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Bitstamp è uno scambio bitcoin basato in Lussemburgo. Permette il trading tra valuta USD e criptovaluta bitcoin. Consente depositi, prelievi e prelievi in USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum o Ripple.

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  • smiley_lyss Alyssa Rosenberg (@smiley_lyss) segnalati

    @Bitstamp fix credit card deposit pls

  • heussepa Patrick Heusser (@heussepa) segnalati

    2) The cash exchange volume was pretty reasonable and close to the volume we have seen on the recent down move. Therefore, my guess is this was rather a cash driven move. Somone was buying on Coinbase, Bitstamp and Kraken.

  • BerriesDr Sir Dr.Berries (@BerriesDr) segnalati

    Exchanges like @krakenfx @binance @Bitstamp @coinbase need to disclose such activities to the @SEC_Enforcement and @FATFNews this is blatant manipulation of the crypto market and @Ripple gets the heat because of the failing agenda of the BTCtards. It burns cash to hold #xrp down

  • xrpcommunity #xrpcommunity (@xrpcommunity) segnalati

    @TCROGERS55 @zerptoshi @BitrueOfficial @SimplexCC @thebearablebull I believe Simplex is used on Binance and BitStamp as well. I had issues with them on BitStamp. If you want to buy XRP I use @cex_io and I have had zero issues with them.

  • coupleofcrypto Crypto Couple (@coupleofcrypto) segnalati

    @BoydOakes @eToro Totally agree on that. That depositing big amounts raises questions makes sense, but withdrawing doesn't. I withdrew bigger amounts from Bitstamp end 2017, had no problems, no questions.

  • 9754343 Vlad Pavlov (@9754343) segnalati

    @nejc_kodric put down the pipe, and help me with your awful bitstamp support!

  • TmillerXrp 💲 T Miller 💲 (@TmillerXrp) segnalati

    @penguinmarty Nope, whale alert just updated and said the bitstamp label was an error. It was bittrex to bittrex. Even if it was to bitstamp, that large of an amount would be used to provide xrp for the exchange.. not just a dump. Whales don't market sell, and undercut themselves

  • UKXRP1 UKXRP (@UKXRP1) segnalati

    @XRPAfrica_ @XrpCenter @BithumbOfficial @Bitstamp @Poloniex @Ripple @BittrexExchange @xrpscan @Silkjaer @alloynetworks He was winding down for Xmas 2018...

  • AkroCrypto Crypto Akro (@AkroCrypto) segnalati

    @Cryptodidacte @Bitsahara Un transfert inconnu en BTC d’une valeur de 900 M de $ a fait trembler le crypto-marché sur une éventuelle manipulation des prix. Toutefois, l’origine de la transaction a été rapidement attribuée à Bitstamp, qui aurait transféré ses fonds en BTC vers un service de dépôt crypto.

  • CryptoFrequency Crypto Frequency (@CryptoFrequency) segnalati

    @Pmarkup @hcburger1 @BitstampSupport @Bitstamp I did that. No issues. Twice. Then when the amount got bigger then held and emailed for more info

  • juscamarena Justin Camarena (@juscamarena) segnalati

    @kixunil @coinbase @Bitstamp Perhaps, but users should be withdrawing to their own wallets, working for a merchant, users sending from exchanges is a big problem shifting the support to us asking why they haven't received their order when it's the exchange that hasn't sent it out.

  • kixunil MⒶrtin HⒶboⓋštiak [🔑 ~6y before deadline] (@kixunil) segnalati

    @coinbase @Bitstamp Whenever those two try to tell you bitcoin is supposed to be for payments, tell them to go fix their shit wallets first.

  • Ledger_Support Ledger Support (@Ledger_Support) segnalati

    @cryptonobo @Bitstamp Hello, normally this shouldn't be an issue. If it concerns Bitcoin, it is possible that Native SegWit (addresses beginning with "bc1") would not be supported by them. Should this be the case, you could add a SegWit account on Ledger Live that starts with a "3".

  • 9754343 Vlad Pavlov (@9754343) segnalati

    @Bitstamp @nejc_kodric Always, had a good impression about Bitstamp until today. Your service is getting terrible.

  • Price1977Jon Jon Price (@Price1977Jon) segnalati

    @Bitstamp @GetDeepOnion has been missing from @Bitstamp. Let's fix this omission by voting $ONION to be listed. DeepOnion

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @gsargen1 @auditmeplease @galgitron @Bitstamp 4/4 bitcoin blockchain and can only be moved if there is a quorum of oracles (multisig), but theres risk that there wont be a quorum of oracles ( IE an outage or collusion), this can be mitigated by using a larger set of oracles who run the trust-less gateway smart contract.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @gsargen1 @auditmeplease @galgitron @Bitstamp 4/4 bitcoin blockchain and can only be moved if there is a quorum of oracles (multisig), but theres risk that there wont be a quorum of oracles ( IE an outage or collusion) but this can be mitigated by using a larger set of oracles who run the trust-less gateway smart contract.

  • dutchdelphidude dutchdelphidude (@dutchdelphidude) segnalati

    @coinstats_ Trying to add a @Bitstamp API key to your app. Your app responds with: {"status": "error", "reason": "Invalid *****", "code": "APO0004"}

  • Charlie_Crypto_ Charlie Crypto (@Charlie_Crypto_) segnalati

    @BitrueOfficial @XRProtoss @OKEx @Bitstamp @binance i DM you guys with a issue im having.

  • crypto_nami Nami (@crypto_nami) segnalati

    Edit: This of course is no advise as we all know that these gaps don’t need to get filled (especially on small timeframes). But I’m going to re-think this in case we break down & fill the 5kish bitstamp gaps 😅

  • alexpaz1996 Alex Paz (@alexpaz1996) segnalati

    Las transacciones de @Bitstamp últimamente, según las veo en @whale_alert , me huelen muuuuy mal, no sé qué coño traman pero están teniendo demasiado movimiento

  • dam00r 🐐Damoor Sahami⚡️$2000+ (@dam00r) segnalati

    @Bitstamp @nbougalis @BitGo Fantastic. Now just fix the Card payment option to buy XRP

  • satochinel Satochinel (@satochinel) segnalati

    @Crypto_Mark81 @iMilnb @krakenfx @Bitstamp @Crypto_Mark81 Same problem with a recent deposit. It is not serious for a exchange cryptocurrency plateform. @krakenfx Two BIG technical issues with their FUNDING SYSTEM in less than 3 business days. Alternatives exist: @Bitstamp @coinbase

  • satochinel Satochinel (@satochinel) segnalati

    @iMilnb @krakenfx @Bitstamp @iMil Same problem with a recent deposit. It is not serious for a exchange cryptocurrency plateform. @krakenfx Two BIG technical issues with their FUNDING SYSTEM in less than 3 business days. Alternatives exist: @Bitstamp @coinbase

  • CoinbitIO butcoin (@CoinbitIO) segnalati

    @miha_grcar That good time, when you talked to your customers - that was nice. Today bitstamp can not even fix their credit card payments or update users why that is gone or what is going on.

  • TacticalSilence Equalizer 🇺🇸 (@TacticalSilence) segnalati

    @bituniverse_org Please fix the XRP/USD bitstamp feed. Hourly chart/volume has been a mess for weeks now.

  • XRPjourney MJS (@XRPjourney) segnalati

    @XRPbenji I have used Uphold, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Bitstamp, Bitrue & Binance. I have never had an issue with any of them. I prefer Coinbase Pro though.

  • AaronLevi_LTC Aaron S (@AaronLevi_LTC) segnalati

    @cryptoengineers @binance @BittrexExchange @krakenfx @Gemini @coinbase @OKEx @Bitstamp @HuobiGlobal @Coinsquare @EinsteinXchange #HODL'ers don't worry about whether price goes up or down, they just keep their coins on a hardware wallet, keep accumulating and wait. 😁

  • lowstrife lowstrife (@lowstrife) segnalati

    @SmokeyXBT @loomdart I would trust them all with my money, though many of them have structural problems with their platform that are dealkillers. Gemini, kraken and bitmex are at the bottom of that list. If I could only have one, I'd probably be on Bitstamp.

  • mikevanrossum Mike van Rossum (@mikevanrossum) segnalati

    @CryptoCompare @2xjump @Bitstamp HFT traders actually prefer optimized protocols such as FIX and ITCH, but most exchanges don't offer this.

  • DisCryptoYardie ThisCryptoYardie (@DisCryptoYardie) segnalati

    @coinetto @Bitstamp @CryptoCompare No these ******* sacks of 💩@Bitstamp haven't fix anything. They rather u pay $40-50 fee to a bank 2 fund ur account in 2-3 days. 'You know' use the old system b/c u pesians don't deserve small fees. So we'll squeeze u out by discouraging u 2 fund ur account through swift $40_50

  • cryptonext Cryptonext (@cryptonext) segnalati

    @PhilCrypto77 @Bitstamp We going down to 2K

  • DannyBReal DannyBReal (@DannyBReal) segnalati

    Those platforms ran fine the entire time. Coinbase had differing prices on their supposedly shared orderbook causing issues with pricing indexes across the board including cme. Also reported api issues on coinbase, kraken and bitstamp leading to unpredictable execution

  • coinetto Dann Van Edam (@coinetto) segnalati

    @XRPMichaelB It’s been broken for weeks they just always give this generic reply and won’t say when. I’ve actually switched to @BitrueOfficial from @Bitstamp as their system works perfectly.

  • kaddishcarlo Carlo Kaddish (@kaddishcarlo) segnalati

    bitstamp is the one that rules them all. we just revisited the bottom already in. if the others got a lil excited and went further down only to **** ya up, it’s not bitstamp’s neither crypto’s problem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Del_Ryp Del Rypto (@Del_Ryp) segnalati

    @binance 👏🏻👏🏻 about time for us .com users. Whilst @Bitstamp has been down 3 months

  • almmar0691 mrtlmbrg (@almmar0691) segnalati

    @cryptoamd Freakin cash app is the only way to buy bitcoin in Hawaii at the moment bitstamp shut down here uphold tripled there kyc bullshit. Now the cash app all of a sudden comes up with lower limits and transaction limits. What a joke. Today has taught me how important bitcoin is

  • Althair60821521 Althair (@Althair60821521) segnalati

    They are pulling it down from bitstamp

  • HappyViking888 HappyViking888 (@HappyViking888) segnalati

    @BitcoinDurp Seems like the barts are laying low due to more eyes on the price from US regulator because of bakkt..all they do now is take the fall when it starts to dip. And smaller spoofing. Saw som 40btc up and down spoofing on bitstamp today.

  • hastytoro hastytoro™ (@hastytoro) segnalati

    @JohnSmi13108865 @dam00r @Bitstamp Thoughts, most billionaires left China because the CCP is in complete melt down. He is just another wealthy guy, protecting his wealth. Example, look at Jack Ma stepping down. Yes he has a few odd tactics, lets see how BAM goes as his main exchange has not really helped XRP much.

  • Specco_ Specco (@Specco_) segnalati

    @ElDomaine @layman_crypto @Obs_IL @krakenfx @RevolutApp @RevolutBusiness @revolut @Bitstamp I have never used Coinbase so cannot comment, heard so many horror stories about them it put me off ever using them. Should be easy enough to find out. I have never had a problem with Bitstamp.

  • etiennexyz Etienne (@etiennexyz) segnalati

    Imagine you make a large sell order on @bitstamp this will push prices down on @BitMEXdotcom, causing the liquidation of hundreds of millions of dollars in long futures contracts and further lowering the price of Bitcoin down further. But if you are on the other side you make $$

  • etiennexyz Etienne (@etiennexyz) segnalati

    What's interesting is that market sell have a limit on @CoinbasePro but not on @Bitstamp Hence, a way to stop this problem could be for exchanges to ensure market surveillance and add rules - e.g. cannot do more than 10% of entire order book value though market order

  • YKOBAZ Antonija (@YKOBAZ) segnalati

    Xrp expected consolidation between 38% and 50% moves price into H1 TF pennant which should be broken thru weekend but bulls needs fresh volume for that. Bitstamp and Kraken DOM shows sell wall @ 0.3 euro (~0.33 $) so any attempt for breaking this range

  • Nouknitouk ⚡️🦄 Nouk 🦄 ⚡️ (@Nouknitouk) segnalati

    Guyz be careful if you send ETH from @Bitstamp to @BitrueOfficial . @BitstampSupport sends ETH as contracts, which Bitrue does not support. Result: funds are in the address, but not in the account. @BitrueOfficial is saying three days to fix the problem...... (way too long)

  • KingAlexVN KingAlexVN™ (The Ƀit Hunter) (@KingAlexVN) segnalati

    @CoinDeskMarkets @Bitstamp I assume BTC won't dive lower than 9k7. It will continue to range up and down to let Alts fly up. Alt season is now, and money flow into Alts to pump. BTC will run inside the big downtrend triangle as long as it can

  • X345__ Computer technician 💻 (@X345__) segnalati

    @matvm @Bitstamp @degiroeu @INGFrance @Boursorama @wesave_fr @Spirica_France Pour la maintenance, je ne suis pas très inquiet, les banques ne changent pas si souvent leur site que ça (j'estime la charge de maintenance à 10h/an)

  • _mattburman Matt Burman (@_mattburman) segnalati

    @robjtede @coinbase @CoinbasePro I switched to bitstamp since you can't transfer to pro immediately after deposit anymore Bank -> revolut -> euros -> SEPA payment SEPA can be slow sometimes but faster than waiting 5 days

  • galgitron galgitron (no price predictions) (@galgitron) segnalati

    @Crypto_Blondie_ @Bitstamp @XrpYoda @BankXRP We don't know what the issue is. They may have internal issues, particularly since xrp ledger is fine at this time

  • HappyViking888 HappyViking888 (@HappyViking888) segnalati

    @Bitfinexed Also inflow to bitstamp has slowed down so probably not any more real people left with BTC to sell..

  • DisCryptoYardie ThisCryptoYardie (@DisCryptoYardie) segnalati

    But nooooo @Bitstamp is stopping regular working ppl from purchasing digital assets because there rich friends have no problem paying $40-50 in just the transfer fee alone😡. But they @Bitstamp has a problem with everyday works buying a chance at financial freedom. #fuckbitstamp

  • XRPAKL ӾⱤ₱-₳₭Ⱡ (@XRPAKL) segnalati

    @mtvdjjersey @BitrueOfficial Simplex was behind Bitstamp and I had many problems, but that was just me. Others were fine.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @JoeSmo05464358 @Xylotocin @CoinFieldEX @xrptipbot Anyone can issue an asset with the same currencey code, as the counterparty will be different. For example there’s gatehub-BTC and Bitstamp BTC on the xrp ledger today

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @SinceXrp @CKJCryptonews @SpendCard 2/2 or just withdraw to @PayPal from @coinbase and use PayPal card. @bitstamp was really cool because they used to issue debit cards, so you could be holding USD on the xrp ledger, or any currencey, then just send it to your exchange account and swipe the card

  • meverett__ morgan everett (@meverett__) segnalati

    @thalamu_ Or Bitstamp. They have no problem when people use their illiquid exchange to manipulate markets and their CEO publically said he sees no issue in that.

  • MyLegacyKit Arthur van Pelt - Dragon Industries (@MyLegacyKit) segnalati

    @BitcoinMagazine The first Bitcoins I bought in 2013 on @Bitstamp. That was definitely a red pill, down the rabbit hole moment for me.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @D5V1N2 @bobrasX @BankXRP @CoinFieldEX @xrptipbot maybe they will issue assets on ledger, and since they are the issuer we could send those assets to the exchange to get a fiat balance with them that can be used on the card. It wouldn't be that game changing, but it would be a decent concept. Bitstamp already 1/2

  • costel_manaila Costel Manaila (@costel_manaila) segnalati

    @Gueric_Aldrict @Bitstamp Sad.... :(:(:( Fu*k Simplex payment services alot of problem to pay

  • gregory_raymond Grégory Raymond (@gregory_raymond) segnalati

    @bruhagan @Numerama @RevolutApp @CoinhouseHQ Le problème ne touche pas toutes les plateformes d’achat (Coinbase ou Bitstamp n’ont pas de soucis par ex). Assez injuste de la part de @RevolutApp qui n’a jamais dit pourquoi Coinhouse était exclu

  • BitstampSupport Bitstamp Support (@BitstampSupport) segnalati

    @CryptoBitcoil @Bitstamp We are not experiencing any problems with our website. Try access the website using a different web browser or clear your browsing history. If the issue reappears, please send us a DM and we’ll investigate further.