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  • georgepdawli George Dawli (@georgepdawli) segnalati

    @HGSupport website is down... again. It's not a good look when my customers tell ME that my website is down. This is becoming more common.

  • HGSupport HostGator Support (@HGSupport) segnalati

    @checkphish That subdomain is no longer with HostGator. Also it is currently down. If you view the DNS for the domain name you will see it is currently pointed to GoDaddy.

  • jonathansearle Jonathan Searle (@jonathansearle) segnalati

    @HostGator why is my dedicated server down and your support not responding t!!!!

  • chhabraop O.P.Chhabra (@chhabraop) segnalati

    @hostgator is the worst company to deal with. Worst #hosting Worst #CustomerService Not suitable for Indian #projects. #Avoid Them

  • travel_mjm mJm Travel (@travel_mjm) segnalati

    @HGSupport @HGSupport @HostGator It started here, and till now, no reasonable answer, no SOLUTION.... and the worst is an email saying that everything is fine!!!

  • travel_mjm mJm Travel (@travel_mjm) segnalati

    @HGSupport It won't stop here,, we have an issue caused by hostgator & you should find a solution... @HGSupport @HostGator @orderhostgator @GreenHostgator

  • someinfosecguy Ryan Miller® (@someinfosecguy) segnalati

    @olihough86 @bluehost @HostGator Endurance International Group is the worst.

  • keebu (@keebu) segnalati

    @EmilyQuestions @HostGator emily if you don't work at @hostgator can you shut ******** Up!!💓🤬🙄😔

  • CurvyMakenzie 🥰Makenzie Rae🥰 (@CurvyMakenzie) segnalati

    @MistressTissa I did a lot of research on marcaria and they are overseas with great customer service. Had them a yr and no issue. Hostgator I’ve had them for years but they do not host to .nl or those overseas! So if you wish to change to overseas site you need a diff host.

  • stefycastroec Stefy Castro (@stefycastroec) segnalati

    @ITVecuador Son un asco, la página caída no se puede votar y usan hostgator para alojar su sitio. Desde allí ya están mal, ese es uno de los peores hosting populares del planeta. Vergüenza ajena.

  • the_HoliDaze Derek Freal (@the_HoliDaze) segnalati

    @UncoveringPA @inmotionhosting Never tried them until this year. Need a cheap bulk host for extra domains and development sites. After EIG bought @HostGator they got really shitty really fast so I moved the lot over to InMotion. Bit tricky to build new sites when your server is down but at least it's fixed now

  • the_ankish A n k i s h (@the_ankish) segnalati

    @HostGator Facing issue from 4 Hours: Error: Disk full - please upload later

  • vfruehling Italian Mobster Viktor the Bitch 🇮🇹🚳 (@vfruehling) segnalati

    @HostGator much like the rest of your website, your customer support survey does not work. I've tried to leave my positive input about two seperate instances where I've had to contact your support, and I was only greeted with all-white pages that were impossible to read or use.

  • vincemalfeo Vince Malfeo (@vincemalfeo) segnalati

    @HGSupport @HostGator 1.Been having problems with my server for months now and the past few days it's been completely down. Was told routine maintenance multiple times, then emergency maintenance multiple times. Then I was sent someone else's domain name saying it was temporarily

  • helenwillsher1 Helen Willsher (@helenwillsher1) segnalati

    Urgent support required from #Mailerlite and #Hostgator. Thousands of emails coming into my account as returned undelivered - NOT ME!!!

  • RyanBiddulph Ryan Biddulph (@RyanBiddulph) segnalati

    @MilitaryTravel2 same error on my phone buddy. Could just be me based on my IP or a gateway or whatever...but it could be either Hostgator or your theme. Or perhaps Mail Chimp, or whatever service you use for your emails.

  • LaloParC Mr. Nobody (@LaloParC) segnalati

    Hostgator es lo peor que pueden contratar. En el remoto caso que tengan que contratar hosting para sitios web váyanse por SiteGround.

  • bozzmob Satvik (@bozzmob) segnalati

    @HostGator @HGSupport Hi, Today HostGator has deducted $507.64 from my credit card. The due date is long from now. Please cancel the transaction and close the account. I haven't used the account from last 2+ years. Please help. I tried the CHAT support option,none joined the chat

  • DeCNTRLZD Dan (@DeCNTRLZD) segnalati

    Seriously @FastCometCloud how on gods earth have you become one of the worse hosting companies 2 years ago you were the best and shined like a star against the big firms like @godaddy @HostGator @SiteGround, now you have become them! Increased prices by 115% & your support is 💩

  • TheWyattParker Wyatt Parker (@TheWyattParker) segnalati

    @HostingerCOM .......she tells me to fix my errors and ignores me. First of all, the errors do not exist on @Hostgator hosting, second of all, two people uploading at the same time while one (your agent), is also creating directory's on my account without my permission is going to cause....

  • TheWyattParker Wyatt Parker (@TheWyattParker) segnalati

    @HostingerCOM No need. I canceled my account and am waiting on the refund. I'm now hosting with @HostGator As for what happened, your support agent had no clue why I was getting Error 500, and blamed my files for it, then wiped my account for me to reinstall, failed to tell me ......

  • KinkyKarnival 🧡💙𝐋𝐚𝐝𝐲❤𝐎𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐬💜💚 (@KinkyKarnival) segnalati

    @HostGator for a web company, you'd think you'd have web support down. 27 help chat windows later & no effect. 99 min wait time it says on the phone. Not so much 24/7 support. Its hard fathoming how anyone can do business w/ your company anymore & I've been a customer for 10 yrs

  • playtweak1 playtweak (@playtweak1) segnalati

    @kaalicharan @HGSupport And it will never be, believe me in this one

  • playtweak1 playtweak (@playtweak1) segnalati

    @kaalicharan @HGSupport And it will never been believe me on this one lol

  • HKomaeda Hajime Komaeda (コマエダハジメ) (@HKomaeda) segnalati

    On my phone, I've been seeing Hostgator ads a lot, so it definitely proves that it is the most popular domain hosting site, even for Mexico or Latin America. But it's probably not worth my money because I don't have shit.

  • gwydas gwydas (@gwydas) segnalati

    @_Lowlander @SpookyWulf @MusicMarki @Neoholmesz @markiplier @TeamYouTube might be a good idea to buy hosting &upload your backups there. I use @HostGator and @mochahost - only a few bucks a month 4 a plan &you can upload close to unlim'd data. It's cludgy and slow but reliable off site data storage that doesn't rely on the big "names".

  • alaynn Alaynn Perez (@alaynn) segnalati

    @OswAriel Estuve mas de 7 años con Hostgator (USA) y nunca tuve un solo problema, con Hostpapa estuve 6 meses y todo bien, y con #smarterasp tengo 3 semanas y pump!! el servicio intermitente y mis DBs down!! del nabo!!😡

  • lacarmina La Carmina 🛸🚀 (@lacarmina) segnalati

    @HGSupport your hostgator live chat isn't working. It just says Please wait for the next available agent Calculating... - I need urgent help. Will DM you.

  • tjearls ŦɈ (@tjearls) segnalati

    Hostgator used to be my favorite host and I’ve had nothing but problems since I started my website again. Never again will I go to their domain for hosting! Yuck. Been on and off the phone with support since I started with them.

  • cakaranbatra Karan Batra (@cakaranbatra) segnalati

    @HGSupport @HostGator : Upgraded php but curl not working. Raised ticket, informed on live chat but no response. Case ID: 17907110

  • __Gitonga Toshius Klay (@__Gitonga) segnalati

    I know there's an urge to support local businesses but fam...I have been working with a hosting service whose cpanel is worse thsn JKUAT portal. I really have to configure the server to do anything. AWS, Hostgator would never

  • Speaking_Rabbit Anant (@Speaking_Rabbit) segnalati

    @HGSupport tx for getting this mess sorted ur the only one who actually solved the issue ! However I have decided to move with another company since i was not at all happy way your backend team handled this ! tx

  • vallikumari Valli Kumari Vatsavayi (@vallikumari) segnalati

    Cheap business tricks, bitter experience, @hostgator deducts money inspite of cancelling account @hostgatorindia @HGSupport support mail phone chat not responding😡

  • lgdelai GUILHERME DELAI (@lgdelai) segnalati

    @HostGator And hope you don't need @HostGatorBrasil support Neglect, Delay, and Lack of Customer Consideration are some of the feelings I'm having today. Hours waiting, and my site down. Total disappointment

  • 0x1CECAFE लाट साहेब !!! (@0x1CECAFE) segnalati

    @GoDaddyHelp Hosted shared servers with india is down again. it has been a regular affair where the services go down and cpanel/site is not accessible. Next time I will shift to hostgator when renewal times comes.

  • Psicobicho Eva (@Psicobicho) segnalati

    Pues @HostGator bien. Se han portado bien. Problema solucionado. No costaba tanto. No como @Packlink_esp que son la mierda.

  • FreelanceWits Freelance Wits-Your Freelancing Buddy (@FreelanceWits) segnalati

    @HGSupport The customer portal is taking ages to load. When I click manage domain that section is empty.

  • erickmkinyua Erick Kinyua🚀 (@erickmkinyua) segnalati

    @HostGator your hosting sucks. Some free platforms are faster than your website. Work on your speed issue before luring people into buying domain names!!!!

  • topcustomessays Top Custom Essays⌚ (@topcustomessays) segnalati

    @HostGator you need to work on your speed issues. This really sucks!!!!

  • FreelanceWits Freelance Wits-Your Freelancing Buddy (@FreelanceWits) segnalati

    @HostGator can you solve your speed issues! I wasted my time buying a new domain and upgrading my hosting plan. This is really frustrating.

  • carterartist sean carter (id8tionist) (@carterartist) segnalati

    Sorry for the website being down. I am trying to contact @HGSupport but the chat app is also failing to connect...

  • intruderPTY Roberto Cerrud (@intruderPTY) segnalati

    @HostGator Fair is fair, @hostgator offered me a discount, and an alternative solution to the 17+ domain price, I've always recieved great service and support from them, this time its a little in the middle, but works for me, good work Michael with the Customer Service Management Team!

  • gamingangel Trina (@gamingangel) segnalati

    @_SimplyG My Wordpress site is hosted on HostGator. Had so many problems with security and plugins that I just stopped. The cost of outside firewall for “fun casual” site was too high.

  • HostGatorES HostGator Español (@HostGatorES) segnalati

    @Psicobicho Por aquí brindamos soporte a los clientes de América Latina. Aunque formamos parte del mismo grupo empresarial, operamos de manera independiente y por esa razón no puedo acceder a tus datos 😞 Lo ideal es que te comuniques con HG USA, aquí en Twitter los encuentras en @HostGator

  • silver_huskey Angela Moseley (@silver_huskey) segnalati

    @HGSupport Thanks! I realize that now. I already had your tech support move files for me on the backend-- they were super helpful. I'm going to give this set up a try. If it doesn't work, I'll make the transition from WordPress hosting to shared hosting.

  • silver_huskey Angela Moseley (@silver_huskey) segnalati

    What a learning process. @HostGator's hosted WordPress site IS very different from a straight up shared hosting site with WordPress installed. Not being able to access the cPanel sucks with WordPress only hosting, but having tech support that can do so is really helpful.

  • robabdul Rob Abdul (@robabdul) segnalati

    @HostGator I already explained to your support staff via web chat that I do not wish to renew my account. Invoice No. 71208860 CS-1433223 Cloud Business. I can make a 33% saving if I make a new account. It is a no brainer. I will repeat this to support now.

  • vincemalfeo Vince Malfeo (@vincemalfeo) segnalati

    Hostgator is terrible. Don't fall for their affiliate marketing tactics. People only recommend them because they get a commission if you sign up. Same is true with many web hosts. There's a market wide open for an affordable hosting platform that is competent.

  • MarkDeltaco lefthandman (@MarkDeltaco) segnalati

    All I do Is talk to hostgator support smh. Fix the prob!

  • JaneFrankland Jane Frankland (@JaneFrankland) segnalati

    @HGSupport My pword isn't working despite multiple change attempts. Can't contact you either as you need a pword! Please help me.

  • dezignmywebsite Dezign My Website (@dezignmywebsite) segnalati

    Sites have been crashing at least twice a day with @liquidweb and constantly on with chat and support. Each tech makes some changes and then next day still crashing. Moving my hosting elsewhere as they have become as bad as @hostgator. #liquidweb

  • silver_huskey Angela Moseley (@silver_huskey) segnalati

    I'm not sure what happened that I was unable to log into cpanel, but thankfully the tech support with @HostGator is pretty darn good. They got my problem resolved after I was unable to do so own my own.

  • sy_anjam Syed Anjam Hussain (@sy_anjam) segnalati

    @Curateiv @HostGator I am facing Same issue dear for last 4 to 5 hours even hostgator portal is not working. Its loading and loading and loading.... But nothing display. I am from pakistan

  • Curateiv curateiv (@Curateiv) segnalati

    @HostGator I’m experiencing really slow pages today on all my websites and back ends. I’ve not had this issue before

  • MaxGraham Max Graham (@MaxGraham) segnalati

    I've cancelled and closed anything I have with @HostGator ages ago. After asking specifically to cancel/close/stop emailing (and them agreeing) i'm STILL getting emails threatening to charge me. Stay far away from this business..

  • wpmedic WordPress Medic (@wpmedic) segnalati

    @kierenmccarthy They won't help unless u pay SiteLock to do it. We deal w/ these situations often w/ BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, SiteGround & other shared hosts. U should have both cPanel & FTP access available to access files & remove malware. That's how we do it. DM & we'll try to help.

  • Speaking_Rabbit Anant (@Speaking_Rabbit) segnalati

    @HGSupport yes ! your customer care team is saying they dont have bakcup after they deleted the website and cant restore it anymore #hostgatorsucks

  • Speaking_Rabbit Anant (@Speaking_Rabbit) segnalati

    @skystracloud @HostGator @HGSupport if either of us had a backup there would not have been issue to go to such extreme on twitter in 1st place ! #hostgatorsucks

  • sharonrae4 Just Rae (@sharonrae4) segnalati

    @easywpforms We didn’t have any problems, until we migrated from hostgator to godaddy.

  • jbigmac James MacDonald (@jbigmac) segnalati

    @HostGator Your site and support is so slow I can't even browse portal or connect to chat. Tired of your inferior product!