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Bitstamp è uno scambio bitcoin basato in Lussemburgo. Permette il trading tra valuta USD e criptovaluta bitcoin. Consente depositi, prelievi e prelievi in USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum o Ripple.

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  • hastytoro hastytoro™ (@hastytoro) segnalati

    @JohnSmi13108865 @dam00r @Bitstamp Thoughts, most billionaires left China because the CCP is in complete melt down. He is just another wealthy guy, protecting his wealth. Example, look at Jack Ma stepping down. Yes he has a few odd tactics, lets see how BAM goes as his main exchange has not really helped XRP much.

  • Specco_ Specco (@Specco_) segnalati

    @ElDomaine @layman_crypto @Obs_IL @krakenfx @RevolutApp @RevolutBusiness @revolut @Bitstamp I have never used Coinbase so cannot comment, heard so many horror stories about them it put me off ever using them. Should be easy enough to find out. I have never had a problem with Bitstamp.

  • etiennexyz Etienne (@etiennexyz) segnalati

    Imagine you make a large sell order on @bitstamp this will push prices down on @BitMEXdotcom, causing the liquidation of hundreds of millions of dollars in long futures contracts and further lowering the price of Bitcoin down further. But if you are on the other side you make $$

  • etiennexyz Etienne (@etiennexyz) segnalati

    What's interesting is that market sell have a limit on @CoinbasePro but not on @Bitstamp Hence, a way to stop this problem could be for exchanges to ensure market surveillance and add rules - e.g. cannot do more than 10% of entire order book value though market order

  • YKOBAZ Antonija (@YKOBAZ) segnalati

    Xrp expected consolidation between 38% and 50% moves price into H1 TF pennant which should be broken thru weekend but bulls needs fresh volume for that. Bitstamp and Kraken DOM shows sell wall @ 0.3 euro (~0.33 $) so any attempt for breaking this range

  • Nouknitouk ⚡️🦄 Nouk 🦄 ⚡️ (@Nouknitouk) segnalati

    Guyz be careful if you send ETH from @Bitstamp to @BitrueOfficial . @BitstampSupport sends ETH as contracts, which Bitrue does not support. Result: funds are in the address, but not in the account. @BitrueOfficial is saying three days to fix the problem...... (way too long)

  • KingAlexVN KingAlexVN™ (The Ƀit Hunter) (@KingAlexVN) segnalati

    @CoinDeskMarkets @Bitstamp I assume BTC won't dive lower than 9k7. It will continue to range up and down to let Alts fly up. Alt season is now, and money flow into Alts to pump. BTC will run inside the big downtrend triangle as long as it can

  • X345__ Computer technician 💻 (@X345__) segnalati

    @matvm @Bitstamp @degiroeu @INGFrance @Boursorama @wesave_fr @Spirica_France Pour la maintenance, je ne suis pas très inquiet, les banques ne changent pas si souvent leur site que ça (j'estime la charge de maintenance à 10h/an)

  • _mattburman Matt Burman (@_mattburman) segnalati

    @robjtede @coinbase @CoinbasePro I switched to bitstamp since you can't transfer to pro immediately after deposit anymore Bank -> revolut -> euros -> SEPA payment SEPA can be slow sometimes but faster than waiting 5 days

  • galgitron galgitron (no price predictions) (@galgitron) segnalati

    @Crypto_Blondie_ @Bitstamp @XrpYoda @BankXRP We don't know what the issue is. They may have internal issues, particularly since xrp ledger is fine at this time

  • HappyViking888 HappyViking888 (@HappyViking888) segnalati

    @Bitfinexed Also inflow to bitstamp has slowed down so probably not any more real people left with BTC to sell..

  • DisCryptoYardie ThisCryptoYardie (@DisCryptoYardie) segnalati

    But nooooo @Bitstamp is stopping regular working ppl from purchasing digital assets because there rich friends have no problem paying $40-50 in just the transfer fee alone😡. But they @Bitstamp has a problem with everyday works buying a chance at financial freedom. #fuckbitstamp

  • XRPAKL ӾⱤ₱-₳₭Ⱡ (@XRPAKL) segnalati

    @mtvdjjersey @BitrueOfficial Simplex was behind Bitstamp and I had many problems, but that was just me. Others were fine.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @JoeSmo05464358 @Xylotocin @CoinFieldEX @xrptipbot Anyone can issue an asset with the same currencey code, as the counterparty will be different. For example there’s gatehub-BTC and Bitstamp BTC on the xrp ledger today

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @SinceXrp @CKJCryptonews @SpendCard 2/2 or just withdraw to @PayPal from @coinbase and use PayPal card. @bitstamp was really cool because they used to issue debit cards, so you could be holding USD on the xrp ledger, or any currencey, then just send it to your exchange account and swipe the card

  • meverett__ morgan everett (@meverett__) segnalati

    @thalamu_ Or Bitstamp. They have no problem when people use their illiquid exchange to manipulate markets and their CEO publically said he sees no issue in that.

  • MyLegacyKit Arthur van Pelt - Dragon Industries (@MyLegacyKit) segnalati

    @BitcoinMagazine The first Bitcoins I bought in 2013 on @Bitstamp. That was definitely a red pill, down the rabbit hole moment for me.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @D5V1N2 @bobrasX @BankXRP @CoinFieldEX @xrptipbot maybe they will issue assets on ledger, and since they are the issuer we could send those assets to the exchange to get a fiat balance with them that can be used on the card. It wouldn't be that game changing, but it would be a decent concept. Bitstamp already 1/2

  • costel_manaila Costel Manaila (@costel_manaila) segnalati

    @Gueric_Aldrict @Bitstamp Sad.... :(:(:( Fu*k Simplex payment services alot of problem to pay

  • gregory_raymond Grégory Raymond (@gregory_raymond) segnalati

    @bruhagan @Numerama @RevolutApp @CoinhouseHQ Le problème ne touche pas toutes les plateformes d’achat (Coinbase ou Bitstamp n’ont pas de soucis par ex). Assez injuste de la part de @RevolutApp qui n’a jamais dit pourquoi Coinhouse était exclu

  • BitstampSupport Bitstamp Support (@BitstampSupport) segnalati

    @CryptoBitcoil @Bitstamp We are not experiencing any problems with our website. Try access the website using a different web browser or clear your browsing history. If the issue reappears, please send us a DM and we’ll investigate further.

  • TrueAvee Avee (@TrueAvee) segnalati

    @Del_Ryp @Bitstamp Having lots of alternative payment methods was one of the reasons I chose #CoinDeal. Not only can I buy crypto by credit card but also I can use Dotpay, Epay, Skrill, Mistertango and Payeer. It's truly awful that Bitstamp gives no info about the credit cards issue.

  • AskTheShire Gregory (@AskTheShire) segnalati dall' Salford, England

    @Bitstamp you have to have the worst circle jerk login ever it's bad and then get blocked, change password then forgot then 2fa then logged out then login then blocked! Awesome sure you guys would love to be treated like that trying to get in your Home... Argghhh

  • DisCryptoYardie ThisCryptoYardie (@DisCryptoYardie) segnalati

    @Bitstamp of course not, why would your service work when you don't tell you customers its down. You don't give a date, not even an estimate date at that. & ever time I ask a question your response is patronising & trifling🤬😡

  • derrick198S Rick (@derrick198S) segnalati

    @iam516tv @Riles178 @blockchainblitz @CredibleCrypto I see you have problems reading English. you're charting CME futures which is silly to start off with because the market isnt open 24/7. secondly the volume is trash. try charting one of the more impactful exchanges in the bitcoin market like Bitmex,Bitstamp,Coinbase,Binance.

  • BobInDeepXRP Where's Bob? (@BobInDeepXRP) segnalati

    @Dizer_YM @AndrewP47809396 @xrptipbot Thanks, but not necessary 👍. Correct, no limits on Bitstamp. It would be in your best interest to have multiple exchanges to cash out on. If you're only on one and it's down for some reason you're hosed. I'm on seven.

  • DisCryptoYardie ThisCryptoYardie (@DisCryptoYardie) segnalati

    @SandraR32887401 @Bitstamp I should enjoy this.. b/c I dont enjoy going to ur website where u closed ur debit card w/o warning. Waited a month then only get patronising & trifling replies 'we know its down of course we dont care about telling u why do u think we never answer ur question' 😡

  • 100XCrypto1 Castro_ xbt (@100XCrypto1) segnalati

    Everything btc goes up, I regret ever using @Bitstamp. Such a terrible exchange.

  • Eric34971827 Eric (@Eric34971827) segnalati

    @Marian_XRP_hodl @Jerryvhall1 @digitalassetbuy @jungleincxrp @BakkupBradley I remember screaming at my computer as I was waiting for BTC to transfer to Bitstamp so I could buy XRP. Slow is death in this space...

  • 100XCrypto1 Castro_ xbt (@100XCrypto1) segnalati

    Never using @Bitstamp @BitstampSupport again. Its utterly terrible.

  • Lars33113363 Freedom Rise (@Lars33113363) segnalati

    @bgarlinghouse I Like bitstamp but there isbnot accounts, there push the price down on xrp. The accounts are really easy to spot and as low aa 12 xrp keeps and push the price down, bitstamp know about this refuse to ban the accounts. Stop bitstamp to trade xrp if they dont ban

  • rop29233 Miguel Martins (@rop29233) segnalati

    I never had a problem with bank transfers to bitstamp, today my bank #santander couldn't explain why I can't transfer euros to bitstamp !!! so I won't be able to buy $XRP at today's low price 🤬

  • Boro_ebooks Boro_ebooks (@Boro_ebooks) segnalati

    Watched aziz netflix thing few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to be as cheap as a punching bag after a bad guy.

  • 13f03x Kitsune (@13f03x) segnalati

    Not everybody knows how to make more $btc during down trend. 1. Hedge into fiat (aka sell #bitcoin for euros or usd). This can be done by using @Bitstamp or similar services. When #btc returns to up trend, buy again. 2. (advanced) Go short on Bitmex and pray to #crypto gods.

  • cryptoxrptime Crypto Wick (@cryptoxrptime) segnalati

    @LTHABIB @coinbase No. That’s the problem. I purchased XRP and I want to send it to Bitstamp but they won’t let me until five days passes

  • cyphernormie gramps 🤡🤡🤡 (@cyphernormie) segnalati

    @Bitstamp It does not say "action required" it says "pending" FIX THAT AND I WILL RECONSIDER

  • BorisFullframe ฿oris Vereš ⚡️ (@BorisFullframe) segnalati

    @CryptoHornHairs Solid take. But! The 4H wasnt taken out on Bitstamp which is the largest exchange by volume. The buying pressure has been low the past few days. It’s possible we have one more leg down. I’d suggest waiting for the daily close.

  • DisCryptoYardie ThisCryptoYardie (@DisCryptoYardie) segnalati

    Its been over 2 months & @Bitstamp has stop there debit card payment system. W/O any notice they shut it down & no expected day when it will work. Im just watching the markets w/ no option 2 buy XRP or BTC & all they say is "it will be up asap" & thats all I heard for 2 months😡

  • MarioChamorro Mario Chamorro (@MarioChamorro) segnalati

    @BBVA_espana Finalmente, después de 2 días sin respuesta, me confirman que "es un problema con las cuentas de destino". Obviamente no es así (qué casualidad que haya problemas con las 3 cuentas de Bitstamp, Coinbase y Kraken!). En fin, bye bye @BBVA_espana

  • Primoz82 Primož (@Primoz82) segnalati

    Interesting fact from @Bitstamp 🤓 When someone writes down that $BTC miners are now performing more than 9 times as many calculations per second as there are grains of sand on Earth, it puts things into whole new perspective😱🤔 #bitcoin #bitcoinmining #Crypto #Bitstamp #facts

  • j3todaro Joseph Todaro (@j3todaro) segnalati

    Tezos "real 10" exchange support @krakenfx ✅ @bitfinex ✅ @CoinbasePro ✅ @Gemini ❌ @binance ❌ @BittrexExchange ❌ @Poloniex ❌ @bitFlyer ❌ @Bitstamp ❌ @itBit ❌ 3 down 7 to go People are now realizing that $XTZ is a strong competitor among the smart contract platforms

  • CoinbitIO butcoin (@CoinbitIO) segnalati

    @Davorin00750292 @BitstampSupport @Bitstamp I do not trust anyone not updating their customers in crypto. Websites/companies like them lost/stole client money more than once, it always starts with this small problems they are not able to communicate properly.

  • CoinbitIO butcoin (@CoinbitIO) segnalati

    @bitstamp seems to have problems with their bank/creditcard processor - usually a company with that experience should know how to handle/communicate this. They didn't and now lost a loyal customer.

  • Blockchainwatc0 Blockchain Watch (@Blockchainwatc0) segnalati

    as far as I can tell, a mini-whale has been wreaking some havoc on $BTC/USD in Bitstamp as they are trying to sell off 400 BTC at $11,800, pushing the price down. Things have calmed down around $11,720, but it might get a bit awry when it tries to reach $11,800 again

  • robzon Robert (@robzon) segnalati

    @BitstampSupport @Bitstamp I'm having issues connecting to it: $ lncli connect <pubkey>@ [lncli] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = dial tcp connect: connection refused Tried from a different network and same thing!.

  • TheCryptHawk CryptHawk 🦅 CryptoHive 🐝 XRPNest 🥚 (@TheCryptHawk) segnalati

    @Ahmadalsayed191 Might have 2 news out for sure and probably a third. Bitstamp trend line broken this hurts

  • meekers999 mydogisahusky (@meekers999) segnalati

    @theonevortex @Bitstamp Better fix it then!

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @ShortTheFOMO @xrpshadow @XrpMr @JoelKatz 2/2 like bitstamp. They operate a gateway (issue assets on the xrp ledger to trade on the ledgers decentralized exchange), and they have thier own centralized exchange.

  • bradmillscan Brad Mills [🔑] (@bradmillscan) segnalati

    @oliver_90210 @Bitstamp @blockchain @Ledger Eek, Blockchain is terrible and ledger is the worst hardware wallet 😁

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @XrpMr @xrpshadow @JoelKatz Not a glitch someone is skewing trades in bitstamp usd/xrp markets in the xrp ledger. Buying .000001 xrp for .30. Price is a weighted average of that market and they are executing a lot of trades

  • xrpshadow 👁 (@xrpshadow) segnalati

    @XrpMr @JoelKatz Probably just a glitch. Bitstamp price feed on TradingView showing $0.31610 currently.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @naylor_vail @safnav @haydentiff @RSantosucci @ClemondNFlinch @djchill76 @timdicksonhale @JoelKatz @yoshitaka_kitao @Hodor @kieranmlkelly @Cotswold_Gent @Jay_SPQR @AndySpqr @Ripple its an error someone is executing small trades at an inflated price either by mistake or an attempt to effect price on the xrp/usd bitstamp market( on ledger only)

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) segnalati

    @mekpride @haydentiff @AJ58O @RSantosucci @ClemondNFlinch @djchill76 @timdicksonhale @JoelKatz @yoshitaka_kitao @Hodor @kieranmlkelly @Cotswold_Gent @Jay_SPQR @AndySpqr @Ripple @JedMcCaleb its got be an error as that price is generated from the last 50 bitstamp trades and that is not the bitstamp price.

  • Codie77924463 Codie (@Codie77924463) segnalati

    @gordongekko369 Where can I buy more xrp now , my Bitstamp account card payments are down and have been for a week!

  • Crypto_Kushman XRP Therapist (@Crypto_Kushman) segnalati

    @StrictlyCryptoh coinbase or bitstamp probably. Have had zero problems with either of em after years

  • grace_za Time to go WitSec (@grace_za) segnalati

    @XrpYoda @JoelKatz @nbougalis @bgarlinghouse The only fiat that shows up in the ledger charts are fiat IOUs issued by gateways. No one issues a JPY IOU at this point. SBIVC trades actual JPY against XRP, you can't send that JPY to your XRP wallet like you can with something like Bitstamp USD (which then becomes an USD IOU).

  • krungthepkaki Kaiser Söze (@krungthepkaki) segnalati

    @hitbtc @MrHodl @BashCo_ @Bitstamp I know that your withdrawal fees are flat; the problem is that they are too high and there is no justification for them. Many exchanges have no withdrawal fees, because when they group several payments in one transaction, the blockchain fees per user are negligible.

  • bhoraticle Ziyaad Bhorat (@bhoraticle) segnalati

    Hello @Bitstamp “When setting up your two-factor authentication on your mobile phone you must note and safely store the provided 16 Authentication Key. With that key you can install authenticator to other devices if yours breaks down or gets lost

  • kristapsk Kristaps Kaupe (@kristapsk) segnalati

    @BashCo_ @nejc_kodric @hodlonaut @Bitstamp IIRC Bitstamp batches transactions. Agree that 0.0005 BTC is too big. If it really goes to mining fees, they will be overpaying most of the time. If speed really is the issue, they could have fast / slow option at BTC withdrawal, so users could choose.

  • ManuelHSitton Manuel Sitton ® (@ManuelHSitton) segnalati

    @Bitstamp Fix credit card payments!!!