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Google Cloud Platform, offerta da Google, è una suite di servizi di cloud computing che funziona sulla stessa infrastruttura che Google utilizza internamente per i suoi prodotti per l'utente finale, come Ricerca Google e YouTube.

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  • kossnocorp Sasha 🐑💨 Koss (@kossnocorp) segnalati

    @CodingDoug @GCPcloud I understand, thank you! I'm working on a library that installs into a Firebase project and needs to communicate with external service so it needs to know the public URL. I made it enforce the region, only to realize that even GCP_PROJECT is missing now.

  • magillus Mateusz Perlak (@magillus) segnalati

    @rodydavis @FlutterDev @Google @GCPcloud The potential I see is having 2 apps in Flutter. One would host API and other would be normal app that uses this API. Running both (server on PC and UI on mobile) can help with testing from both ends. On top of that hot reload server code is tempting - need to investigate that.


    @googlecloud #Phishing is both a human problem and a tech problem that requires a human + tech solution. Relying on one without the other is a recipe for disaster. Advice like this coming from #Google is troubling to say the least.

  • SianiBolt Sian Bolton (@SianiBolt) segnalati

    Fascinating talk by Mark Palmer from @googlecloud (so good I didn’t take a photo!) about how using the cloud can support health care...we need to exploit this for prevention & public health @PublicHealthW #WPHC19

  • IndritVucaj Indrit Vucaj (@IndritVucaj) segnalati

    Learning never fails #learn4life "Find out how to #learn4life #edtech #education #learning w GoogleForEdu: Using GCPcloud technologies, #HigherEd institutions created Unizin, an organization that helps institutions understand and improve the student experience: …

  • IndritVucaj Indrit Vucaj (@IndritVucaj) segnalati

    Learning never fails #learn4life "Find out how to #learn4life #edtech #education #learning w GoogleForEdu: .StrayerU used GCPcloud's machine learning tools to develop Irving, a virtual assistant to help converse with students and support them in real-time. Check out the impa…

  • IndritVucaj Indrit Vucaj (@IndritVucaj) segnalati

    Learning never fails #learn4life "Find out how to #learn4life #edtech #education #learning w GoogleForEdu: With #AI and analytics, #HigherEd institution, IvyTechCC, was able to look for patterns in students’ behavior. Discover their findings using GCPcloud: …

  • guo0914 zhuai (@guo0914) segnalati

    @hardmaru @PyTorch @GCPcloud But tensorflow2.0 still don’t support for TPU. I have tried to use Pytorch in TPU,I prefer to use TF in TPU, the old version of TF is very complicated, so I am really looking forward to the support for TF2.0

  • mpyeager mpyeager (@mpyeager) segnalati

    @YourFondestLove @GCPcloud Thanks! Also, what would be incredibly useful (and customers would love) is a matrix that shows current supported code revs for products _as well as_ roadmap for next code rev support (eg CAIP and TF 2.0). /cc @SRobTweets

  • nInvncbleSummer Invincible Summer Gear (@nInvncbleSummer) segnalati

    @CenturyLink @googlecloud Third time this week I’m headed to the library to work because my lightning fast internet is not working.

  • PatrickHeneise Patrick (@PatrickHeneise) segnalati

    @SebastianBO91 @GCPcloud Seems the case for AppEngine, so I‘m just wondering why not Functions. No problem to install and initialize myself, just seems inconsistent.

  • 6991ifahs Muhammed Shafi (@6991ifahs) segnalati

    @GCPcloud @_manishbarnwal How to get started. Please help me

  • 2019_Gerard Gerard (@2019_Gerard) segnalati

    @CincinnatusBTC @FlannelHandler @CryptoManianer @linkietty8241 @dushanewhitely @JohnBitSavage @intel @IBMBlockchain @OracleStartup @GCPcloud Impressive ran a contest 2 give away a car + you just had 2 follow him ... hits 1M followers. Doesn’t give a car. Still 1M follow. CT gives him crap. Says WAIT I give 2 cars. Didn’t give. Says gave $$ instead to winners in Mexico + Vietnam. I call bullshit! Now.. 2M. Impressive!

  • FlannelHandler Flannel Suit Enthusiast (@FlannelHandler) segnalati

    @CincinnatusBTC @CryptoManianer @dushanewhitely @JohnBitSavage @intel @IBMBlockchain @OracleStartup @GCPcloud I have taken up the philosophy that from now on even the most feeble minded folks will be met with nothing but positive and civilized rapport. The $LINK gentlemen are here to support.

  • stephstad Stephanie Wonderlick (@stephstad) segnalati

    So much goodness packed into #OpenShift 4.2: ✅ automated, faster installations of OpenShift across the #cloud (#AWS, #Azure, #GoogleCloud, #OpenStack) ✅ Service Mesh, based on @IstioMesh, @KialiProject & #Jaeger ✅ Serverless based on @KnativeProject ...but wait there's more!

  • snoozesec snooze (@snoozesec) segnalati

    Wait so does @GCPcloud really not create a log file when you use "gcloud auth activate-service-account"

  • 6991ifahs Muhammed Shafi (@6991ifahs) segnalati

    @dvlprabhi @anmol_ch24 @gdgcloudnd @DSC_GU @GoogleDevsIN @GCPcloud Bro can you help me to get start with #gcp. From should I start. Do I need to know anything before start with #qwiklab. How to participate in the quest. Please help me.

  • joaooliveira Jσασ Oʅιʋҽιɾα (@joaooliveira) segnalati

    @OracleCloud does not accept virtual cards for signup on free tier. First a free tier should be free and do not need an upfront credit card. Second you guys just lost a customer do @googlecloud !

  • shanehanna Shane Hanna (@shanehanna) segnalati

    @fshewl @steren @GCPcloud Derp. I had no idea it was a streaming call and my test service was working the whole time.😅

  • steren Steren (@steren) segnalati

    @shanehanna @GCPcloud @fshewl might be able to help.

  • shanehanna Shane Hanna (@shanehanna) segnalati

    September 25 @GCPcloud Cloud Run release notes mention unary gRPC calls are supported now but for the life of me I cannot grpcurl, evans etc to enumerate a reflected service.

  • ConvexityDroid Yield.exe (@ConvexityDroid) segnalati

    @GCPcloud your salespeople are the worst I’ve ever seen from a big company. Extremely unpleasant and low-energy

  • iolalla Israel Olalla (@iolalla) segnalati

    La combinación de este "error" y un sistema que permita ejecutar código remoto puede ser un desastre. Si teneis sistemas con Linux #Debian, #Ubuntu, #Fedora, #Redhat ya podeis actualizarlos a la version 1.8.21 de sudo. En #googlecloud ya esta disponible.

  • BillFine Bill Fine (@BillFine) segnalati

    @mhamrah @GCPcloud @goserverless @kubernetesio Already working on adding support for @goserverless. Stay tuned.

  • IamStan Ant Stanley (@IamStan) segnalati

    @EwanToo @JoeEmison @monkchips @googlecloud @awscloud @cciauri @saleforce Thats an understatement... Google has very little customer empathy and look at the world through Google tinted glasses, struggling to see beyond a "made by Google" world

  • Magnus919 Magnus (@Magnus919) segnalati

    @IamStan @monkchips @googlecloud @awscloud @cciauri @saleforce A lot of that is because Google is not seen as a safe business partner for companies who have lawyers who actually read the terms of service and see Google’s posture as potentially competitive in their space.

  • JoeEmison Joe Emison (@JoeEmison) segnalati

    @monkchips @googlecloud @awscloud @cciauri @saleforce Would love at least an acknowledgement that everyone is terrified of them shutting products down, and that they have squandered the lead that Firebase gave them in serverless. Unless they think serverless=functions or don’t actually know what serverless is.

  • monkchips Funky Wishbone (@monkchips) segnalati

    @googlecloud @awscloud @cciauri @saleforce on to the customer panel. good to see i am not alone in wearing casual clothes. when the customers are more casual than the analysts.

  • monkchips Funky Wishbone (@monkchips) segnalati

    at @googlecloud analyst session. they just showed their customer logo slide. it would have more marquee clients if google was more open to negotiation, in order to win initial slices of @AWScloud accounts. still not as hungry as it should be.

  • Rahamat87523498 Rahamath S (@Rahamat87523498) segnalati

    The footpath of User Application's history in the last 20 years. ❶ Desktop Applications ❷ Remote Service Invocation Applications ❸ Distributed Internet Web Applications ❹ SOA Applications ❺ Single Page Applications @java @AndroidDev @DZoneInc @OracleCodeOne @GCPcloud (1/2)

  • cinmaybe cin (@cinmaybe) segnalati

    @cadecooks @MEKNotify @VeloxPreme @ImperialNotify @PulseNotify @SignalFNF @acookgroup @DinkleFNF @plugincWW @googlecloud damn bruh tag some more ppl

  • samuelelcooper Samuel Cooper (@samuelelcooper) segnalati

    @Archie_Smith_ @foamspace @EFDevcon @GCPcloud @chainlink @blocklytics As I know, listing on more exchanges will help to many coin grow.

  • agrsbm Alexander Griesbaum (@agrsbm) segnalati

    I love being in IT. Just finished my "weekend project" as a two-line python script on @GCPcloud Cloudfunctions. Never done it before and not really into python; finished in two hours total.

  • alx_sacco Alex Sacco (@alx_sacco) segnalati

    I'm a huge fan of Google products (use @googledocs, @googlecloud daily; typing this on a Chromebook). I'm a @Google fanboy. Pains me to say that the customer support I've gotten for problems w/ my @madebygoogle Pixel 3 is among the worst I've ever experienced.

  • orjikuramo Orji.O #Mr.SweetMouth (@orjikuramo) segnalati

    @mcgr81100 @OfficialShegs @Olivepraise1 @rccghq @jidesanwoolu @drobafemihamzat @MBuhari @mazidigital @GCPcloud @followlasg @Ministryofwork1 @tundefashola @MobilePunch @vanguardngrnews @InstaBlog247 @instablog9ja @Olofofonaija247 I thought someone was explaining how ikorodu can never get flooded cos it's the most land mass above sea level in Lagos. People be doing too much sha

  • Olivepraise1 OLIVE PRAISE (@Olivepraise1) segnalati

    @unreal_Baraka @mcgr81100 @Dan_skili @rccghq @jidesanwoolu @drobafemihamzat @MBuhari @mazidigital @GCPcloud @followlasg @Ministryofwork1 @tundefashola @MobilePunch @vanguardngrnews @InstaBlog247 @instablog9ja @Olofofonaija247 Them kuku dey see am na God go help us for this nation Nigeria 🇳🇬. Rain stop keke say na 700, 800 to agric like person dey go abk.

  • GlockerBen Ben Glocker (@GlockerBen) segnalati

    @pearsekeane @LancetDigitalH @Moorfields @googlecloud I know it was not the intention of this work (I really like the study, well done), but remotely suggesting to use ML for predictive modelling in healthcare with no experience in stats and coding is a terrible idea. It's like prescribing drugs from reading the product leaflet.

  • xBartek270 Bartek270 (@xBartek270) segnalati

    @googlecloud Now fix youtube

  • joannefriedman Joanne Friedman (@joannefriedman) segnalati

    @sarbjeetjohal @rneelmani @APGuha @OracleCloud @Oracle @dhinchcliffe @rwang0 @holgermu @DHenschen @evankirstel @bobevansIT @Kellblog @CTOAdvisor @waynesadin @furrier @JoannMoretti @awscloud @Microsoft @googlecloud @OpenStack I could say get your head out of them but that would just be expected. LoL Instead I'll say this I wouldn't at all be surprised to see #cloud (CSP) split out into verticals over the next year as 1 size never fit all industries.

  • sarbjeetjohal Sarbjeet Johal (@sarbjeetjohal) segnalati dall' Fremont, California

    @joannefriedman @rneelmani @APGuha @OracleCloud @Oracle @dhinchcliffe @rwang0 @holgermu @DHenschen @evankirstel @bobevansIT @Kellblog @CTOAdvisor @waynesadin @furrier @JoannMoretti @awscloud @Microsoft @googlecloud I respect that view! You are right because you can do open source anywhere there is IaaS. Lines between IaaS and PaaS so blurry, so I believe being close to OpenSource will help do more of it (proximity factor).

  • EntrespaceGroup Entrespace Group (@EntrespaceGroup) segnalati

    Looks like G-Suite Google Voice Standard provisioned on Poly desk phones is down. The support folks are unaware of the outage. @googlecloud @google @gsuite

  • rseroter Richard Seroter (@rseroter) segnalati

    @IanAndrewsDC @JayPiskorik @GCPcloud @Azure @s1p @pivotal "I'm about to throw up" - @pivotal Customer Marketing team in the moments leading up to it

  • gilcreque Gilberto Creque (@gilcreque) segnalati

    I'm pretty frustrated right now. I just spent an hour running through a @qwiklabs on @googlecloud Auto ML and the process of importing 20 images took 20 minutes and the model training never finished so I just wasted an hour.

  • agyapong_louis agyapong.louis (@agyapong_louis) segnalati dall' Accra, Greater Accra Region

    Errors can only make you better. Bugs us always a love hate affair for me. Learning to love them though. #python #Django @GCPcloud

  • christiangeorg Chris Strobl (@christiangeorg) segnalati

    @bartosz @Google @GCPcloud @googledevs Free tier support ofc

  • christiangeorg Chris Strobl (@christiangeorg) segnalati

    @bartosz @Google @GCPcloud @googledevs And as a consequence the ecosystem moves towards those contracts. From a practical reason I decided that I am paying for the support plan / just that there is not so much delay - because all big cloud providers deprioritze the free tier

  • christiangeorg Chris Strobl (@christiangeorg) segnalati

    @bartosz @Google @GCPcloud @googledevs From a value perspective I agree, but since most of the cloud revenue is enterprise today - a lot of the revenue comes from support contracts

  • rita_strack Rita Strack (@rita_strack) segnalati

    @lucianoaglucas @EntraCod @naturemethods @nvidia @googlecloud @AWS @Azure Interesting idea, and I agree it would be a great way to support the community! But we would need a lot of infrastructure we currently lack to get this sort of thing going, I think. I would also have to align with the company's business model, etc.

  • lucianoaglucas Luciano Lucas (@lucianoaglucas) segnalati

    @EntraCod @naturemethods @rita_strack @nvidia @googlecloud @AWS @Azure So, this would be a semi subsidized service that Nature would offer. I am all in favor! I think the more direct route is grand funding to purchase cloud time with any of the major providers (their pricing is pretty good considering the cost of the hardware and maintenance)...

  • ChainlinkoracIe 🔰 Linkie (@ChainlinkoracIe) segnalati

    @7777LINK7777 @BGIradji @don_barafranca @FlannelHandler @Chainlinkoracle @xrptipbot @GCPcloud blocked, damn

  • bartosz Bartosz Hernas (@bartosz) segnalati

    @christiangeorg @Google @GCPcloud @googledevs If the cloud fails, and the support is not because I need it but because their tool is not working, then I should not need special plan. They should be like "Thank you, I redirected it to proper "instances-monitoring team". Then I should get an email "Thanks, here $$, sorry"

  • bartosz Bartosz Hernas (@bartosz) segnalati

    @GCPcloud So let me get this straight: 1) Google Cloud ***** up 2) I am being charged for non working database 3) I cannot delete it nor fix it 4) To be able to stop paying for this I have to pay at least 100€/user/month to tell you that not only you DELETED my data but also got DB stuck.

  • bartosz Bartosz Hernas (@bartosz) segnalati

    @GCPcloud No, it's not a community question. Your system is just broken, the DB is stuck and I cannot manage it, delete it, change it. It's in "failover progress" mode for 3 days... I am paying for it but cannot delete it. This needs to be fixed by your engineers. Db name "ahoy-search2"

  • kplattret Kevin Plattret (@kplattret) segnalati

    @Scaleway @awscloud @GCPcloud I'm already a customer. 🙂

  • fredverheul Fred Verheul (@fredverheul) segnalati dall' l'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Catalunya

    @LuciaBlick @Google @googlecloud Damn, we’re gonna miss you. But you’ll rock there as well, all the best!

  • rieper47 ⱮìçհąҽӀ φҽʂąҟ (@rieper47) segnalati

    @Nadia_Vuitton @GoogleCloud_ANZ @auspost @GCPcloud Yep I died at quicker and better service. 😂😂

  • ABHISHEK9912323 ABHISHEK (@ABHISHEK9912323) segnalati

    @dsc_hits @GoogleDevsIN @GCPcloud @qwiklabs Hey guys i enrolled in #GCPCrashCourse but do not get any confirmation mail what to do please help...

  • samphilipd Sam Davies (@samphilipd) segnalati

    I'm just gonna come right out and say it. @googlecloud console is the one thing in the universe that's EVEN WORSE than AWS cloud console. Absolutely awful. You'd think with Google's resources they could do better than this

  • jaschaio Jascha Brinkmann (@jaschaio) segnalati

    @jd_fischer @GCPcloud I was told on the support chat that it was resolved as of 3:13 pacific time

  • ramuta22 Matej Ramuta (@ramuta22) segnalati

    @googlecloud The problem has been observed on many different web apps running in the same datacenter (europe-west). @GCPcloud