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Garmin Connect è una piattaforma di attività di salute e fitness per gli utenti dei tracker Garmin come smartwatch, cardiofrequenzimetri e dispositivi GPS. L'app Garmin Connect è disponibile negli store Google e Apple.

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Grafico di interruzione di Garmin Connect 10/20/2020 10:40

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  • Funzionalità online 44.44% Funzionalità online
  • Arresto dell'app 19.44% Arresto dell'app
  • Website 16.67% Website
  • Log-in 8.33% Log-in
  • Errori 5.56% Errori
  • Errore del dispositivo 5.56% Errore del dispositivo

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GermanyRegensburg Errore del dispositivo
FranceLe Trait Arresto dell'app
ItalyBergamo Errori
SpainValdemoro Log-in
ItalyModena Arresto dell'app
Costa RicaCartago Funzionalità online

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  • walky5 Steven walker (@walky5) segnalati

    @SailaSotavalta @GarminFitness exact same issue can't sync

  • calebinpdx Caleb (@calebinpdx) segnalati

    @RunNifRun @GarminFitness I am so impressed with them and my venu after wearing a garbage Fitbit for 5 years

  • James_Springett james springett (@James_Springett) segnalati

    Hey @GarminUK @GarminFitness I can’t get Live Track or @Strava Beacon to work on my Fenix6Pro. Please help as I’m pretty sure everything is set correctly

  • doublechiang jiangjunyu (@doublechiang) segnalati

    @GarminFitness I can't access to Garmin connect. After login, it's a blank screen.

  • raylomartin Sara G (@raylomartin) segnalati

    @FitbitSupport I’ve been emailin Fitbit since March about this & have been advised to do all tips that don’t work.Thanks for your help,I wasn’t lookin it I’m advisin other shoppers not to buy because if I had known what I know now I’d buy @GarminFitness unfortunately can’t afford a new device.

  • RolandPlanitz Roland Planitz (@RolandPlanitz) segnalati

    @ricardodelumpa @GarminFitness you should be able to as the weight sensor is there, but it probably won't upload it anywhere and you probably have no widgets if there's no connection to the server

  • ricardodelumpa RicardoD (@ricardodelumpa) segnalati

    @GarminFitness Can you weight yourself if the server is down or held hostage?

  • Bao_ Lamia ヅ (@Bao_) segnalati

    @GarminFitness I have an issue with my instinct and the app, it won't sync until this morning. I deleted the app and re-installed, still not synchronizing. Any idea what I can do? Thanks

  • DJBigTree Dave Jones (@DJBigTree) segnalati

    @GarminFitness assume connect is down again as I can't upload today's ride....

  • DavidSk04698389 Some dude (@DavidSk04698389) segnalati

    @Garmin @GarminUK @GarminFitness Hello, there seems to be a problem with the connect IQ app, in that I cannot install watch faces. Could you advise please? Thanks.

  • hop_runner Pamela McGowan (@hop_runner) segnalati

    Damn it why is @GarminFitness down for maintenance again? fml. #garminissues

  • chadcluff Chad C. (@chadcluff) segnalati

    I see that @GarminFitness is under another outage. I hope it's not another ransomware attack like last time that had them offline for a few weeks.

  • vector644 vector64 (@vector644) segnalati

    @GarminFitness Garmin Connect seems to be down. Can you verify and give estimate of when it will be back up?

  • ankurrathi Ankur Rathi (@ankurrathi) segnalati

    @Garmin @GarminFitness terrible service by your india centre, been 6 weeks sent the faulty piece for replacement under warranty, and no one has any clue or even responding to the issue!

  • gsvalentine Gordon S Valentine🏳️‍🌈‏ (@gsvalentine) segnalati

    @JamesTurton @GarminFitness Think Garmin Connect has gone down.... Can't access the website.

  • pmdykstra Paul (@pmdykstra) segnalati

    @GarminFitness @sjhv1 Cannot sync my watch at this time. Is there an outage?

  • soDave_ Dave 🏳️‍🌈 (@soDave_) segnalati

    @Garmin @GarminFitness I can’t recalibrate treadmill on #vivoactive3 I have followed instructions on website but I don’t get ... only save or delete. Can u help

  • sjhv1 SJH (@sjhv1) segnalati

    @GarminFitness Is there a problem with the Garmin Connect app for iPhone users at the moment? It’s not been working all day for me.

  • kristian Kristian Tapaninaho (@kristian) segnalati

    Hello @GarminFitness people out there. A question! You know the current status update the watch (at least FR 945) gives around 1-2 km in to a run? 0 being meh, 3-7 being good and below 0 is bad. Where can I find that in the app or website after a run? #running #garmin

  • wildioshiba1994 Luca (@wildioshiba1994) segnalati

    @GarminFitness The strap lasts 1 year and then stops working! It's rge third one I have, same problem. It's not me, many other people has the same problem. After 1 yr, the strap doesn't work anymore. Don't buy it!! @GarminItaly

  • DeckardWill Will T (@DeckardWill) segnalati

    @christopher_yow @GarminFitness Down for me too.

  • LukeWilcz Luke Wilczynski (@LukeWilcz) segnalati dall' Huddersfield, England

    @JamesTurton @GarminFitness Had this message when trying to sign in for the last 3/4 hours now

  • bethybrightx Bethany Bright (@bethybrightx) segnalati

    My watch has synced my 0.4k warm up warm and 0.4k cool down walk but hasn’t synced my 10k run? @Garmin @GarminFitness Help! Felt like a good run so intrigued by my time....?

  • mummyjilly Jill 🚴🏻‍♀️ (@mummyjilly) segnalati

    @GarminFitness I’ve solved it by transferring the .fit file from my Garmin to my pc. Then from pc I uploaded it to Strava. It was a 3 mile bike ride that I do regularly. Two days later a similar rose uploaded as normal so maybe it was just a glitch on Monday?

  • NoxDineen Nox (@NoxDineen) segnalati

    @PolarGlobal Am I correct in understanding that *none* of the features in the Vantage V2 will trickle down to the Grit X (which was released less than 6 months ago)? If that’s the case, your live event today was basically amazing advertising for @GarminFitness

  • etherinthecity AxiomSL7 (@etherinthecity) segnalati

    @GarminFitness This despite the fact that the Popularity Heat Map feature of Garmin Connect shows that many riders do in fact ride across the bridge. I am done trying to ask for your help. I will use Ride with GPS to map my rides and by a Wahoo Element when I'm ready to purchase my next device

  • etherinthecity AxiomSL7 (@etherinthecity) segnalati

    @GarminFitness I would love to fill out a map error report form but honestly 1) I don't know the answer to several of those problems 2) it isn't an error. It is simply that your map doesn't reflect that the bridge has a cycling lane and thus won't let you plan a route across it 1/2

  • Alguien12345 Some One (@Alguien12345) segnalati

    @StravaStatus is something down? Activity from @GarminFitness has not synced for several hours

  • M3ilalUM3R Muhammad bilal umer (@M3ilalUM3R) segnalati

    @Garmin @GarminUK @GarminFitness Hi there, its gone worst now. Battery is draining out within 36 hours. Which isn't great. Just recorded only 1 workout. What's changed to affect #battery life so badly????

  • brentreilly Brent Reilly (@brentreilly) segnalati

    @Garmin @GarminFitness I am having major GPS accuracy issues since switching from the forerunner 945 to the Fenix 6 Pro. Is this a known issue? Should I switch back?