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HostGator è un fornitore basato su Houston di server privati virtuali condivisi, rivenditori, e hosting web dedicato con una presenza aggiuntiva ad Austin, in Texas.

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  • viva_trista Trista Lauritsen (@viva_trista) segnalati

    @HGSupport Thank you! They replied but did not research the history of the Tkt so we are still needing help.

  • iatulrai Atul Rai (@iatulrai) segnalati

    @HGSupport Ok . I did not pay the money for your this type service.

  • iatulrai Atul Rai (@iatulrai) segnalati

    Never ever host on @HostGator . Extremely poor support and server management. Website is down since 8 PM but no body take care of it. @HGSupport @hostgatorindia

  • CarolinaVHR Carolina Vacation Home Rentals (@CarolinaVHR) segnalati

    @carmanavenue @HostGator @HGSupport I transferred over to Dreamhost VPS and my site is faster with no more error message. @Hostgator @GHSupport sucks. I had to call them today because they did not generate an invoice for domain renewal, which was set to expire today.

  • CarolinaVHR Carolina Vacation Home Rentals (@CarolinaVHR) segnalati

    @carmanavenue @HostGator @HGSupport I transferred over to Dreahost VPS and my site is faster with no more error message. @Hostgator @GHSupport sucks. I had to call them today because they did not generate an invoice for domain renewal, which was set to expire today.

  • extrahotcoffey Liz Coffey (@extrahotcoffey) segnalati

    @HGSupport please tell me why I’m being charged $190 for hosting on an account I’ve been trying to cancel since AUGUST OF 2017. Your customer service is the WORST. will be submitting complaints to the #BBB

  • wpmedic WordPress Medic (@wpmedic) segnalati

    @deliaapitu @HGSupport If they are not helping, reach out and we'll see if we can help.

  • dontlistentojoe Joe (@dontlistentojoe) segnalati

    As bad as #Wix is, @HostGator came to the rescue. I've been with them for several years now and @HGSupport is always on the money!

  • murali_enright Muralidharan Palakal (@murali_enright) segnalati

    Hello @HostGator @hostgatorindia stop sharing data without customer consent. Recieved tons of unwanted calls and messages. #consumerservices #complaints #CustomerExperience #customersatisfaction

  • cartisfull CartIsFull (@cartisfull) segnalati

    @HostGator @HGSupport This is bullshit.. Nothing get resolved.. I had to contact you to put my ticket in right queue with right team .. Poorest service i have ever experienced.

  • hoyyosoy HoyYoSoy (@hoyyosoy) segnalati

    @HGSupport Well, I've been chatting with 3 agents, I just need to leave everything as it was before. It's frustrating writing and writing. Last support answer was that they want to charge me to migrate a subdomain. I've just upgraded the hosting plan if I knew this before y would not do it.

  • hoyyosoy HoyYoSoy (@hoyyosoy) segnalati

    Very lousy service at @HostGator @HGSupport one of the agents made a mess and now mi domain it's not showing my site.

  • rinaoke Rina Kurniawati (@rinaoke) segnalati

    @HostGator Great customer service! thanks

  • jordiv ジョルディ - Jordi 🎗 (@jordiv) segnalati dall' Argentona, Catalunya

    @thefarseeker @HostGator The application server is down

  • TristanPR Tristan Pereida-Rice (@TristanPR) segnalati

    @charlespattson @GoDaddy Seriously the worst. @HostGator has treated me well. Their ui is a little confusing but all-in-all I’m happy.

  • jonxrambo DJ Jon Rambo™ (@jonxrambo) segnalati

    @iamDjDWells got terminated from hostgator that same yr and never looked back💯

  • El_Fenix Jason Channell (@El_Fenix) segnalati

    @vikkiorlando @bhartzer @YoungbloodJoe @HostGator @hostdime What I've found is many customers don't often need customer service or have issues, but when they DO, how they get treated is what they remember. People ALWAYS remember how they get treated. I was operations & occasional customer service manager for several big brands.

  • UdegbunamChuks Udegbunam Chukwudi (@UdegbunamChuks) segnalati

    @HGSupport I’ve been having frequent downtimes which your support team stays denying vehemently and I’ve lost income and traffic so I’ve moved on from Hostgator to Interserver with zero downtimes so far compared to the last few months.

  • YoungbloodJoe Joe Youngblood (@YoungbloodJoe) segnalati

    Uhhhh guys and gals, I just had a good, fast, useful, support call with @HostGator

  • HabPatrice Patrice Habinshuti (@HabPatrice) segnalati

    Very bad experience with @HostGator. Money for 6 domain names renewal + 3 years hosting! No service provided and they agreed to refund but haven't until now. Another call today, response is "No refund now". Can't believe this to be a #US company. Beware of online #cheaters!!!

  • PublishingPush Publishing Push (@PublishingPush) segnalati

    @HostGator signed up with you over a week ago. Staff promised to migrate my site from my old provider. Nothing done yet and still waiting :( @Mixergy recommended. Service hasn't been great so far

  • HexxiumGaming Andrew (Hexxium) :) (@HexxiumGaming) segnalati

    @carterartist @DreamHost @HostGator In my time hosting, I've found @bluehost and @a2hosting to be great and reliable so far, avoid @arvixe at all costs, they are terrible, HostGator literally banned my IP from accessing their website to even buy their service again after I left them for @a2hosting

  • AdamAronoff 🅰️🇩🅰️🇲 (@AdamAronoff) segnalati

    I've been waffling on it for a while, but it's official: if you're site is hosted on GoDaddy or HostGator, i'm not interested in your business. If you can't afford better than the worst hosting on the internet, you certainly can't afford me.

  • alapanme Alapan Das (@alapanme) segnalati

    I hate dealing with #hosting #support. Everytime I end up fixing the problem myself. #hostgator

  • geshultz Greg Shultz (@geshultz) segnalati

    When a person or company recommends Bluehost or HostGator or any other provider owned by EIG, they're most likely doing so through an affiliate link, and in most cases they don't use EIG resources AT ALL. EIG earned their bad reputation. They turned Site5 into pure junk, too.

  • hifivc anjan bhushan (@hifivc) segnalati

    I renewed HostGator VPS and cPanel license in advance for 1 year, they gave 20% discount for hosting.I ordered VPS in April 2016, so far I am a satisfied customer.

  • tomstier Tom Stier (@tomstier) segnalati

    @HGSupport Can you please expedite ticket #15424332. VPS is down.

  • chapmanlawyer Bill Chapman (@chapmanlawyer) segnalati

    @HGSupport Site is up. Now I just want to find out what broke down so we can all learn.

  • chapmanlawyer Bill Chapman (@chapmanlawyer) segnalati

    @HGSupport Worst IT experience I have ever had. Hours on the phone and 3 weeks to get my site migrated. Not good.

  • drj2501 Justice Lightworker (@drj2501) segnalati dall' Austin, Texas

    Some might credit @HostGator for teaching me this. Hostgator didn't teach me shit. I learned, from being immersed in a crowd of geeked-out hipsters who have **** ****** on the weekends. Whatever they don't want me to know, I eventually publish. It's how I take social revenge.

  • ladybinder Jess (@ladybinder) segnalati

    @rick_decard @HGSupport Que mal servicio! Ni siquiera respondieron a tu tweet pidiendote disculpas y ofreciendote ayuda!!

  • drdrejchi Drej (@drdrejchi) segnalati

    @HostGator Left GoDaddy cuz I was told go HG. Never again. Undoubtedly the worst customer support in existence. Asked for a partial refund since I wasn't using it, wanted to return when I did. Instead, cancelled my subscription and kept my money. Just wow

  • ChArMiLiaNi charmultitudes de la gratitude (@ChArMiLiaNi) segnalati

    just cancelled my hosting lol i’m going back to hostgator because everyone else sucks

  • wpmedic WordPress Medic (@wpmedic) segnalati

    @HarrietNahrwold @HostGator Sure, happy to help. We usually migrate sites within a few hours.

  • HarrietNahrwold Harriet de Chile (@HarrietNahrwold) segnalati

    @wpmedic @HostGator Not finished yet. I really don't know if it has even started!! Their customer service is really nice, but their ignorant answers make me confirm their incompetence. Had I known that before, I'd chosen another hosting service...

  • HarrietNahrwold Harriet de Chile (@HarrietNahrwold) segnalati

    @HostGator Hi, I've had one of the worst experiences trying to migrate my web-page to your hosting!! More than a week and still no answer to why it has taken you so long!! And the people at your customer service are really nice but sooooo useless!!

  • HarrietNahrwold Harriet de Chile (@HarrietNahrwold) segnalati

    @HostGator Hi, I've had one of the worst experiences trying to migrate my web-page to your hosting. More than a week and still no answer to why it has taken you so long!!

  • carmanavenue John Carman (@carmanavenue) segnalati

    @HGSupport @HostGator I was told we would solve our speed issues by upgrading from the business plan to a VPS server, so you'll forgive me if I don't jump at the chance to pay even more.

  • HGSupport HostGator Support (@HGSupport) segnalati

    @carmanavenue @HostGator We are glad to hear that Support was able to get to the bottom of this! Node issues on VPS Servers are a rare occurrence. Our Dedicated Servers are the only packages that do not share any resources with other HostGator Users. Let us know if you have any other questions John!

  • carmanavenue John Carman (@carmanavenue) segnalati

    @CarolinaVHR @HostGator @HGSupport HostGator upsold me to a VPS because we were over the file limit. After over a week of calling every day to get them to finish the migration, then another few days of propagation and fixing their DNS errors, our site is slower than it was before.

  • manifest_g Manifest (@manifest_g) segnalati

    @HGSupport Server and email appear to be down AGAIN. Please advise.

  • brianoflondon 🇮🇱Dr Brian of London (@brianoflondon) segnalati

    @SGgrc My site continues to be down and I can’t do anything but wait for @HGSupport to restart mySQL and explain why it failed.

  • ArdanBlum Ardan Michael “Corporate SEO Training” Blum (@ArdanBlum) segnalati

    This is NOT an ad. No profit what so ever gained by this statement: I had NO IDEA how terrible hosting firms were! Hostgator (terrible customer service) and InMotion Hosting with non-user friendly interface. Bless @Godaddy! Had no idea how great they were till I tried to change!!

  • JapanVideoCrew Asia Video Support (@JapanVideoCrew) segnalati

    @HostGator On live chat support with you guys right now. Its now 10 days into the "24-48 hour" migration period to switch to your cloud service. I'll be giving you live updates until you dipsh*ts can get this done

  • JapanVideoCrew Asia Video Support (@JapanVideoCrew) segnalati

    HGSupport On your live chat right now. I switched to a cloud service 10 days ago. The migration was supposed to take "24-48 hours" but hasnt happed yet.

  • pritamparua pritam parua (@pritamparua) segnalati

    @GoDaddy your email system sucks. After complaining several times you suggest move to cloud from shared. Cloud also has same issue.Same mail function works well in @HostGator, but in your case, mail reaches after 5 mins(frget pass sucks).Fix technical issues rather than cheating

  • FireballDeena Deena Baikowitz (@FireballDeena) segnalati

    @HGSupport horrible C/S. On the phone 55 minutes with no resolution . I found answers in 2 minutes and yet your team could not confirm any tech, billing, or account issues or solutions. Unacceptable #customerservice #fail

  • FireballDeena Deena Baikowitz (@FireballDeena) segnalati

    @HostGator your tech support is inefficient & took 30 minutes to tell me what I found in 2 minutes. I’m in a catch 22- you say ”contact google”, and google says “contact reseller”. Denied supervisor access. This is urgent, and it is unacceptable to treat customers this way. #fail

  • _amittyagi Amit Tyagi (@_amittyagi) segnalati

    @HostGator you guys are shit and your support is so lame and inept that they just not able to identify issue. Once i old them the issue they have only one word 'optimise' are you guys insane.

  • chinkyd Korean (the good one) guy (@chinkyd) segnalati

    @HGSupport Your chat support attempted to force me to purchase your $40/month security for over an hour and when I finally said I would not be buying it he immediately closed the chat. I'm completely disappointed after this many years of using HG. I will be moving ASAP.

  • AfricaDesk1 Laura Whittaker (@AfricaDesk1) segnalati

    @HGSupport Just had a chat with one of your 'helpers' over an issuu on the back end of your server slowing my site- seems I can just suck on my fingers because you guys are waaaaaay to busy to help! Sh*t service and not first time! @ConsumerReports

  • nizarbekai nizar bekai (@nizarbekai) segnalati

    @imchriskitchens @brad_frost I have been using @hostgator for 1 month and their SLA is very bad. My client site is most of the time down and when you check with the @HGSupport (dozen of tickets) they will tell you the issue will be fixed in 24 hours but the issue keeps coming back!!!!!!

  • nizarbekai nizar bekai (@nizarbekai) segnalati

    @BadMonkey_Dev @HostGator I have had almost the same issue, I purchased hosting from them 1 month ago and the hosting keeps going down and each time I contact them make me wait for more than 72 hours and the issue keeps appearing. Bad Bad Bad Service, do not purchase #hostgator !!!!!!!!!!

  • nizarbekai nizar bekai (@nizarbekai) segnalati

    @HostGator Been with @HGSupport for almost 1 month now, their service is just the worst. My website keeps getting gateway timeout errors and the site is not opening. Also, I have been opened multiple cases and so far they didn't solve it. Best of the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • landandwater D Smith (@landandwater) segnalati

    @BadMonkey_Dev @HostGator I moved away from them and went with a smaller local company in my area. @websavers best customer service I've ever had.

  • HGSupport HostGator Support (@HGSupport) segnalati

    @CarolinaVHR @HostGator @GoDaddy Thank you for contacting us. We're sorry to hear that your website has been down for 12 hours. Please send us a DM with your Case ID and any other information that will assist us with this matter.

  • tomtolkien Tom Tolkien (@tomtolkien) segnalati

    @hgsupport I've just been on support chat, and Marian has said that Hostgator are going to block Googlebot. Good luck with that one! #hosting #newhost

  • satheeshcheveri Satheesh Cheveri (@satheeshcheveri) segnalati

    @HGSupport My site is down for more than 8 hours, its bit painful to deal with your tech support (case 15272954)

  • buttontapper Laura Roberts, Naughty & Nice #Author (@buttontapper) segnalati

    @lovelyaudiobook Yikes! Yeah, that is a really unacceptable wait time, holiday in the middle of the week or not. HostGator are really good at helping me fix even the dumbest of my website problems ASAP, so I always recommend them.

  • Decipherous Krakadoom (@Decipherous) segnalati

    @NodeSpace @HostGator Well, your offering for multiple domains, but barely any traffic aside from some email, isn't any cheaper it seems, so that doesn't really help 😉