  • sk9zy skezy (@sk9zy) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp Fix the widget, my phone gets so hot and the battery dies so fast

  • saha_pranoy pranoy saha (@saha_pranoy) segnalati

    @winds_of_simoom @JonathanACohn @RobinhoodApp Case #08380547, My issue has been completely resolved now, Many thanks to James(RH customer service) and Robinhood team to back me on track again!!!

  • BehrBorhani Behr Borhani (@BehrBorhani) segnalati

    @WebullGlobal Is your platform experiencing outage rn?? All prices have been stuck for last 5min while my @RobinhoodApp acct is behaving normally!

  • SteveBagienski Steven E. Bagienski (@SteveBagienski) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp Your email customer support system has been sending me very suspicious emails and have incorrectly locked my account, threatening to close it. I don't know who to contact since support form has been compromised. Please help!

  • CT54124743 CT (@CT54124743) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp ...placing an order for NIO option but it's not executing. Have been waiting for 30 mins. Can something be done about the issue ?

  • J_Boggs96 Jared Boggs (@J_Boggs96) segnalati dall' Lakeshore, Louisiana

    @RobinhoodApp I got logged out and I’m not receiving any of the “password reset” emails. Please help. 🙃

  • BryTheGod_ Bentley Drip (@BryTheGod_) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp so i can deposit money on accident but not take the **** off the app and it’s been like this for a month wtf

  • MrStealUrStocks Ryan Schoenike (@MrStealUrStocks) segnalati

    @thamoneyhunter Not being able to day trade is like waiting for everyone else to eat before you can take a bite. At least they invite you to sit down and watch them eat. RH also sells people’s data Trade for tomorrow not today #catchphrase @RobinhoodApp

  • holbany Brittany Holbrook (@holbany) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp umm why can't I find a support number. I got logged out of my account and the reset password link is not working. I've been trying to get in for 6 hours. 🙃

  • maharshiii Chait (@maharshiii) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp Fix the app first. iOS app still buggy hides tickers and duplicate the positions

  • NewInvestorsU New Investors Unite (@NewInvestorsU) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp @Apple @RobinhoodApp I need your help. My account has $1,000 still in the account that was not correctly transferred to another broker. Please help me get this situation sorted out!! Please reactivate my account or transfer the money.

  • murthysri27s SRIRAMA MURTHY (@murthysri27s) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp @bopinion Please resolve my loss issue from March market fall. No one responding with proper assistance...

  • Abdulla45242109 Abdullah Al-Hamidi (@Abdulla45242109) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp I need help and @AskRobinhood isn't helping.

  • shivashankar33 Shiva Shankar Bavandla (@shivashankar33) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp DM sent. Please help!🙏

  • shivashankar33 Shiva Shankar Bavandla (@shivashankar33) segnalati

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp DM sent. Please help! 🙏

  • hackinglorddd Hack Lord (@hackinglorddd) segnalati

    @sashmarc @RobinhoodApp Inbox me to help retrieve your account back

  • sexton_tommy Tom (@sexton_tommy) segnalati

    @RobinhoodApp how is it every single morning. you support a major sell off only for things to fully recover in the span of 15minutes?

  • CouchCushionPod Couch Cushions (@CouchCushionPod) segnalati

    @Loyal_dreamer Quite possibly the worst broker available @RobinhoodApp lmao had to @ em so they catch this sneak diss. **** them