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HostGator è un fornitore basato su Houston di server privati virtuali condivisi, rivenditori, e hosting web dedicato con una presenza aggiuntiva ad Austin, in Texas.

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  • mannschaft89 greataerospacer1 (@mannschaft89) segnalati

    @HostGator I thought her pants fell down

  • xParacha Zubair Naeem Paracha (@xParacha) segnalati

    @__racha @bluehostsupport @WordPress @automattic I have had a terrible experience with both Hostgator and BlueHost. Their support teams suck. Moved @MENAbytes to Siteground and I have never regretted a day. One of the best web hosting support teams I have ever seen.

  • dakota_nomad Maggie (@dakota_nomad) segnalati

    @HostGator 3/ Today I called for a similar problem. A man answered. He was "yee-hawing" and so on making stupid jokes and took forever to understand what I was talking about. Kept making me repeat myself.

  • dakota_nomad Maggie (@dakota_nomad) segnalati

    @HostGator 2/ Yesterday I called them for a simple problem. A woman answered. She was very pleasant, I explained the problem, she told me what to do, problem solved. Call length: 8m 21s.

  • dakota_nomad Maggie (@dakota_nomad) segnalati

    1/ My very fun story of calling @HostGator tech support while making the mistake of being a woman. A thread.

  • DRBranch84 Derrick Branch (@DRBranch84) segnalati

    @JoeCardoso301 Hostgator, I have had them for six years and only ran into an issue once. Customer service is on point. Lol

  • PhotoandGrime Pieke Roelofs [] (@PhotoandGrime) segnalati

    @HostGator @HGSupport I'm very curious about how you want to help since so far you've been of no help after x phone conversations and x emails!

  • samu_jones SamuJones (@samu_jones) segnalati

    @PhotoandGrime @HostGator Terrible conduct @HostGator this is not a way to treat such a situation

  • thatGregVaughn Greg Vaughn (@thatGregVaughn) segnalati

    Shout-out to @Hostgator and @HGSupport . Online chat request answered in seconds and tech solved my problem very quickly.

  • AlqulubRabie rabie alqulub (@AlqulubRabie) segnalati

    @HostGator Technical support is not responsive That's what he said It isnt the problem with the programming as I said the website is reported by others as Phishing. Yes sure you can go for the sitelock services Please allow

  • zweidoteins Christian (@zweidoteins) segnalati

    @HostGator Toooo Slow

  • dokun24 david okun (@dokun24) segnalati

    Well what do you know!!! Switched away from @hostgator and the problem stopped immediately. The only thing anyone ever told me there was to “reset your password”.

  • ashishmassey20 Ashish Massey (@ashishmassey20) segnalati

    @hostgatorindia today I come to know that hostgator not only providing hosting but they also gives you trouble, harassment, wasting your time, hack your server, free bugs, many more list goes on their customer service is pathetic. They will never gives you solution....loosers

  • PamMktgNut Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut) segnalati

    Hostgator is hands down the best support you can get. They were having an issue w/ their chat support today. Their Twitter support helped us update our PHP version 100% via Twitter DM. Thank you @Hostgator for embracing the mediums your clients want to communicate with you!

  • andicwalker Andrea Walker (@andicwalker) segnalati

    @HGSupport everything is down again including WHM, can you check DM’s

  • andicwalker Andrea Walker (@andicwalker) segnalati

    @HGSupport update to ticket 16725804 support claims whitelist issue it’s not because it’s wide across multiple IP adresses

  • Marelisa Marelisa Fabrega (@Marelisa) segnalati

    @HGSupport I spoke too soon. I sent a new email to my subscribers and my blog is down again. This is a bad joke.

  • Marelisa Marelisa Fabrega (@Marelisa) segnalati

    @HGSupport i chatted with someone else on Hostgator, and he fixed the problem in two minutes. That's the difference between an incredibly inept support person--the one I chatted with previously--and someone who knows what they are doing.

  • ibgmart Rohit Mishra (@ibgmart) segnalati

    @hostgatorindia @HostGator @HGSupport @GoDaddy My name is Rohit Mishra, today I called you here at the support team in Bangalore, your employee named REXON misbehaved with us and misleading us with wrong information and trying to dishonor. For more plz call me - 8604453972

  • Marelisa Marelisa Fabrega (@Marelisa) segnalati

    I'm going to start looking for a new hosting service. @Hostgator is going to destroy my business. I'm constantly getting a Databse Error message. They supposedlly fix it, and it happens again. UNBELIEVABLE:

  • NagaOfKashi Naga (@NagaOfKashi) segnalati

    @Sumeetxolt @Shehla_Rashid @HostGator @amazonIN Showing Customer better products is a also a method of upsale or cross sale a product as you're interested in similar products

  • Alam_tipping Mad Llaama ( پاگل لاما ) (@Alam_tipping) segnalati

    @Sumeetxolt @Shehla_Rashid @HostGator @amazonIN Deshmukh Saaheb, Azun zuney models saabut aahet. :-) The focus is on Resale Cross Sales Upsale Customer Retention (last but not least). These are all post purchase mechanisms.

  • Sumeetxolt Sumeet Deshmukh (@Sumeetxolt) segnalati

    @AdamIT10 I purchased hosting from @HostGator and I'm getting ads after I've purchased it.. My transaction with host gator is done. So host gator is wasting money on me.. Who is already a customer.

  • dannimakes Danica (@dannimakes) segnalati

    @gsreynaga Sería lo ideal, lamentablemente por el momento no puedo costearlo. Anteriormente tenía un VPS en HostGator y lo degrade a solamente el hosting. Hace poco necesitaba algunos servicios que no me da el hosting y puse una Raspberry para tenerlos mientras consigo un servidor barato

  • HGSupport HostGator Support (@HGSupport) segnalati

    @chiragsac24 @HostGator @hostgatorindia Hello, we feel bad you are experiencing issues with Hostgator India. Please contact their 24/7 Support: 0824-6614102 | 0824-2863636 for further assistance.

  • nayelawick Nayela Wickramasuriya (@nayelawick) segnalati

    @becki_writes @HGSupport @HostGator Thank you! They are truly the worst, I am so sick and tired of dealing with them. 🤞

  • becki_writes Becki Ledford (@becki_writes) segnalati

    @nayelawick @HGSupport @HostGator I ended up having to contact my bank and file fraud claims against Host Gator because they kept charging me for things I had canceled. I sent my bank the cancellation confirmations and Host Gator is now blocked by all my accounts. Good luck! They're the worst.

  • Sean_BevX Sean Ludford (@Sean_BevX) segnalati

    @HostGator you may want to edit your 24/7 support claims - have been trying to get a reply all day...

  • DDYadavCoach Deen Dayal Yadav (@DDYadavCoach) segnalati

    let me crack a joke: "@GoDaddy is having award-winning customer support team" ha ha ha ha :) Wake up @GoDaddyHelp (Customer ID: 98555580). @hgsupport @bluehostsupport @awscloud

  • ahmedghanem Ahmed Ghanem (@ahmedghanem) segnalati

    is there any issue now with servers, i can't access anything @HostGator @HGSupport

  • dokun24 david okun (@dokun24) segnalati

    @ZFalgout1 @HostGator I would never email you about that I would just sit down in your house and open a PowerPoint on my pc

  • dokun24 david okun (@dokun24) segnalati

    To @HostGator - I’m really hoping you can do something to make this right. Your support agent that I spoke to earlier was pretty inept.

  • RevJacobJones Jacob Jones (@RevJacobJones) segnalati

    @HGSupport @HostGator The domain is sitting in my list of domains with an error saying that it can’t be provisioned. I have emails from your support team asking me to pick a new domain because they didn’t mean to sell that one.

  • Akhand_P_Singh_ Akhand pratap singh (@Akhand_P_Singh_) segnalati

    Hi everyone, I have a website on hostgator server and now I am trying to open the same site and I found I can't open my own website on JIO network. I tried the same thing on my friend's mobile with JIO and other network and I found that this problem is with only JIO network.

  • TravelTenacious Noel | Tenacious Travel (@TravelTenacious) segnalati

    @TheUncorkedLib Very nice! I really need to start advertising their services ASAP. Really love their company! I'd hate for future bloggers to try a hosting service like *gasp* HostGator. Nobody wants that nightmare.

  • AikoChristine_ Aiko Christine (@AikoChristine_) segnalati

    @HostGator broke my company’s website and won’t fix it unless we pay them $75. I’m not a happy camper. Starbucks has never made me pay for a drink they messed up. Ridiculous.

  • SunAndSeaSalt Sun & Sea Salt blog (@SunAndSeaSalt) segnalati

    @HGSupport Actually, I don't think its you. It seems that @Weebly site is down

  • DejaElectra ⚡️ Deja Electra ⚡️ (@DejaElectra) segnalati

    So My website went down again because @HostGator has been spending over a month trying to verify My identity and won't let Me log in to make my payment. For the time being all my emails are down! I'm so frustrated! @HGSupport

  • Robert_Elliott_ 𝕽𝖔𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖙_𝕰𝖑𝖑𝖎𝖔𝖙𝖙 _ (@Robert_Elliott_) segnalati

    @elyktrix I REALLY like @HostGator Their customer service is the best around and their prices are reasonable. It's who I refer everyone to

  • sustain_agenda SustainabilityAgenda (@sustain_agenda) segnalati

    Absolutely worst customer service. Ever. I call @hostgator and they tell me I can ring them. I ring the company and they tell me--use online chat. Online chat is not available.

  • greggpress Gregg Press (@greggpress) segnalati

    Anyone who is thinking of hosing with @bluehost @bluehostsupport or @HGSupport owned by the irresponsible @enduranceintl be forewarned they provide next to no support #takethemoneyandrun

  • sustain_agenda SustainabilityAgenda (@sustain_agenda) segnalati

    @HostGator @danielspoynter I am having terrible problems right now with Hostgator. All I am getting right now is technical data...and no real explanation of what my options are I am afraid.

  • URProbsARacist Muddy Milk (@URProbsARacist) segnalati

    @HostGator A bot hacked my site. Tried to call but no 1-800 listed anymore. Tried your 24/7 LiveChat but it's broken. Finally googled for IT support # & was told by a guy who clearly wants to kill himself that u don't offer the IT support u used to. Fix your #shit service now.

  • theexperttutor The Expert Tutor | Maths (@theexperttutor) segnalati

    An absolute joke of customer service /live chat from @HostGator @HGSupport. Had a million chats end half way through, having to start from the beginning, no call back feature, no free call help from the UK. So disappointed. Marketed as a quick way of sorting out stuff. Hell no!

  • THECEOJOSH Joshua Bruce Bradford (@THECEOJOSH) segnalati

    @HGSupport @HostGator I have been using you guys for along time now and it’s been sucky your customer service reps are rude your hosting is junk if I don’t get something done about this I will take my money and my website somewhere else

  • rahulvermag4 Rãhül Vêrmå (@rahulvermag4) segnalati

    @HostGator @hostgatorindia Hi I am using a very low cost service from you. Though HG give me support like a VIP Member. I am extremely happy with the Quality of Service and Support they provide. Keep it up guuyss!!! #bestHostingServices

  • rahulvermag4 Rãhül Vêrmå (@rahulvermag4) segnalati

    @HostGator @hostgatorindia Hi I am using a very low cost service from you. But still give me support like a VIP Member. I am extremely happy with the Quality of Service and Support they provide. Keep it up guuyss!!!

  • gaganmohansingh Gagan Mohan Singh (@gaganmohansingh) segnalati

    @HostGator My site is hacked repeatedly on your india servers. Such poor security. Why do you treat us like a third world country and provide us third class servers and security. It is time you treated us at par with how you treat your other customers. @PMOIndia @narendramodi

  • mrfeemy canales ocultos (@mrfeemy) segnalati

    @nullcookies @Namecheap @HostGator the best part about hosting providers is someone reports abuse -> they tell customer -> customer said they removed their sub customer -> thats good enough to keep moving every time. like, the abuse game in general is laughable to most spammers, hackers, or even proper users.

  • sullivanandwolf Sullivan+Wolf Design (@sullivanandwolf) segnalati

    Will now send emergency communication to all clients on @HostGator to move ASAP. I recommend the same for you. Too bad, they once were OK.

  • sullivanandwolf Sullivan+Wolf Design (@sullivanandwolf) segnalati

    Seems like @HostGator is working hard to go out of business. Locked out a client because of a #WordPress site. 3 days later, still no site, we cannot access to even fix, so, we decided to launch new site prematurely. No warning, just suspension. Support: many hours to respond

  • kaalicharan Abhishek Joshi (@kaalicharan) segnalati

    @HGSupport My issue is still not resolved :(

  • crtusallc CRTUSALLC (@crtusallc) segnalati

    My site is still down!! @Hostgator has very poor service for business. Should never have left @Godaddy. 5 days of my business being down is very unexpectable. So poor of service #Hostgator.

  • definients deraaaa (@definients) segnalati

    @HGSupport I already did contact technical support. They were supposed to send an email.

  • MrNaughtyBallz The Internet Police (@MrNaughtyBallz) segnalati

    @crtusallc @HostGator Yes, same here. @HGSupport and @HostGator have really disappointed me with how they handled this issue. Very unacceptable and poor service

  • MrNaughtyBallz The Internet Police (@MrNaughtyBallz) segnalati

    @definients @HGSupport Same here, worst service ever

  • definients deraaaa (@definients) segnalati

    @HGSupport I can't possibly say enough times how HORRIBLE your customer service is. A client's website has been down for DAYS and you guys have been nothing but unhelpful.

  • crtusallc CRTUSALLC (@crtusallc) segnalati

    @HostGator @HGSupport I did, your support said that people are only able to use 25% of your service. It is like the cell phone companies. They tell you that you used to much of their service, but can't give you a number. But keep taking the monthly fee.

  • RayuAlex Alexei Raiu (@RayuAlex) segnalati

    I asked my clients to drop @HostGator. They did not for most of the sites. Now they can't argue support into switching cli version on half of their sites. They switch a few of them, and then the next shift suddenly does not know the difference between php and php-cli..

  • kaalicharan Abhishek Joshi (@kaalicharan) segnalati

    @HGSupport @hostgatorindia But they never do hence my point of reaching out to you...