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Bitstamp è uno scambio bitcoin basato in Lussemburgo. Permette il trading tra valuta USD e criptovaluta bitcoin. Consente depositi, prelievi e prelievi in USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum o Ripple.

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  • wali99131196 wali (@wali99131196) segnalati

    Some people bring back btc in each single hour 9300-8000-7000-5600 WTH just little price went down and they put there ******* cheap analysis with fake diagram they think the giant exchange binance bitrex bitmap bitstamp Coinbase and other they are stupid they think they.#btc $btc

  • JoeJRCharles Joe Charles. (@JoeJRCharles) segnalati

    🚨🚨🚨 Alert 🚨🚨🚨 Please be aware of scammers pretending to be bitstamp technical team asking you to message them on yahoo to resolve your issue. DO NOT MESSAGE THEM. Please spread the word. @Bitstamp @BitstampSupport @digitalassetbuy @ThinkingCrypto1 @CKJCryptonews

  • thebogdanoff bogdanoff (@thebogdanoff) segnalati

    @CarpeNoctom @Bitstamp @coinbase @kraken If they fix it, insurance fund won't grow!

  • CarpeNoctom Josh Olszewicz (@CarpeNoctom) segnalati

    this blatant manipulation occurs on the spot markets b/c the indices of these derivatives exchanges is basically weighted 50:50 w/@Bitstamp & @coinbase when @kraken goes down

  • EthereumJesus Ethereum Jesus ⟠ 🙌🏻 (@EthereumJesus) segnalati

    @iamDCinvestor Liquidity isn’t going to increase with this kind of price manipulation scaring away new investors. It might take years. It kind of makes sense why Coinbase shuts down after every large scale dump. They don’t want to crash the market like Bitstamp so frequently does.

  • TraderRoode TraderRoode (@TraderRoode) segnalati

    Bought back a percentage. Reasons: - Sloppy and obvious FUD on the message board (you know the one) - bitstamp dump looks like an attempt to drive price down - $ETH futures could be announced any day now

  • r0bertz r0bertz (@r0bertz) segnalati

    Trying zenbot. Not working for bitstamp, at least not for 'zenbot buy'. I will send a PR.

  • CredibleCrypto Credible Crypto (@CredibleCrypto) segnalati

    @BabyWhale777 Yes I am aware, but disregarded that as it only occurred on bitstamp. Liquidity issue.

  • calvincs Calvincs (@calvincs) segnalati

    @haydentiff @Crypto__Daz @Bitstamp @krakenfx @bitbank_inc LinkedIn :-p. But honestly, having had setup a validator and rippled server in the past/current, it's not difficult and any IT admin could do it. No excuses really. I could see how individuals could have issues ($$/lack admin knowledge), but not exchanges...

  • haydentiff Tiffany Hayden (@haydentiff) segnalati

    @NicklausScheetz @Bitstamp @krakenfx @bitbank_inc This is the problem with not having validators on the network with customers depending on them. I don’t think we’d do well if Ripple disabled their validators. Other validators don’t operate with a sense of urgency because they don’t have reason to. There is nothing to lose.

  • capnlegopants bob bob (@capnlegopants) segnalati

    @Bitstamp @BitstampSupport Credit Card Purchase is still down! Everyday for the past couple weeks I think this is the day that Bitstamp took care of their (expletive), but alas it is still down. Please do us all a favor and give us at least an educated guess or if you're doing away with it altogether.

  • trispretty Tristan (@trispretty) segnalati

    @Bitstamp Is there an ETA on card purchases of XRP from the UK.. Im getting a message saying it's down.. with no ETA on when it's back.. I want to buy the dip! :) #xrpthestandard

  • R31PLE Ren🇳🇱 (@R31PLE) segnalati

    @Millennium_Comm the portuguese bank has blocked the transfers of @coinbase and @Bitstamp I have tried to make a transfers yesterday and today but to sent money to @Bitstamp for instance I have to get into store , bit of a problem when you live in the UK

  • bruce21b Bruce21b (@bruce21b) segnalati

    @StewXrp @BitrueOfficial Bitrue, what a ******* SCAM.....and everybody pumping it, shilling their coin...and that "piggybank" bullshit.....ill stick with tried and true bitstamp, never had one issue

  • McNano11 McNano (@McNano11) segnalati

    @BinanceJE @cz_binance I'd switch from @bitstamp to @BinanceJE if I could buy $nano with my euros (like a large portion of the #cryptocurrency market would like) but for now there is nothing getting me to change when offering only slow and expensive blockchains @cz_binance @binance

  • Del_Ryp Del Rypto (@Del_Ryp) segnalati

    Still down, or are you actually doing is a favour here @Bitstamp

  • Dutch19681 Dutch1968 (@Dutch19681) segnalati

    @Bitstamp I have problem purchasing bitcoin with my prepaid card on the Bitstamp site

  • TheHappyHodler CeeCee Thatz Me (@TheHappyHodler) segnalati

    @Bitstamp IMO ~ Always scary when "bit" anything goes down for maintenance...


    @MikeG4936 @AlexJoos3 @BitstampSupport @lb750123 @Bitstamp Well LN is still in testing, and still has some glaring problems. It turned out to be a lot of work for little effort considering the scaling problems it faces.

  • sean94573268 Blue Horseshoe (@sean94573268) segnalati

    @jungleincxrp @BitrueOfficial I had some spare eth in a wallet for joining another exchange so I decided to deposited it to bitstamp and convert into xrp, 4 days later and numerous dm’s to them via twitter and it’s still not credited. There support is so slow at responding, best avoid

  • LiamLightmare Flo S. 💧 (@LiamLightmare) segnalati

    @BukoCrypto @XRPMichaelB @APompliano @nntaleb It's easy. I'm working abroad and depend on remittances. The fees are mind-boggling. Ripple tackles this problem. In the meantime I use XRP to do send my money. Buy XRP, send to Bitstamp, convert to Euro. Only takes a minute.

  • Boris39790786 Boris (@Boris39790786) segnalati

    @DragonMasterXTZ @Jamyye @silew888 @CitezenB @CryptoCarpe @djangobits @TrustWalletApp @tezos @TezosCommons @ChorusMobility @RevolutApp @Bitstamp Btw I was buying xtz from 0,57 all the way down to 0,35 usd. Did not had ***** to buy at 0,33 usd.

  • bojsub Bojan Subašić (@bojsub) segnalati

    @BitstampSupport @nexes87 @Bitstamp The moment takes too much, from yesterday. This is the worst timing for maintenance, if any, because it's purchase time 📉 😬 If it's a technical issue, please fix it asap 😣

  • MyLegacyKit Arthur van Pelt - Dragon Industries (@MyLegacyKit) segnalati

    @mempooled @Patrice_Gaucher @RTaylor05 @DumbestTweetHub Yes, by the ATM manufacturer who makes you pay up to 13% fee and doesn't use Segwit. That's silly. Go to Bitstamp for example, pay 0.25% fee and have no issues. And use Bitcoin for what's its meant for in this phase of adoption: stack it and #HODL. You'll be fine.

  • NRDZ74 Byron Noordzy 🇦🇺 (@NRDZ74) segnalati

    @tradingroomapp Looking at the 4hr BTC Bitstamp, if 100EMA doesn't hold up, the 200EMA is a target also correlated with 0.382 fib zones from last major up move between Dec 2018 & Jun 2019 and last major down move between Dec 2017 & Dec 2018 [ between: 9441-9770]

  • Emperor_YZ Bitcoin Badger (@Emperor_YZ) segnalati

    @unremarkabl @tradingview Bitstamp is broken too

  • ChrisEpstein Christopher (@ChrisEpstein) segnalati

    With all the news about exchanges being hacked and doing things that could be looked at as shady, I have never had or heard of any issues with @Bitstamp. I both trust and recommend them.

  • PhoenixT20 PhoenixT (@PhoenixT20) segnalati

    @Stock_Hunter89 Blockfolio on android. You can link it to your exchange account as well. CB sucks! I personally use Bitstamp, not US, but never an issue in 2yrs

  • mihaithoracic Mihai Dumitrescu, MD, PhD (@mihaithoracic) segnalati

    @MatiGreenspan 1h chart on Bitstamp looks nastier, price went down to 11,200$ before bouncing back.

  • jmxjmxpro Josef Muknšnábl (@jmxjmxpro) segnalati

    Problem solved - Bitstamp app reinstall helped.

  • 2a3dex 🇨🇴2A3DEX☣️ (@2a3dex) segnalati

    @CandleHater @notgrubles @Bitstamp Localbitcoins also have this problem. Bech32 should be the standard!!!

  • meridiocrypto Grin Maximalist (@meridiocrypto) segnalati

    @Koning_Marc Very possible. But this was a nice shock, only shock like this was the BITSTAMP flash crash a few days/weeks/months (i really cant follow time in crypto, it seems yesterday when i was averaging down on btc at 3k 😝). Lets see how we digest it.

  • cryptochipo ⚡ XRP Chipo ⚡ (@cryptochipo) segnalati

    @Ledger @ThatNaimish not working for me, I tried bitstamp and binance

  • jbrubb2 bruskii2(ŁTC) (@jbrubb2) segnalati

    @l3l2ucelee Same.. figured it was just an error but kinda scary anyway..changed rate provider to Bitstamp

  • gambergefc souleyy (@gambergefc) segnalati

    @Yamashit4Ren @RevolutApp Merci ! Justement, revolut passent par Bitstamp de ce que j’ai compris mais je ne peux y avoir acces seulement a travers l’app revolut... je vais m’ouvrir un compte wirex ca a l’air pas trop mal

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @TacticalSilence @CarleahRose @xrptipbot @Bitstamp @GateHub It might help to add, you can issue BTC on the xrp ledger as well, but people wont accept it as you are not a financial institution.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @TacticalSilence @CarleahRose @xrptipbot @Bitstamp @GateHub both issue BTC on the xrp ledger. Its not a native asset like xrp is on the xrpl, or bitcoin is on the btc blockchain ( no one can issue it). To hold an account, issue the asset, and use the IOU for transactions all requires xrp

  • Boro_ebooks Boro_ebooks (@Boro_ebooks) segnalati

    I'm in lilburn now and all my positions been holding a few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to guard me.

  • TobbeTheTipper Tobbe (@TobbeTheTipper) segnalati

    @crello Avanza have BTC,ETH,LTC,XRP but the problem is that you are limited and can only buy/sell when on weeksdays between 9-17:30 . On Bitstamp and Bitfinex or Bitmex for example you can buy and sell and buy at all time so they are favourable in that way.

  • HowardAStewart Howard Stewart (@HowardAStewart) segnalati

    @Bitstamp Hello, from yesterday morning been getting "network error" while trying to access the app.

  • 3TriggersTrader realtime trading (@3TriggersTrader) segnalati

    one of the most important issues in trading is the power to look back it is time consuming and and boring. #bitstamp $btcusd 8900-9500.last-range =1554019200-1561204800

  • Globalnvest_ Market_Trader🇦🇺 (@Globalnvest_) segnalati

    @NWQLD @coinspotau @Bitstamp ok. we should start going down on monday, thats what im reading in the charts. But like everyone else from $3500 to now was taken by suprise

  • ChernyatinaVika Debbie Duncan (@ChernyatinaVika) segnalati

    bitcoin mining math problem #buy bitcoin on bitstamp

  • galgitron galgitron (no price predictions) (@galgitron) segnalati

    @herroderemr I had a stop loss set and the price on Bitstamp flashed down to precisely my sell and then bounced back right away. It may have been a coincidental whale-induced flash crash to trigger stop losses, but the timing was uncanny

  • Sparky91011 Sparky (@Sparky91011) segnalati

    @luminusdesign @Bitstamp IT'S NOT A ERROR. 😂😂😂

  • JoelKatz David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) segnalati

    @luminusdesign That looks like something broken in the way trade information is being presented to the web client or a bug in the web client code itself. You might want to ask bitstamp to look into it.

  • grace_za Time to go WitSec (@grace_za) segnalati

    @GermanCryptoInv @RabbitKickClub @GateHub @Silkjaer @xrpforensics @Bitstamp issues a BTC iou on the XRPL. I used it for years to buy XRP before XRP was sold on exchanges.

  • juliomorino Gulio morino (@juliomorino) segnalati

    Plasma is a project that has the ambition to solve some of #Ethereum’s scalability issues by taking transactions off-chain. #Plasma #Cash is, in fact, an update of Plasma. #bitcoin #eth #btc #tether #kraken #bittrex #binance #bitstamp

  • Boro_ebooks Boro_ebooks (@Boro_ebooks) segnalati

    Boutta go to sleep in the past few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to be pressed tonight lol.

  • ImNotTheWolf wolf (@ImNotTheWolf) segnalati

    @SmokeyXBT @Semper_Doctus @LSDinmycoffee Deribit uses multiple index. Bybit uses 3 (Bitstamp. Coinbase. Kraken, if i'm not mistaken). There was NO scam wick because this 'wick' happened on all of these 3 SPOT exchanges. There was no overloads. There was no liquidity issues. I'm literally wasting my time here.

  • CasPiancey Giancarlo The Tether Whisperer (@CasPiancey) segnalati

    @j3rry_c4rv3r @davidgerard @BryceWeiner @intel_jakal @Dominic4532 @noshitcoins @xrpisgarbage @Bitstamp @IamNomad @ahcastor @ArminVanBitcoin @andr3w321 @BennettTomlin @La__Cuen @lawmaster @Koning_Marc @Bitfinexed @katherineykwu @MartyBent I've had some really good convos with you man, if you just took it down 50% I think most people would tolerate you more! Also, consider adding a profile image while we're here.

  • FrankLiWei2 Frank Li Wei (@FrankLiWei2) segnalati

    while we've seen people with lack of skill exceed expectations. In essence, will is much more powerful than skill since it all comes down to having the audacity to push forward. #blockchain @Binance @kraken @coinbase @bitstamp @bitfinex @bittrex @gemini @OKex @Huobi

  • Dominic4532 Dominic (@Dominic4532) segnalati

    @j3rry_c4rv3r @davidgerard @noshitcoins @xrpisgarbage @Bitstamp @IamNomad @ahcastor @ArminVanBitcoin @andr3w321 @BennettTomlin @CasPiancey @La__Cuen @lawmaster @Koning_Marc @Bitfinexed @BryceWeiner @intel_jakal @katherineykwu @MartyBent Dude, if isn't meant to buy coffee, it's not a substitute for fiat money, period. If you don't think a cap of 600 000 daily transactions is a problem, you have no idea what the staggering scale of the economy. We'll talk about LN as credible when it processes 1m+ daily transfer

  • j3rry_c4rv3r Tomáš Hančar (@j3rry_c4rv3r) segnalati

    @Dominic4532 @davidgerard @noshitcoins @xrpisgarbage @Bitstamp @IamNomad @ahcastor @ArminVanBitcoin @andr3w321 @BennettTomlin @CasPiancey @La__Cuen @lawmaster @Koning_Marc @Bitfinexed @BryceWeiner @intel_jakal @katherineykwu @MartyBent LOL, of course it can. In fact, WAY over my btc usage is WITHOUT withdrawals... I just buy donuts there, a beer there, a dinner in an indian restaurant there... There's 300+ places in my country accepting bitcoin, 20+ in the town i live in. I don't see the non-existent "problem".

  • Boro_ebooks Boro_ebooks (@Boro_ebooks) segnalati

    Big Don Bino just listened to Everybody Know like 5 times in the past few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to start ripping others off 🥵🥵🥵🥵.

  • ThinkingETH Arthur (@ThinkingETH) segnalati

    @teo_leibowitz Even BTC is not immune from this evidence during the Bitstamp flash crash where 4000 BTC market sell is enough to bring market down by 20% in 1 hour. The market will always recover during these flash crash event as long as there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the project.

  • CryptoShark Crypto Shark (@CryptoShark) segnalati

    @taitai78787 Multiple Asian exchanges experienced issues, Bitstamp went into maintenance, people reported issues accessing discord, Instagram and telegram - would be more consistent with an issue with network connectivity ie a core router or transatlantic fibre link for example

  • AgentRisk7 The Agent (@AgentRisk7) segnalati

    My bot is throwing $0 price tickers. Which means everything is frozen. Something that is not happening in Bitstamp, I just saw the BTCUSD pair move a little bit down in TradView. #Binance #Bitstamp. Maybe the Bitfinex Stolen Funds movement is causing some alerts to trigger.

  • brazvan93 Razvan Balica 🦁 (@brazvan93) segnalati

    @IamNomad Bitstamp never went down like this.

  • dmasley Dean Masley (@dmasley) segnalati

    @franamati @bitentrepreneur @UpholdInc @Bitstamp @nejc_kodric These are small fixes which would dramatically improve the user experience by avoiding placing walls in front of new users. If you download a new wallet off the app store, it may be legacy or segwit and the user has no idea there's even a difference. Just "incompatible" error