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Bitstamp è uno scambio bitcoin basato in Lussemburgo. Permette il trading tra valuta USD e criptovaluta bitcoin. Consente depositi, prelievi e prelievi in USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum o Ripple.

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  • CryptoMarketSpy ᶜʳʸᵖᵗᵒ (@CryptoMarketSpy) segnalati

    @360_trader Bought a load at .20 and saw it run up to 3.80 and it was stuck on #BitStamp and I could not get access to it for months as they worked out "issues" and saw it sink. Oh the joys of using BitStamp (no more).

  • CryptoMarketSpy ᶜʳʸᵖᵗᵒ (@CryptoMarketSpy) segnalati

    @360_trader Bought a load at .35 and saw it run up to 3.80 and it was stuck on #BitStamp and I could not get access to it for months as they worked out "issues" and saw it sink. Oh the joys of using BitStamp (no more).

  • ThysMusic Thys (@ThysMusic) segnalati

    @macrodesiac_ A theory is that someone went short on mex with a big splash, then sold down the price big time on bitstamp (which mex used for mark price), and cashed out his short. But both 6.4 and 7.3 were levels I had marked on my charts :)

  • HODL_Report HODL_Report! (@HODL_Report) segnalati

    this is back in play after that Bitstamp error + Bitmex leverage debacle sidetracked us, which I bot with 2 hands, mamma! Now we can get back to business. 😱. see levels below. not advice

  • boroghor ₿̾o̾r̾o̾ ̾G̾h̾o̾r̾ 🇺🇸 (@boroghor) segnalati

    upnl green on positions kinda wanna close but i been sleeping fine the past few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to be pressed tonight lol

  • HeyTaiZen Tai Zen (@HeyTaiZen) segnalati

    @spewrange @Bitstamp @CMEGroup @CBOE I doubt that due to LIQUIDITY issues. Plus, the traders who are good enough to make these types of advance trades would have to have access to US futures exchanges. If they can do that they would not be able to use BitMex cuz its a violation of BitMex terms of use & US laws.

  • quantadelic Quantadelicatessen (@quantadelic) segnalati

    @sabotagebeats @Tha_Crypto_Guy @CryptoNekoZ @ShaneLunde @imBagsy @cryptunez @kaltoro_ @SynphZ It was one large trade on Bitstamp that drove price down... Stamp & Coinbase are the only two exchanges that currently comprise Bitmex's BTC reference index. Spot exchange orderbooks are less liquid than BitMex's. So it's cheaper to use spot exchanges to manipulate price on Mex..

  • HinkiesGodSon Drew (@HinkiesGodSon) segnalati

    $btc An explanation of the #bitstamp manipulation. A trader market sold 3600~ btc on bitstamp in one order. Crashing the price down over $1500.. No one taking profits with such a large amount of bitcoin would take profits this way.

  • harishdesign Harish Madaan (@harishdesign) segnalati

    @Bitstamp Why don't they're selling again to get the BTC down

  • HeyTaiZen Tai Zen (@HeyTaiZen) segnalati

    1/ Folks who were sitting on the sidelines during this last bear market n didnt buy anything better THANK the BADASS trader who sold those 5000 BTC on @Bitstamp n artificially pushed price of market down so they can make BIG $ on their BTC futures shorts at the @CMEGroup & @CBOE.

  • rochash2 rochash (@rochash2) segnalati

    @dadetrading @arndt_gg @inspiring_ty @nuonrg @Bitstamp @binance @cz_binance Bad theory. Not only were they liquid 70% but equity back @ 30%, Fast/Slow exit. $1B raise, more than ended the 'slow' part. So theory is unsound, sorta idiotic. A whale wiping out the order book on purpose or fat fingered seems most obvious.

  • JackMallers Jack Mallers (@JackMallers) segnalati

    @TuurDemeester In my opinion, it has less to do with thin books and more to do with poor infra (tech). No matter the book depth, surely this market is sophisticated enough to react to such blatant orders. The issue was Bitstamp's engine couldn't execute market buys and was skipping orders

  • CryptoDelSur CryptoDelSur (@CryptoDelSur) segnalati

    @CryptoDonAlt @ClearHeadCrypt0 Huge sell wall on Bitstamp at the 100k level pushing the price down.

  • JasonValliere2 Jason Valliere (@JasonValliere2) segnalati

    As a result, as the price crashed on Bitstamp, $250 million of long positions was liquidated on BitMEX, which further pushed down price on other exchanges.

  • investwidiot NoInvestwidiot (@investwidiot) segnalati

    @mdudas @Bitstamp @BitMEXdotcom It seems normal to me. Price went down and broke a low, so looked like was going lower, so someone with a lot of profits decided to take them.

  • FDMCrypto (@FDMCrypto) segnalati

    @taiwandan @Bitstamp Market manipulation. Dudes short on #bitmex and then flash crash one of the exchanges used to calculate their mark price. 3600 BTC is not much. The problem is #bitmex mark price is calculated with only 2 or 3 exchanges & the volume on these arent even top 20. @RichardHeartWin

  • snakefahandz Preston Waters (@snakefahandz) segnalati

    @Bitstamp its almost like you do this thing where you halt trading after a certain ****** down movement... ya know when the orderbook is evaporating like normal exchanges do you ****** baboon but you dont give a **** lets be honest

  • Buda_CSB Cristian S. (@Buda_CSB) segnalati

    @QWQiao I agree but up to a point. Tha fact is that if bitmex would have solved overload issues a lot of liquidity would have joined the moment bitstamp crashed. Last 12 months the swap had way more slippage than the futures. And we are talking a 5x diff in volume and OI. Unacceptable.

  • B1gShoots BigShoots (@B1gShoots) segnalati

    I think that person who market sold $BTC on bitstamp down to $6200 knew exactly what they were doing. It wasn't an accident. Chart's were showing weakness in the market and he wanted to be the first to unload.

  • rickshaw100r Rickshaw (@rickshaw100r) segnalati

    @dadetrading @arndt_gg @inspiring_ty @nuonrg @Bitstamp @binance @cz_binance same here. I don't know how ppl hold it. if that pump was due to usdt these "other options exist" should bring corn down. slowly or dump) id say slowly coz usdt is a behemoth and 85% isn't enough for panic, but it def can change in a heartbeat

  • cyberamine12 PSYBEAR (@cyberamine12) segnalati

    @AriDavidPaul I agree, the only way this last drop was "manipulation" is if the order that drove the market down was "not real bitcoins". It's a possiblitiy that the bitcoins were created out of thin air on bitstamp, but at the same time, it's not unconceivable that someone may have 2kBTC

  • WeissRatings Weiss Ratings (@WeissRatings) segnalati

    Today, the price of #Bitcoin abruptly sank more than 20%. Some say this was due to manipulation. #BTC had been going down for 25hrs BEFORE the big order hit at #Bitstamp. This isn’t manipulation – it’s a normal market correction. #crypto #cryptocurrency #altcoins

  • TusharDutt2 TUSHAR (@TusharDutt2) segnalati

    @Super_Crypto Man whole drop happened infront of me and i saw bitstamp tanking and there was point where bitstamp was at 6.5k and cme was at 7.9k and it came down later but i can say that they futures drivers maybe using less liquid spot exchanges to drive price down.

  • daveweisberger David Weisberger (@daveweisberger) segnalati

    Accurate reporting - to be precise, the seller displayed over 3000 BTC on the offer side of Bitstamp and kept repricing it lower. If someone WANTED to push the price down (cough cough), trading as little as possible along the way, that (at that time) is a great way to do it...

  • jaybny Jay 4.669 [ #NOhalfX ] (@jaybny) segnalati

    @LN_Master_Hub @IncognitoHodler @Michaelj_Marks @taiwandan @davthewave @Bitstamp Write down the algo, back test, livr test it, I guarantee you lose money... it's weird how so many people are so confident about something they really dont understand

  • cubantobacco cuban (@cubantobacco) segnalati

    @zhusu IIRC they still use Kraken but only when Bitstamp or Coinbase goes down for maintenance

  • Sabya1978 Sabyasachi Mohapatra (@Sabya1978) segnalati

    @CCNMarkets Why you guys always chase XRP only! BTC also went down by 25% after hitting 8300 - 6180 on Bitstamp in just an hour

  • g3nology g3nology ₿🐂 (@g3nology) segnalati

    @LukeGromen Theirs some answered questions rn RE Bitstamp’s matching engine, an 11-minute delay, market buys on the way down not getting filled etc. Needlesss to say it appears their is going to be more to this story as the week progresses.

  • BoB2Trader High-Yield Investor (@BoB2Trader) segnalati

    these rogue #cryptoexchanges should close down #bitmex #bitstamp #bitfinex... Waiting for $ICE #Bakkt #FidelityDigitalAssets #ErisX! 👍 $BTC $XBT

  • cryptobeaker beaker⚡️ (@cryptobeaker) segnalati

    @Bitstamp that was not normal order execution stop lying, fix your shit and tell the truth

  • IamNomad I am Nomad (@IamNomad) segnalati

    @Bitstamp The massivly latent orders that people reported as inability to buy or market buys skipping over orders is symptom of mass queuing and and slow processing. I realize you have a new matching engine on the way but that is not "functioning normally"

  • IamNomad I am Nomad (@IamNomad) segnalati

    @Bitstamp The massivly latent orders that people reported as inability to buy or market buys skipped order is symptom of mass queuing and and slow processing. I realize you have anew matching on the way but that is not "functioning normally"

  • UCatchMyDrift U Catch My Drift? (@UCatchMyDrift) segnalati

    @ChartGuys I'd say it was due to the usual Mr 2000btc bitstamp sell order that was placed. He put a buy order for 2000+ btc at the start of the rally few weeks back, pushing prices up, now pushing them down. He did the same last year. Just follow his orders if you are a swing trade...

  • jjaone Yucca (@jjaone) segnalati

    @taiwandan @Bitstamp Not an algo or error or typo, but a dump from Chinese manipulators to hurt all those going long and #hodl for #BTC, Also, 3600 BTC = $30M means nothing in a market where Billions of $$ are exchanged daily to trade $btc In a week it'll be in $8000 levels again 👌🤘👍 #BTCUSD

  • axel_lieber Axel Lieber (@axel_lieber) segnalati

    This Bitstamp/Bitmex wickdown today is a great example of what will bring the heavy hand of government down on the crypto space. Unless the major exchanges get their shit together and agree on meaningful self-regulation. One wonders whether those guys have the foresight.

  • GolebiewskiGreg Greg Golebiewski (@GolebiewskiGreg) segnalati

    @mdudas @Bitstamp @BitMEXdotcom But first the price went down to $7600

  • axsonex Axsonex (@axsonex) segnalati

    Everyone using narratives of "Bitcoin went down because 1 whale sold a lot on Bitstamp" Truth is, the move was overextended, stop looking for stories, focus.

  • taiwandan taiwandan (@taiwandan) segnalati dall' Taipei City, Taiwan

    @chris_ekoh @Bitstamp I am not saying this because it went down. Should **** out the bad players irrespective of which way they push the market.

  • criptoinversorE Blog Criptoinversor Esp (@criptoinversorE) segnalati

    Si esto es cierto. . La caída pudo estar causada por una gran orden de venta en Bitstamp en momento de poco volumen que causó una gran liquidación de posiciones largas en Bitmex. Sin pensar mal pero si la misma persona estaba corta en Bitmex en ese momento ganó mucho #bitcoin

  • chris_ekoh Chrizz (@chris_ekoh) segnalati

    @taiwandan @Bitstamp But @Bitstamp did not raise issues with the 100m order that started this mini Bull run.

  • fredwalton216 fred walton (@fredwalton216) segnalati dall' Woodbourne, Pennsylvania

    Bitcoin fell to as low as $6,178 at Bitstamp exchange, down 21.6% from the previous close and last stood down 8.2% at $7,236.

  • Giahuysgu Hoàng Gia Huy (@Giahuysgu) segnalati

    3400 BTC sold on Bitstamp dragged BTC down by $1000. I wonder what can save the whole blockchain industry when Satoshi move 1 million of BTC to the exchanges (which will never happen) #cryptocurrency

  • CryptoTANL1 Crypto-TA-NL (@CryptoTANL1) segnalati

    Video update: BTC didn't make a new high and got pushed down on Bitstamp. wouldn't be surprised to see 1 more push down. Altcoins not really affected by this and charts still intact.

  • EddieKiaulakis Eddie kiaulakis (@EddieKiaulakis) segnalati

    @FeraSY1 I placed order at 6408 on binance but it only went down as low as 7000k.... On bitstamp it dropped as low as 6200. Missed out on this opportunity.... I should move to bitstamp for the time being..

  • DennisDeveloper Dennis de Swart (@DennisDeveloper) segnalati

    @marcdemesel Seems Bitstamp got pushed down to 6K overnight, then bounced to here around 7.2K. This is why it's so difficult to have automated stops.

  • EthosVentures Ethan Kravitz (@EthosVentures) segnalati

    @DegenSpartan we came up with same theory. probably levered short on bitmex while they crammed down bitstamp.

  • koinbros Koinbros (@koinbros) segnalati

    17 May: We have seen an instant mkt retrace for the past 2hrs. Main cause was an aggregated 5000 $BTC sellof on Bitstamp, causing the price to drop to $6370 the lowest. Total Mkt Cap down to $230bn, a 10%+ retrace. (1/2)

  • Slipcatch Rágnár Ván Töndérsön (@Slipcatch) segnalati

    $BTC Bitstamp was down to $6178 others not so much Coinbase to $6600 (100 WMA area - Support) with Bitfinex and Binance around $7000.

  • DegenSpartan 찌 G じ (@DegenSpartan) segnalati

    note bitstamp had high initial dump volume (clear out the orderbooks) followed by a very strong control of push the price downwards mex was fighting to go up, but it looks like its getting dragged down, by arb bots selling, perhaps

  • ToolFreeCrypto Jesse Feinberg (Darth Crypto) (@ToolFreeCrypto) segnalati

    A lot of people are asking, we went down to 6200 with a big wick on BitStamp and some other charts. One big sell off on one or two exchanges doesn't suddenly stop people from liquidating positions across the market.

  • BogdanAntol Bogdan Antol (@BogdanAntol) segnalati

    @IamNomad Of course real users are having real issues... Bitstamp is being tested

  • IamNomad I am Nomad (@IamNomad) segnalati

    @BogdanAntol if you dont think bitstamp hasnt had order entries issue in the last 90 days, theres nothing i can do to help you.

  • GoGoFOMO GoGoFOMO (@GoGoFOMO) segnalati

    Drop from 7800 to 6300 in about 30 min and then bounce back to 7400 lol only bitcoin. Rumor is maybe just a glitch on bitstamp lol if so may bounce higher.

  • HODL_Report HODL_Report! (@HODL_Report) segnalati

    @CryptoQF bot all way Check my tweet. It reacted to this Bitfinex non event news and then rumor of an error at Bitstamp (not confirmed) It was fun and a rush and scary but dying laughing the prices I got. In am we be 7800ish I have a feeling then higher. "reset" oscillators

  • MustStopMurad Murad Mahmudov 🚀 (@MustStopMurad) segnalati

    @LightCrypto alternative take: that same person could have also had a massive derivative short position from ~8200, and then used spot physical sells on illiquid bitstamp to push the price down on mex, closing in profit at ~6700 and making very quick profits

  • axel_lieber Axel Lieber (@axel_lieber) segnalati

    @WaltherLeonard @zhusu Bitmex is a derivatives market that takes its prices from Bitstamp. Someone caused a massive wick down on Bitstamp which is easier to do than on Mex itself due to the relatively low volume on Stamp, expecting this to be replicated on Mex so he could buy cheap there.

  • HODL_Report HODL_Report! (@HODL_Report) segnalati

    @CryptoRick_ RUMOR that it was an error at Bitstamp. UNCONFIRMED.

  • BtcAndres BTC Andres ₿🛰️⚡🔦🔑🍯🦡🐂🌮🥩🌽🐇🕳️ (@BtcAndres) segnalati

    Todo el mundo buscando corrección. Esta corrección flash crash producto de Bitstamp, no es la corrección esperada por toda cripto Twitter, incluso si mañana da la casualidad que amanece all time high.

  • runtheirstops XC (@runtheirstops) segnalati

    @loomdart Bitstamp api issue that allowed market participants to exploit market price id assume, liquidated around 200 mil on bitmex.

  • HODL_Report HODL_Report! (@HODL_Report) segnalati

    @TheCryptoDog fyi....there was news on the tap 20 mins before the dump about Bitfinex. See my feed from about 45 mins ago. And then a RUMOR of a Bitstamp ERROR. unconfirmed. Scoopy scoopy . not advice